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Is this the real reason Boris Johnson suddenly quit as Prime Minister

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And we're gonna get right into the show this is probably where Marcus starts his recorder because he doesn't like fluff he just like stuff that's out that's true OK so what do we have on the agenda today is there anything happening in the world to discuss circle in the show early he can handle right now if you'd like talk to you well we did the only show now to give everyone the one person who use twitch we're not on twitch anymore after last show they sent a message saying we gave you three strikes and I don't remember the first two and you're gone so we're off twitch and I am not gonna start that again so the best place to find us is fake or toothache or and there's where we are that's it for the show notes ok good to know and Thiago is in the house Gabriel thank you for asking skate and destroy the house dirty Benny's on the live Garrett Summers isn't YouTube and let's go let's have a shell spider fighter fallacies and take her to i'm gonna share my screen OK and let's see how old is yes right there all right what are we got tonight OK and by the way this show is going to be a temporary called is this the real reason Boris Johnson suddenly quit as Prime Minister you can find that on my website at escape the click on the Marcus Allen Show archives and you can look for that and it will simultaneously be I will be forwarding my notes on to Tim who you're listening to right now over thick all i that's/blog or you can click on blog and Tim what is the serial number for tonight show on your end the show number is on the page and or it should be on the page and it is show FAK or 7575FAK575 ok so here's the headline whilst whilst you were distracted by Boris resigning the united kingdom government quietly published a report confirming the vaccinated account for 94% of all COVID-19 deaths since April 90% of which were triple or quadruple jabbed and instead of reading this oh darn I lost it when I go back instead of reading it just go down if you scroll down here you can see on my screen and here it is so in pink we have the vaccinated deaths again according to the official UK office for national statistics and then the slit little slippery here in Green we have the unvaccinated and it goes a little bit more into depth two and you can actually click and I'll put in the show notes a link directly to all these statistics you can see right here COVID-19 deaths by vaccination status in england you can see vaccinated 4647 deaths triple vaccinated 4215 and unvaccinated 288 and on and on I gotta show the punchline is when Fauci and all the other I'll keep it clean when all the other government officials tell us that it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated he's just flat out gaslighting he's lying to us what so the panel whether you have a comment anyone can jump in I know right Linda I have a question because these are all their stories in their numbers and makes you believe anything they put these days because I think most of his life and I agree with that for us to shit between everybody yes OK Diego or Thiago yeah I i think you know what you know how I feel about this like I think people are that are definitely dying and getting hurt for sure to what extent I don't i have the numbers Linda's right in the sense that you really can't trust without any news outlet puts out there it's the weather it's 90% or 94 presents are of the deaths are from vaccinated I don't know I can't confirm that we don't know all I can tell you is what you know what I see here my every day lights i have my neighbor not direct neighbor he lives two doors down for me he just passed away yesterday 42 years old art Otello triple jobs he had the booster shot 10 days ago and he died this is a new event from last show since/00 dear and cause of death any idea cardiac arrest which is caused by a clot to a coronary artery the car lot for the yeah yeah lack of oxygen to the hotel the heart tissue no boyfriend and then I would agree with you to look in your own neighborhood possibly look at the obituaries in your local papers to see if they're going up yet or people are and things like that because that's the only numbers that you can actually count on as probably truth yes and I end up just a college from local funeral homes and just see if they have an update yeah just just an update from my last week remember I told you guys that I called one of the funeral homes here and you spell common OK the day after the show there's two other big funeral homes here in Sydney I called both of them and both of them said no comment and however the lady I guess she's the secretary at one of the funeral homes she want for her at first wanted to speak off off camera off the phone and then she decided not to lol wow yeah Taylor shut down yet and she used to work at the regional hospital she told she said that's one of the reasons why she left that she does she's not vaccinated so she's gonna go home now so all three major funeral homes here in Sydney Nova Scotia none of them would answer me me and amazing Joe pepper any thoughts I've been calling bullshit since day one I think everybody here yes yeah but what about the specific bra i'll I would say you know if its numbers on death from vaccination I don't know if I believe numbers from any of the sources on but but I wouldn't I wouldn't doubt that they were that's from vaccinations that you know that they're that they're keeping from us perhaps yeah my comment is i don't know what the numbers even mean in the sense that these are numbers they don't care if you know because they don't mean anything there's no admission of anything by telling you that 90% of all the deaths are vaccinated it kind of aligns with the idea that they want you to think 90% of all people are vaccinated so really this is a meaningless statistic that's why it's out there… I need a hide it down Linda just because I'm so whenever you wanna speak I'll probably back up just so you know because you are a static in the background there so I don't think these numbers actually mean anything because there's no admissions and they're completely harmless numbers they're not the statistics that we need and the only statistic that matters is who is dying as a direct result of getting the lethal injection that's the only number that matters and that is not a number they that is not a concept they will even talk about yeah that's why I don't go anywhere with your separate I don't think this article is relevant in anyway yeah I would be nicer if they if this article had statistically the last five years back arrest admissions stroke admissions aneurysms and admissions that word to me would be a much more substantial you know data and information that I find more useful for let's say for example where you live by Marquis in Pennsylvania there but let's say for example your local hospital sees 1000 cardiac arrest per year on average for the last five years all of a sudden your hospitals is starting to see 2 thousand cardiac arrest in the last calendar year that would be statistically a lot more important to you no data for me yeah to ascertain so I don't wanna see the cancer rates The Strokes the aneurysms I want to see all that year over year for the last five years i think that's a great point OK so I have a the next thing on shows on Twitter and I wanna see if it plays i can hear it if it doesn't I'll pass the link onto Tim so take a listen to this tell me if you can hear it no I hear nothing how about now a little bit that new crank her up I can't so I'm gonna give this link to you so you can play this is what woman is this person will Linsky from the CDC OK well then I'll switch screens and put the plane will will analyze play a play OK I'm almost there oh my Sharon Window and where is she where is she here OK we're gonna bring her in and what I should do Tim in the future is does do what you do with IPS last night and share Eno archery streams and merging together that well you'll be able to hear it yeah I've been asking for a while with you I don't think we've done that successfully with anyone yet Thiago and I are going to do that one of these days when he gets office fishing boat Sunday fun day of her OK many Americans are under vaccinated nausea meaning they are not up-to-date on their covid-19 vaccine by the way up-to-date is that that was the buzzword buzz phrase pay phrase of the day that came out months ago and they seem to be pushing it hard now but they did mention they're not gonna use numbers anymore except for those fit those is just up-to-date yep as I don't think anyone wants to know even those that believe it that they're on December 12 that might bother not all people over the age of £.50 Havre Steves their first booster dose of those who received their first booster dose only 28% of those over 15 we have received a second booster dose and have those over the age of 65 only 34% here we go just baffling us with numbers again if you can if you can bring it back in so I think it's important listen the whole thing cause I think this is very telling all right go back it don't interrupt them I just wanna make your face go back to many Americans are under vaccinated meaning they are not up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines not all people over the age of £.50 Havre Steves their first booster dose of those who received their first booster dose only 28% of those over 50 we have received a second booster dose of those over the age of 65 only 34% have received their second booster dose so my message right now is very simple it's essential that these Americans is Dr. shots that jet said get their second booster shot right away many Americans are on Twitter repeats everything all right so Thiago what do you make that I think there's a very important tell her that most people I think won't get to it what do you think about what you just said it's to me it's a propaganda you know what to be honestly I don't even like this lady she's she was the one Wilensky she was the one crying saying that there's gonna be doom in our future a year ago so you know I don't really know when she's talking out of really pay attention to what she same but the average person like watching this you know she shit she's making them feel bad making them feel fearful all this you know you gotta be up-to-date and I don't know like to me it's me it's me it's circus talk she's just doing circus talking and trying to crank up this year and I was Nonsense Tim don't know what to tell Isa I'm I'm just looking at all the comments underneath the Twitter Boston most people don't believe a thing that she sang but what what is the tail what would I wanna I want it before I get it I wanna give Linda a chance having pumper volume up and let her speak she has good Linda oh well I mean I agree with i'll be in the zone number 30 so just trying to get back with yandex the anti-VAX against the facts or whatever and all the people that got faxed aren't gonna believe that most people didn't get back to defend all the anti-VAX or's are going to be like there's more of us we can do something it's probably with work remember him him she's clearly talking to the vaccinated and she's on she's talking about boosters she's not talking about first or second dose she's talking about people we're already been boosted once and boosted a second time so she's completely leaving out anything about unvaccinated people she's talking to you know she's speaking to the choir she's singing to the choir I've got to take with the tellers I'm i'm surprised you guys didn't get it she said over 28% of people only 28% of people got the first house I don't think she talked about the first and second bill she's talking about the boosters Clean Bandit and hearing no I didn't hear that someone said there's a reason why they do not use the number for not calling at the fourth vaccine psychologically please play it again she said 28% of the people age 50 got the first dose that mean 72% of people didn't get it after the first that's quite an admission OK where are we again many Americans are under vaccinated meaning they are not up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccine not all people over the age of £.50 Havre Steves their first booster dose you're right my bad this is nothing she's not even talking the first two weeks of Riley she's given up on the people that haven't had the first that's what I said that's what I got it out yeah that was totally rude I totally missed that thank you for that's why I would love that that's why we have a panel here that's right OK but negative and all the best answers are in their replies to the Twitter to the tweets rather the twats please put that the people have figured it out at least that this group underneath this Twitter. As you said, they got the gold is in the comments always always and I like this one Hayworth shell my message right now is very simple GFY that's an anagram for those who don't judge anyone need to know what that is if they do just raise your hand and I'll tell you right does anyone know what that means I know what it means to attempt Joe do you know what that means GFYGFY last word as yourself oh gotcha yeah that next topic people if you go back to my screen people I've been screaming about this for years and here we go I believe is Allison McDowell who discovered this called augmented democracy exploring the design space of collective decisions augmented democracy in the TED talk Cesar hidalgo Director of center for collective learning presents the idea of augmented democracy blah Blah punchline here's your no politician computer run a I government yeah I did and you made the point yesterday if know if if people want to listen to a really great shell that's not part of the fake all of his main need to go to the fake all just audio chats and Marcus came on at the end to talk with another Mark or Pennsylvania or Ohio and it was a really long show with me and mark and then Marcus came in at the end and there's a really great points made throughout the show by everybody and Linda was there too and so as far as value was doing a good job anyway yeah you were talking about the whole point of these incompetent idiotic stupid leaders is they are it's being is being revealed that they just can't handle this kind of problem this kind of a complex city this reset and and they're gonna have to bring in experts and it's basically fits with the whole technocratic take over but you're saying that there's gonna be some they gonna wanna bring some AI which I thought was a pretty great point because as you said if you don't think there's a complaint department for the government now there really isn't going to be one when a computer is making all the decisions so that doesn't mean that the computer will make the decisions it'll be a front of course humans will make the decision but they'll blame it on the computer that's right now and I make a comment on it yeah go ahead I've said this for a long time that they've been working on is because there was reports that came out years ago about AI government and things like that and then I think that's why they put the stupid politicians in place like you're Biden and well you just name them all of you all of them and they're putting them out there so that the population will say we want something else pick a computer because of computers and check it right right really don't realize that there's a human behind it so yeah I think this is an easy transition for them yep yep and I I love that you're talking about joe Biden because oh my goodness John talks on YouTube clip master every almost every video has Joe Biden at this guy is on overdrive screwing up it's getting recalled Latinas tacos the other day you eat my god he is so he's gotta be close to getting the hook do you think he's gonna go the distance is he gonna go to for years I don't think so if he lives in tonight feel really striving for the American population to say we don't want a president anymore we want something now and they're gonna get it because the population rules everybody that's true it looks it looks like Frank has made an appearance and ounce of salt per day hello now your mic is up Frank so you can't talk then I guess it's not working I will keep going you got a graph on the screen mark you as well before I show you the grab a five question for you Tim do you remember what month the vaccine was released on the world last year because I don't January westjet was a January 2021 yes it was right after Christmas so well so this from Darkside papers I am a member Darkside papers if you are going and I'll post a link to it if I can put them in the show notes here at warning if you are thinking about joining the Darkside papers Darkside papers I would be a lurker I would not be a participant because the administrator Omar he's very quick to ban people who are well he's very he's very very quick to ban people so you have to have a very thick skin if you want to participate so here is a chart that he posted an excellent one that the increase in number still births per 1000 births so you're saying that the the quack sensation came out here interesting that the number still burst went out and went down when the quack scene came through and then skyrocketed after that you can see that right here from March 2021 till now there is a skyrocketing of stillbirths I will also post a link to a video I did about this I did a whole operation wake him up video about this where are the government admitted that the vast majority of people of women who took the quacks nation would have a stillbirth this can't be debunked it's been tried no one has what are you guys think about this or does the chart speak for itself yeah the church speaks for itself for sure but you know I've been hearing this you know from several sources per old paramedic friends nurses that stillbirths are up in many Canadian hospitals am I eating them I would imagine it's the same all over the world so it again it's something that needs to be filed as a premium information up here in Canada and around the world at all these hospitals to get a graph like this to get the data for the last five years of all the still birth month by month and then you'll be able to have a very accurate assessment of what's going on about how deep of an impact this i know that from a freedom of information act in Portugal done that and this was four days ago three days girl that still births are up in Portugal 38% from Latin from the year-over-year oh yeah I did I vote I've listened to the miscarriage rate I think we talked about it months ago actually yeah it's about 80% thank you write it up months ago but I have a video about it yeah yeah so this is all this is old news still is it just coming out again and other places is that your point because I think so yeah yeah you yeah we talked about it this is this seems like yesterday's news I know we're ahead of the curve why are they pushing this point because yo when I look in my local obituaries you'll see a lot of bars and people poster baby by the way an obituary oh yeah well a lot but I still birth is anywhere up to nine months yeah if if if someone has a miscarriage at six months is a no miscarriage but I mean miscarriages aren't him a lot of people. Even before the show yeah for sure but that but that rate is up two and it's probably not required no they usually report those in an obituary because there's this morning and I just gotta get it out ok I see what you mean I'm gonna still birth is the last trimester that the other one is the first two episodes of thing because my niece my niece actually had one years ago and she posted hers in the obituary because she had to actually give birth ok well yeah if you look at the statistics office in and diamond that is reported if you look at the statistical David the Japanese study that came out I was when I was reading it months ago the majority of the damage is done in the first trimester so 84% from what I read was still birth in the first trimester welcome and I here there is going to figure out if with all these statistics right if you combine them all or whatever it's a big portion of the whole population which we know I didn't get back to me so that's my issue with all these yeah McKissick is you know new message them together it's like it's an unreal number but that's my issue with it I think the vaccine I think the vaccination also prevents implantation so those those those non-pregnancies don't even get notice what do you mean by when the egg is fertilized anywhere between the ovaries and the uterus the quack seeing the toxin prevents the egg from implants in the uterus call Susan conception is squashed to know welcome exception could be questionable once the egg is fertilized that's conception but the egg travels down in the uterus to implant a lot of women so yeah it's the world if it doesn't implant then it just will it will just be expelled without any woman noticing so that's it that's that's another that those are those numbers could never be recorded nobody knows exactly the only way they're Donely way of a measurement that you'll also yeah I'm not that is correct topic pregnancies and I'd like to see the number on a topic pregnancies meaning the pregnancy in the fallopian two so I would like to see if those numbers are up as well so essentially what time is describing her yeah I was just gonna say there's also another aspect to this because in 2020 every death was caused by Covid and now in 2022 every death is caused by the tracks but they call the Covid though but they call that Covid they don't say that yeah but it doesn't matter all the alternative media is calling at the back I am well OK alternative media I don't know if that's true I think the alternative media saying 90% of them that's what Marcus started out with he said 90 percent of all the deaths in the hospital are vaccinated people that die of Covid they don't say they die of the vaccine i think anyone's hardly anyone saying that no but I mean it's a far is the old needed that like you know people researching some things like that I'm saying that they're all gonna assume those are center back people who are mean and so when you look at all the content you have to use logic to you can't believe one side or the other because the internet has its own MSM I'm just saying they're saying that these people die of Covid which is helps confirm the narrative they don't care the people that are pushing Covid as something real they don't care if they're vaccinated or not as long as you say you died of Covid it's fine that they were vaccinated so they're just gonna say well I guess we gotta keep trying for a new vaccine or a new treatment because obviously this isn't working against Covid so they're not gonna say that either I mean they haven't been saying that either they just keep pushing whatever they've got at the moment I am boosting and boosting again you have it all staying they're dying of Covid but nobody dies from the vaccine in the main stream or in most of the alternative media they're all on the wrong path and they don't care you're asking all the wrong questions I don't care about the answer no one is really saying the vaccine yeah but like I said if you look at your local obituaries and they are skyrocketing then you're gonna know somethings wrong I don't see that here yeah and I even called my local funeral home to see because I know the guy I went to school with him i called T if he was running into blood that was sickening and you know all this stuff and he's like no hyper those reports and he goes it's not happening here yeah I don't but I don't buy that either not buy that phone on anybody if the blood was that sick I mean how would you get it out of the body right you have common sense at some point right is this Frank is Frank here now he just sent me an email half an hour ago so he's in the green room so I don't know what he's doing OK if you're gonna be somewhere stay there don't just come and go I can't look at every single thing every single time OK how did Darkside come up with that what did they analyze data to come up with that shirt I think he just grabbed it from somewhere he tends to do that yeah I mean no offense to him but I just unless somebody unless we know who analyzes data it could just be something you know struck at something constructive I don't no that's true and from from the video that I did on this it was not the stillbirths that were emailed to was the what was the other one the first two trimesters of the disc carriage miscarriage is right it was the Stobers like the reversely no stillbirths it was vast majority even more miscarriages from who starts settling is not in the Linda I don't have any dog so next starting in September it will be a legal in Arizona to film law enforcement activity within 8 feet of a police officer wow OK get your zoom lens out what say you the panel i say that'll need a constitutional challenge read them speech definitely but I guess that'll keep them away for a certain period of time I watch those guys I love those guys the constitutional first amendment auditors I think they're great yep and most of them are not the most of them are not within 8 feet not in that personal zone so I don't think it's gonna be a problem anyway but I guess if they get it's like when you let a camels nose come in the tent do you know what happens but here's here's that I'll give you the little dirty little secret what Police Department not 6 feet right I was gonna say that yeah they're what the reason why they are doing this I'm gonna get away with it is because what happens if you're filming and the cop comes up to her like get turn that off now he's 2 feet away from you say i seen your car and you get pulled over and the cop comes up to your window now you're with 90 yeah all right yeah I gotcha well yeah dirty Benny constitution ha ha ha ha right it's true I gotta say yes I've said it a gazillion times I said one more time we have never signed a a wet ink contract to obey laws that includes the constitution anyone wanna come in on that no no I agree with that I am not said again when W you were cut off do you think the constitution was written for them to people not us of course I yeah I figured you did do you yeah yeah yeah that doesn't apply to us I actually have a whole video I'm gonna do about it somewhere in my notes there's all kinds of things in the constitution that no one talks about that it's not for us so now you're gonna make me whip this out constitution yeah I think it's I think it's pretty obvious the way it's worded but it's not for us just to give you a hint there's income taxes eminent domain judicial review encourages national debt politician pay without oversight slavery electoral college guns elections trade barriers and protection of protectionism juries suing states voting age blocking commerce state control of liquor so yeah there's lots of things in the constitution that is not for Us right and again we didn't sign anything that says we have to about anything no it's the color of law yeah and Frank made a good point I don't know if it was your shower just a live chat I'm not really sure but he said that at least in Australia he checked the box that said this would be his last yeah for IRS yeah maybe i would've checked any bucks I would just stop that's what I've done for ever and nothing has happened to me what's good yeah and I and I readily say fuck the eye and they are in the us I mean come on let's go out to boys the IRS was was again your money because they're taking it out of your check if you have a kilometer I don't have any money taken out of a check I'm self-employed well and and you don't have to have any taxes to you can put the maximum we used to be able to they actually change that used to be able to put like 13 dependents and they would take no money out of your check yeah you can dude anymore they change that that's right now but you should check it if you're single or not or married or whatever and they do the work for you and you don't have an option right so I think they figured that out that people were going to no get around that begin getting to it that day it was a one percent voluntary tax to fund the or it was supposed to be a temporary tax and we know it's a temper it we know it's a voluntary tax because that Walt Disney was hired but i'll put that in the notes to the ask the tech access of taxes or something like that do your part pay your taxes to help fund the war so it was voluntary when that video came out and again that Iris file calendar I said Walt Disney of all people you know I yeah i miss the master propaganda master propaganda recalled in Athyn and the moon landing and all that stuff done so yeah I mean do you say they use access of taxes yeah and and then I'll put the movie from Aaron Russo called does anyone remember that movie no air in the taxes are I'll find out in the notes but freedom to Fascism that's it freedom to fasces improves without a shadow of a doubt there's no law that says you have to pay taxes no there's technically no income either Ridge gas and corporation or working yeah but if you're working or you're doing labor for something in return there's no income involved you're not making a profit right that's what I meant by corporation how to be a profit yup yup yup 10 keeps paying his taxes yeah i do already are we done with that topic but the Arizona with the cops yeah is there anyone who's putting it for so what kind of Governor do they have what the fuck is the what's the impetus but I wouldn't mind a little more background on it at all because of the first amendment auditors that the problem or Yeah Penny Gwen wants to know is that show number seven yeah we don't use the numbering here they should not 17 or maybe tend to be something in the middle that's the problem with it I think it's hard to do so I know it's when I'm doing it and Tim's making numbers and he doesn't announce the numbers you know when he's doing it it it works doesn't work this way I'm back no no it's OK but I I in the show notes on it like I have very detailed description of what the notes are so easy to find the note and no one clicks in anyway as you say that that is correct right next sacks sacks I said sacks sacks and plant base foods certain you are talking about someone was talking I think Frank was talking about how log the maker of Kellogg's cereal made food so that people wouldn't wanna have sex anymore OK and here it is this is Scott it's called the road to Wellville which is a full movie and it's very hard to find this but I found it so I will post that in the show notes the road to wellville the full movie with no pay wall so if you would like to watch it might actually remember I don't watch movies it was one of the last movies that my wife and I watched in a movie theater I think wow it's in a theater yeah how's the box office still on that where is it's not on your screen yeah would you like me to shut my thought you would cause we got the police thing on the screen okey-dokey what's it OK I need the site now to sign in to confirm your age well anyway did with Marilyn Monroe to Wellville OK how did that do at the box office probably great with the vegans I've never heard of it what year was it 1994 Anthony Hopkins or Anthony what's his nuts role-play a preview where do you masticate Mr. nobody just relax Mr. White body and most of all the texts Anthony Hopkins Matthew Brock John Cusack the road ok the reason I think I was kind of joking about the vegan because I thought Thiago a jump and clearly ticket clearly Diego is taking vegetables that are the exact opposite cause he sounds very visceral and very that doesn't seem to be a problem not at all yeah it's I don't know I gotta watch the movie was that a joke this whole thing the last part that night I said US and I said what's up for the vegans because that's the whole point of the movie is that you you feed plant based matter to people and they will lose their sex drive that's the whole premise of the movie 00 I see OK dirty Benny says it's one of the last movies I watch dirty Benny do we have a transvestite Quetion on Bridget Fonda i like that out at big square jaw it's 915 which means we're probably gonna wrap up with this one what situational awareness it's a from my favorite forum on the planet godlike productions and I will read it it's kinda like me and we'll discuss sorry copy the link here and paste to Reno and here we go to if you switch to my screen time yeah you're right things things I learned as an intelligence operative in no particular order take from it what you will truth is only what you get enough people to believe it should be called consensus instead it doesn't matter what you know how much evidence you have or how many people you tell confirmation bias is so ingrained in people that you will always choose the comfortable eye over the hard truth no matter what evidence to the contrary they presented with it's just the way they're Wired loyalties are yours and yours alone don't ever rely on someone else having any sense of them just because you do it's the most dangerous mistake you could ever make your disposable right now there are at least five people in your life who believe that and have planned accordingly for the event that you're no longer in the picture odds are there are five more trying to make it happen on their schedule right now there are people like me all over the world working to shape what you believe because they've been led to believe they're doing it for the right reasons don't assume that what you here is true do your own research better yet throw away your TV trust nothing and no one read that again make copies of everything and put them someplace secure that no one knows about record every interaction you have with employers law-enforcement and any other government official you come in contact with get a desk get a – Camera you'll thank me later it's much easier to be label to dissonant than you realize in every developed country on earth there's a mechanism in place that can ruin are you with nothing more than a few keystrokes your credit score security clearance job and reputation can all be destroyed as quickly as you can turn off the light switch i think a simple sang the wrong thing to the wrong person learn to keep your opinions to yourself don't let you do define you don't let other people do it for you either a self of sense is all you have to keep yourself grounded stretching exercise daily if only 10 minutes always carry a side arm always keep it concealed well a T-shirt hanging over your Glock doesn't cut it pay attention to signs unless it's a government building telling you otherwise those only work for law abiding citizens be judged by 12 is always better than being carried by six always carry a sharp pocket knife always carry a cigarette lighter even if you don't smoke polygraphs are bullshit that's why they're inadmissible in court in law-enforcement really uses a total mindfuck on the part of the examiner and the Integra at interrogator keep calm stick just stick to yes or no answers and never offer more than asked when they say the answer is in conclusive is there anything you can clarify the answer just so you know anybody who's ever asking the question being an employer law-enforcement nosy neighbor or anyone else are fishing for admissions if they had anything solid on you they wouldn't be wasting their time talking to you keep a road atlas in your vehicle and get a detailed street map of everywhere you go GPS doesn't work everywhere learn every possible route to and from your destination Katie borrow your exterior doors the extra few seconds it takes to breach is the difference between life and death always have an exit plan always and it goes on what I do it i'll post a link to this what are you guys think about that I think you've posted this before I've heard this is very fear porn to me yeah I agree i think I can't carry a side arm in Canada and I carrying a lighter in it it's just a lot of fear porn you don't think there's any good advice or stretching exercise daily only for 10 minutes well that's pretty good I'll go with then I growth polygraphs are bullshit I go with that OK I don't have a keeper gotcha the obviously never listen to Chris Kendall because it should say somewhere stop cooking your meat salty siren says that was a ridiculous west OK no one no one else I was kind of a boring one every time I think so it's gonna take forever it's nothing all right you are you guys wanna talk about Chris Kendall I know your laptop microscope not every person I know not everyone knows who I'm gonna bring the shit out of your meat OK who won the chat wants me to talk about the Chris Kendall controversy yes or no I saved it for the last because everyone usually leaves after about 10 minutes is this indian the area is bigger today at the end is it yeah I didn't get to finish that cause it's a six hour long chat oh well so yeah I'll include a little bit of that and if you have time call Eno speaking of that I love I love I always know when 10 telegrams and he's like hey come join our audio chat and he doesn't leave any details nothing in the middle of the day it's just because I don't well I'm too lazy to go type it in on my phone I don't need I don't know I just said come join because if I'm driving at a red light I don't have time to do right the magnus opus there so I knew that someone was talking about me I just knew it so I went to Longwood Gardens and smell the flowers and then I came back and I i thought for sure after six hours it would be over and I wrote back to tell my said where is this audio chat because all we're still talking but that's what happened i didn't think Mark Mark from Pennsylvania but in Ohio I didn't think he was gonna go that long but he was very chatty so I I was busy doing other things while he i was doing a lot of chatting so I just wanted to talk which is fine that's the audio chats all about time you got to say that you how impressed you were that I knew that he was smoking weed you gotta throw that all right I thought that's a minor point but yeah you picked it up he didn't need to be on the call he could've just talk by himself for six hours well i think anyone even pros they need a little prompting it's really hurt you but you know yourself it's hard to talk in on your own and if and when there's someone else there you can go 10 times longer sure sure I think OK so what did he say about you and how did you handle we shall kill ya go cause he hasn't he's part of the police probably doesn't know what you're talking about OK so I actually just did a whole background yet go back around and Chris Kendall like a minute Thiago you have to because it's not fair that he's sitting here wondering what the hell you're talking about so before 230 if I officially launch truth in seven minutes which is no longer online truth in and September 11, 2008 and then I got an email from Scott and Chris Kendall is like I really know which is very unusual I've never except for one time and that was uncle odd I've never had anyone contact me out of the blue and Wanna talk to me out of all these years they were just two people Chris Kendall uncle like wow I didn't know that yeah because people don't usually start off that way normally there a listener that lurk you seem in the chat like Joe like he lurks and then you find out a year later hey he kinda likes what you have to say and then you hook up that's usually how it works know I never heard from this guy Chris Kendall he contacts me I really like what you're doing with your hook up longshot long story tolerable is Todd likes to say and I did his show just like we're doing right now I did a show but I was probably the number one guest on the show and there are many times when Chris Kendall just drop out of nowhere he just took off for six weeks at a time and then he would just show Fuck and then we were like is everything OK yeah I just took off whatever that that kind of bothered me so towards the end I i was starting to get new information from some of the people who follow me and they were concerned about Chris Kendall they said you know do you know what nihilism yes I'm like I don't know explain to me which is basically Tim how would you explain nihilism when you don't believe anything it's like what's the use of living is the way I took it OK when would you take it out anyone else was anyone else have an idea what nihilism is officially fucked it up I think it's pretty gloomy aspect on life right and they said to me and I was I was growing a little suspicious of what was going on with Chris because it just seemed like it was so negative like everything in life sucked and the police he was always talking about hub pub that the police were and how unfair life was and if you listen to me for quite some time you know I'm the opposite I mean I'm the most optimistic skeptic on the planet but I'm very Optimus I'm still very optimistic about the future so I got this one person contacted me I don't remember who it was and they're like look into nihilism and I'm like holy crap that if you look at the word nihilism in the dictionary there's a picture of Chris Chris Kendall soap then fast forward to what April something of 2020 Tim when he died a couple years been couple years since April or a lot is it one year I got a look and I was just looking up nihilism sorry while you were talking now it's on the screen if you what if you have a showing up OK nihilism is a philosophy or family of use within philosophy that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspect of human existence OK that's their yeah little bit so fast forward to yesterday and this Mark from Pennsylvania who is now in Ohio Cleveland Ohio I'm assuming he's like you know you know Marcus I really like everything you woke me up I really like this I really like it it's always the boat but either way you treated Chris Kendall when he died I'm really upset with you how dare you talk ill of someone who is in around here that he's not here to defend himself so let me post what I posted this is what I posted when Crystal because I knew I'd get a lot of people asking about it and I just want an appoint people to this right here is hoax busters calls Chris Kendall died and I am upset I was that you put the day I didn't know it was literally the same the next day when I found out I guess was definitely within a no but what I can't see the screen because it's too small as of April 2021 I didn't put a date I never date my stuff so you don't have a and i'm recalling when it was OK all right that would've been a good part of the day OK well I mean I can go to archive watch where are you it's on my essay there's a link to that on my site and what's the date gonna look i'm trying to find a I guess I deleted that tab on my screen or Chris let me just do a quick search ok here is the obituaries here here we go I'm gonna pull up on my screen which is way up at the top and it was an April but I'm just looking at the date April 16, 2020 wild type the daily Time is flying bye OK it's been two years and this is Covid got started cause he was getting really aggravated I remember the sign and Jordy Benny say no death occurred I am in agreement with Marquis de anyway here's what I wrote on the board I if you show my screen again yeah OK see this box right here a picture a graphic should be here and down a graphic should be here and here and here OK now this is gonna sound crazy this is happened to me the truth and seven minutes before someone now I am a marketing geek meeting I love talking about marketing and I love making websites making software etc. I literally have the worlds longest password and I change it often I did not get hacked but the reason why this is empty and no graphic is here is because someone and I'm pretty sure I know who it is but I have no proof so I won't say Szakály deleted these proofs that I had from my server in my artwork section and this happen again a truth in 10 minutes that's why I took it down like why bother at that time I knew who was it was then it was the Navy that took it down in Tampa Florida because I was able to reverse engineer the logs and find that out so right off the bat roof right off the bat someone's deleting know what is up with that why if Chris is Chris Kendall some too but nobody basic cause that's what we are why they why are they deleting this proof that I'm showing that he still alive so check this out OK I just get Chris's sister posted about his death in Mini Facebook page open this up I'm not gonna longer the penny and saying did Marcus see the video on real posted on the forms of Renee putting an antenna on the roof on a ladder where is that dirty Benny give me the link i don't even know about that I guess I'll I'll look up the fake colleges forms for to let me look antenna roof say no and give us the link we have them OK I was walkman here's the here's what happened to this post to write it it she took it down can you took it down Renee where was the post so in this particular post Renee claims her brother was murdered so when you click on that it's been removed OK no problem she wants privacy I get it she posted about his death when you go there as you can see Renee K Robinson fine that's her she likes to take selfie pictures OK that's fine most people do that but then and then this is her mom posting about elephant rescues the week after her son dies fine whatever that's fine and then we click on this it trust me it's gonna get good ok so here is the official story from the law and cost constitution about his death fine still there now to go further down and then there's the worst part there's this go fund me page this is the most important part Renée Kendall Robinson is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Kelly Kendall I does name is Chris ok fine fine no problem that change it was Chris Kendall so I did a little digging in Chris's sister is the courage for sending the fundraisers this is one for a whopping $12,975 but check this out they were four people on the fundraising team and I'm sure if I go back to I bet you probably do that actually Renee's name is in here so there were for it was deleted do you say that yeah I can see so let's go to archive tell who who was on the fundraising team after no it was her if she was the only one actually who's Kayden I know there's so many questions i'll get better no it's I just saw it's hard to see the screen because it's small on my end but who's Kayden I am I'm lost and dirty Benny where is the video from unreal I want and I need the link cause I don't I don't know where it is on the forms or maybe it's on the forms one but here's the thing it used to say Renée was the organizer but now it's been changed Britney is the organizer Britney and ashley cocks are organizing a fundraiser on behalf of Jason Timberscent fine but where is your name and that's because if you read this when I first put this out by the way this fundraiser didn't raise a penny pig are you following all this yeah so this is Renee Kendall Robinson that's her so she's constantly raising fundraiser type of things in fact if I remember is 800 but when we do a quick search and this is what the picture was when we do a quick search on Google see Chris's sister has set up more than 800 go fund me fundraiser now she's making good money is gone and that's that's very strange isn't it yeah she's got a business and then tell me you didn't you you didn't see this page or you don't remember well I know should I know somebody set up a lot I never knew was 800 why why does anyone set up that many GoFundMe and for what it is that a business you can get into Gisele people I don't get it all I know is when I go to go fund me what was your name again really any winners lost anyone win in the chat is lost yeah this is very inside baseball that's why I kept it to the end basically I'm saying that I don't think Chris Kendall died thank you you met you mentioned that he was murdered correct yeah legibly yeah OK will be very easy to call the police department and get it who is an accident on accident right he wasn't murdered he fell off a ladder that was the story yeah he wasn't murder right OK so either way whether he was murdered or not you can you can probably get the car or I don't know how it works in Lancaster or wherever this gentleman died but you can you can I get a freedom of information to either get the police report the paramedic report and the corners report one of the three that's all you know for sure whether he died or not for real yeah sorry to see you tonight what a great daughter I got i mean what kind of daughter is gonna climb up on your house or try to help her mother Renee let's go slow oh cool OK so she's putting a little antenna up on the roof OK I don't understand what the connection is I don't know whether that was just dirty Benny said the way that they Chris sides of the babies died up on a ladder and then she goes and says yeah there's a picture here on the forums and there's a little shack reply to the thread dirty Benny Sings supposedly lacerated his for moral artery irascible yeah yeah yeah it's easy just get the paramedic report get the ambulance call recorder get the corners report easy to find out if he really died or not what I did did you get the report OK so I guess he die then yeah I did get it I think I showed it to you marcus no no I'm sure I forwarded it to you know I got it from the newspaper guy I know I don't I i remember seeing that OK well I got a report I'll send it to you but I really I really don't care I'm just i didn't end well with me and Chris I actually didn't it took for like a year and a half I was not happy meal Chris would constantly kick me off he would start yelling at me I was just like OK and then then I would just hang up and I really don't care I mean it didn't end well for me so so that's why people are like well you why how dare you say bad things about the dead they can't defend themselves OK will people wanna know what I think about stuff that's the only reason I bring it i didn't bring it up again I made a page cause I knew everyone would counter and that they did their tons of people went to that page actually what I just showed you I didn't even have to tell people but I just kind of went viral and that's you i don't know what else to say I really don't yeah well that's the story and I'm just reading my correspondence with Scott the report and he said it appears he had a gun misfire and it struck his leg and he bled out but I still have to look for the report and right so it went from he fell off a ladder and bled to death to a gun went off and he bled to death there's just a lot of problems with the story you know do you know as an EMS tax EMS person you go to an accident up the road we got them all the time here in the country person gets hurt the story is always the same doesn't matter who looks at that what angle they're looking at it I keep hearing this or if you asked 10 people what they saw you're gonna get 10 different explanations maybe slightly but they're all gonna say you know we saw a car the other car yeah I'm not quite yeah that's why the best thing to do is it is it the Quach this I guess you can say three simple call call EMS call the coroner call the police the police if he did shoot himself or it was a real laceration to the poor moral artery and he died on scene or en route to the hospital the police will have a report because police most likely in that situation specially if he shot him self by accident police EMS and fire will all be responding on onto the call onto the same so there will be plenty of documentation not to mention the corner who are lipids body after a poster so there's that i'm just saying it and see if it's an actual death and there's lots of documentation around for sure and it's not some secret super CIA agent that the government hiding or something like that he's just a regular guy like us you're on the paneling and listening at home so for me it's easy just call call so you saw the date someone came to my website and deleted those those artwork pictures contact same people Curtis and people plant that he died with the police and the it's not a retard yeah that's yeah that's that's real difficult to do around and today is it and let him unless unless of course it if it's a regular person that's near impossible to do if it's a regular person if it's a somebody of high level high government level or in terms of monetary then maybe not but like if it's just a regular Joe blow like us guys hear that that's really you know you can because you got a fake police report you got a fake paramedic reports I've never in my whole life ever 17 paramedic had anyone come up to me and tell me to change my documents not my ambulance call reports ever ever no government person no got an old men in black in a black suit came up to me how you gotta change that don't don't say that he was murdered or don't say he was shot say it with something else never eric OK yeah yeah nor have I ever heard of it nor do I ever heard of other parent that happening to somebody else are you you would have to be one big guy for all departments EMS police fire and the corners office that I'll be doing things yeah well it was a mystery and he would've questioned it too and that's why Marcus question and it's probably legitimate and it is very strange those things are delete it off your site and he should put them back if you have it hopefully I'm sure you have a back up I don't know that's where they deleted and by the way if someone and you know what questioning something is not wrong am I think that's that's wrong number society so if I died tomorrow or yesterday I hope you guys question it because I don't have no suicidal thoughts I have nothing go back to work we were questioning you being AWOL for a few days yeah I mean that's where we were thinking about you I'll give you guys a little I'll give are you guys a little bit of a clue I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing here in Nova Scotia oh OK yeah I went up to a place called Inverness county and Inverness county is known for like that area there's no one like the best one that's left in the world so I'm not hurt and out all old he is I went to go see a friend who had some extra lobster traps and I was doing things I shouldn't of been doing that's all I'm home how do we figure this doubt it's like a puzzle in lobsters it's lobster season and you didn't have a hunting license hello yeah and I don't give a shit because everybody does it around here so but yeah you know what it's great to question things that I think you're right about that Marcus it's OK I don't think you feel bad or people should try to make you feel bad but it's just I guess you know it's just a mentality group mentality everybody has but it's easy it's an easy fix call the local departments in that area or whoever dealt with his debts that's very simple for the sake of my family if something happens to me I want people question it but you might want to look at my wife because she does get angry with me so maybe she won't want her to look into it well dirty funny saying Diego can I get some dating advice to close the evening don't get married dirty bunny listen to me when I'm driving on this on the road and I and I drive play apart and there's two people get about to get married at the park are you are usually yell out of my car window don't do it I haven't seen you gonna do wait she's gonna destroy you ha ha ha ha ha ha you know that's my dating advice 30 buddy stay single my man if you're single stay single enjoy your life and his next boyfriend should you date a stripper absolutely wow why not you could date her but don't marry her if you don't you know don't know don't go crazy don't don't be marrying or anything like that but you can you can David whoever you want but you gotta be smart about it right you gotta be smart about it I know Tim is looking to end the show which is great but before I do I like to hear from Linda again she didn't really get to speak too much because of the bad connection are you their lender yes do you have any any thoughts questions things you like to end the show with did you know Krispy Kreme did you listen to host busters Linda back in the past I don't know how long you been listening to truth talk no but I've heard the ok first story I heard was that he fell off the roof and went in and I think went on his couch yeah I don't I don't really know I don't really know I get it it's a couple years ago but I remember the gunshot thing too yeah I've heard I've heard several stories I have a pretty good memory but you never follow dumb did you follow any kind of truth Acca back in the day how long you been listening to these kind of audios off for a long time but I i mean I just do stuff on my own OK oh yeah I mean i am just trying to get rid of all my programming and do the audit hooking myself up between two different people but I don't I don't consistently listen to everybody did you see what I mean because I'm trying to figure it out on my own to learn what that's one of the things that Allen White used to say that honestly used to drive me nuts he's like you know I can't do all the thinking for you you had to figure this out on your own that's true I don't I disagree no I disagree I mean they're therefore not know if you if somebody figures it out for you Michael just leaving the government again yeah but I mean i would never if it wasn't for Alan Watts help I wouldn't know half the stuff I know today I started with peoples opinion right now but then now I'm at the point I don't need everybody opinion right because I'm on my own and I can use my own logic in my own knowledge right call nick frankfurt for example today Tim just posted an excellent two videos one was from the hotel what was the hotel one I'll put that in the notes the hotel one on speaker to let me take a picture listen to all kinds of stuff but I don't I don't take their word as my truth mean it is if I take it in and actively analyzing sure but I don't think there's any problem with listening to somewhat or mostly trusted people to me on what was a mostly trusted person listening to Tim is a mostly you know I trust but verify it no problem with that toilet that's why I invited diego to come on and Frank and Joe has a lot to offer and if you know I think the collectively they offer things that I never would've considered before. I agree there's so many aspect and I think each and every individual from realm where we are as a piece of the puzzle yeah so we're not listen to him right that's OK but they don't have the whole part right you have to know how to put the puzzle pieces together of everybody right and some of it you can cough out oh yeah a lot of it you can toss out here by the way I'm anyone that makes a comment in the fake or two comments it now shows up in the fake O2 sorry take her to chat is automatically transcribed into the fake go to comment so that's another good reason to use fake YouTube and get off YouTube Tim did you know you haven't been on YouTube in a long time in what way the show shows on now I just checked it wasn't well and I checked every every night and it wasn't said he was 51 I'm on no no you know what happened of this may OK what happened as I changed I reverse the U2 one on YouTube two links on out one yeah I did I reversed it on purpose because nobody was looking at the second link so they were looking at the first link which here's the one that has no live stream so the lifestream is now on one thing I did switch that and some people noticed some people didn't but that there's quite a few people on speaker tips night there's more people on speaker no well there's almost as many people on fake YouTube right now so I'm grateful for that so hopefully people Eminem OK so I got the it's the hot it's the Benjamin Friedman 1961 spot at Whitetail right that's an oldie but a good show that one that one's a little hard to hear and I really had a hard time understanding what you're saying but the Darrell Bradford Smith one was excellent ok that was a couple days ago so I put that in the chat yeah I was going to notes and actually I just download another video I can't believe I haven't heard this before sometimes I like I'm I'm not sure if I listen to stuff and I haven't heard of before but this one was from 1961 and now I gotta figure out which one it is after I haven't put it on speaker to be out cause I want to watch it first to make sure it's any good I'll talk about it next week yeah I can't member what it is right now I got so much so many things stuck in my head and it looks like it didn't download sell Myron Fagan Myron Fagan night that's 1967 I can't remember if I listen to that before you know that one no I know the name but I don't know what you're talking so that was after the Benjamin Freeman one 1961 cell yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of people have been telling us what's going on for a long time and nobody was listening because nothing really was changing peoples lives that's but now now it is so well I think we'll wrap it up now it's been an interesting talk at a lot of people on the call god why do we go around the room and just say goodbye to everyone and amazing start with you and Linda thank you for joining us tonight hopefully we can get a technical things or you can get a new cable system or a new phone phone wire hooked up to your house do you have land lines in Ohio yeah I got I have a landline I have cable no no I don't I don't do TV no I know but almost every house has a phone line and a cable line running up into it yeah I've got positive well whatever one isn't working can you switch to the other one maybe yeah but I would have to switch to spectrum and they're just as bad I think there I think the go away because I'm in a rule area might think the goal is to just make the Internet so bad that people will pack up and move to the city well yeah me I will be at yeah well I know that is a goal but there are other alternatives Elon musk star link is amazing which expense it's expensive though right have you try to Marcus know about it everyone is raving about how awesome it is how much is take $110 in it you can they just announced one for boats they want for RVs so you can be in an RV and get fast internet which is like a first for RV it's just radio waves PC gives you at you know it is it it's it's it's mobile it's mobile 4G or 5G or LTE data that's all it is and I have to admit the the the high speed mobile data I've I've got speed I do speed test all the time yummy too and the mobile data is faster than some of my wired base stuff on the internet and that that just blows me away but so what's his name is not sending it from space he's just using the same tower of the sticking behind your house and he's just using all the same thing yeah that's right thing because I've had spectrum come out here and they're like oh you already have a line running to your house yes the same damn line it doesn't work now yeah well did you see my screen i can't now so I just did a speed test 759 down 46 up and I'm in the middle of nowhere you're way faster then me I know I'm not an ounce of fiber or they haven't I haven't had anyone re-dig our wires up since this house that's cable tv cable yeah I want I don't get that from cable never I never seen anything like that I don't have a little pro tip for people who don't get those speeds if you have a splitter off your cable like for multiple TVs that splitter literally is killing your speed radiation fridge rent. The grades the signal by then it cuts the power but now I only have one tv in my whole house you shouldn't watch it tonight I I don't very much all right let's let's keep going any news is there anything all right you just to watch Disney right now ha ha ha ha all right let's go around the room and the say good night to Joe pepper Joe any closing comments am I I just want to stay alive or dead the matters to cancel himself during Covid and it's it's a shame that we lost our voice whatever happened to him I agree I agree who Hey Stephen who Chris Kendall it's Jordan's not here too and I didn't mean to say it like that I didn't know what you're talking about there's a couple in a couple of shows talking about Covid not too many cause it was just starting up back right back to back at the time might be worth revisiting or listening to he was very aggravated I heard by the whole thing do you think maybe someone wanted him to shut up no no I don't think it was that important it was just important our little crowd I think they would've gone after Marcus First come bring it on dude meet me in the driveway is I hope you have a camera and one last little QuickLink all right Frank Frank was talking about he was upset with me about Frances bacon at in the Bible and all that kind of stuff so I'm gonna post that link and put it up here fake hotel actually but that's OK I'll give it to you in telegram you can post on the show notes all right conspiracy ever who edited the king James Bible a case of too much bacon oh man I'm so I'm not actually tired of that that story aren't you know I can talk about this forever OK so I really think that the Freemasons gave us the bibles and agora I wanted to talk about this with wonder tonight but we don't have time now and it's so yeah and editor down no you know this is the crowd who who rules over us and they have all aspects of our life covered including the Bible so that's what I meant by that all right well we're still staying the night though I don't wanna start a new topic starter good night thanks for having me on we have to say good night Diego let's do it good night thanks for having me and I'm looking forward to the closing music you got there ha ha OK but we are between yeah go ahead not reminds me of a Ron Jeremy back in the 70s for some reason oh wow you're a student of his well you just said he liked it has no problem with strippers so why wouldn't they Ron Jeremy have a poster is a hero in my house wow I don't I don't know I don't think I want to elaborate on that now we don't have to my wife will be home soon so let's let's move on all right perfect music let's move on out all right Diego will be in touch later we gotta we got a tuneup or our next show with the silence what's your website on facebook again I will not Diego more I will I will be more I will not be silent anymore OK in your groups got almost 10,000 now so we better get this window have a website or social media she would like us to to promote for a reward for being on tonight when I do it do you have anything no I don't OK Linda's on discord though you can find her on the fake college discord you can find her there she's a big purchase spent on IPS is discord as well and we will enjoy it I really enjoyed your talk with IPS yesterday oh beautiful thanks guys super smart man me too I was good all good thank you Marcus thinks everybody and Marcus closing comments for you this is Mark salad super show every Thursday with a very reliable panel usually Franca couldn't make it in tonight don't know what happened as always the only asked that we all i have collectively is that you just tell one person about the show OK not more than one just one time just one one let's get the numbers up going up they are and that's gonna watch tonight fuck well let's see here right now I think I peed while we were mirror pic on YouTube or 22 and there's nobody on any other platform people just they don't go to facebook they don't go to my D live I'm kicked off twitch and I didn't get the telegram thing on there something I have to do that I'm not sure about the fake put tips in pretty good over 20 people on fake or tips are pretty good numbers and there are audio only people may be five or 10 so pretty good but it takes time to build an audience that's for damn sure that's fine but just for those who are who are listening to the recording 1500 to 2000 views of this recording each week that's good I heard CNN only has 100, thousand people are watching their newscast now crazy that's grandson has green eyes really believe that at all I believe that so they're dropping off the map for her shows like this then millions other shows out there that are way more interesting than CNN cell yeah well thanks everyone for showing up here and thanks everyone for downloading into I think most people like me they listen to podcast later the next day so we'll have a lot of downloads whether people listen to their downloads is another story that there's no way to track so you just have to either send me an email or a donation that's how I know for sure you listen oh thanks very much and will be back Saturday morning rick and roll out there are people that like Rick and Rollo I they get fed her also even though it's a drunken mess we still produce it just to keep our discord hopping I like Rick Rick is super smart when it comes to esoterica all right and now we know Marcus shows up on discord now and then so you can not true not true OK some are you invited me all right OK does he want to talk to Mark is you have to invite him you wanna talk to Marcus you I hate when I talk in third person if you would like to talk to me yeah you drop me a line there's a there's a email address on my website at escape the new normal OK all right well thanks everyone will talk to you next time take care thank you baby.