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Companion Notes

• The Markus Allen Show (full archives)
• Sting on democracy (National Stadium in Warsaw)
• Miles Copeland Jr. (Wikipedia entry)

Sting's speech:

"Democracy is under attack. It is under attack in every country in the world. It is in a grave danger of being lost unless being defended. Democracy is messy. Democracy is frustrating. Democracy is often inefficient. It needs constant attention, constant adjustments, but it's still worth fighting for, because the alternative to it is a nightmare. The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment and silence. That alternative is called tyranny. All tyranny is based upon a lie. The greater the tyranny, the greater the lie. Tyrant lies to the country, he lies to the world and most of all he lies to himself. Disagreeing to the tyrant risk imprisonment, torture and death. Yet this is what you must do, each of us. You must take that risk and defend our right to speak the truth. Our minds will not be imprisoned. We must defend our freedom to be ourselves in our minds, our bodies. The war in Ukraine is an absurdity, based upon a lie. If you swallow that lie, the lie will eat us. The lie is terrified with the truth. The truth must be heard and we must not loose that battle."

Raw transcription

Hey everyone it's Markus Allen it is Tuesday, August 2 at 5:14 in the afternoon just before dinner and this is the Markus Allen show a really quick one let's as I always say skip the flop and get right to the stuff watch this country lost bro Democracy is frustrating attention constant OK so that's kind of hard to hear let me Ricci real quick what he said this is of course staying at a concert at the national stadium in Warsaw which is in Poland and here's what he said in between conversion of language democracy is under attack it is under attack in every country in the world it is in a grave danger of being lost unless being defunded democracy is messy democracy is frustrating democracy is often inefficient it needs constant attention constant adjustment but it's just still but it's still worth fighting for because the alternative two it is a nightmare the alternative to democracy is a prison a prison of the mind the alternative to democracy is violence oppression imprisonment and silence that alternative is called tyranny no I'm all about halfway through here you're probably like wow you got your fist up in the area like ghosting of course we've been trying to get some celebrity to say this all of our lives he continues the greater the Tierney the greater the greater the life tyrant lies to the country he lies to the world and most of all he lies to himself disagreed to the tyrant risk imprisonment torture and death if this is what you must do each of us you must take that risk and defend our right to speak the truth our minds will not be imprisoned we must defend our freedom to be ourselves in our minds our bodies and here's the best part the war in Ukraine is an absurdity based upon ally if you swallow that lie the lie will eat us the lie is terrified with the truth the truth must be heard and we must not lose the battle ok so let me do this let me copy this YouTube video which I got it from and I download it because for some reason YouTube gets Janky like that and then of course it's not copying so let me do this I'm a go to youtube YouTube and type in staying Thomas Christie under attack course there it is that's a little hint why am very suspicious about this and I'm not seeing it and see if I can copy it one more time here won't let me do it or I'm gonna do it the old-fashioned way I'm gonna type it out youtube and again I'll have this in my notes by the way if you wanna see my notes I would have companion notes you can go to escape the and type in the market or click on the Markus Allen show so it's watch? V equals RDY5V mUML90 might be 90 this video isn't available anymore interesting hold on they get there it is OK sorry about that I should've been more prepared but I wanted to get this out before I make dinner so take a look at the comments the comments are as your sixth suspect are very favorable that we need more sting on stage is around the world brave man bravo well said we need more celebrity speaking up I love you stink for your bravery thank you cool man from all Ukrainians I do not trust and respect this man but this message needs to be heard Stink thank you much respect brother etc. OK so let me get to the punchline Rockwood the drummer of stings band I i think his name is Stewart Copeland Yes Stewart Copeland if I were to type in Stuart Copeland's dad that's Miles Copeland Junior and I can I'll put this in the notes so you can go to it directly let's take a look at his Wikipedia Stuart Armstrong Copeland blah blah blah is American music Theatre drummer OK wrong with Miles Copeland why do they OK that was tricky should be much wonder if they did that on purpose miles ask Copeland I need to borrow that mirror I don't have a middle name should be Markus ask Allen Myles ex Copeland is American businessman and Central intelligence agency officer yes so the families intelligence damn that's a red flag number one cat so anytime I see something like this the first thing I say is OK is this news in conspiracy circles it is a total of Reddit and some blogs that I read but is it main stream and the way to find out is to type in the same thing I'm gonna type in Sting warns democracy yeah by the way I am I'm showing you this so that you can do this on your own instead of relying on me to every lie and other people should rely on yourself this is my go to nothing to see if something is real or not in here we go we see Hollywood reporter American songwriter CTV news billboard yahoo no this is not real this is part of an agenda so what I do is I'll take typically Yahoo and I guarantee you it's a pee it doesn't show a pee so let's say let me take OK yeah anytime there's a quote I take the quote I copy the quote I open a new tab I page the quote and here we go 42,800 results basically the same thing and that's typically a wire service so I want to find something that shows let's see if it's the AP or Reuters or other not finding it again I guarantee you I would bet money on it I'll see you let's try this that The Associated Press put something out like this let's see Erica OK found it Warsaw Poland AP so then what I do as i typically take the first paragraph especially that has that quote in it and it does and I'll go play a copy the whole paragraph and paste it into Google and if you see bowl that means it's a match so everything is bull that means they're it it's literally a copy and paste job so the punchline here is there's no way that sting cares about democracy it's something of an agenda so then the question is what's the agenda and I've been seeing this now for several months i believe that you're the reason you see sleepy Joe I love all that I love all three if I am not political I haven't voted all my life it's a total circus and it's it's meant to be a circus for the right time to collapse and we're going through that collapse right now to get sleepy Joe and orange man bad dumb Donald Trump and George Bush Junior the did you notice all the presidents in from JFK in my lifetime was JFK was the stand up really professional person and it's been downhill since not Jimmy Carter here in the United States George Bush Junior Clinton actually Clinton's pretty smart guy they actually eat that she gave me a dead they brought in a smarter person and then it went back downhill so the punchline for me is that this is going to turn into an absolute shit show we're both sides of the aisle both red and blue Democrats Republicans are going to beg for someone to save us and it's not gonna be their candidates and what is it what is the solution with this part of the dialectic process the solution is computers to the computers they're smart computer good computers they make very fast decisions it's fair you put the the rules and the regulations into the computer there's no corruption and even better for the elites is there's no complaints department there's barely a complaint department now you think going to your politicians gonna make a difference sometimes it doesn't minor stuff but on all major stuff but now with a computer in the air i president there's no complaints department this is the deal and if you don't like it what are you gonna do there's no complaints department so I'm very suspicious I know people are gonna ask me what I think about the Sting thing here it is very suspicious about this there's no way that staying cares about democracy and did you notice that he was reading that statement he didn't come up with that after a hot it look like he was it was something either memorizers readings so there's over an hour now if you get tremendous value listening to the show if you're a loyal listener you have my permission not only to share it but I would also appreciate if you went to my website at escape the and click on the button there it says I like Markus and that'll allow you to leave a positive comment there that's what motivates me to continue putting out my time and my money and my effort to creating the shirts so that's it take care enjoy life and I'll talk to you tomorrow.