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Everybody it's Markus Allen it is Thursday, July 28 at 10:07S 1007 in the p.m. I'm i'm still having problems with this audio system on my end and so frustrating so I finally got up and running using another software make a long story short we're up and running and the good news is it's me and it's Joe pepper from somewhere somewhere in New Jersey Joe hopefully near a beach no no no and you might've noticed that shit in about an hour away from any beach oh that's that stinks well you're closer than I am I'm about 2 1/2 hours away so yeah normally on Thursday nights we do the super show over with a simulcast at fake colleges with Tim and Thiago and Frank the salt guy however that experiment has ended and man I'm trying to figure out where to go with us I think what I should do Joe and by the way the reason we're on at 10 o'clock is cause Joe and I have been discussing what has happened is I should read to you what I wrote to Tim let me just read it it says yo Tim this is the last time I skipped the fluff with you I decided it's best that I pass the baton back to you and remove myself from the super show it's clear that I'm not resonating with your audience I'm triggering too many people with my blunt thoughts which I'm unwilling to change and it Hass to be affecting your audience in a bad way if I was a typical listener I'd be confused and turned off by all the drama and that's not helping the cause of waking people up this isn't a decision I'm taking lately I've spoken to a lot of people about this since Thursday night and it's unanimous everyone agrees I should go with my gut on this I hope you continue to host the super show each thursday maybe you can convince uncle Todd to take my spot I think he'd make an excellent replacement sign me and then I said PS feel free to pass this not anyone who asked about my whereabouts and this is a really difficult time for me to give some background if you're new to me I've done this three or four times with him if ecologist and I would come on the trauma with start up over the the most mundane stuff in fact Joe have you ever heard of the me leaving in the past or are you pretty new to me when it comes to that kind of stuff no I am aware that there is some periods that you spent away from Kohl's with Tim it's always over the same thing it's it's drama like yeah just bring out the people out of the woodwork's in the lot in the latest drama and let's see if this is working with me maybe I should show it I don't know if I can show at hold on let me go to telegram the latest drama is that back in 2007 I was on the Paula Gloria show let me give some that's a cool story I don't think I've ever told but I should have told it but I i don't think people remember back I was like one of the first people looking into 9/11 in a really aggressive way I couldn't believe that people thought it was real what happened the people really thought that planes crashed into buildings and people jumped from the Towers and the Pentagon was ridiculous the video of that and they were the corner at in Shanksville Schwenksville Shanksville PA did numerous interview saying that he didn't see a drop of blood didn't see any any body parts any luggage no nothing and then of course that got quickly swept under the rug the whole thing stunk from beginning to end and I i was a very frustrated young adult at the time and I was frustrated quite frankly with my wife I'm very transparent about that she doesn't like when I talk about and she was more interested in going to Disney World then about getting to the truth about life this is the story ring a bell at all you mean that that came out on a show of yours yeah and the fact that I said to my wife if you go to Disney World and I'm going to start doing truth talks on shows that's basically where I'm getting it i don't think so I don't think I don't know that show so I saw this woman on YouTube talking about how 9/11 was fake her name was Paula Gloria and make a long story tolerable is Todd likes to say I wound up on her show what's interesting is her partner because she was a lesbian her name is Molly Cheshire it's all coming back to me i'm thinking this through Molly what was an arris of the corona typewriter company maybe not corona some typewriter fortune and she lived in Westchester Pennsylvania which at that time I moved to Lancaster so I used to live in Westchester Pennsylvania anyway we we both have memberships at Longwood Gardens which we still have and I'm like hey let's before we do so let's meet at Longwood Gardens because I heard Pala glory was going there it didn't work out but I wound up being on Paula Glory shell I think on at least two appearances maybe three and on the first show I talked about how there are no plans no one got hurt no one died because it was all cord off I actually interviewed an hour at that time I didn't interview that person yet but I have my my feeling was that nothing happened I just knew there was a drill there's several emergency drills on 911 in the New York times in fact let me take notes here Sammy big Woodson was quarter to say that on 911 there were drills going on at the exact same time emergency drills and anytime you hear about these emergency drills it was court they always there's always happening at the same time that these fake events happened and that really got my eye on I gotta put an entry today is July i'm really scattered on this call Joe I apologize of course my computer is acting slow OK he is 728 2022 and if you're listening to the podcast of this let's call this something like this is why I hate drama so y'all have a Sammy big Olesen yeah so I was on the power glory show and I talked about this and I thought it went well and again I went on the power glory ship because I said to my wife if you go to Disney World cause I was vehemently against Disney just a horrible company so if you do that I'm gonna do something crazy and that crazy thing was to finally do these shows which I'm doing right now to do it with someone and that's what started it'll kick things off big long story short again there is a woman name Rosa Lee Gray agreeable I thank she went by the moniker the web fairy and she came on Paul Gloria show and I was on it too and she was trying to debunk me and saying that there was real people who died on 911 and the proof was with this Edna Cintron character she was waving in the window it was real people 200 people jumped to their death Joe were you the one who told me that the 200 people jumped I think it was you wasn't it yeah that's what's documented if I'm not mistaken right yeah so fast forward to what was the bogeyman stuff couple weeks ago Joe I'm sorry when did the whole bogeyman controversy kicking this is really inside baseball stuff yeah that was the last week was the last one within the past week and a half I would say OK so this guy has been up my ass for tears saying I'm a liar I don't know anything why does anyone listen to me and his latest rant against me was that not everything is fake or 911 there was real footage mixed in with fake stuff on at 11 and that there's proof that the people who jump from the towers were real so on my screen right now I'm gonna go to the darkside papers with a dark dark side papers chat and I'm gonna search for jumper found it ok well i'm gonna show you if I can find it if I can't find it I'll link to it in the companion notes I will show you a video of the alleged jumper and when you take a steel frame of that jumper with the background of the tower behind you'll see that the jumper is three times the size cause I can't find three times the size of the window now Joe last time I spoke to you privately you told me some interesting things about the windows maybe you can talk about that while I'm looking for this video yeah well on it if I'm remembering to the conversation correctly I was telling who are you how I was actually inside the world trade center on an interview back in 99 and I've seen those windows from inside somebody's office those windows are really small if someone was going to go through them first of all they're they're kind of thick also yep and they're very small and if they're actually uncovered because not all of them or do you know him or should I say I'm not all of Dema uncovered some of them have other light walls and other things covering them so some of them it from inside inside one of the offices I could I noticed an address where these offices were high up there were a whole floors that I mean normally that happens when you go to a large office building not every elevator will take you to every floor right right right so I went straight up I hate to tell you the truth I can't remember what floor I was on but I'm pretty sure it what's in the 90s wherever Fidelity trust supposedly was back at that time so now that day the windows were really small and they your whole floors that I that I just passed on the way up there so who knows if there was anything on those floors at all to be honest and and I can't imagine anyone actually even being able to break these windows with anything in order to jump so what i was saying to you is if they're saying that they are jumping from that point of impact supposedly Uno created by an airplane i'd eat or perhaps that would make sense to somebody but it wouldn't make sense to me because if a plane just flew in there where would the floor be at that time and what would be on the floor how would this person be standing at this point of impact even even if it wasn't a plane and and what which you know me from my vantage point my viewpoint I I just saw an explosion so i have a can't say I saw the the whole on any side necessarily but I did see the orange explosion and I was looking at smoke coming out of the the first tower so it if if there was something that they can get next to that hole and jump through it that I suppose that that might've been possible but I I don't think so OK and I am I'm actually sending you the link about the 200 jumpers and that's from an article in the daily Mail OK great taking notes by the way for for those who don't know you were there but you're the only person besides I don't know if Dante was actually there I know he lived in New York and I forget if you if he was there but you are definitely the only person I know he was there that talks to me on a semi regular basis now 09 11 right you saw it well like I said I'd I didn't see him an airplane ride for the longest time I try to convince myself that there was there must've been an airplane that made a U-turn or something and came in from the side that I couldn't see because of course not all sides of the buildings were visible to me and actually the north tower is blocking the south tower from your vantage point from my vantage point slightly and we hope so i do know that I was looking at the towel or is the smoke was coming out of the north tower and the south tower which is slightly offset but still it all covered by the north tower was where I I I saw the explosion and I literally did not know what I was looking at I was in shock i of course never had seen anything like that before and I remember there was someone ahead of me someone that I i knew and they saw exactly what I saw we were out there at exactly the same time he ran past me to go into the building where we work and all he could say was we've been attacked we've been attacked but I no he didn't see anything more than I did from our Bohemia better ahead of me a few feet but not there would've been no difference in what he saw L and as far as going back to the windows I don't understand how any of it you would have to pick up something very heavy and break the window with it I I don't see and that wouldn't of been it would've been something that you could still jump out of so I do remember and again this is hearsay it's not evidence or anything like that there there what is a friend of mine who was working in the towers eat came to work he came to work late that day and this is some somebody told me that this is what happened to him he came to work late that day but he was actually from the street watching the whole thing but he wasn't allowed anywhere near the Towers at some point there were street closings going on and it wasn't so much that he was late but that he wasn't allowed past a certain point OK so now that's for that I've had three up until that very moment I did not know you had that story so I've talked to three people personally i've told me the same thing that they weren't allowed to go to work that day I had a woman two weeks before I launch truth in seven which is no longer a line cause all my all my stuff was deleted by some military installation of Tampa Florida two weeks before I watch that site this woman's family told me that she wasn't allowed to go to work and then I know Tourneau pilot for US scare I was always joke with Glenn and you it was US i was calling you a scammer he wasn't allowed to go in there was another person so now you're that's the fourth time I've heard that and that makes all the sense that one more yeah God I thought you got one more and add adult yep one more that I haven't mentioned before ok I know somebody I'm not gonna say who it is sort of in my family it's on my wife side OK and when when we first saw everything on TV and we didn't know we started relating everything to our family members like you know where were you and all of that this is somebody that I would see on a regular basis and I had no idea that her claim was that she worked at the restaurant at the top of the towels drying for some reason i have a feeling that because I've never heard that she ever worked there before that day that we spoke which was a few days after 911 that she says that she work there and why how did i never had heard that she worked there before and I know that her husband also was in maintenance cleaning of buildings but again I did not know that he supposedly worked so this is their claim that they work there the husband was there on a particular on that day on a on a particular like basement floor with his brother and they were trying to get out in time and they and of course they finally got Allen Park him but what I'm saying is before this conversation I did not know that either one of them worked there or so their claim was something that I had never heard before so it wasn't something like oh you work there you should know what happened that day that that was that's not how the conversation came the conversation was oh I work there at all and and i was this I was shocked by that but at the moment I never said anything I just assume that she worked there just like for the longest time i've always said that OK if I'm seeing this on TV you know I know it doesn't match with what I saw on real wife but I'm gonna go with it because I have nothing else and and I I I i didn't question her until afterwards and I can't really talk about it with her because she gets very emotional about it but she'll literally tell me first names of people that she believes died Add and add my gut feeling is that she was paid just those things yeah and my gut feeling is that her husband was paid to say the things that he said add and I'll hey another thing I was I have my VCR set up in a way that I could record you know the news on TV whatever was coming in so I made about four tapes between but you know the day everything started in and maybe I don't know maybe the next or days I just kept taking whatever I could take on on the cell VCR tapes right the VHS and air think you could take up to like eight hours on some of these and I filled them all up and I had four of them remember giving him all four and only getting back to and he just said that he lost him and I was a little upset about that but I've had my runners with him before and I wasn't you know I did not feel like getting into it with him but it was like why did he have you know a reason to take them for me and that bothered me either I gave it to him thinking oh you just wanted to see them but again my gut feeling is that someone someone wanted he knew that someone wanted to see though and again these are gut feeling is the text no evidence hear him I'm not I'm not claiming to know anything these are my gut feelings and these are things that happened to me you know you could say whatever you want from here I understand that you know it may sound far-fetched and I never brought any of this up and that's fine if that's how you wanna take it I might coming and ok my mic sound great sound fantastic OK yeah I'm just listening I'm like no it's innocent and you're get it you're gonna get the same I guarantee you people listening to this this bogeyman character is probably gonna jump all over you for what you decide that you have no proof that it's the person is paid which is true you're going off and that's what I said yeah and you're going off your gut and you seen what has happened by listening to the shows we've done in the past where there's all kinds of shenanigans shenanigans that goes on I know you can't see this but I did post a link into the chat so you can watch it on your Ron here is the video of the person jumping it's gonna open up into a YouTube video and I'll turn the volume lower I love how they say the following content has been identified by the YouTube community is inappropriate or offensive to some audience that's funny how something that's fake is inappropriate or offensive but here we go if it lets me play it i got a double double confirm that I wish to proceed and next time I'm gonna use my more powerful computer and I don't know why use my laptop on this year ago so this is from nest nest is the official government agency that whitewash the entire 9/11 operation so this is immediately suspicious it's Kevin Sigala capture video of a man coming back up of a man waving his coat while hanging out of a window on the east side of the WTC to now I'm just gonna turn the volume off because it just adds to the scariness of it I am certain that the video you're watching is real certain of it it looks very realistic I'm a video guy I'm a graphic designer I can I can smell when something looks fake this looks as real as it gets the problem is software can make something caught augmented reality AR and can put a layer on top of a real video that's what the meta-verse is all about or VR that's when you wear the headset they can easily put CGI stuff on top and I think that's what we're seeing here and I'm gonna prove it so let me let me continue ok so here it is there's a burning building for those listening on the podcast describing the video I'm seeing again I will have a photocopy this right here and post it into my notes jumper ok so now they're highlighting the person and it clearly looks somewhat like a person I'm at the 35 second mark and then it says Jack bubble bomb capture video of the same man from hundreds of feet below him so the argument is there's three different angles well that's very very easy to do with CGI can absolutely make up for example 911 flight 175 had multiple angles and we all know that's fake or hopefully you know that's fake catch up mark how are you hearing yourself OK does it look like you're recording fine cause from from here just listening to you on my headphones it sounds like you're coming in and out and they're actually it's getting choppy I'm sure that's not here let me see I'm hoping that it's just on my son it's probably just on your side OK or OK hear ya but he slipped and fell so now I'm at the one minute and 27 mark and you're gonna see what looks like a person slip and fall and then I'm gonna show you the fakery and I get to untrained eyes this is gonna look really scary in real look falling the hallway down OK falling info OK let's back the tape up Joe question for you what do you have a like a DSLR camera or a professional camera or when you use a camera is it your phone what kind of camera equipment you have right no I mean I have yeah I have 35 mm cameras and I have I think a 12 megapixel maybe it's not even that much maybe eight megapixel digital camera OK good if an ad it's pretty old model that's fine with either Camera if you were to if you were at the beach in a bird you were filming a bird taking off and flying around you do you i think it's possible no matter how good of photographer you are to be able to center the bird in frame the entire time no absolutely not I I I studied photography and no like I could not do that OK so I know you can't see this right now unless you click on the YouTube on your but if you are gonna play I'm gonna play and if you notice whoever caught this centered the man falling the entire time that is impossible I agree impossible and again they're gonna show different angles now back to oh mars telegram chat when a zoom down to a snapshot of that falling man if I i can find it again pump pump pump pump up do you see the snapshot in the link of the 2 hunter jumper that I sent you know should I take a look at that yeah take a look at that and tell me if that is the same jumper OK I'm opening it because to me the 200 jump to me just by saying 200 jumpers how is the hell out of me I don't I'll see how I don't see how this could've been OK and we're back so we just had a seven minute outage as soon as we start if this happens to me all the time everything so I'm just making this up every time I show burning they just evidence that will just destroy the official story my computer gets wet mess with OK so let me show you so here's the link and it won't let me open it so I had to open my brave browser and it finally is allowing me to open it enjoy your asking me if this is the same picture I don't think it is the same picture but looks like it looks like a lot so if I go back to telegram so I was forced to see actually I'm gonna I'm gonna start right now we're at 4005 so I may have been speaking and I guess on your side it was not recording add it up you mean just recently and yeah just now and when you got disconnected I was in the middle of talking about how the fact that article says 200 jumpers Yep that I thought I thought that that's what made it unbelievable to me and just so you know we are I've had I was forced to edit this because just coincidentally for for nine minutes anytime we start talking about stuff that disproves the government story we get disconnected I'll just call that a coincidence so yes you asked me to take a look at this it won't come up it still won't come up for me I had to open a new browser and this jumper I don't think it's the same but let's take a look we're gonna go onto here and I'm gonna post a telegram link to the picture oh wow here we yeah if not it's it won't let me OK area I guess I have to click this do you do do do do do do do do man allow OK it's coming up slow so i'm i'm probably gonna like just put an end to this because it's killing the processing I'll just get to the point OK here we go when I click on this picture enjoy your Knoxville to see us until you watch the replay here's the window the window right here these are the windows these these dark spots and everything is compressed like this isn't what the world trade center stuff look like it was much wider but this video is compressed whatever maybe it's perspective different angle fine but this is a represents the 7 foot with the windows in the world trade center towers were 7 feet high but look at yes this man is three times bigger than the windows there's your smoking gun proof that this is a fake this is augmented reality that is CGI is overlaid onto onto probably real video and this is a big problem sorry that's what this is all about if you go to and go to the blog section you'll see my clothes all this up so I can reduce all the pressure on the computer here yes if you got a toothache ill and go to the blog this mark chase conical bogeyman person it's just going apps he's just absolutely shit storming the entire blog and that's the problem that I have and Joe we were talking about this before we record this I think you asked me you know what if you if I commit waiver how did you ask a question like what would I do what would I recommend what would you ask the perfect question do you remember what it was about this whole scenario am i asked you specifically what would in an ideal situation right right how would you want this this caller is this call her to ask so how would you want this handled right with with him you know if I am or by anybody else right in for those who don't know Abbet is the is the avatar name for Tim Tim goes by the name Alvarado and that was an excellent question and I said that it's not a good answer times not gonna wanna hear this but the problem that I have with him site is that he loves freedom and that's gonna sound like I don't love freedom freedom is my number one want in life however you cannot have freedom unless everyone is Sane and logical and not emotional so what I mean by that is Tim has several different things going on he has a blog he has a forum he has reference materials and the big thing that he has I believe the most valuable part is he there's a video channel so it's an alternative to YouTube it's fantastic he curates lots of stuff he grab stuff from you too before it gets deleted any posted on his site it's gotta figure tube I'll post a link directly to it fake a tube and it's great and then he also does the these chats these audio chats sometimes their shows sometimes there every day people who call in and just create their own little show and what time does he tends to take all the shows and he swings those private shows that almost no one is listening to and he puts it on his main block were lots of people listen to it sometimes thousands of people still listen to it and that's the problem right here and you know it's Tim's house and it's Tim's rules it's like if someone came to my if I was holding a party at my house and someone came in and asked if I mind if they smoked at my house I'd be like no you can't smoke at my house those are my rules so Tim loves freedom he also loves and this is not something that he says privately he says this publicly he thinks that controversy gets more eyeballs to his site he believes bad publicity is just as good is good publicity and I tend to disagree with us both of those thoughts and that's why I don't think there's any turning this around and that's why I sent that letter to 10 because I don't think it's gonna work out it was just too much opportunity for drama when there's freedom now on my website at escape the I have no chance of this happening I handpicked the people I speak to like Joe ice start off with 100% trust on people and then it goes down if people give me a reason not to trust them if they start in with ad homonym personal attacks WAMO jam on my my trust level goes way down and if it goes down too far then that's it I'm done I put a quick into it Omar at dark side chat on telegram he has a very short threshold for nonsense in fact if you go there again I'll post a link to it dark side chats if you go there in Larc you're fine but if you go there join so that you add comments to the things that we talk about there I'm there a lot he's gonna give you one opportunity to prove that you're real person he's like hey how do you how do you find out about us by the way if he asked you that because of my recommendation just mention my name Markus Allen and if he hears Markus Allen he's like a welcome aboard and he's really cool with you until you start getting into emotional distracting conversations and that's when he puts a quick into it so if you would ask me that question in the long that way about that's i have if I was going to have comments and chats and open audios I i would have a little bit more control over what gets seen by the majority cause right now my it's always with my mom or with my the wife do something with my mom go to figure tuber fake all adjust and feel good about it now if my mom or my wife went to fake a tube the video site they would feel very good about that why even though comments are open almost no one comment I've known fact I don't think I've seen more than one comment ever am I time a faker tap the video platform but on the blog completely different story it could be an absolute shits shit show just embarrassing because again people get very emotional and they don't get they don't stay logical and there's personal tax in mud flying in and it's it's bad news but what do you think yeah well that's that's the ideal situation for your show the way that you would handle i think that that makes perfect sense also i'm at I personally think that like you said he could handle it anyway he wants all over it over a temp site but that may no you know that may not necessarily ring for you on your side and I get that I understand that i don't I don't feel too great about listening to two to what the bogeyman had to say to be yeah well it's hard to listen to first of all because he's a screaming and he's in town and he's attacking yeah I have a good example of this and it's not just bogeyman because bogeyman was quiet that day but I listen to another chat audio on Tim's oh items you know audio chats and there was a graphene and another guy named wild times I believe and they were both graphene was literally yelling at Linda Curtis for her to shut up literally telling her no one wants to hear what you have to say why don't you just get out why don't you just leave here until finally she left I would've left too I probably would've left sooner yeah cause it doesn't make any sense to talk to anybody like that oh it's just a waste of both both peoples time you know both parties time bogeyman was also on that call and he agreed with everything that went on there although he didn't I mean he he did talk a little but he agreed with with everything that the graphene had to say and I think that that was Bro I think that Linda has a lot of good contact to add and she wasn't allowed a word in edgewise that day yeah I don't think anybody who would like to hear that call again you know did you understand what I'm saying it's a rather long caulking is like six hours oh but I he does talk about bogeyman does mention you a lot there I don't I i think you might've heard that part but if you didn't hear the Linda Curtis part oh it was just terrible what the Raphine did on his side and I wrote the app about that I said I said tell graphene and wild times that linda Curtis is a fake you know I think I'll just have the highest level that she's not to be spoken to like and his reply at the time was that he hadn't heard the audio so I don't know if you went back to listen to no it for those again who are new to this Tim came up with the word called fake ologies which basically is a I'm not really he's never ever tried to say that I was a fake all just cause he probably knows how I feel about that that's that's almost like a cult identification like you're part of a group that's why I don't like it basically means that you're someone who studies the art of fake i don't even know how to explain it fake media media fakery is that at your fakery yeah I think so i think it's we're not we're not the only ones but there are some things that we believe that the media fake that other people who cover media fakery won't go so far as to mention yeah yeah definitely goes deep that's for sure yeah yes so so then you know what's the punchline hear the punchline is I'm still gonna listen I'm addicted to the stuff that Tempo's I love it I can't get enough of it I admit it will I still recommend Tim cite some of the site I will absolutely recommend virtually everything that's posted to the video site again because there's no drama there again because there's really no comments there but will I i recommend like I used to his blog absolutely not right now you know unless there are drastic changes and again it's his house his rules and he hast to make that decision is not for me to make that decision and I'm not gonna even recommend what to do clearly he knows how I feel about it but who am and no I will not be recommending as well because it's it's really it's it's unviewable with all the time in there was like eight I went back there before we did this call to see how many comments there were with this bogeyman it's like 70 comments and the N-word was dropped in all sorts of attacks and personal tax it was it was embarrassing and again I know Tim's gonna i haven't got gotcha sorry I didn't mean to cut you that's OK no I haven't I i haven't viewed the comments in particular or where or they actually calling your name calling you names in in the in the comments if if it was it it didn't bother me it wasn't big time but like they were they were people both on the telegram because he he started doing he came to the telegram which makes no sense to me at all why would Tim direct bogeyman to where I'm at again if he's trying to mend he wanted me without getting into personal emails to him and I was like please reconsider take some time off will cut down on the Drama then he sends bogeyman over to where I hang out at dark side chat and when I asked him about that he's like what I wanted bogeyman to get school done on what's going on I'm like really does that that one picture I just showed 10 minutes ago shows exactly how the jumper pink is fake and that's all you need it shows that picture he didn't need to send them over and then he so bogeyman got quickly banned by Omar and Omar doesn't know about this drama and you know like I said Omar is very quick to ban if there's any shenanigans because he wants to keep the drama out so answer your question no I don't think there's a a lot of personal tax with me per se but there are a lot of from what I saw there's a lot of personal attacks against other viewers of the site it was really sad and embarrassing actually and again if my mom goes to the site and see that she's never coming back so why would I recommend that I mean I'm gonna look like a fool recommending that so no I'll just send my mom to my website I don't actually worry about that my mom hasn't spoken to me in 10 years do you not got any my website but yeah so I mean again I always look at this is in our chapter in the book it was a cool experiment to have the super show and have all the guys on it and trade ideas and it was fun I had the best time ever I got to laugh with a bunch of people it was great but now we're gonna have to turn the page and go to the next chapter for me I'm gonna keep doing what I do and do these shows and do you use one minute little mini documentaries that I do about my real truth about life and I hope people stay with me if your listening to someone who may have passed this audio onto you to find out all the shows that I have done just go to escape the that's escape the new and click on the Markus Allen show and you can get a listing of all the shows I've done in the past Joe Pepper is 1105 getting close to my bedtime is there any other topic you wanna talk about before we roll up I wanted to add one more thing before you did the plug for the show sure so you might wanna do it again but my point the point I want that is if he if bogeyman had come out and said the same things that he said about you to Northern Tracy or about northern Tracy how how would 10 react i know you're not and I think that that's a valid question that I would ask that him I'm sure he's gonna listen to this and maybe you can do a reply I I can't speak for 10 i'm going to shows I can I would be very hurt I would be very hurt if somebody like bogeyman or bogeyman himself came not saying that Northern Tracy is a jerk and that she's full of shit and that you know she is a Shell or why would anyone listen to her or whatever we want to attribute that you know he's been saying I would be hurt listening to that because I really like respect her as somebody who comes on the show and commands certain amount of attention and I and I admire her i believe in what she's saying oh I've been on her website she you know Jen she's someone that I think everyone on the show holds in in high regard everyone who follows the show would would have a assert a certain amount of I guess you know sentimentality do you know to to this person northern Tracy and if he were to do that and if if Abdul and step up and say hey you know I really don't want you to do this and I am I'm stopping you right here you can do anybody you want but you can't do this you know what I'm saying i think I have that that would be something yeah I think I have a NN I think I could speak for Tim on this and I think he would agree with you know there's someone like me who doesn't give a shit what people think about me and I put myself out there put on me let my your wife know that school and she's leaving it I don't give a shit what people think about me and I put myself out there and I have no problem kind of getting people to think stir the pot a slight bit just to get people to think so you know Tim knows I'm a big boy and I can head on myself and I'm sure that he is going to let what happens happen with me at the same time I don't know too much about more than Tracy I've heard her a couple times I'm guessing she doesn't stir the pot I'm guessing she's pretty respectable and comes off is probably proper and probably doesn't have a lot of heat and I'm sure if the same thing happened to bogeyman Tim would step in and be a little bit more aggressive about it then with me and I completely understand that sandwich on Le Bon if someone went after John Le Bon Tim would sit back and think it's just funny as hell and again I probably would sort of feel the same Wait but this is like another level attack this is you know beyond you know jokey jokey marks a shell this this is like pure venom going on there again if you dare to wanna go to the blogs and look at the comment I man it's really intense it's really intense so to answer your question I think my mother you know do you do you treat your grandmother different than your wife of course you do and anyone who says they treat their grandmother the same as their mom I think it's probably killing themselves of course they do why cause grandma did you just do it do you agree with that absolutely i am so it absolutely I wouldn't be mad if Tim said that he would treat her different I wouldn't be mad I would totally get it am I also want to say that I was speaking to somebody who I originally sent but like one of the first shows that I was on the super show yeah I I sent it to somebody else and what I did is I sent them a link a link to the tune in radio app OK so which means if they went if they went back to that after the show or anytime after the show or two days later let's say they will basically here whatever streaming at that point and not necessarily the show that we oh you mean on temperature because of them from Tim site from tipsy yeah Tim has this thing where if it's here if it's a live show you here's a live show and as soon as the show is over it'll kick into a previously recorded show correct so the person I sent it to I asked them if they had listened to the show they said they connected at some other time and that they were probably listening to something else and they were turned off at some I don't I don't know specifically who it was or what the topic was or turned off at an argument between two people who weren't listening to each other and we're basically just arguing about the topic but again I don't have a specific name of anybody that was on that show that they listen to him but they were kind of turned off by that so somebody who is not inside baseball like if I turn on the show and I'm listening to somebody bubbly heard them before if I turn on that that stream yeah I've probably heard them before yep all except for bogeyman cause I didn't hear of him until you know the first time I've heard of him or maybe less than two weeks ago yeah he's been around a lot many many many years yeah and he seems to be following 911 for a long time which is I don't which is why I don't understand why he's hooked on this jumper thing well because that would be the last thing that I would be hooked on I just have to hear that you know I just I don't I don't believe that they were any plans I'm not saying that's easy I think I've had this conversation with you before if there were no planes we have to subtract all of those debts that are counted and even IPS said this about bogeyman cause bogeyman was on the IPS also yeah I heard that I heard it didn't go to their discord and it didn't go duo yeah so so if we are we're coming from a level of thanking about 911 and a level of scrutiny that there are people tons of people haven't even scratched the surface of that and and four for him to be on that same level and be hooked and I'll be caught by this this jumper thing I just don't get it I would've dismissed that Jumper thing a long time ago just the fact that you know Elton John owns the picture of that owns the rights to the picture of that yeah I mean who cares now at that point who cares because to me that just reeks of of fakery so why why would I bother why would that hold me back yeah true why would that point be OK this is a real picture that I'm looking at a real jumper this person you know died on 9 11 no I'm sorry I don't believe that picture and I'm not sorry I'm just I'm saying expression but I'm not I'm not there's two explanations for his thinking number one I even asked him as I was joking I don't know if you heard this I said I said dude how much how much weed you smoke today right and he goes like a gram so I mean yeah so maybe it's the weed let's hope it is or right he is influenced whether through payment or favor or he's part of the military to create a shit show I have no proof the only proof I have is what he said he said he was on weed so we know he was on weed so I cannot give him the benefit of the doubt that he's just acting crazy because of the plant yes I gave the benefit of the doubt right by my house if people we see and you've asked me that you know who is controlled opposition I had a list when I first started truth and seven minutes out of huge list it was easier just to write down who I didn't think was controlled opposition which at the time was none and I still kind of feel that way and I have no proof the only proof I've had them when we did a show maybe a month and a half ago maybe so I can dig it up again paid show proof where I showed it was a Jewish organization that paid by the word for for showing stuff but I have nope I have no proof I have no proof of anyone there's no one's going to invite by the way I don't get a paycheck and I gotta show me my paycheck and I'm controlled opposition why you don't get a picture of your lying about that you get a direct deposit you don't get a paycheck and how do you prove that it's impossible to prove so I just you know again my my model on trust is a start at 100% and then it goes down from there and I've told you this last time we spoke privately and right now we spoke privately and then we just record this my level of trust is still at 100% with you you've not give me a single shred of something that would make me not trust you and I love that that's you know a lot of people started zero no I am at zero you have to prove to me that your trust worthy I go the opposite way and it's really done me well in life but when you start ad hominem attacking people and just completely bent out of shape about it like there's an issue there again the issue could be there purposely doing that too to stir the pot where they really could be on too many plants and I hope it's too many friends write anything else we gotta put an end to the show yeah I'm good where we've been kind of long I don't think so because I'm gonna take out just again for the record I'm gonna take out the eight minutes of when I get like a tat i just watch it on my screen when we were talking about the jumpers so I cut that part out that was eight minutes and I guess it'll be a little bit over an which is good that's good all right so there it is it is Thursday, July 28 in summary no hard feelings about the super show I hope they continue the super show in there and I will be listening every Friday when we go on our trips again no hard feelings just it's not gonna work out i was good on your continuing mind doing things if you wanna see what I'm up to go to escape the it is Thursday, July 28 at 11:18 and Joe I wish you a wonderful Friday and I can't wait to talk to you again same here thank you more you got it.