In addition to salting my food, here are delicious recipes to boost my daily salt intake:

Salted apple cider

This is daily drink. It helps fight off electrolyte issues (e.g. muscle cramping):

Measure salt with digital scale (one of my favorite kitchen tools). Mix with spoon. Enjoy!

Orange juice banana smoothie

This is my hand's down, absolute favorite beverageto make when fruit is in season:

Blend all of the ingredients for 45 seconds on high. Pour into a glass and devour!

This is the most balanced fruit drink ever invented - loaded with potassium (which is of course an important mineral when boosting our salt intake).

Coconut water

The coconut is awesome in many ways. Most important, it is bursting in potassium.

I make this drink several times a day to boost my salt intake the easy way:

Let the salt dissolve in the coconut water (about 10 minutes).

Stir the mixture. Drink. Enjoy!


Frank offers up this alternative version to the popular tomatoe juice:

As one gives up salt guilt, put in as much salt as you like. Get wicked.

Other adds if you have them - any combination to your taste:

Feeling really fancy? Here are some good halides: