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These are the top 10 reasons I've lost faith in anti-vaxxer Steve Kirsch

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Raw transcription

Already everybody we're not gonna do too much music tonight does is Marcus says if you do too much opening music you lose half your audience so I don't learn and we are starting the show without too much music and it is what day is it Thursday, June 30, 2022 and this is a fake all just show where we have a very large round table the table so long it's it's many feet long to accommodate everyone tonight and on the round table will start with Marcus cause he's at the top of my screen so Marcus hello Niihau hello everyone including pepper our guest today go hello thank you for allowing me to be on the show I can't wait to talk to you that's great all right job Joe pepper where are you from again please jersey Boise Jonesy any particular city in Jersey or I'd rather not say for now OK cause I always have nicknames like Hackensack and or Jersey City and there's nothing much not too far from those two OK all right so you're from a new anywhere near where Tony soprano are used to be where was that at Elizabeth Elizabeth you're not a loser from Elizabeth yeah yeah and that that voice you just heard Saint Elizabeth is Thiago from Sydney Nova Scotia traitor to the stars and thanks for hanging up Diego thanks for coming back and you have a website it's called silence of the lambs no what's it called again silent voice Irina I renamed it again it so I will not be silent anymore Canada that's why I couldn't remember why cause you keep renaming it OK I will not be silent anymore candidates on Facebook and you can join it specially if you have a vaccine damage story right and the person laughing at all my jokes and the check is in the mail rank hello Niihau Frank is from G Long Victoria Australia peoples Republic of China right right and Canada probably not too far behind and dirty Benny's in the audience and he says hello to everyone as well hello dirty benny lol like I like them big dirty Benny salt story all right well as Marcus used to say enough of the fluff on with the stuff let's get going let's not waste a minute of this panels time when I'm out front just said that he had a story if that's not part of the script it's nothing there's no scripture pretty penny just in the forms out which I'm just managed to get into today OK you god did you get in because I think there's maybe OK so you got an email and I was able to post and everything it's all how do magic so you got an email though cause I did send it I said you sent me with a link which sorted it out OK so the email that sent the link work cause I didn't send that the system was supposed to send it and I can't control that cause I think my system wasn't system in properly today so I set the system manager of the Sysops iMessage to check it and I never heard back OK so so that's that obviously worked OK is there is obviously it was obviously a blockage and they gave my email system an enema and now it's good that's good OK I like I'm not too sure I like the men email in a minute all right so you're receiving shitty texts or emails now maybe anyway dirty Betty store was just backing up the idea of having lemon and salt drinks and he said he's feeling which is great that is great and salty sirens here as well so I was accused of being oh really what's all the sirens while you are salty but you're no siren I've seen you I think so I think as I said I identify as a 21-year-old Asian gay woman so actually salty siren was on my show in the past whether it be an audio chat and it is a lovely female personage from somewhere in the south and she had a whole exciting story and everything and I think she's related to somebody famous but I can't remember right now her dad was famous for salty siren is famous too bye-bye extension getting a little wind noise are you out in the stiff raise diego I'm just I can't identify who's all know it's Orient so I got a nice little fan here let me turn it around yeah I just turned my phone off too and it's hot ok I like this is that better yes thank you OK good night and see what's on the screen I see we've got Newtown and Sandy Hawk in a quart is that a quarter mile I can't tell that's that's a picture balances snapped up from my family who when I asked you last week are you guys familiar with Bar Harbor man there in Bar Harbor Maine Cadillac Mountain enjoying themselves in the only reason I bring that up is because Tim I heard there's a holiday you said there's a holiday tomorrow in Canada yeah what holiday is it by the way it's Canada Day or dominion day or apparently people don't like the word Khalid anymore and I someone said they wanna call it new day so I don't know it's a noodle that's a Duran Duran song yeah so you said that you might be able to go a bit longer tonight I am a bachelor been a bachelor all weekend I have nothing to do so I'm gonna get a little bit longer tonight which is good and it's fine I'm like you're in an excellent mood yeah and I and I'm in and I'm in the best mood since we started doing the super shows because you have apparently flipped on Steve Kirsch and I want to talk at length about that I haven't flip I'm just I've always been suspicious of everybody and I'm just disappointed in his last post I like the clown icon someone made of him I haven't flipped because he still doing Yeomans work on exposing the vaccine vaccines are dangerous but I don't like his his other side where he's wrong on but a few other points quite a few is an understatement that's correct so I'm curious that if any of the panel knows who Steve Kerr ships only through abs postings same here how about you Diego yeah I know who is he I watched a few of his videos and what do you guys think about it his is you know he has got some good stuff he said some good stuff but then at the end of the daya he still believe there's a virus that number on my half of all these people lol whether it's a Steve Kerr Sherri £.10 of the children's Defense fund with Kennedy Del big tree all these people they're pretty much to me anyway they're all the same where they they have a part of their speech that's good but then they miss they miss the elephant in the room they missed that there's really no why are you so we're really talking about you know I'm a magical buyers for nothing but that's how I feel about them all but I think you're not in one respect they they they in a way they can't say that because they are making money off all this right so they can't they can't come out I guess publicly and say well there's no virus you know there's no point talking about all this cause there's no virus and then they will they would lose a lot of their followers of money so but i have to think they're kind of like the drug companies they gotta keep it going now it's only say that because they are getting paid to be influenced at the release by the drug companies so it's interesting that you say that yeah I think so I think to a degree they are you know one thing I really really hate that they always talk about it is the slogan we have we just want safer vaccines that's that's the one thing that I really hate and why have vaccines at oh we don't need them for anything like you it's you it's me it's just it's just a total con game they're playing that's all joe pepper any thoughts that's exactly what I was gonna say if he's waiting for a safe vaccine then it's not some thing i'm interested in listening to Frank decide the penis how to do your penis watch your penis how to take care of your penis guy babe email it's not often that people will say penis so often I must same you're very very brave motherfucker I'll come Maya by the way how do you circumcise a whale is this a joke yeah well I don't think Frank does that for a living so it must be a joke a little bit at a time you seem down for skin divers nice rhyme like that that's funny I'm gonna he's gonna come on Saturday great view is all formed really by what I've been hearing here at this website so vbox other people I am you know the idea of viruses being not real it is now firmly established in my mind so it it it colors any views I have so I've come to the view that anybody propagating lies now he's doing a disservice so you know if he statistics are accurate they helpful but it's it's really sad that people them if they are getting money for it that they use what is it going to man what does a man gain if he gets the whole world but loses his soul really that's the story big problem that I have the biggest one is when I called the bogus million dollar challenges are you guys familiar with that no call oh yes yes yes I know what you're talking about so what he does is he makes these million dollar debate challenges he's like no one from the FDA is going to debate me I've offered them more so just show up just show up and on a piece of paper just put put put nothing on a piece of paper and I'll give you $1 million because Steve has made and I'm pretty certain pretty looking into it I am almost certain that he has made the money that he claims it was me too it made he's invented a lot of cutting up stuff he's an mit alarm he has lots of connections there's no doubt that the guy had money I don't think the guy has any money anymore and what he does with these million dollar challenges and it's killing me because I can't find the page that I posted on the telegram group but anyway I'll put in the companion notes by the way if you wanna see the companion note you can go to tim site at tonight's show is number 10 it is number 564FAK5 64 and I will send over the notice of him or if you choose you can come to my site at Escape click on the market salad can I if anything needs wants to make album on our conversation there's no agenda show well why not it's a great idea so you can send me the album harder but where I can find it and I might clip it otherwise yeah it's on my way to the website escape click on the Marcus Allen show and I am tentatively titling this these are the top 10 reasons I've lost faith and anti-VAX or Steve Kirsch so he has these these challenges and it sounds like amazing like wow that the FDA is afraid to debate Steve Kirsch over the fax but here's the real deal if you go to his terms of service his stipulations of debating him you have to put the equal amount what he's willing to give you into escrow so if he gives you $1 million you have to put $1 million in all that's impossible for the average first not right so I'm going to iPho I have a 10 gazillion dollar challenge for Steve Kirsch if he would like to accept it but he has to put that money yet and he has to talk to my lawyer about where to send the funds and all that kind of stuff well that's a that's that's quite a revelation that he doesn't really hard for fun of course not that's really that's really disappointing and I learned that really early on cause I was like fasten it but I was like wow it's great some guy had finally some guy has money he was an anti-Vaxter that's off and he's doing Yeomans work he's putting out daily contact this is fantastic and I saw that and I don't know why I gave him a pass on that but now I'm on Peno I'm at Omar's and I'll put it on like to omar's telegram you know he's setting me straight on Steve Kerr he was supposed to send me some points he never did I don't know what happened yeah but I have 10 points that I can go over if you guys would like to that I have a problem with that's fine but happy to hear that let's name Omar's group it's call Darkside papers yup and you can just search for it on telegram yep and I also have it linked on the fake i'll just forms it's at the top of the subgroup coronavirus hoax right at the top I've given him top billing it's locked to the top so if you click on the dark side papers he's got a lot of papers and I think all these links are probably no good because I i think Bentley might've caused him trouble but Roxy maybe they are working they may want I'm just trying one now we can keep talking yeah I don't need I don't need papers I just got a deli I get a minute by minute round up of what's going on he's on he's on the Jews are doing it to rent right oh my goodness all day actually from yesterday until today just nonstop prove that the Jews are doing everything and it's hard argue with what he's posting I gotta tell you that yeah but which Jews of Koorsen and I'm at you and I both know that there's way more to it than the jews and most of the people that get in deep into the research Jews aren't really ever mention much in the top echelon of the power structure that doesn't mean they're not part of it but they're not the top yeah I mean there's no doubt that the Jews are heavy in the entertainment business there in her culture creation industry banking no doubt about it but everyone forgets to go above the cloud bank and look at what's above the call back and I said well it's it's not only Jews but Jesuit since mom is sovereign military Malta it's right Vatican god can you bring out there's a lot of people that control a lot of money and it's not your average Muslim it's not your average Joe there are many sects of Christians Jews and Muslims you got it if you're gonna accuse a group try and be a little more specific because there are many sex within SECTS of most groups the average Catholic it doesn't sit on a pile of gold in his basement so right that's the problem and in these people who are doing these things to us their worker bees to me again there's a queen bee and then they're the worker bees no mars bring up right now is the worker bees at least that's why I said go back to Steve Kerr's next he thinks that the PCR tessa real did he just say did he just say that he got Covid twice or something yeah but I was corrected on that and they said it's an antigen test that he took which is just as precious OK OK so the next on my list is he's a virus pusher which we just talked he's a drug pusher this whole idea this BS of early treatment protocols is all about pushing drugs so the pharmacy to compensate for pharmaceutical companies win no matter what was Steve Steve is anti-VAX but then he tells you to take their other form of pharmaceuticals they when every time and the other one which I know you are involved in Tim is they threw Christmas Eve through Christine Massey under the bussing that than the most horrific way and I popped into Christine's Court room zoom today yeah I do too but I didn't see anything going on what happened with that well she's playing the the common law angle and record doesn't have any time for that they that's contempt of or to them yup and I couldn't like I got the I got in I got video so I saw the judge talking but I couldn't get the audio going I had the click the callback button so they call back on the phone for the audio and then at that point at that point the court clerk says I'm shutting this down that was about 10 minutes into it so I'm guessing that a lot of she was filibustering her common-law which is bad advice that she's getting from a particular person in Canada on that and the that's just to them that's just contempt and if they don't have any time for that so now there's probably a warrant out for her arrest yes El taco how do you how do you if we if it's not really clear to people we're all in their game to get out of there rodeo are you at it's not easy eight on the whole rodeo yep so if you don't play the game their way you are going to have a lot of trouble because they've got a police force guns they have jails they have a Mann Center and even if you think all their rules are stupid which they probably are and you're gonna have a really tough time you forgot the worst thing they have which is to me 100 times worse than all those combined which is the mob they have the mob on their side believing in their system you mean right now I thought you're talking about the no knock knock mafia two derek called i thought Kevin Kevin Barrett being interviewed by John Fred on the way home today he called at the kosher nostra iPhones hearing it wrong cosa nostra yes the kosher nostra no I have a good clip from that interview John friend is a great job actually even no i disagree with almost all his conclusions he's still a good interviewer and has excellent audio right back to Steve cursed guys what are you at are there any other think member I said top 10 maybe I had to adjust it to five does anyone have any other things that concern yourselves with Steve kirsch and then I have a proclamation after this I'm still on the side that he's doing more good than harm and there is absolutely nobody on this earth that agrees with everything I have to say and probably no one on this earth that has agrees with everything anyone on this panel is the same but I still say if you add everything up that he's doing he's still on the good side now would he have it and he there's a lot of followers on a sub stack if you decide to pronounce the virus would that impact his following would he have less of an impact would more people of band on him and then he has less people to talk to like us I see that that is something you have to consider Joe China man you're quiet well I am after listening to Joe I'm sorry to gym last night you know in some ways I agree with with with that you can agree with all the ways not just some of the ways that I that was allowed inside baseball there so last night that you and Jim Ólafur get his last kelly Jim O'Kelly Timo Kaliyah and what did what did you do the guy he's great and that's why I called in he really change my life for the better what did you do what did you have a very nice of you to say to him by the way that was not that was the class I was classy that makes people feel good yeah but I'm not a classic guy i bet I'll take it to Joe what what what did you mean by what you just said give us it go on base go eat list he listed how all of them are doing good in a way home and we can back them up as far as that is concerned but you know he also you know says that they believe and the virus they're all virus huggers who took it so then the question for the panel is is that because we're doing a terrible job of marketing the idea of the terrain theory versus the virus theory if people are not familiar with that virus theory is that there's these invisible bogeyman that flew through the yeah and somehow in fact you were the terrain theory is more virus is just a cleanup crew for your body when you get sick are we doing just a bad job marketing that and that's why Steve thinks that well I think the private it's just if you guys look at a business they've been marketing the magical particle theory virus for the last hundred years so you're contending with billions of dollars in advertising for the last hundred years that's what you're contending with and you're also contending with they've basically bought off and paid for every single major university including Jon Hopkins university of Toronto all these big guys you know establishments this is what you're up against and there's only remember our our kind our group guys who don't believe in the magical particle theory where a very very you know 0.1% of the population if that so you know where do I think we're doing a good job with what we have but we simply don't have the financial you know capabilities to match up in the track record of advertising of the last hundred years so it's it's it's an uphill it's gonna be an uphill battle like when I tell people there's no virus like they look at me like I have three heads and that's good that's because they've been condition since they were babies that's it. Yeah what do you think Frank well when you say it's because we haven't marketed something yucky in it is no Board of Directors that we know we have an established that we are going to do the marketing i don't know who is in a deer is no aspect of this that some under any organizational control at all what we can see is it Steve curse is filling up fairly effectively the space that's allocated to Ulta interviews with that of which is pushing varsity so there's not much room left on the board is that whiteboard on the board of life eating on the email in the position board yeah yeah you. And space in the occupies that he's loud and if you consider the whole space of the said talk about viruses and 790+ percent taken up with the orthodox views and then there's another eight or 9% taken up with people like Stephen Dell big tree in Sandwich in other on pushing the anti-VAX if you like but they will push embarrasses JFK to drop so what's left about .0 500% left for the University that's right that's right that's a good place it's going to be you know how what is the marketing strategy given you've got that that term to rain as they saying the terrain theory era up against it so what do you suggest Marcus what is the marketing strategy that you would promote well I'm gonna talk about with my wife because I was going to launch on July 4 the Marcus Allen show for business owners and do that every day in i'm not into it I'm just not feeling it I'm really really concerned I think Tim is Don Yoemans work in and Dom what's his name the old guy in the chair Vernon Coleman Vernon you know we've been back-and-forth whether he's legit or not I think he's legit and him and you posted and I'm gonna post again and the Campania notes and he's great he did this thing about the company social credit score or scare the shit out of fucking everyone yeah I put that they go to that was amazing and then he he transcribed it so if you don't listen you can't read it I have the transcription I put in the companion notes yeah that's really gun show that was a first class broadcast by him know I really think he should hand the reins off to do the video because he's losing it and God you guys pull the fucking can't I mean when I start losing it like that what are you happy losing it he was like slurring and stuttering and stuff he's just not like he used to be alcohol in it was actually dish it was a distraction for me was it was that bad I didn't even notice so it wasn't bad enough for me to I was listening to the message not not really Woody how are you saying it I know he's gotta be around 80 so I we have so used to Joe Biden at this point you're buying me something else John talks if you want to watch Joe Biden clips till the and this time John talks on YouTube everybody I think you got it right there at Chobani something else yes answered to answer at Frank's question I'm gonna talk to my wife I've got I've got I've got a retirement money coming in actually bit sooner than I thought I'm gonna talk to my wife that's good news for tonight and if I come down sooner then I think then I don't need money then I can do this I could do the marketing of getting the word out on a really full-time basis to the point where people are sending postcards out to the point where people are putting lawn signs stop putting your street signs up a very under the radar campaign that cannot be censored and I think that's what we need yes that sounds sensible I'm down for that OK great I'm great so back to so back to Steve I'm the question is this do you think there's any convincing Steve perhaps because of ego or not that maybe he's not seeing this right away maybe he's being misled by the doctor Malones in the in the drug pushers of the world do you think there's any chance that he would flip no i don't think so this point I think he's taking his position and he's running with anyone can I ask a question if you hours you don't have to ask do we think do we think that he believes in the virus or or are we certain that he's lying and he knows he's lying he's very passionately that's where the Christine Massey thing comes in if you get in again I'll post all the Christine Massey notes I have on this he is gone out of his way to marginalize her trying to "debate or have a conversation with him about there not being a virus like in a very disgusting way it's disgusting yeah that's because he's he's he's catering to you know the people that subscribe to his show and program and give them money in and that's the reason that's the reason why even if he knew even if he knew in his heart and if you know what everybody here on the panel everybody listening it doesn't really take even that much research to figure out that there's no magical particle virus that's gonna kill you it really really you don't have to be a PhD in microbiology to figure this out but like I've said before they've done a slight of hand that David Copperfield and Chris angel would be proud of that's all they've done on paperwork in the laboratory and even if he knew in his heart of hearts that this was all nonsense he still wouldn't switch around because he's probably making you know thousands of dollars every single month and he's not willing to risk there you go here's the deal though and this is the argument that I have with Omar dark dark side papers this guy has made gazillions of dollars oh heart of money he's a brilliant businessman brilliant and you can see his business acumen and how he's doing this anti- vaccine campaign you can see it in a Skype is pumping up the contact like crazy to full-time job allegedly he had a crypto company that he launched of years ago got kicked out of that because of his anti-vaccine stance he had a back and back door API with banking systems software company that he was doing simultaneously got kicked out of that too and I've looked at his donations he's made multiple million dollar donations in the past and now nothing I don't think the guy has money it's possible it's possible I don't know that's what it's possible all I know is when somebody purposely you no this is like you know why is a big virus hugger and they and they're catering to people that are paying subscriptions and giving them thousands and thousands of dollars a month that's a problem right there to begin with because he's never gonna be honest because he's not gonna wanna lose that money as far as bankruptcy and the aura you know where he doesn't have you know as much money as he did before I don't know it's hard it's hard to say but all these people Dr. Judy Michael vets all these people they they they have a percentage of them that that is good but then but then this whole but then they start the virus hugging thing of all we need safer vaccines and it in and from that point on I just turn off and I don't listen anymore I think I think it's like nonsense talk but you know teach their own I think Steve Kirsch is a completely different animal because Dr. Judy Makovich the bitch and Dr. Malone and all the rest of the clowns did they clearly don't have a lot of money Steve Kerr head tens maybe even I mean it's reported that he did I think Disney bought his company for a billion dollars mini is crazy amounts of money the question is why would he go after sub stack thousands because that's what the address was five dollars a month is it if he has let's go not since he has 5000 subscribers amount that would be crazy hot I'm in the marketing business I know it's crazy high 5000×5 dollars a month for 25 grand that's as my mom and say piss that's nothing why would you why would he go do the Yeomans work for $25,000 when he got $1 billion payment from Disney or whatever it look it's hard to say it's not the first time in history that men and women have made hundreds of millions of dollars and lost bright that that's happened before right arm so it's not like it's a it's an anomaly or anything like that that's a normal thing so it is it possible that he lost hundreds of millions of dollars yeah of course it is possible you might've made an investment that didn't go so well and he was stupid enough not to consider money management and now he's he's hanging on so I don't know it's hard to say I don't know his financials but yeah I don't know what he says he donates his money to or he donates the subs like money so he would not do believe that yeah I do believe that because again it's piss it's nothing 25 grand to a billionaire or 100 million or 10 million air is literally not even a rounding error as a percentage of income they're not gonna sell their soul for $25,000 now I would if I didn't make any money and Mikovits word of course billionaire $25,000 no don't think so I must've been I tend to agree who is Thiago that in with only a minute investigation this guy should've worked the virus is on the thing that gets back to the question DED the reason I yes this is because I'm willing to put out my time and not have a debate not put up millions of dollars to head to conversation a gentle friendly conversation with Steve Kerr anyone who wants to post this audio again don't think will be a below post it on Steve sub stack and say hey do you wanna have a talk let's talk this through you didn't talk with Kristi Massey that looked really sketch I have nothing I'm a I'm a I'm a kind guy I got no I got no horse in this game I don't care whether there's a virus or not have a conversation but if I'm gonna waste my time if he's gonna give me the Christie Massey treatment I'm not gonna waste my time that's why I'm asking well first I i think you're being disingenuous if you say that you've got no skin in the game but you're not is it a penis reference again Frank Peter seriously telling me that you were and think there's any chance that virus does exist I don't know I get it out let me buy me a dress that I still have no 100% proof of that again because my wife will bring this up every time now that she's a retired schoolteacher why is it so many different families coming to her room and then I'll get the stomach bug at the same time how do you explain that now I would love to believe I wouldn't I will explain it because they live in the same environment and eat the same food now these are different children all the different children come in with the stomach bug Marcus yester if you have an elevator pitch or or a postcard idea how about we do it right now and the reason I say that is because I have somebody listening who I would say it's probably closer to being a Normie than one of us and he's texting me back-and-forth and he's convinced that covid-19 is just the flu virus and that his whole family had it well I agree with that it's just a call you don't agree with gold it's no it's just a cold a cold tea let's get back to the roots of what they've always i wanted to do they've always wanted to make a vaccine for the common cold that the common cold has a long list of symptoms not all of which have to be present at the same time because everyone usually most people that live a normal life gets symptoms of a cold about once a year on average every single person in the world can probably identify with cold symptoms now they marketed under the word Colvin 19 in a brilliant no they've done it before they took symptoms of severe drug use and some other severe malnutrition and marketed under the words aids they actually change it quite a few times and just settled on AIDS the same thing was done in the 80s they did it for the common cold that way they could get everyone in the world on board and so far it's work because every every single person can identify with one or many of the symptoms and they would convince to mass marketing because most people are aware of the industrial military complex medical complex all the things we've always talked about for a long time they're not aware of it so when it comes out them in full force they're not aware of the power of God and the coordination behind a worldwide campaign they just weren't ready for it we're ready for it in many ways they weren't so we're just witnessing the most brilliant marketing camp campaign of cold symptoms and that's that's all it is is it good the virus is almost irrelevant what causes it the fact is they have a gravity for it it's not NyQuil or all those other drugs that and remedies that were marketed in the past no now it's all been replaced by an injection and they made the injection on a subscription basis and they have them and they i got the governments to pay for it so all these things are different but they really just come on aside commodified the common cold symptoms doesn't even matter where they come from no that's the end of my little spiel which I think I thank you for yeah i'll keep on with your thought no what I was saying is how can we add to the discussion when we actually have somebody listening and they actually am you know Believe that it it is the flu virus or a virus and we we don't believe that the virus even exist so what I'm saying is it if you do have that elevator pitch or that or are those postcards let's do that right now we have someone on it and if you see if we can convince that person but the first thing I say to anyone that believes anything is change your mind change your attitude don't believe anything for stud belief is that is the first failure belief is the enemy of knowing thought yeah if if you are hearing the idea for the first time that there is no virus then OK brother just reject that because of your belief system you know something is wrong at there no something is wrong you know somethings not making sense here is a group of people suggesting to you that there is no such thing as a virus there is a mountain of easily available information on that I urge you to check it out because everything we can say for certain is that prior to the injections the world was probably never so healthy the death rates all around the world in every country with very low and then with injections arriving the death rates have climbed and the there was practically no infections prior to injections and now there is this same story has been done at least twice before with the so-called Spanish Flu and polio stuff right and AIDS too well it is 1530 times it's today it's been done many many Saves the only difference with AIDS is they did not ever get to a vaccine they just had a standard they just have it is a product of the worst they brought an ACT which they had a protocol they had a protocol out with you although they were all the police and Joe what do you what do you think of that way of talking to two believers I agree I i mean this this person you know is a Normie let's call him Normie and Peggy normally that knows something is wrong otherwise he wouldn't be Yep salute Lenow something wrong I wouldn't say I'm not sure if he's anti-VAX but I know he's anti-Cova 19 bucks yeah that's funny see if he could answer if he's not then we i want to move on from Steve or is it going to be the Steve Sean hey Mika I just got new information sent to me from Omar OK thank God Omar is in in the chat tonight as well OK great here is if you look at my screen for number 13 within five days of signing the death definitive agreement both parties shall send $1 million to the respective attorneys to hold an escrow pending the outcome of the proceeding with her that's what I was looking for so there's your proof that you got the box to to challenge him bitch horseshit are you is it in either or so your beer betting your million against his million so I thought he was just giving out 1 million I didn't realize he wanted to receive 1000,000 if he was right that he just answered your question yes that's right I didn't hear I thought I would just bet he would just give you 1 million bucks in the bedroom that's very very sneaky disingenuous it's actually evil genius actually well it's just lying deceptive conduct as it's just lying by omission very bored because he knows Christian mass he doesn't have two nickels to rub together right neither do I so yeah well I lied I would not hear you need a lot of money to risk that because there's just too many ways to lose the money but he makes it like all these million dollar challenge as he makes it sound like hey Fauci just show up and Gavin Newsome just show up just send me a blank piece of paper and I'll give you 1 million dollars all right so here's what Omar just said to me he said I fell asleep and I added a few to the chat so I asked him if he can send me bullet points number one state believes in climate change number two he believes 19 Muslims with box cutters hi Jack for airplanes and flew them into the world trade center towers in Pentagon next he believes a nuclear weapons and launders money to stop nukes not sure exactly what that means maybe you can chime in on that for further clarification next he's double faxed finally off topic you think Vernon Coleman you think Vernon Coleman is legit sigh is that the end the bat signal well I have that's no that's Frank's phone but or somebody that's not mine but yeah I've I've said my peace on Steve again there's nobody doing more to promote the dangers of vaccines in the main stream that i've seen that has a more direct approach there are others that are similar but they don't have his audience so if that's I'm sure if he did a poll of every single person out there that is speaking out against the vaccine they probably have no idea about 911 either so either you're just not there she's just like there's no perfect job there's no perfect wife there's no perfect voice we we you you and I have been doing this for 10 years and we have trouble sometimes with different people that bring us truth I don't know I don't trust anyway so OK so but besides yourself who are you gonna promote if someone says well no one you're not good enough to promote anyone well that's the problem so if you wanna give someone someone else to listen to besides yourself let me tell you what I do instead what I do as I say Steve Kirsch made this great point about blah but let me be clear I i don't and I don't endorse Steve curse because of blah blah blah that's how I do it that's fine do you wanna go to the next topic I got they just sent me a link is this something I'm supposed to put up on the screen yeah could you play it OK has anyone heard of David Bowie on the black noise bomb no I don't even know what that means I'll listen to this I gotta bring it First on Imgur OK black noises on something about a start of the beginning as black noise black noise black noises on something that on everything like a glass of you particular note the vibrations of that as a black noise is the register within which you can crack a city or people will run it's a new control bar mitzvah noise which can destroy put a tyrant is it too until last year you could buy the painting for in the French equivalent to 34 dollars that is how much money you put into it I'm in a small one could probably till about half of people that put a big wanker this is it it's a weird idea I don't know what's not give me what is black OK so question what is the hood is your favorite Cavett who's the guy in the right of the guy I guess you invented the black OK I never like David boy like some music but just a character really always disturb me but you're getting the character do you think he's fear mongering or is he Santa something nice is full of it but salty siren system the frequency if you think about Frank I think there's weapons exist I think those webcasts yes or you talking about frequencies to break glass yeah and those those get off at Kennett office near brakeman's Alley saw that for example for example there is there is machinery will you set up a certain vibration you can spend bubbles of water in the air make them rise even there's all sorts of things you can do with frequency that we know of it and then we know that we can hurt peoples ears if that if the volume is sufficiently loud and we know that we know about sonic machines to break up kidney stones so obviously are using that ultrasound is already yeah we know microwaves dirty bunny ok thiago the only thoughts microwave is different to a sonic without a microwave is it is it is a wave in the ether where is sound waves live in the sound in the air OK i don't have much of an a that you got that off the the just dude channel with specialized is an ETA so I i don't think he cared about the black noise party just likes showing how David Boies a cross dresser I think that was the main point of that do you want to eat what do you think Diego I don't have too much thoughts David Bowie none at all about whether these these weapons exist these black noise bombs and yeah I think so I think so I think so yeah I think you know high frequency high frequency weapons especially probably within the military I'm on it maybe even some police departments who knows that might have them for core control where you are but I sort of agree with it I think it's called Elrod yep I'll read and it was used apparently in Canberra shopping frank Chinese so sonic weapons sonic but I don't know if we keep the camper thing has been verified but that was it it was much rumor about it for sure they said it was to broadcast messages here's one with the what's the message they wanted to broadcast I it's unlikely Canberra protesters were injured by sonic weapons but such a risk is real it says here yeah and on a related note if you shout in Ottawa tomorrow you could get $1000 fine that's it that's issued by Ottawa police if you if you shout why what was the reason did they so why are you shouting is the boat and in order tomorrow because that that is an unauthorized protest I suppose did you read Canuck law about the Holocaust being you can't it's for boating to talk about it in Canada they snuck it into a well if there's yes I've talked about that before OK but it must be official cause she just posted about on the 24th I think well you gotta be very specific what you're talking about Brancyn's there's certain things that are specifically in the they will put in a budget because they knew the budget would pass so they literally put something that's completely unrelated I think in a style that they normally do an omnibus bills in the united states where they know it couldn't go through on its own so they just tuck it in under literally under the bus because they know the bus is gonna get through yes speaking of censorship I wonder if this is something that this is my little "I wonder if you guys are real with us if you i have to censor just about everything you're losing do you agree or disagree yes I do Joe I'm sorry if you have to censor everything which is what they whoever they are is doing to us through YouTube censorship and the censorship and the Holocaust censorship that means you're losing the game absolutely Tim absolutely next Helen Keller i know you've been talking about Helen Keller a little bit and you can find that on the forms yep ecologist forms it should be under Scioto pulses I believe Helen Keller yes there is a thread there no I'm not I'm not posting on your form maybe you can pass this information on did you know that Helen Keller cofounded the ACLU which stands for the American Civil Liberties Union oh right that's actually right in the first post you're actually OK I'm a quote in addition to being a member of the socialist party Keller was the founder of the American civil liberties Union known as the ACLU she was an outspoken advocate for women's rights and a strong supporter of birth control all radical views for a woman in the early 20th century she was an outspoken advocate for women's rights and strong support of birth control I get rid of that so she was a eugenicist yeah and there's some great pictures on the forum which I am grateful that you were like dirty Benny or posting where is she she used her hands she put her head she put her hands on a person's face to figure out who they or they were it's it's almost like a circus act and it's fine I think I think you're living at her greatest accomplish my purpose of being able to fly a plane using that was fantastic making sonic click clicks we Tim interrupted all of our say that again I hate you know her greatest accomplishment was being able to fly a plane ha ha even though she was deaf and blind and she knows she obviously used them sonic quick clicks that she felt on the skin no I will be in Fishel story if she had she i had a flight trainer speak to her assistant who is this person and all these pictures I think her name is Polly something and then that person would communicate the flight instruction to Helen and she was holding the yolk know that that doesn't seem like an efficient way to fly a plane and then possibly prone to many errors which as you know Frank there is not there's not much room for error when you're flying a plane no I said turn left and I especially for an anti-VAX her these days how do you yell at Helen Keller Yeah exactly next you were talking with Jim O'Kelly last night about vaccine scars if you take a look at my screen this is let me know when it's up for you yeah oh where are you got to you got some scars surprised it was known as the BCG scar which is raised in a small party and and the smallpox scar which is sunken in the V the Bee Gees which one the second one yeah me silcox yeah I got that sell what is that I asked Fran or ask them Jimmy didn't really know is that is that like a branding no they say let's say it's an actual reaction of the skin and perfect in a perfect circle right on with i think it's a it's a branding branding alive I'm just telling you what they're saying yes they're saying that i never thought about it before you said that but that's it just seems to be what it is why I wasn't I don't really remember having it done to me is probably a little young but I'm just curious how that occurred there you go isn't it from the TB shot also yep yeah maybe it was that I don't know what shot it is right here I think you can find that if you look for the TB shot you can actually find the instrument that they use that so that's that OK next do you know that I got it I've seen a few Africans in my area of the earth of the country and one of the tribes in certain countries and I forgot I'm gonna say Ghana because there's a lot of people from Ghana and Toronto to differentiate the different tribes they scar their faces and that's how they identify who is who it reminds me of the famous Dr. Seuss book call the snitches if you leave it up all my wife my wife knows very much as a school teacher about that one yeah yeah but that's how this different black tribes and tell who's who so pretty interesting and Marcus is sending me a link yep so if you can open that up I posted some words of wisdom to uncle toddy Audis uncle odd law uncle uncle Oz lounge ironic that I post anything about truth and I'll post my stuff but if I talk about upper Cash I'll get banned forever but this is great here's proof that we were lied to about the efficacy of the VAX from Deborah Burks take a listen OK I have to OK I'm gonna Wanna see it because it says it's too big of a media file for that now I can play it but you need to see it now you don't need to see it ok let me find it again view in telegram I can plant is it the one with the Mr. Jordan no I don't think so this way when the government and gym junkie yes the sunroom people back to clarify where they guess OK hold on a second so I'm gonna try this way when the government told us told american people that people who have been vaccinated couldn't get it were they guessing or were they lying I don't know i know it is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was incurring and since the vaccine was based on natural immunity you cannot make the conclusion that the vaccine will do better than natural infection although it can often do slightly but I think it's i mean you're an expert you were on the task where you were part of this this effort when you were in the previous ministration you're saying in this administration that you can't rule out the fact that our government was lying to us when they told us the vaccinated could not get the virus I don't know about their discussions that they had in the task force so I can't tell you that I can tell you as a family member who had individuals that were susceptible of course we got everybody's about two minutes but she has a lot of vocal fry too it makes me nuts I get to the punch line right to come right vaccinated but we still use layered protection during surges because I knew potentially the vaccine immunity would Wayne like natural immunity went and there was evidence that every four months reinfection was occurring in South Africa wow when the government told us that the vaccine it couldn't transmit it was at Aaliyah was out of gas or is it the same answer I think it was hope that's a vaccine would work in that way and that's why I think scientists and public house leaders always have to be at the Johnny Apples Mary clear what we know and what is this is this important for the country to know so when I ask a question when the government told us that the vaccinated couldn't get it and I ask you if it was a guess or a lie you said you don't know you said you think it was a hoe so what we do know is it wasn't the truth so they were either guessing lying or hoping and communicate that information to the to the to the citizens of this country I i think they were hoping but you should know in those original phase 3 trials that were done in this country that we only measured for symptomatic disease so we weren't proactively testing everybody in those trials to see if they got infected with mild or asymptomatic disease and so people had to present within the clinical trial I've just never had the data to protect against asymptomatic I'm just struck with the irony we got we got government agencies guessing hoping or lying if it was with the information or presenting to the American people and this is the same this is the same administration that wants to set up the December government governance this information governance board and want to talk about this information and they're the biggest purveyors of misinformation false information helpful information but not accurate and true information which is again the frustration I think some of the folks I representing I've shared that I've shared with me that's Jim Jones that Senator Jim Jordan and where is he from I don't know and I don't no nor do I care all I know is this is for Joe for Joe's friend yeah what is Joe's friend now think about things after watching that Berks who is Fauci's sidekick basically just admitted that they hoped the vaccine would work there's no science behind it it's just a hope I was more focused on the girl that uncle tylenol for the something strange about whatever was on her chest and of course it yeah I think are you you made a comment as well I thought that was funny it was very strange whatever the hell was in that white space suit that she was wearing I said annoying face muzzle just makes you think these people are from another planet really does it's so disturbing I don't know about you but it's I'm so over looking at these is obvious: I think it's gonna come back in the i'm in big form in a couple months Marcus I'm waiting to see if he heard the question OK put one of the things that he did say just recently in a in a chat that I have with him he said that hey you guys may be completely right I'm not this disagreeing with anyone on the show I think it's a fascinating discussion what is the what is the flu I honestly don't know but if it isn't but if it isn't I am open to that great classroom does he want to go into the show if you i wanna call an 810666 1984 we can take his call number: go Thiago what do you think it's very simple there to the to the person listening to this it's no different I want him to understand this is no different than a teenager having pimples in his teenage years are we gonna vaccinate him because he's got pimples so that way he doesn't get pimples anymore absolutely not so what's happening this is merely the bodies process at that age that it goes through the grinder you get when you get when you get a flu when you you know you're supposed this is called the flu or sick or whatever you wanna call it that is that is basically your body detoxifying itself from all the shit that you've been yep so what is it rolling into the body grows like a snake has the shed its skin is a grown ass organic eggs or an adolescent is growing so quickly therefore there's so many cells being replaced and so many being expanded and so many new role of the body is just in a complete state of flux or it's replaced going the best way to put it is all you're seeing with chickenpox without Hemphill's with you getting the flu or sick or a cold all the all this really boils down to is the body is expressing itself it's an expression of the body of a change going on inside your body that's it there's toxins in the body lotta meat needs to to get out or possibly part of the growing process or aging process or both and that's all that says it's a mirror expression when you get sick at all or you feel like you are you know a cop or whatever is coming on that's not a magical particle virus in the air that you breed them like that's making you sick that's nonsense because there are that many that would mean there would have to be millions of these particles all and different particles all over the place trying to get in your body to kill you it's nonsense so what this is really is an expression of your body that's it and then end that out and there's that you know and there's nothing more to say about us for let us a reminder selves of what most people around the world I don't like to pick up the United States but I do think that this Scyoc is targeted at the United States I've said that since the very beginning but let's look at a typical Americans day he gets up what's up with coffee which is a stimulant which is very toxic to the body he might so he probably doesn't have anything else for breakfast and then he might go in the lunch never lol you're forgetting a bunch of stuff well I just skipped over a lot of stuff there first of stronger than hamburgers he's drinking carbonated water from the tap probably and he's taking medication's first thing in the morning I would say most people drinking bottled water which is also just chlorinated water from the miscible water supply so it's been a leech leaching the PAs and what not from the plastic bottle which may or may not have been skip that but what it what about that how about my my father-in-law who takes like 12 medication's First OK but that's more that I'm having time with the average person and that you're getting into the senior territory with 50 and it's not hard to see to the viewer out there that's asking this question to the panel it's really not that hard to see all you have to do is he lives but you come to my neighborhood they're all three 400 pounders heifers women all over the place here not that not normal I'm sorry to tell everybody here that is not normal that is that their bodies in a constant state of stress in and out and that's why these people are just haven't been sick and I don't know how many years lots of years I have a pretty good too thanks and write no no nothing none of this nonsense like this so what you have to understand is whatever you put in your body your body's gonna respond to that chemical. That's it and then whatever it is it's going to do with an expression so if it's a bad thing you're putting in your body if you had a Dino eight beers with whiskey and all this kind of stuff your body is gonna react to it and it's gonna create an expression that it's not gonna like you might throw what you might have a headache is that the flu no you it's the expression of the chemical compound that you put in your body and it goes for everything you eat you drink everything right not to mention the food but let's remind everyone that everyone's been under mental stress for two years now and if you are if it's not because you are accepting of all the propaganda what about all the people around you that are that you're dealing with those people that put you under a level of stress for sure even if it's if it's you trying to convince him otherwise you're not anywhere so there's tremendous mental stress yes put on everyone even like I said even yes even those of us here that know what's going on we still have to deal with other people that's for living in a complete bubble. Yes oh yo dad hello from Main yet looks like that's not dinner ha ha ha ha all right cool they're all listening so let's let's not talk about what we're talking about then next topic let's not talk about disciplining them when they get home for whatever they yes i did not do well final topic and then because we're running a little bit over but since Tim has new day it's a new did he celebrate our OK tomorrow yeah and since Tyler is in Maine I'm a bachelor I got nothing else to do let's talk about this if you look at my screen Tim OK so salty sirens only 39 said that's what she says here and she has been sick since it was 30 cause I mean she's 39 inches around her or age no that means she's a young one not says 300 but I don't know if that's 3 nine Angelica talking about she's referring to Thiago who said they're 3 to 400 pounders walking around city Nova Scotia that's on lotta cod if it is all right yeah and guys would be shocked if you came to my if I took you guys to the local Walmart here you got you gentlemen and everybody watching at home you would be astounded at i would say way over 6070% or overweight you very rarely see a very fit person i rarely see it rarely oh I see it say I do want to say that this corresponds to the determined effort by by the health people to do when I say you know DM community health Administrators to push the high carbohydrate low fat diet interact that the Swedish government head and they still have on the health website the food pyramid which has seven or eight slices of bread per day soon I love and I love bread I'm spreading throughout that just cause the key reason why people Waddling around well that made that may be possible but I think it also has a lot to do with the round up ready and GMO wheat that is illegal in most parts of the world but not North America on a sidenote I have an Thiago I know you were mentioning the Walmart over in Sydney there is a very good website that hopefully Marcus put shown up tonight it's called people of and you should make this part of your daily ritual is there people their snaps of people spotted in a Walmart and I think you'll enjoy it a lot I'm not sure if it's updated for this year but you're going to find all kinds of crazy people in Walmart actually really good blog OK I got it up here now I don't know if it's updated this year but it does 2021 but maybe this current this chicks cankles are bigger than my arms ankle yeah you see all kinds in Walmart it's gets crazy busting it so it's disgusting is what it is it's disgusting and and and and the one to take four or five vaccines and 1 million other different types of vaccines and then start Bustin balls over masks and everything that they're doing it for my health listen lady I don't need you to do anything for my whole right eye and I really don't look at like look at the size of you that's what I feel ya goes angry how are you feeling is Thiago they i have bought that there is a guy who's the one you saw Diego can you see your screen that's right there yeah that's a big mama i don't know what's happened is that is that the government health authorities have pushed the medical system and the doctors pushed everyone into doing these things even when they were doing getting studies that showed that high fat low carb gods were affected double blinded study's in the 60s and 70s the studies were suppressed how about pizza vegetables how come nobody nobody here eats fruits and vegetables am I am I the only love beans and lagoons you know all these nice natural foods beautiful you don't see none of these people eating that when I go to Walmart you know what I see in their shopping carts pizzas hamburgers pop sodas all i'm telling you the reason why TIO is because they have been told I have a high carb diet right I think I no I think you're giving them a little bit of the easy way they love it I think it's because they love it the same way that they i love their alcohol they love their drugs they love everything else it's a listen you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out hey look in the mirror you know like i'm a little big and I gotta start losing I gotta start eating a little bit healthier they're eating it because they love it they were kids in fairness they told her they told you to eat to get healthy they told Tim seven pieces of bread a day and then they get fed him I said what's the point of me doing all this stuff I do all this dieting and I still get fat it's just cruel what goes on in my brain then there's there's fat shit there's fat shaming I think that she is very good thing fat shaming very good and they're totally be the best yo I'm happy in the bottom and so they're propagandized with that there's all angles that they're being attacked yeah no I agree no I agree there's some points there Franken and Marcus are making out there they're like I you could say that they're brainwashed but if this whole fat shaming thing and they say I look great or the new sports illustrated cover magazine of them then the girl on there you know that she wears a 2 to 300 pounder and come on man that's good I mean there's some guys who think that's like nice but that is unhealthy that is one of the worst you know things to be doing to looking like that and then praising to look like that that's even worse I tell it like it is a fact somebody came up to me and showed me that Sports Illustrated I'd say shit first of all I'm not attracted to that at all and second of all more importantly is that's like the most healthiest woman I've ever seen so it's it's it's crazy but sorry to go off on a tangent here boy you know I got put out as I said to me it's the whole idea that this is happened just read peoples yeah laziness it's on I just I just don't think it's taxable they have been victims of a sustain campaign yup to damage them yep I agree with that yeah but at some point you know I where I work out you know I look at a person with her habits I work out I have my habits today I did a chest work tomorrow I'm going for three hour cycling and I do this like day and day out some days I don't feel like doing it but I go and do ok so let me let me tell you what happens into other people Thiago they are overweight they're 45 they they've been eating poorly they've had no seltzer they ligaments and muscles up at five weaker than they should be and so they go to the gym and pick up 50 pounds or 100 pounds tear every muscle of the shoulder blades they done yet that's it for them and that is what I see happening all the time is the number of injuries occurring to people in Jim's all the time just I just heard one story after another after another turnover jams is what the gym owners count on so they're not helping yes especially busier yes fitness is you cannot attempt to do a fitness regime if you haven't if you're not salty enough that your ligaments and tendons and and the between your joints are strong ready to to be at work it's that simple you can't do I don't know if everything I put my physical the way I look at the way I feel I put started a very high level I couldn't I couldn't imagine you know one of my uncles used to be pretty Bergen and when he would walk up liquor you know six or seven steps he be like out of breath I would tell him what was wrong with you man you gotta start working out you gotta start eating properly like but you know the Eden him obviously you don't listen buddy you're not wearing a wife you're not wearing a white butchers coat Thiago but apart from anything else if it is he would be told if he went to the how do I probably doctor the doctor still gonna say seven pieces of bread right well I think it look look look it i'm 100 years ago if you look at films from 100 years ago almost at almost everyone is super Seiyu yes why do you think the 70s i am what why do you think that why do you think everyone's what what is what is changed in the last 30 to 7 years to make that happen well first of all they were a lot more active right they weren't sitting home the road and about and doing stuff and super active people working work more working with their hands there weren't computers back then or anything like that so yeah but I just find that you know I don't know how it is where you guys live but on a 30° day here are 80°F beautiful hey mom I'm the only one out cycling in my in my live in a beautiful town right beside the Atlantic ocean and I'm the only one outside like tomorrow I'm gonna well tomorrow is Canada Day I'm gonna go cycling I bet you any money I'll be the only cyclist out here on a call I figured you're proving you're proving Frank's point the people have been brainwashed to go into the matter verse to be on their computer no I don't know that's cool yeah I'm just all I'm saying is I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't do that to my body I couldn't let my body like go like that that's just not me right but I guess I can't see you eating seven pieces of bread in a day I Tiago I eat a lot I to be honestly frankly lotta bread I eat you know OK I don't know half a loaf of you know I know I'm like I'm like I'm like am I I love bread man I can't you know what I mean but please do me a favor and sugar checked get your blood sugar checked and get back to me i think I know I'm I'm cool like it's just the majority of my diet or fruits vegetables potatoes rice all that kind of stuff right so for me I feel fantastic right I can't you know but I don't know to me to me the whole the whole Arnold maybe the same in Australia definitely the same in United States but I just think there's way too many overweight people even when I was in grade school I didn't see this many overweight children listen to even look at the children like some of them look like balloons like it's just it's just it's all crazy it is it's terrible like I can't I cannot turn anywhere here in city Nova Scotia without seeing a mother walking with a child down the street and both of them are our big both of them and it's tough it's tough to see that but you know this talk is depressing me let's move on let's finally it if you put on my screen Tim I appreciate it headline hacker new coin base now requires physical address of recipient in crypto transfers just got this from Coinbase and it seems one by one the promises of crypto of the last several years are evaporating starting on june 27 Coinbase will introduce some changes required by local regulations specifically when you send crypto outside of Coinbase we are required to ask you for the name and physical address of the recipient and the purpose of the transfer in certain cases we may require you to link to a Coinbase wallet to your main Coinbase account in order to send crypto assets off the Coinbase platform this allows us to verify that you control the Coinbase wallet that is receiving the crypto assets any comments I'll let you go to the door currently yeah it's it's sad to hear that it really is you know to give you my personal address the next step is going to be they're gonna want to put a gps on me for me to use that crypto wallet is it's ridiculous but it is what it is there's nothing you know nothing we can do about it and then the problem that is what is the next step after that in terms of government when they want that persons information then they'll have it right what it will say though gives more credence to your view that it's going to go high again doesn't it do you know if there's if the government wasn't going to be using this currency or making use of it as we talked about last week yeah I wouldn't be bothering with all this if it's gonna go to zero this wouldn't be happening that's right yeah I mean it's it's it's definitely it's quality first it has to hit those institutional levels first and then you'll you'll see the march on upwards to the six figures but I don't know I think we've mentioned that here on the podcast before where they're gonna try to as much as they can the government's gonna step in to put regulation on it and what not I don't know what that regulations gonna look Wake up do you know Margo shared a little tidbit of good to hear tonight but it might look vastly different six months or 12 months from now but you're right Frank it's just it's gonna go up in the fruit before it goes up it's gonna have to get those institutional levels at 9800 and then will and the reason raises there is no raises because I am having heard a discussion a few weeks ago and uncle vigilante has sent me an email telling me the idea that this is the big promo go up is crazy I don't wanna go down but I'm I'm I'm simply now same to uncle vigilante yeah yes I think the long-term may be that the behavior of government at the moment way several of them of now using it for official reasons yes and there is some this kind legislation seems to indicate stuff is happening but there's always water government operation on the in the first place yeah I mean not long-term you know yeah I mean if he thinks it's gonna cry is it is he insinuating it's it's gonna crash is that what he's gonna go to zero he's really saying that and I'm taking a punt on on bitcoin when you get investing epic is in a poor decision is what he saying he may know you mean as a good is a good decision you sent it to your money money from bitcoin to epic he's saying he sang the epic is a much better in bed then then crypto and then i would agree with although I disagree with everything about epic I agree with that because the because that is so cheap of course you're gonna be able to Tenax or maybe even 1 hundred extra money but when a coin is if if he was right in bitcoin goes down to 9800 and then in bounces my go to 9800 even if it goes to 100,000 that that's not even Tenax so sure epic cash can easily connects cause it's at 70 something cents you can go to seven dollars sure the difference between the two things is the bitcoin has $8 billion ready to be injected into has liquidity out that application package document recognition application is not and even worse and Todd's not i don't like to hear this guess who owns 99.998% of epic Cash the owner not me the owner that's bad it's really bad he touched a look at I've been trying to warn Todd about this is that that is ripe for a rug pole and owner rug pool is 99.988 something percent of all the tokens I know that's advance stuff that's why I build it up a cash like that's a problem and yeah no one talks about that but yes I mean no doubt there's no doubt that epic Asheville from 70 something cents which it's trading at last time I looked he can easily go to $20 and then that you're you're almost 20 extra price there's no way you're gonna get 20 Exxon on bitcoin that the parties over bitcoin when it first started out you can get it for less than a penny management Diego said OK but Diego said it's gonna go from 10 to 100 and that's 10 times no 17 yards 10 times right now yeah but but it also depends also on whether you're scaling in at certain institutional levels as well that's what I'm saying right so you can you can 20 or 30 ask your your position you just gotta know where the institutional levels are the scale in points right and you gotta wait for the correct price action to give you a signal to to enter in the scale in process so you could still do it on bitcoin but you know initially it's gonna come down and that's why I told everybody those institutional levels at 9800 right so it's that you know what we're gonna wait and see if Diego is Ryder is full of shit so we're gonna see what I would do is I would find out all the penny penny penny stocks and crypto because that's the easiest once I get into and you do eat there's a bunch of little things you can do from Lino what kind of liquidity do they have what's the ownership you know if you have someone is 99% of the tokens that's really bad and then you just you invest just like a venture capitalist you put $100 into a coin into 100 different tokens and one's gonna hit one's gonna make up far more than you lose on the either 99 so if I were to play that game that's where we do it by the way do you guys know how many times bitcoin is crash over 85% and it's lifetime five times five or six times huh yeah that's crazy people do this crazy it's a created stupid tax nothing but but that's that's normal though because then I can say the same thing about the US Canadian dollar the currency pair how many times does that currency pair crashed many times right now that's all so any currency pair any chart that I can bring up whether it's a daily or weekly chart I can show you guys multiple crashes on those charts 85% plus pretty substantial yeah including the girls with Frank that happened about four years ago which are lost in the inner round that range people in investors lost millions of dollars on that currency pair crazy yeah not for the faint of heart no you're right the average investor by thinking average person now I am in the people I talk to you have have them Coinbase accounts but do you know about bitcoin of course like wow yeah yeah a lot of them buy into the Pipe though right that's right in and 90+ percent of them have their money on Coinbase they don't have it in their own wallet which is dumb as shit i mean that so we'll see what happens but those institutional levels at 9800 have not changed right so they've actually been increased in value of standing orders waiting to be filled there so now we're talking privacy probably an excess of $10 billion waiting there so it's not gonna go any lower than that so take the same price or if they crept up a bit what happens Frank is when you have institutional orders they're waiting you'll have multiple doctors at the bank so let's say for example Deutsche Bank comes in with $1 billion in standing orders what will happen is they'll put 250 million at 9800 they'll put another 250 million at 10,100 so you know what I mean they spread it out into that range there now that all depends Roldy idiot investors the Normies we're all there stop losses are so they're gonna they're gonna execute those trades when they stop limit but all these people get stopped out and then they're gonna and then they're gonna go up for the ride so guys Like Me we'll wait we'll wait till they get executed and then we'll just piggyback on institutional guys or whether they're hedge fund or i don't know it doesn't really tell me I just see the standing orders there so it's gonna be it's gonna be fun it's gonna be a fun thing i want to trading it now I think it's like 19,000 and change I gotta bring up my charger yep he went with his dad Marcus went below 19 so we're listen we're on the way down we're on the way down there marching on the way down and those institutional orders like I told everybody you have to picture of them like a magnet a powerful magnet and they're gonna end the price is gonna get sucked down right into that magnet into that area actually it bounced it's a 2363 bounce bag was down 7% today how in the world can you put your money to something that bounces up and down seven 10% a day that's just gob smacking Lee ridiculous to me unless you unless you got it in less you got Thiago's computer then yeah it's great how many people have Thiago's right now we're not snowing right now yeah right now price is US$20,384.10 yes so it's gonna come down not gonna not gonna go off what will happens I'm I'm I'm my bet is that I'm right because I know I know those institutional big dogs are just waiting know whether it's gonna be no takes a month or two in that area somewhere it'll come down it's not gonna stay there but it would be fair to say that you've got no skin in the game apart from your pride at the moment of you you're just saying I know tons of money don't you have contracts that you're really ready to go yeah we gotta go I'll put it this way Frank yes when I when I execute those trades all I am on the following Marcus Allen show I'll post them here so you guys can see yes but as we speak you haven't invested anything heavier no I drive primarily trade Forex market but in terms of crypto know what I wouldn't I wouldn't touch that until I get down to the price level nine 800-000 in that area do you have your counter cooking up contracts do you have your credit card cash on the sidelines for up for this this this 9800 yeah I have us I have standing or I have open orders they're waiting right to bed so let's say for example I'm sleeping at night and for whatever reason bitcoin decides to crash down to 9800 in a few milliseconds it'll execute my my trades at all make them into market orders and make them live and ready to go so you got scam you got scam her game absolutely yeah they're they're just waiting to refill they're not filled yet Frank but as soon as that as soon as that 9800 level headstand the movie fell down yep turn that's all I got for the super show unless you wanna go a bit longer and have some fun with anyone lol we can go a little longer if you want any I was just reading a tweet about how China is handing over after building all kinds of government buildings two different African countries and I really think that the Chinese Russian even Iranian model are is a serious threat to the Anglo American empire I think we're kind of witnessing a real clash of civilizations right now and i did have an article I can't remember it might've been vox populi or vox day to has a blog that I really enjoy that was recommended to me by a Culotta while ago and he links to some really great content that's not his but he links to it and I really appreciate it and it's quite fascinating how America is his bill just I just talked to my Polish friend to the americas now building a base in Poland which Poland was pretty much against for the longest time obviously they were bribed to do it at this point and that means Polish people won't need a visa to go to the United States which was always a an irritant in Polish peoples mind so while America Builds a military bases to go attack and bomb and do kinds of all kinds the destruction China's using the other tactic where they build infrastructure and then they simply an exchange I guess for maybe some resources are they build up country so it's it's it's the complete opposite of what the angle Americans have been doing and I wonder if it's going to work but seems to be working all the things that are being built but remember if it was the bill China up in the first place but they built a different model and it's just an interesting model that may work better than the crony capitalist system that has brought North America and England to the points where they are now and maybe they're at up at a point where they're just unsustainable or they just can't keep going America uses all kinds of different techniques to keep the Ponzi scheme going and we may be at the end of the road which is of course why they are taking these countries apart right now we are witnessing it in real time and it is the point of going to make it Tim is that there's no ice in them there's only one government but there's different models like you love to talk about there's different economic models and I was just reading what is the what is the difference between the economic model being played by China now and the one that was played by the British Empire and the US empire when Atlanta to win they wanted to succeed i will I don't think it is quite the same and that's what this article talks about I didn't post about it yet but maybe I'll I'll post about and that kind of economics those kind of posts I usually put on my other sub blog more abdullah prints since I am interested in the abortion debate as it has flared up in the last couple weeks so I do have some very interesting posts an abortion math is actually a really good post by the dollar vigilante he not only does he do great videos but he does some really good posts underneath the videos where he talks about some of this dystopia when it comes to these corporations that are lit that are offering to pay their female employees up to $4000 to kill their children their their unborn sure it's just it's just so dystopic it's crazy and then he does the quick math you're showing why they do do that because they have a female off or a year and pay them is very expensive for them i think that's a side show I think it's all about divine conquer or abortion of course I think it's more than divided jogger who think it's straight up depopulation if you want but to sit there entered first of all why is the government involved in any of this information that the original idea behind government was to protect us against foreign enemies and how we got one we got nothing in them but the American federal governors out of control that's it so often Mauritian double out of control what the federal US government is so far off its original mandated sits it's just beyond ridiculous so what are they doing in the abortion debate that's that should be up to the individual let them do what they want it should be illegal let there should be no laws I can go on and on so it's the ultimate divide and conquer it's crazy who's gonna protect protect the unborn what's not the government's job to get again to get original idea behind the government I don't know that's a good that's a great question to debate but the original idea behind the the government was to protect us against foreign enemies in Local right now so that's the United States federal government but then what is the police pepper one oh and pepper still on the clock sure I'm here I'm here do you want to weigh in on the abortion story that's obviously big all around the world and there's so much misinformation and uninformed opinion around it's inside since crazy I've always looked at it as something that would be there as a wedge issue and it would always be therefore you know dividing and conquering and and the fact that Roe v. Wade was overturned I was very surprised I thought it would always be ok I like Jasper dancers like that Tiago do you have an opinion on on on the abortion yes on the abortion that is real versus wade i think it's just another tactic if it looks like you know dividing people in and making fights again nothing that you know abortions been around for years and years and years this whole Roe v. Wade and people freaking out and I I don't know teach their own sort of thing so I feel about it but it's tough it's tough there's some questions that I've wrestled with throughout my life out you know trying to trying to figure things so do you know if a woman gets raped and she gets pregnant does she have a right to abort the baby and all that kind of stuff tough questions but I think that a question like that is always gonna be there all but the majority of abortions are or not about that absolutely right I was gonna say the same thank yeah but what are you doing the RN look at you know and to be provided we need an answer necessarily for the extreme case because that is most people do bring up every single yeah i know it's been a status .01% of all abortions yeah yeah perhaps I look at him first of call him again from believe in killing fetuses are we eating on chip zero however they call him but you know that that one question I i have asked myself because it doesn't happen in reality that does happen but other than that you know I don't think the kids should be killed even even in rape in a rape situation I don't feel the child should be murdered either but that's just my opinion and that's how I feel about water it's crazy it's crazy how big it's gotten her just to let everyone know did you guys all know that Dr. Zelenko day today oh yeah who is this I saw it on your blog and we were what did you think of the Carrie Madeja thing is that suspicious in anyway do you think these are controlled opposition characters yeah very suspicious airplane crash a nope no social media post from her no nothing so I don't know no she posted that she got the OK I didn't see it OK we're gonna say I'll text you OK yeah I even have a link to it it's where the picture of the plane no didn't know it just didn't know when I'm bored or around have one of these cameras on their phones right it's very suspicious are in speaking to Omar at Darkside Chatzis like give me a break there on I saw light goes on an island mission accomplished I did exactly exactly what his job was to do and out and I agree with that not you I'm very much into airplanes and I'm not sure if you're familiar with this but did you know that the control tower can actually tap in to your plane software and control it no I didn't it'll be pretty hard to tell from the mother suffer at mine yet and that's why I was hoping you would chime in on that so why is that it's just a basic blind just it's just me holding to do you have no IR features on your find your old VR there's no control systems are all the VR stuff is is just guidance you still the plane is totally operated by do you have no auto pilot then no OK you have if you had auto pilot would you agree with that yes but potentially yeah so the updates are they conspiracy theory is that someone remote controlled airplane down and that's why you have some pilots who won't fly small planes because if they're anti-VAX or's talking against the government they're afraid that they get that the government's gonna bring their plane no you can disengage the EM do you want a pilot that's that's always the case Frank and they do it through the tikka system sorry I just got that is just basically tells you it's a city it's an electronic system on the aircraft where it tells you where all the other planes are no I don't think no no I haven't got anything like that fit on my plan checker OK I thought maybe that's i know that the castle is talking about bringing something in but it's not here at the moment wine on my Microsoft simulator they crashed my computer so that was a joke that not too many people got OK I'd like to go back to the abortion thing yeah the thing that disturbs me the most about it is the complete failure to recognize that a living being has been terminated been killed drag my body my choice come on I don't care that that's all that's all fine you know whatever whatever people want to say and do about it but they choose to do it on their own conscious but pretending that it's not killing of a viable yeah I thought about living man a woman but it's good it is the greatest of disrespect that goes on in this in the story the slippery slope when you're with your pro or or against understand what you're doing when you're doing it the slippery slope is gotten slippery or because now they're saying that after the baby is born yes you can get that bad no one should agree that no one on either side should agree with that but we do well I don't know what but what is there there is a I don't even no their argument for it but it's supply body my choice no it's supposedly the I don't know what exactly is actually saying that a bit because the baby isn't really sentient no I think what it is is they're trying to give a break to see a young woman that gives yes to tosses the baby in the dumpster so they're not charged for the first whatever a year or two it at her story for a day or two cause they're saying that maybe that person was not in their right mind I'm just I'm just trying to find the logic behind that reticular crazy look just crazy feature yes up the point still remains to me regardless of whether are you allowed it whatever whatever time it doesn't really matter where it whether it's before or after birth The Point remains that that the biggest weapon in allowing this to happen is painting the act in a way that Minimal lyses the the the full horror me yeah that's that's your language used to minimize the act yeah they make it OK they make it they they they essentially take any criminality out of it you know where yeah you know any kind of morality ottoman criminality regardless of what the criminal affected any morals even more even moral wise like that like you know I agree with you I agree with you 110 in the language they just not using the language of this is what's happening my daughter asked me she is she's turning 14 next month and she asked me what I thought about it and I and I i said to her well I said imagine for a second that fetus had a voice and can talk what do you think that that that little baby would say it would say don't kill me I wanna live I wanna see the world right so that baby it's not my body my choice that's absolute nonsense because there's a separate totally separate human being in there that's right right it's just it's me it's absolute nonsense but they're gonna they're gonna brainwash themselves you know with whatever they whatever language they want to use the you know just it's it's OK Frank it's just like the same language they use in terms of viruses right that they're all around you know what I mean to Covid that this Covid that you know it's just it's all language you're right it is it's language to make i'm selves feel better about what they're doing but it's yeah they're on an addition some of these people are on another level man I seen some of them on TV oh my they are on another year see you're seeing the extremists that are up that are promoted in the media for sure no one here even here in my neighborhood they're all over this abortion thing here now in my name or even the mayor of Cape rock 'n' roll oh God yeah my body my choice no man should tell a woman what to do with her with her baby and I'm i got all mad here we are and you got it lol everybody's got understand I live in a very very very very left wing type place right so it's absolutely incredible here and very I'm I'm involved in the discussion on Facebook with with people that are in my neighborhood you know that i have been friends really I don't think it's the friendship is going to survive this discussion but like they posted something that was essentially saying that you know we should mandate that all men should have a vasectomy until they're ready to have parents I said I seen that when I seen that and him and if you think if you think that control level of control is unfair then going to Monterey business and I'm thinking how are you comparing terminating someone killing someone to a vasectomy it's just lee yeah add Frank they are light they are lying by omission they're just leaving the part about killing the fetus or the baby you know they're just leaving that part out so that's a lie it's a lie right there it's a lie native any practicing dissociated let you know I don't think in the end I've met people women afterwards in a years afterwards and it's the greatest regret well how about the story how about if I mean if we're Gonna believe this for dinner from the beginning how about the story of row change no she changed her mind in the end I had the baby well that whole story is extremely suspicious and I thought couple agree I agree with Kirsten and then the story was a lie she says all that yeah it's really hard because I wasn't really paying attention in 1973 to the stories I never really looked like and I looked into it a little bit cause I didn't even know what the yes you want us to name it to people posted yes someone posted was it you that posted the thing about at rowan Wade In the Water more that wasn't me but yeah I know I saw that yeah but that's that's sort of just word games were I think it's missing the point because really get into it and we were doing with the 14th amendment of and I listen to pretty good Vodcast today dear David whitehead truth warrior is a Canadian guy does a really good podcast actually was going to ask Marcus if he's ever listen to this guy or seen cult of the medics cause this guy really what are the few people to talk about this mom which is one of the market is one of the first ones that I ever heard talk about these guys being part of the power structure so Jenna and I haven't really heard too many other people mention it sense but David White and I'm really gonna start getting into some of his stuff including cult of the medics were he's really is drilling down into who's running this place is quite fascinating but I do not listen to any gang gang back on your thought Marcus about what's the government got to do with all this stuff anyway the small bit of discussion that I have and I did on this kind of indicated that it doesn't look like the government has a lot of control at all really paper you know the idea that there's government laws and selling in the end it is people are going to be able to do what they want and they could probably before rowan weighed in Truth is just as the government is going to facilitate and even pay for the whole thing that's the problem that's it that's a different that is the issue so the people literally against it don't really think that their taxes if that's their money they think it's their money they don't think they should help fund it so that that's where things really get irritating too many people just like you are if taxes subsidize public schools than most people don't really want a drag queen in there talking to their young children they feel they think they should have a say which is true off if we're all gonna pool our money then unfortunately you have to realize that everyone's gonna have an opinion on what the money is spent on including whether you i wanna pay a drag queen to come in and talk about shaking their transgender thing in public that's the problem back to the Madeja I finally found the tweet that I was looking for here's what she allegedly wrote this was my plan I was flying in returning from Florida after meeting with like-minded people on six 2622 the planes engine stalls and no one can figure out why yet we were gliding fine and then RPM drops to zero seconds and we drop like a rock don't understand it it's a miracle we are alive I'm still processing everything in my brain is foggy I will fill you in later I'm still in ICU in Atlanta but recovering well over if I have lower do you know what that means or if all ripped like 0RIFF small old RI FO riff of lower left leg high unless she's talking unless she means a fracture I don't I don't know what it sounds like an even know what that yeah he's medical he's an ambulance that's right sorry forgot I keep thinking of you as a currency trader but you're right yeah you're sorry my previous life you're a paramedic as well right now I'm gonna eat you don't paramedic anymore no no no oh ref lower left leg five vertebrae fractures but they don't need surgery bruised all over and a nice shiner the tibia fibula were clean cut and displays set the foot was facing 120° in the wrong direction lots of docs have heaving dry heaving I can't read that Mia is i need pins of this is real if it's real lots of dry heaving by a couple paramedics it took 30 minutes to fight by the way would you drive here from seeing that doesn't bullshit yeah that's bullshit I finally found a phone to pin or location we were forced to crash into trees however Billy found a loggers trail that he followed so we didn't get major damage from the trees before crashing that was another miracle in itself then the Wi-Fi goes out and the phone overheats one thing after another finally heard voices on megaphones and I screamed help louder and longer than I ever have in my life billy has 20 years experience as a pilot and suffered skull fractures facial fractures T10 fracture and he has LOC what I wanna say loss of consciousness Erica no brain bleed thank God so she is but she speaks like a doctor that is quite it's quite nice he's got a lot of energy to type all that you know if if i'm recuperating from some major I don't know if I'm gonna feel like being public about everything in right away kind of like when you're when your son gets killed in a school shooting you come on TV that day and you don't even cry a tear right now but yeah that's it's not a natural thing to do even though you're a public figure and obviously makes a living be a public being a public figure just not when you're when you're not feeling great there's so many things you don't normally do you don't you're not gonna eat properly you're just gonna not be yourself and doesn't sing and sing the paramedics are heaving on site is absolute that's that's bullshit I could tell you that right now so is there anything that would do as a paramedic that turns your stomach or are you just so condition doing some side head and a helmet navy laughing look I'll be I'm gonna be honest with you guys in the mood vast majority of things doesn't even phase me there's not even in the end there's a bit of a problem with because over the overtime you become numb to these kind of things so if you guys are clear-cut example my daughter got hurt one time she fell broke her tooth the scratched up her face I didn't feel nothing and that and it was because I was so conditioned at that time when she was young while I was still a paramedic now if the paramedic has a problem with one of the calls let's say for example that usually it's about a call having to do with a chat with a child and then they'll be professional on scene but afterwards they go cry or they'll go talk to people about it but it's never on scene I've never seen of you know I work for Toronto EMS I work with one of the largest EMS services at him in North America I never seen one a paramedic freaking out over you don't know whatever injury happened yeah I'm so is it that that is a bullshit lie that she saying on there that the paramedics were easing OK let's do you ever see a 300 pound whale on the ground who can't eat a Dorito and do you get upset about that ha ha ha ha come to city you'll see the mirror at the herbal everyone can go to their own local Walmart and see more than I need to see that's true several people of but a great website watch that till you're blue in the face with the word on on the abortion thing is my life three weeks ago to try to throw me into a dumpster she didn't even birth me so I'm pro life and how how are you and your wife getting along now that she's retired and you fix why you think she's 600 miles away right now right she just hit the Rota anyone got a speeding car sound effect you had enough of a buddy to leave in a week how do you feel about being home all alone right now in different it's exactly without the jokes it's it's she used to do this every year and I she wants me to go where I live 20 minutes away from the Susquehanna river which has just a glorious things that is in 600 miles away 20 Hour Dr. in man I've never seen any of the reasons to go there but they keep every night I mean like after the show she's gonna call me and she's gonna show me pictures and like you gotta come up here it's just not for me do I like do I am I being a bachelor and being home by myself not at all I take care there's a stray cat I take care of it's a resident admitted it's amazing no no no it's not I don't like living by what's up how are you know I'm sleep by myself OK well maybe you should turn off the report on the contracts and downs she's listening right now I'm just teasing with your buddy I know I get it I'm cool with that honestly I would but still kill myself if I was single the way things are going right I would kill myself Tego how do you bitch how do you meet someone of the opposite sex I'm assuming that's the way you're going still you've had it that you go that way how do you make how do how do you go to bed offending seven how do you even have a pretend conversation with a Normie how how do you do that you know that's a good question and if I know and it's tough it's a very tough thing because if I get if I go pick up a girl in my car and I wanted to go take go to a restaurant and she shows up with a mask I can tell her all you gentlemen here at the table that is probably not gonna work out better you know much longer so it's tough in today's world it's tough especially if they have a very opposing view to you know certain subjects that I have in terms of massive vaccines and all this kind of stuff right so it's it's tough and Alyssa and what do you do if you want "" friends with benefits but she's vacs like would do you have friends with benefits with someone who's faxed to be honest with you personally know him not not I wouldn't do that I wouldn't gold you know it dipping myself into that domain so when I do look for somebody else and she's gotta be on Backstabber how do you know she's telling you the truth that's the problem you know that's you know that's listen you're gonna you're gonna first of all you're gonna have to look at things I'm on when I meet somebody I'm kind of like an investigator right so I just don't take her word for it I I go through her Facebook profile and look at her history I look at subtleties on how she talks you know certain little little cues and a little things that she might do and I pick up on these things so I don't immediately believe what she says I'm like an investigator I find out everything I can and if she's been back since we're friends are weird circle she runs in and all this kind of stuff so I don't wanna driving I wanna listen why I told my friends does my single guys all in our newly single friends I wanna get divorced I tell him in today's world you gotta be like a private investigator you got a really know you know who you're going out with you really do because it it can spell disaster down the line so that's just me that's just my personal preference I like to know who you know who I'm with and then the worst part is she's like no really I'm on VAX I took a PCR test I can prove it hello PCR test I don't really know directly many ways to test and it should probably be better off to get a D dimer test rating that that's a bad yes she's got blood clotting exactly how yeah but how many of your friends are getting divorced already I got tons of them that really from high school and university that are divorced on top of most every single one of them Frank almost oh and then Frank how about this the one guy that I and his name happens to be frank the one guy that I thought that was supposed to be Mary do you know that one guy that we've all known and he's like a Christian guy you know goes to church all the time him and his wife they're all dedicated to each other I i thought they would never get divorced I got a phone call five years ago from one of my friends Tommy in Toronto he told me he won't believe what happened to frank he walks in the door and his wife is with another man is in the bed because he came home early from work they let him off work for a couple hours early and like almost every single one of them is a disaster not one and the one that you are I say one or two that are still together they're unhappy you could tell that you know when I rub it into them all the time right on going to Mexico by myself and going to have a great time have fun with your wife right so it's in today's world is tough Frank well then that proves that the wife is really stupid she should use an AirTag one tracking her husband yeah yeah it's tough it's tough for today's world and it's even tougher with these vaccines and all this kind of south right so yeah this when you ask me how you know it or not happy no like I can't imagine being with any other person oh my goodness where would you start yes tough yeah it's tough if you're happy and you're married that's great on you go to my watchlist and I gotta say all the right things just go with it keep going yeah no that's great if you guys are happy and married that's great but you know the vast majority that I know are definitely not happy like you guys but I have to say that that happiness is overrated for sure by three but one thing is very interesting that all of the people I university with all that school with that got married which is practically all of them I don't know it I don't know any of them the divorce wow so we're approaching mulcher we're approaching 40 years of marriage very nice thank yeah by the way it's it's not it's not big of any fantastic behavior by me I'm not pretending that at Which but it is interesting beat me with a mindset really make it sound like you're going to work you know I think that I that happened to us in a my wife and you know when we were struggling to get we got some counseling from the Catholic Church of all places and they had a.m. they had a particular thing that was going on at the time call retrovirally where the the biggest message was that to love someone is a decision that you make and I've just found it to be a very powerful idea but it i drop that course it was obviously too successful for the Contempro Catholic Church they would make enough money out of it I guess but it's i agree with now how quick people are to to end the marriages and I think I think a lot of it is based on what you see on television show television soap operas oh yeah that's that story that you heard about the guy coming on finding his wife in the sack with another guy well so sore and so and so he's taught that the responses that he's gotta get divorce I guess what I'm going to suggest you is that is really ridiculous childish and pre-programmed right what what did the guy do that got to that point maybe you can fix that I agree etc. you know there's just now it's just so much more room between the the stimulus and the response to be explored than just that tell me you've listen to a lot of my audios have I ever talked about with the time I went to a Jesuit therapist with my wife now I don't think so I don't remember that and I'm still Fioricet my wife about this I went there for shits and giggles as I go to therapy said we're always arguing so I go there and the guy was like OK tell me what's the promise we're literally on the couch in and then it goes to me first and I'm like yeah we're 911 inside job but this and that my wife doesn't like to hear that what five minutes and he goes he goes he looks at my wife because you know he is a little crazy find me in the past or try to get me to do another last another counseling session after they call me crazy in five minutes because of my crazy conspiracy theories but he stay for the next session, I was pissed at my wife because she's like she was like fist pumping I guess he would have to deal with this would have to live with Tim how long have you been married for I have been married for 29 years old how long have you been dating hour before the body year wow I just a year that's enough how are you frank a long time he often on September 17 they're doing life your life or they're doing life without parole man I remember those days Joe are you are you could tell me if I forget if you're married or daughter 34 years and we never had a fight with that is that true is that true no not at all and how long were you dating before the 34 years of marriage two years wow so you're still married Joe like they didn't catch that yes oh good for you this this year it'll be 34 that's really i didn't wanna say 33 I didn't wanna change and Joe what do you think of the idea that love is a decision I think I took a similar course like that but I actually took that course at the Catholic church with it with a priest him after 20 years of marriage yes same same because we were married at the courthouse in and 20 years past and my wife and I wanted to renew our vows in a in a Catholic Church OK so and going back to the dating thing for Diego I don't think he's got anything to worry about because I don't know any person who is lying about having taken the VAX mail or female dating somebody or not dating somebody if they have taken the vaccine they're proud of Charlie about it they are so super proud about it they don't care if you're dating them or not they don't care but what if Tina would've we don't know what Teca looks like what if he's hot and he walked in and his shirt says fuck the VAX in the woman's like I just drove 45 minutes to see you yeah yeah yeah that's the only circumstances if she has insider information where she knows him part of the other kind that you're speechless like yeah and if she really likes me she dead at that point she might she might like and see if I'm lying yeah absolutely yeah but but for that you must be amazingly good looking then I don't know I don't know very charming Tim oh yeah you are you're a player man my wife wants to see what it looks like so throw up take out my wife really likes you she's like I really like that guy that doesn't sound too I hope I had to put an air track record on her now so maybe you better not sure if it's your door I need i'm confident in my of my ability to bring it to you ha ha ha ha ha i don't see a picture I think you should do a deal before you do this Thiago I think you should know I never get to see Marcus picture yeah I no way you wanna see it yeah yeah he looks good in that cartoon with the cap on oh well we were going a couple hours guys I wouldn't mind wrapping it up if you don't mind you can keep the show going on the offer of a body beauty show his second price $10 hold on let me bring it up I have it in my archive year and even no I'm off tomorrow I have a few things to do so I'm off in an hour you guys know what I'm doing tomorrow no you can have a good ride and you just told us how do I buy yeah but before that what I'm gonna do every Canada Day I'll have I'll go take my car to go drive down to The Wharf at the at the Atlantic Ocean Omai God who the hell is that I got the cap on at this stage I'm gonna suggest you keep your your i'm gonna go down to the Atlantic ocean here to The Wharf Fishermans wharf and I'm gonna go grab myself too big lobsters oh nice yeah that would like to be a lobster nova sweet lobster that doesn't really fit your vegetarian diet no it's a chance it's by cheap Canada day cheat day tomorrow so when hypocrite yeah ha ha ha I just love my love lobster too much man nine dollars a pound here she is stupid I'm in a bind them oh no I'm not I'm buying them right off the fisherman yeah how beautiful yeah Thiago did you change your network connection so you have a better connection tonight have a better connection yeah nearest your Internet connection is pretty solid tonight I'm just curious if you changed anything no no nothing ok so I just know if you were some interference the other day or maybe some other RF interference I suppose or an ex girlfriend Tryna Internet connection and every night before we sign off I wanted Thank Joe for coming on thank you Joe for a cup on thank you and you added great insight to the call and I hope you can do it again and if anyone else wants to be a guest on the supers no you can go to and then click on the Marcus Allen show and now I have prominently put my email address which changes frequently because I keep getting spam so I keep changing it and you can see my email address and if you know if someone either yourself or know someone who would be a great guest on the show hit me up I read the emails and we'll make it happen that sounds good did Joe did you get it everything you wanted out of the shower do it I was it everything you expected or yeah I don't know is great I really appreciate it you don't need the invite thank you you're welcome did you want it how we gonna work this with me do we just keep winding the roster every week or how do you do I would recommend that OK it's up to you guys if you want me to do it again I just can't make it every Thursday that's for sure ok that's fine then just to let you guys know everybody know I just got a email here from the counter signal here in Canada and they're saying that there's a violent clashes in downtown Ottawa right now as we speak from protesters and police over what yeah that should be on the Twitter somewhere then yeah what are they what are they gonna do with what about Ken Canada Day protest they're the protesters you don't like the truckers went down to Ottawa to go for freedom Matt yeah yeah the freedom people are back in Ottawa so Marcus will be on the case on that checking that out there checking out right now so Ottawa Ottawa Road and samp is it all the way up to tease that's right yes well that'll be interesting the most famous thing that's going on in Ottawa is there's a guy that walked right across Canada James top and he arrived today or it's gone he or he's going to ride tomorrow so he's I think he's already actually spoken at the war Memorial and that was apparently a very good speech that's is marching for read them I suppose are just promoting what's going on can you see my page right now yeah yeah James joins James top so there you go yeah ok you're saying you're getting reports of violent clashes whatever that means yeah you know Keon backseat with a counter signal used to work for rebel nutrient right he's a reporter yeah I just got out of a email from you I'm over by subscribe to the counter and he he just sent an email out a minute ago two minutes OK yeah saying that he's in downtown Ottawa and there's violent protesters are clashing with police right now what's up yeah it's on the counter signal that you're talking about oh ok OK let me blow it up for you I don't think it would take much for them it's a blow something minor out of proportion there so you weren't able to hear the audio that Tim just a video I heard a little bit I'm hurt a now it's all fuzzy up why do people protest what what are people thinking this is not it doesn't work it's never worked what go to the peoples homes go to the people who are doing this shit to us and go to their homes get a shit thrower from a farm and shit their house up believe me this will end tomorrow night and I don't think it's gonna end but i'm telling you you go to important people that no one knows about and I can easily create a list with Omar and this will end tomorrow wrong on the in Nova Scotia I think I think the raging dissident went to the chief medical officer of Nova Scotia and he was arrested yeah what did he do yet but when he pees he just stood out in front and don't do you know what to do you know that shit spreader is it's the cow manure that spread over acres and acres of that that that would in Canada you can't get arrested if you're driving that machine no one's gonna wanna be in front of that machine yeah well these guys were just standing protesting outside of the guys I don't stop protesting it doesn't work it's like OK well I think yeah well it doesn't work in the sense he get arrested that's going and that that tactic was used but they just did not in Canada least I don't know what it what it would be like in the United States again I've talked there's 1 million times you have to protest just drive around just drive on the edge on the street you'll freak them out it would freak me out if a a bunch of people circled around my my street pointing the camera at me and they can't do what we did what are you doing wrong you're driving don't have to do well they're gonna they're what they're gonna do that is they're gonna do the same thing as they did with the premier of Ontario on his street with the cops ended up doing was they block the street that's marvelous are you have a list three that live there yeah you have a list and you go to it and then you live then you do it to someone else and you do it random you be smart about it I know you've said it before but they're ready for that Marcus so at least here Arkansas is this in Ottawa this is the Ottawa thing earlier and it's hard to tell borrow it but we're looking at oh there we go michaels ha ha ha ha ha ha ha keep protesting folks that all right guys good hey brother I'm very good sounds like you guys have a good night how did you like General Kelly well you know I did I listen to the whole show so it was a really good really cool yeah he's a really nice guy really interesting fella imagine thinking about it for 50 years 24 hours a day I die that's amazing that he's so obsessed with the concepts or any concepts bit to be willing to throw his business away over that I mean not a hero that is a hero to me that's why I brought that up for those who didn't know this guy here in the diner and has a lot of his customers were hospital workers and he was trying to let warn them about the dangers of vaccines and it put his diner on the business and the Elise I took the other circumstances but yeah that would that's really put your money where your mouth insurance that's amazing all right so I'll say good night to Pepper now pepperoni closing comments oh no I wanted to bring Tommy before the movie Tommy about the deaf dumb and blind kid all right now but that's OK next time that's Pete Townsend who invented that character so that's great it's on its own it's a movie soundtrack yeah in Tastic and i niihau Frank any closing comments oh I look up I enjoy appearing here and grab it yes it's a privilege and thank you are you are you are you know can only encourage people to donate to your efforts thank you a great service that you do all right thank you for your donation thank you for your donations very very easy to donate after you you also do I need to thank your pepper yeah very very easy system in which to donate beautiful and thank you Marcus for organizing it it's greatly appreciated my pleasure love doing it thanks for having thanks Marcus and Marcus has his archives going back a long ways so you can go to the website and skip the new normal they're still relevant names today yeah I don't think the Internet to Marcus Naruto kingdom to Tim Marcus doesn't dig well what about access tear archives I took it down I don't do I just put it out everything up for free no I did not know that I think I heard you allude to it I wasn't sure that that's official it's official now OK yeah I presume that you are taking donations no wow you have no way to go you have no gonna support you well well his wife that's a big retirement and that's with Marcus and Marcus is gonna be printing outside so I hope you've got your wife on board on that she's totally not on board I wonder what I'm gonna do I don't marcus you won't set up a donation site like a like abbess I have no plans to do it there's so many other strings attached to it I don't like the strings no strings attached to my donation really Apple Cash really no no that's not uncle on the donated to fake hotels that you have you have what summer college shit coin sponsoring your your videos of people to pay in cash that's fine they are stand you can you can you can donate in and show up for six months on all the videos of temps if I can or if I take a donation let's say I took a donation from Steve Kirsch Yes and it's like you should push early treatment for blah blah blah oh now I'm screwed right well I'm glad and I go back to bed so I'm not I'm not too it's not too big of a deal to have Apple Cash on the front page though I'm not I'm not I'm not phased by it but for the most but if anyone wants to donate to my site your name goes up on a donor page as well so all right diego any closing comments you know what the only closing comment that I have is to all my dear married friends Scott I want you I want you to remember one thing words of wisdom OK keep your stick on the ice wow dude might stick drags on the ice oh my goodness all right that was a good way Emma show a joke on Frankford the audience of those that claim to be female but obviously I'm mistaken that's turning on sausage party all right guys I'll see you back on anyone I was listening now i'm back on Saturday morning the Rick and Rollo sure it's even more silly than Tonight Show you can join into that but the freaking app show Frank and abs well sometimes we show up after and we keep talking OK on Saturday that's not really a scheduled show but it usually does occur into how do you how do you find those fake all and just click the links audios and podcasts I'm not I love it I want to get on the next ok well that's Saturday old questions Saturday morning then Saturday morning Eastern time definitely get on get onto the discord and get onto the phone line and maybe a Bible question or two but we won't talk about that wow that'll yeah definitely it's definitely welcome definitely welcome on the discord /Discord if you wanna get on that away there is lots of ways to communicate I may be doing an interview with a vaccine injured woman and Manchester tomorrow but I will see if that comes to fruition I want everyone will get an email alert that's up in the morning if that's possible but we'll see one more thing to him yeah go ahead remember everyone has that has to take the link of the show and give it to one person I just say what do you think about the shower that's it that's all I have to say and if you can send it to Steve curse you can go to this comment section hey Steve Mark would like to talk to you yeah do you get to have a little talk to Steve or not nothing confrontational no debate no million dollars I should have we'll talk by the way and Marcus one of your sons has said that your wife takes donations I see that right now yeah yeah so if you would like to donate heard her address is 1515 Washington St. Washington DC blah blah blah blah blah does the FBI building the White House that 60 Pennsylvania did the bank account details on the password to you know what's interesting is that from court that's my youngest son I didn't know he was on here to Holy Cross Academy wanderer numbers are up the entire this is this is the first I'm looking for your wife's name next election want her picture yeah that's why I like her voice so she's a lover I've gotta say judging from the comments I'm suggesting that it said Trish playing the role of Corey yeah something tells me you have a lot of influence there see you should've got on the on the trip Marcus better try and deny maybe next week we'll have her on she come so come on yeah she's come on before I schedule her for next week ok will book her on yes book her for next week give it make sure she has a working microphone not like dude I got three microphones in the studio ever make sure they're working and I think you had issues last time but then I don't know what you're talking about all right all right guys about 11 o'clock play good hey Mike I don't care it's a bank you.