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Let's skip the fluff as I was saying let's get right to the good stuff right now so here's the headline the billionaire family pushing sent that synthetic synthetic sex identity is known as SSI and I'll just read a couple paragraphs one of the most powerful yet unremarked upon drivers of our current wars over definitions gender is a concerted push by the members of the richest families in the United States to transition Americans from a dimorphic definition of sex to the broad acceptance in propagation of synthetic sex identities over the past decade the Pritzkers of Illinois who helped put Barack Obama in the White House and include among their number of former US secretary of commerce penny Pritzker who I believe at 100 Jennifer Pritzker is transgender early blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah so basically if you're angry about all of the transgender stuff you can focus and laserbeam your anger at this family yeah I saw that I think I posted that article as well and yeah it's it's disturbing and I'm getting tired of these these these guys pushing their religion honest I think that that's all it is is this Kabbalistic religion they may have missed pronounced on the other show the other day so yeah I am yeah is it to me it's just religion and it's just I get my best info from history he really I think it's a great handle on what what these guys are trying to push and it's annoying anyone else well I identify 21-year-old Mauritian woman so I'm all for it OK Frank wants to be a woman not received it I already a.m. in Ott's at my density and my pronoun is still here though all right Diego what do you think you have a young daughter of that she's the most vulnerable to all the stuff the children are very vulnerable to this nonsense I don't think you and I are I think we're hard in our ways as we get older but children what what do you think yeah is the same I mean the important thing is I think the parents got to speak to their children my daughter she's full fully aware 1000% of what's going i actually her and I laugh about it all the time and you just gotta communicate with your children that's all and you don't make light of it make a joke out of hey you know for any for my daughter and her immediate friends here when I see them and talk to them about it they they laugh they know it's all all nonsense they're actually pretty caught up as well in terms of the global warming hoax so they're there they're pretty good yeah they're pretty good they laugh and look at me she'll come home and she'll say all dad you won't believe what they tell him no talking to me about today the CO2 levels and you know everything's gonna be underwater in 20 years and she just laughs I go it's all not as dumb I said they've been telling me when I was a little kid you know to hide under a desk in case of an atom bomb went off I said they keep talking about it at all this nonsense a year after year no matter how old you are just ignore it she knows OK that's good that's all do you have any comments on this package of Ellis at Alice at you have any comments on the transgender agenda billionaires he might be out for a smoke so I have them a plethora of follow-up questions from last week show or you got more questions into your website my they are ready also question with Diego this is from last week show with Diego ride a motorcycle after seeing that horrific accident accident yeah I actually had the speed bikes do you know up until 10 years ago I had a GS Exar 1100 750 I'm so yeah the only reason why you know I quit riding a bike as you know obviously the other I know you have to watch out for other people or more the hazard than anything else and let you know I got a daughter and so bright I hope you know I rode bikes yeah I'm not scared just because I seen all that you know I've seen plenty of bad car accidents and they still drive a car what was that bike accident I miss gotta get your paying attention the last hotel and the accident with the with the with the helmet remember I was you I was telling you guys all story Oreo yeah that was an old story OK I gotcha yeah yeah all right next where's Frank never answered where is Frank's perfect place to live OK I just wanted to ask you a question but play syllabus obviously the heavenly Jerusalem above what's your second favorite but I think you said that I think you said that last time but I think this person probably saying we're on mother Earth Gaia would you want it but one of the icing I'm living in paradise on earth but I can't anyway ok so the reason I say that is because the climate ism in a knot it's got seasons but it's not extreme dinner so I'll be able to go skiing tomorrow if I want to and I can go so boring i'm going to a lot of karaoke the restaurant Sarah Gray this surf beaches nearby some it's quite beautiful here really OK stop bragging about where you live OK next all right so this is for everyone do all lives matter equally how are we all equal yeah we take it that way I think all human lives matter for sure Diego equally on the real estate question no I don't think by bottega Institute to open you up I agree with sugar yeah depend depend depend it depends how you're in a hurry I guess the person answering it because if you come totally from an empathic point of you then then you don't wanna see anyone dying right now but you know when you're when you're at but that's not to me that's not reality the reality is you have people that don't feel empathy that that's a fact men and they murder they they abused children they rape children they kill children all this kind of stuff do they deserve to live you know that's good that's a Eno to be for me if you're gonna be on the earth you should be contributing something positive and if you're you know if you got some sort of distortion in your in your empathy than that maybe maybe you shouldn't Be Here Frank well I don't think all lives are equal but I doubt any of them or I would suspect that no two lives are equal but I do think that everything's tear in it because I have a view that the Bible is the most accurate description of our world it indicates that everything is here for a reason so from that point of you they are important when we're told that they're useless eaters doesn't that plane to the equation showing in my view the that particular topic is anti-biblical simply because we're not here to serve the economy the economy is here to serve us up where the reason that all this exists except for except for obviously people that don't agree with me really i'm kidding it was that was that to me it's just cause I don't I don't know I'm not a religious guy so I don't agree with that but I agree with your what you just said yeah so the date that the outcome of all of this is that really really own universe all we can observe is what we see here touch taste feel and think we we don't know if it's real really assumptions we model the world we live in so we are living in it and experiencing it and it really is just about you what you perceive you're important and all the all the input you get are reported in my dear Frank are you moving into the simulacra talk to OK I think i think that everything I happy for me is in existence yeah I don't have no way to know that yes it's a thought i can't prove anything yeah real quick my thoughts is that no all lives don't matter equally matter and I I don't know if they were asking if it's equally everyone has different value everyone provides different value so no I disagree with that that's not to say that I wanna kill people but no all lives matter equally if that's what it is that that's ridiculous of course not here's my question yeah sorry here's my question let's say for example that everybody here on this panel and everyone listening at home let's say for example the everybody here agreed that there's a couple of families central banking families who control everything we're pulling the strings behind the scenes with a lot of money and power do you know causing a lot of harm and killing a lot of people do you guys think that let's eat let's just say it's three families do you guys think that they deserve to live or deserve to die even though they're causing all this harm and destruction in the world with a question Thiago I'll take that one is are they really creating this or are they faking it because I'm finding more and more that they're faking a lot of stuff that they're telling us they're telling us that there's supply chain shortages ensure you can look at gas and you can look at a couple of things but I'm not seeing white again I went to the grocery store just before the show it's completely stacked and fact i was so someone's line so then the question is why are they lying about that so do we wanna kill these people because they're lying to us I mean that sounds kind of ridiculous just ignored nobody I'm talking about this like serious harms in terms of you know we can talk in terms of you know pseudo wars or do you know where vaccinations you know all this kind of stuff you know destroying the economy that you know these are real harms you know when the economy gets destroyed people lose their jobs they're suicide there's deaths there's all these people are definitely causing all this these gas prices their pride their manipulate manipulated gas prices are causing real harm on people around the world this is affecting a lot of people around the world do you think that these family should still let you no if the power was up to you would you eliminate them or let them live I would let them live and I wouldn't ignore them which is what I'm moving towards I would ignore can I say I am not with you has been good and evil I don't think we very skilled at establishing what is good and what is evil and we have all these in a modern philosophy is really just that same comment rehashed if you save a man from drowning and he ends up going onto murdered in at 5000 people have you done all that work better but we did that experiment before didn't we yeah yeah not capable in my opinion of knowing the difference between good and bad and in that really is the story of the bible and really given a year a story in the Bible it says God will fix all the stuff in his own time and don't judge lest ye be judge we simply don't know but you don't make sense to defend yourself against these potentially harmful beings obviously tell you it sounds like you wanna kill him 88 I just think you know there's there's their kind that live among us and what I mean by that I mean that Pete there are people with no empathy narcissistic personality disorder and I think you know they have certain types of psychotic little psychopathy that you know you you really have to ask her what you know what are they at you know if they're here inflicting pain and misery on people on earth and yeah you know why are they here or you know like to eat Frankie no Dino deciphering between good and evil to me it's very sick you know Symplex and a true what are they contributing what are they contributing are they contribute in or they contributing you know killing people and destroying peoples lives well that's evil that's that's causing misery in peoples lives that you know the example that you give that you save a guy from drowning and then he goes and kills you know 5000 people you're saving him because you have empathic qualities you have probably a high level of empathy to save that guy from drowning because if it was somebody with an MPD disorder with a with a malignant psychopathy he would turn around and not save you right but these creatures these beings they live among us they're not like us they have a dairy let me give you example no I know people that would be very happy to kill people that create carbon dioxide because you are the values that have been placed in the head using you know the powers of persuasion yes those people I think we would actually do it some people would actually do it if they had the balls to do it yeah because they have they have a distortion of reality in their mind that's a distortion of reality that reality doesn't exist that's like me saying walking imagine imagine those same people walked out in the morning and said that's not a blue sky that's a red sky you would think they're crazy well it's it's no different when they say that you know Thiago's polluting because he's driving a Dodge Viper Annie's polluting the environment we want to kill them they haven't they have a mental deficiency they have a distortion of reality just like no no different then you know men pretending you know to call me hear them are transgender these are all distortions of reality ripple same time you i'm making a judgment about those entities yes and it's it is a judgment right and is it although you may think it's a very small possibility that you are wrong about them and I agree with you it's still a possibility that you i wrong about them yes it's a good one I fuck 15 years ago I gladly proudly gave my two sons every single vaccination that was recommended do you wanna kill me no absolutely not because you were you were misled I don't wanna but you're not you're not intention to see the difference here is intention intention right that's it that's the difference you're not intentionally you know you thought as a parent back then I was on the way that you were doing the right thing I'm talking about I'm talking about Charlie yeah I'm talking about a devil of awareness yeah i'm sorry I'm talking about a level of awareness of a narcissistic psychopath who is probably just as intelligent or more intelligent than everybody here on the panel and who who intent on destroying peoples lives whether financially whether through vaccine programs we know whatever it is take your pick and these kind of people walk among us and every single day like they're part of our families they're part of our work they're part of our every day lives what do how do you say haven't been trained from birth to Piazza Di different no difference to meet vaccinating my children they have basically come to the to the decision making now they've made simply on the basis of what they brought up by birth whatever it is that they do this stuff to them right away we don't know the story of the Bible is ultimately these people can save themselves and us are so you're what you're saying is a narcissistic psychopath or malignant psychopath can save himself what the problem is we simply do not know what a motivation we are assuming it's narcissism and psychopathy yeah to them it might be the logic of the year whatever it is that whatever it is the city moral dip their moral drivers are obviously different to mine and clearly very different to yours but yeah because because they don't have just you that you're here I underlying your views is godly spiritual nature well that the primary difference between them and I and you is the one big difference is they don't have empathy they don't feel empathy they have a very narrow range of feelings but they're not like us they're very different most of their emotions that they feel on a daily basis is negative so again my question is these people is higher level higher Level narcissist who are destroying peoples lives on purpose with the intent of destroying your life on a global level a global scale do they deserve to be i live there they're different reporting to the according to the Bible they're gonna be cast into the pit of fire so you no I'm not I'm not suggesting that I'm gonna go out and kill these guys or kill these people I'm just what I'm doing is I'm presenting a case of of evidence that they're not gonna change OK this is this is a disorder they've had and most times narcissistic psychopaths do things on an instinctual level they don't do what they don't say in their minds well I'm gonna do this to you know to get this kind of reaction these are a lot of these actions are instinctual to them so you know do they deserve to be alive I'm not saying I want to kill them but I'm just presenting an idea to everybody listening here tonight on you know what they think maybe maybe those people are like Frank who don't want to kill any of them and then there might there might be somebody in the who might be like you know what they're causing way too much destruction on earth they're hurting too many people let's just get rid of them so I think I should also differentiate between my intellectual view your emotional view exactly yeah so whether I want to kill them or not is a different question takeout I would I would suggest that they are the most i'm liable mercurial people on earth based on how we react to what they do to us so when you said nothing's gonna change I i totally disagree have you ever spoken to a narcissistic psycho malignant lysin narcissistic psychopath don't talk to my wife about I don't know how have I ever spoken to another sister I go to the gym so there are plenty of them who are who I know for a fact are constantly looking at themselves and they they will never give up their machine they're very selfish so I've never spoken to them but I've seen them yes yeah I'm talking with real malignant psychopathy but you know that that do not have any empathy and I can tell you with without a question I've spoken to many of them and I spoken to the doctors at the end of the institutions in Toronto there's no way there is no way that these people will ever change they they they they just do not have empathy they don't feel there's a big difference with AJ I think what you mean to say that they don't change their their lack of empathy but they do change their tactics again based on how we react to what they're doing to us so my suggestion is instead of worrying about them ignore them then you know about them yeah i know i yeah I listen to it you know but wonder it's it's it's a little bit different when they're hurting people on a grand scale they are hurting but as Tim will tell you and he can speak for himself people or are voluntarily being hurt right now no one has been forced to take the box and i disagree with that but there is that argument that no one has been fortunate to threaten threaten losing your job is pretty darn forceful but technically it's not been forced on us nothing has been forced on us we are we are choosing to get harmed some people are and some people are not some people have no choice they got three kids and they gotta work they have no other place to go they gotta get it so that they're forced forced to get it because they don't have an argument about the Christian argument is that those of faith will be provided for yes all right let's move onto another topic guys because we like to keep keep this thing fresh so I already have a question come in that we got a question for me I wonder if Marcus has read the Bible yes I've read the Bible probably more thoroughly than anyone who's religious and that's the reason I'm not religious they're over 500 direct Bible contradictions in the Bible and I'll post that my companion nuts next next question can you suggest speaking out what it is I pulled up I have a list just in random order but I pull this one up cause we're talking about it which is can you suggest nonviolent methods to undermine the evil government so they never rise to power again we can skip that one if you want that might be a little tricky to break down in 10 or 15 minute break out I'll take that out next when do i want to I want to give the Monty Python the answer OK to do something really really clever in medicine and you win a Nobel prize and then everybody listens to you and you can jolly will tell them what to do OK and just as a sidenote I rebooted fake O2 because it wasn't the streaming too well and if anyone has any problems with it in the astronauts or three in the fecal tube Jack I think that was working but most people are on YouTube right now anyway tonight so I think you're a faker too? Us I don't know you do I want no I thought I heard the word fake or two but not the front door or you can or you done with the money python I didn't quite get understand i didn't get it either but I never like Monty Python much OK there is much more to it you know the whole idea that you who can change this thing is fascicle you know all the things that we think about the institutions that we think liter power we don't know what we don't know what the strings of power we can't do that yeah yeah I agree don't think you can change the side but you can certainly get out of i've been working on that for two years now everything from as Thiago suggested over a month ago to stop paying her credit cards actually stop doing that two years ago that's one one of my ways to get out of it to two I got rid of my checks figured out how to cash out my retirement fun to get out of that pit that shitty system the pension system how do I not have to pay property taxes and income taxes anymore I'm taking a lot of strides in and rapidly because things are happening rapidly and I'm getting out of their system and it can be done I'm still here I'm still alive and I'm able to make it up and I've done the same thing I actually there is a form and a tax forms Woodward says is this your last text written I just checked that and that was that are amazing with bigger stones than me but I'm still paying all my taxes and by the way Tim and I'll try the link all right there's a Homestead guy from your last text written and so I said yes and and i checked that box and that was my last text written in that by the way is a formal contract that you have with the IRS if you no longer file your tax return you don't have to pay it I'll put a link to Disney taxes income taxes the income tax was originally supposed to be a temporary one percent tax defund World War I and then next thing you know we have we're still paying voluntarily income tax I'll put up i like to freedom to Fascism the movie by the guy who also create it Aaron Russo who also create a movie trading places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd any proves you don't have to pay income tax and by the way and I just I'm sorry and I'll post a link showing that he is starting taxation office is a private organization yeah they are close to cause ours is a private here in Canada that's pretty interesting but yours is can I share my screen or something sure do you have a screen share or you i have to press the share button and by the way if anyone has any other topics with questions with with whatever you wanna bring up this wall Frank is talking I have on my screen a burning cell phone tower that I saw with my own eyes and it stopped traffic on our big busiest highway I thought the present that because it's something that a lot of conspiracy guys talk about and I've never seen one before but this one was on fire I can confirm it I need to see my screen their guys is Canada's busiest highway and I can confirm that part of it was clothes so they could fight that fire I don't know if the tower I'm sure it has all the Gs on it but there you go comments questions concerns I'm not worried about 5G at OK so much bigger problems than you say can you see that screen I have to share your screen I don't see any anything being shared by you at the moment you see that screen no wait here we go magic banking it's still black wait here it is there's a scream Australian taxation office overviews of Frank's gonna I can see that share some more if you'd like this is this is in a signal hi i station office is a private company that industry for 100 112 years the company currently specializes in the government administration area quarters is located at Sydney music the number of them boys ranges ¥10,000 revenue The Strain text Tatian office berries between five minutes and 25 minutes to connect with station officer please register or I'll break it up a bit running high and it gives a link to it ok are you broke up a bit but I get the gist of it I'm amazed you guys have a private taxation office that's amazing I'll bet can I well I don't think we can I don't think so what are we at Thiago house is the Canada revenue agency adjuster I got an arm of the government that's well I used to be called revenue Canada then they did change the name to Canada yeah Canada revenue agency I'm wondering if the name change maybe coincided with some of something like a privatization I don't know actually maybe it used to it actually went through a couple name changes I will see CRA and then CRA Frankel yeah I was Canada customs and revenue agency and then it was just Canada revenue agency yeah yeah well the public health agency of Canada is a prime is a private charity and that's what's administering the tyranny in Canada right now they are not Health Canada they're two separate entities because they have all the words in just a different juxtaposition the average person on the street which is everyone doesn't know the difference but the public health agency of Canada is not the government I know that is a fact it's a public it's a private it's a private charity but it's number one donor is the government but there's they created a level of corporation separation to probably be able to what they're doing with immunity what do you think of that that's crazy crazy I mean I did you know that Diego I had no idea I was just about to say I had no idea that the public health agency if covet doesn't surprise me in the United States to him Marcus will probably attest to a lot of their military operations are subcontracted out to private industry probably already yeah a lot of my most all of them probably it's become quite a trend in the last 20 years I bet I can all governments around the world so it doesn't surprise me by public health agency of Canada little surprised at that one well well actually every province as a public health agency girls associate would have a private a private corporation that's the chat registered as a charity so that way the big rich people can donate to it and dictate its policy as the largest shareholder of the charity or Azelart largest contributor kind of like yeah yeah yeah yeah world health organization as well they're there is a charity as well I believe so yeah but it down as long as it is circumventing the constitutions of every country snakes on a similar note in a strange Australian Victorian there was an article in the newspaper that the current instability in the financial markets is likely to reduce the price the Victorian government is going to get for the sale of the business that collects all the car registration money call DM Avalor them victorian roads big roads OK not even yours being sold until this newspaper article came up and said we're not gonna get as much money as we thought we just stop collecting them the fees licensing fees and on terrible which means they're gonna do something real soon to replace the right direction for it they wrote everyone a check or anything they paid in the last year or two and then the other election here and on terrible and I'll get ready for whatever's next step that's well that's billions of dollars they just gave back though I don't know what they're up to get ready and I hit hard I'm sure next Tim's favorite question is bitcoin drops to a dollar or you gonna buy it I was Thiago tells me to I will yeah 9800 I know I am if it goes to a dollar I know I'll be probably with a lot of contracts on that's for sure so they go I think that question means do you know I could go to zero if it's at a dollar I could but it could also bounce back off zero service just like West Texas intermediate or a year and a half ago remember resident negative it was negative then and then and then and then all the guys Like Me started buying with a kit popped up to $22 a barrel seems the same thing I mean it's the same thing is it gonna stay the question is is it gonna see you know what is the probability is it gonna stay at one dollar probably not not for the long term unless the government makes it impossible to get with that they've tried they've tried in several countries already late and people with on ramps and off ramps of course they can do yeah Diego has bitcoin I can buy it off him and he's an on ramp right now that's a person like you get up you think it's last week when we were talking about bitcoin there was no intrinsic value in bitcoin there still isn't that's not true I sent an article to add yesterday OK where governments have now decided I'll find what I sent to oh right that was just a tax article on how they were going to treat cryptocurrencies in Australia not yet but not just that because it actually said that I particular government has now made it legal tender in the country so this is a huge change there's been a few countries that have El Salvador El Salvador that's right DB even that's all just right I'll just read it out the Australian government has confirmed crypto currencies will continue to be excluded foreign currency text arrangements following an overseas the decision follows right you got lots going on by El Salvador to allow bitcoin as legal tender yeah that's been for a while though yeah many and many other countries are following suit as well cause what's happening in El Salvador ever said there's an area in El Salvador I think it's just within the capital limits and outside the capital limits and a lot of digital nomads are moving there and and the place is like overrun with people who are moving to El Salvador because they totally want to get out of the system and wanna deal only in bitcoin so it's actually been a boom in that in that area and also the bitcoin in El Salvador you can exchange to bitcoin to the office and give it to the Elsa El Salvador in government and they will give you a permanent residency status how how long how long is it going to play with that are that offer ha ha ha ha I know what this means is set that the idea the crypto has no or bitcoin has no value has now been altered sorry intrinsic value what you said intrinsic value to me it has intrinsic value of the place in Ecuador we read to you what the definition of intrinsic value for you to Salvador yeah I was just gonna look up Intrinzik it means if you if you can't hold bitcoin in your hand you can't wear it you can't do anything with it besides trade it it does not have any intrinsic value that's not buying it to me now I would argue that there is no difference now between a bitcoin and a plastic hundred dollar bill in my hand I agree I'll be at Broomall Newtown services with that thing and it has that's that's enough Tim what's intrinsic value mean to you then be an extremely important and basic characteristic of a person or thing work works a little intrinsic value it so yeah I don't think it has to be your sounds like you're defining physical yeah a bitcoin does not have a physical presence yeah it's not it's digital so I can't be intrinsic no but I don't I think the again intrinsic as it doesn't apply that intrinsic being a part of the innermost nature of a person or thing that's interesting interesting means yeah it's the innermost part of the constitution that make up of it so it is it is defined as a digital thing which means it's not physical we get that right I think of I think it's it's it's not physical but it has intrinsic value I think matchstick I think cigarettes in prison have value because of the hundred ok baby well that's because they probably don't have digital wallet in prison yep yeah well what putting Finley will be OK penis to say that bitcoin is not a physical thing is end of the history some some stuff to make it work doesn't sure next when do you think sticking out just a theory it's inside now go ahead I think the proper way that I think the proper thing to say is don't use the word insurance if you just say does it have value of course it does someone values it that's why they're giving you more attention for the greater fool theory or as Frank likes to see the greater full model comes in someone's willing to pay you more for it during the trade so obviously that value is actually a blog I recall the greater cool sexy very good but he is not a truther and anyway he badly needs minutes off of the greater fool block yes that's it I'm speaking of this when do you think we'll be in a totally cashless society that's for the panel they want to take that one first not long I'm gonna be long not not not very long I would say totally cashless with yellow dollar bills in circulation correct off probably by the end of the decade yeah OK so 2030 yeah OK champion that's right up your alley yeah I would say maybe 2030 is a good girl I'm gonna agree there Frank the next year number that adds up to some significant Kabbalistic number whatever that is cash that would be 33 20 33 yeah a few a few things a few what are you call it events have to happen before you i have no money here so they're there has to be a catastrophic financial collapse before that happens in a couple other things happening so I i think I think by the end of the decade I don't think it's gonna be like next year or the year after but definitely I think definitely by 2030 you'll see you'll see yes you'll start hearing of announcements of a central banks around the world saying we're gonna we're gonna give me give us all your money all your physical money we're going on a digital one they're gonna give a but but a few things have to happen before that so yeah my guess is 2028 and why is that no shit I read I read the tea leaves and that's what they're talking about OK now you are a website that showed who was in the PC but that's that's gonna be riding parallel for a couple years with the dollar in cash specifically and remember the most one of the most popular denominations of $100 bill and that's because it's used for people who are not in the United States so the coronation of CDC right now not that many people are using cash believe it or not and although there's a bunch of different factors I still I'm going to 2028 are you guys I got Marcus is using cash probably I don't use much cash I do do you some cash I drastically read it I used to take out 350 bucks a week in cash to pay for everything for groceries to fun to restaurants and nowadays they take out basically nine dollars in cash well that's not no that's not true I have to get gas I hate the fact with the gas cards i have to say i am on a debit card system so you have to have like $100 at least in your bank account to use a gas card here in the United States if you have less than that they won't do so i just picked I just get a bunch of cash I took out a bunch of cash and pay by cash plus the local filler stations they like when I pay with cash so no I basically have nine dollars and that's for tips and I don't even tip anymore because everyone's messed up and I won't give anyone a tip if there weren't a mask good what about you Diego do you have any cash in your wallet oh yeah yeah yeah I don't think so but I don't think I was at the show last quick ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha exact question I asked yeah I got a little I got a little bit I got a couple of those for flying around Africa right now right I get it I get it right so I'm gonna end with one last question which I'm sure will go till the end of the show what up here is it just me or is life utterly pointless and stupid and a question is from one of your viewers Marcus yeah I get questions in fact if you want to submit questions just go to escape the that's my website click on the Marcus Allen show and you'll see where you can submit questions to me who are you click it now so we can see actually it's funny sad because it's kind of hidden so little after the show tonight I'm gonna move it up it's gonna be front and center because it is obviously popular so right so right now you're gonna just make it more prominent yes I can make it I can put at the top of the page actually OK all right so you're gonna just the website tonight and that was your question so that's that's so no I did title I'll just give you my answer no it's not it's the opposite of utterly pointless and stupid as magnificent why is that OK so that gets into the whole flat earth round earth and I keep think I I gravitate more towards flat earth because I think that we are incredibly special beings I think society behind round earth model is that we're just a speck of dust in this great grand thing of nothingness I think we're all very special we have all the potential to be to make a very very big difference and I treat my life that way I mean I i have totally figured out with my meaning of life is and it's to help people I really do believe that and if you stop watching TV if you get off the Internet life is freaking amazing if you're on the Internet it I can see why people say it's utterly pointless I can definitely see it OK Diego what do you think i'm i'm with Marcus I love life I really do I have a passion I like I I love the simple things in life I like just walking outside smelling the grass listening to the birds the animals I I really do love life and I know everybody here listens to me about bitcoin and financial talk but what really truly makes me happy is you know not money or not cars or houses or whatever and what really makes me happy is connections like you know that's why I come here every Thursday night to talk to everybody here and I have everybody listen it's the kind of connections and questions that makes me really happy and connected to people connected to the world all right we're glad we're making you happy that's fantastic honey I think I'll just Marcus Allen round table shell that's great 40th and Frank are yeah but the older I get the more astonished by the experience life I've become really I've I've find every aspect of it astonishing by keeping this discussion we're having now we are here do you think about all the things that are going on in your mind I think about all the events that must've the things that have happened to bring you to this point and you I can't help but marvel at it I'm astonished by I'm astonished by the experience of and find a time and I used to suffer a lot I think I've told her on the story 100 times but essentially I kind of laughed in Makkah said he would gravitate towards flat earth I think like a country addiction intense but unpunished send it yeah I am but essentially I find the idea that we have created end of this whole things been created for us and for us to experience in and work out a path on it to be very satisfying Gary Gary Vaynerchuk talked about it all the time sorry to interrupt Frank but this is Apatow he talks about all the time now the odds of us being born in his case white in America blah blah blah is one and 4 trillion or some ridiculous outrageous number yeah and I don't think people appreciate that nozzle on the abortionist definitely do not no and the difficulty now is when you're young like it wasn't great when I was young but now the school system must make people just think WTF what is this all about absolute lame get those poor people out of that school system is appalling answer I was like it is I'm not in it about that and Marcus's wife is the best person to talk to about what was it what was being said I know she's retired now which is great but yeah I'm totally guilty of everything that's just yeah yeah I'm totally out of touch but you just get dribs and drabs through the media but I am I I enjoy life mainly because I think I have the edge over most people in line and I think over the edge I'm not sure if it's helping me right now it makes me a very cautious and nervous about the controllers but I think there's so many willing victims out there that are willing to sacrifice his selves and their children then I think I'm probably pretty safe for quite a long i am but i do I do appreciate that we have the edge here and we have this amazing technology where we can collaborate and get together like never before never happened before so at least not on this go around that we know of thought I'm optimistic in that sense but overall I am I just enjoy the challenge of talking to new people meeting people and worse i got inspired when the donations come in but if all is coming in yeah yeah I've enjoyed myself quite a bit and I am glad I can still provide for myself and my family that's that's positive but I do get down when I read some of the really negative stories which is part of the research and not just reading the stories living the stories this is my only neighbor I just put away my question so now it's my questions or don't you guys all feel you guys and even the people in the audience you were listening especially if you've been listening for a while don't do you feel like you have the best chance to be the last person standing yeah in all BS absolutely isn't that wonderful thing it's an amazing absolutely I mean when you look out at the general public in your local neighborhoods or local areas that they are they literally are all asleep these people that they i have zero most of them have zero clue what's going on you're right and I have no excuse for not knowing what's going on because he just press a few buttons here and there computer smart phone tablet and you get all the answers you want there's tons of answers and I actually think edit all the time I don't have every single subscription to every single rape news source I'm always looking for these new sources but I just have a bunch that I just following my God the information they're pounding at us is just fantastic and it's got all the answers it doesn't have all the solutions necessarily there's a quite a few answers whether we get those answers this is society or questionable but not everyone has access to all this information because they're not willing to filter through the garbage to get through it and there's lots of garbage and of course that's what I try and provide on my blog or I'm giving everyone what I think is right and if they have better answers than they can submit them to me email me or the other millions of social media ways to get a hold of me phone me and I'll put them up I always give as much attribution as possible that I can remember so yeah there's information is here and we're trying to sort through it as experts all of us are experts attics we doing this long enough professionals well yeah it is it's not my career but it's passion and I put enough time into it like for instance as I told you guys before I am I'm going through the world war ii and and revisionist research and listening to this whole series by urns under which is 16 hours I'm almost finished 16 hours that's a whole course that was like a university course I'm constantly educating myself and getting alternative username I i think it's so powerful that we can just drag it up at the punch of a button without going to any trouble to get it fascinating to then let's let's pet you and myself on the back here since no one else well I mean you have if you if someone were to binge watch listen read your blog video platform audio platform they would literally get 1000 ask them what they would get out of college for now on the same at my website yeah either way they just have to find read the censorship is real and that's not it so if you're here listening to this and you get bored and you don't come back well that's your loss it really is your loss that's the way I look at it and tuna thanks for the recent donation as of right now thank you so much is very generous of you to next to the Chinese Donini thank you so much I appreciate that that's very generous and also thanks still another new donor just popped in Daniel thank you Daniel for your monthly donation that's great is value for value which I stole copied from the no agenda shows find you're getting value it's just on a donation basis whatever is your value I really believe that's a really great way because the sites wide open there's no pay walls or the Loxton barrier so yeah I I think I don't know Marcus if we're so much dumb censored I think what they do as a flood that's all there's so much nonsense that reads people when they turn on their computer even myself that they get distracted and instantly derailed from getting to the research to me that's the ultimate and censorship isn't yeah yeah yeah because it's very passive it's not it's not really it's not really yeah it's not deleting websites it's just it's just hiding them really and I'm guilty that I'll turn on my computer and I'll go to I'll have a something I wanna do and then something flickering website I'll distract me next thing and I forgot what I was gonna do off topic but I think it's the greatest time to be alive and it's dangerous if you don't know what you're doing I feel bad for the dummies i don't but it's it's not they're not dominates it's ignorance isn't it yeah OK that we should music no it was that's called spader spade Frank it's been 2 1/2 years now maybe two years ago sure but when you have people who blindly without I was talking to my wife for dinner yesterday and we were talking about the last time I was at the doctors office in the lessons at the doctors office was for my son my youngest son when he was one he just only had one MMR vaccine ready to get another vaccine and one of my subscribers sent me what we talk about all of the time now the dangers of vaccines and she told me to look at the package insert the insert that comes with each vaccine not not the propaganda marketing little insert that they give so I went to the doctor I said it's time for vaccine number two I said that I have a question I said can you show me the package insert for the next vaccine that we're gonna get is I was halfway through what I was saying she open the door to the office and on the back of the door was a stack of DVDs she goes here if your vaccine president watch this I said well I'm not hesitant about taking vaccines I just have a question about what are the what are the black box I keep hearing up these blackbox side effects which means it probably goes off the market if it's black box I heard there's like nine pages of side effects can I see that she would show it to me and she kicked me out of the office and I was last time I was at the doctor I'll call you you are challenging her business model is it in and people are gonna be like whoa what why is that real quick the reason is because they get about $40 per vaccine and you would be like well if you're the only one complaining about who cares if you stay on but none of your stand there's a quarter system to get the payment you have to have at least 80 depends what what nation are in 885% compliance so if they have too many people like me who question the vaccine and John taken in our vaccine hesitant then their percentage of uptake goes down and they get zero if it goes below 80% it's zero that's Donald right here blow that business bottle out of the water so they have to clip you they had to clip it rains you had to cut you off for sure what's the time I got that there's are our machines yeah that was great you guys have anything else before we closer down yeah go to the market update would you like to come interesting hour we're still we're still looking we're gonna be coming down on bitcoins that 9800 level lead the next like I said month or two for Noyle oil is still gonna be you know what's going bathroom minor retracement right now and then it'll continue on marching to 200 don't don't don't worry about that but other than that I mean forex market this week is kind of quiet my muffler got screwed on my car my bike crank is all messed up that I had a bit of a rough week i can't see my car till Saturday so I'm driving around in a nice car with a bad mom I think it fixed you're like everyone else that's on the road today I have guys that have these noisy muffler is there I can't even hear myself think when they pull up beside me I bylaws you're so annoying so maybe it's because I'm getting older like really get it aggravated by these these noisy Japanese bikes or these these guys with the gut it out muffler systems that are super noisy no you fit right in on that I think yeah it's it's I heard it when I was driving I heard a ping like salt like a piece of metal falling from the beneath my car and then when I went to the back of the white underneath the car the muffler is all loose so I think it just needs a some sort of a bracket to leave that or somebody jacked your Cadillac converter there or the catalytic converter I hope not that would make probably a lot more noise of the pipe which was I they're worth about 1000 bucks but I'm not sure I guess it depends on the car but you better make sure that you're not missing a external expensive component of the exhaust no no no I don't think it's a role-play as the catalytic converter but no I'm so surprised you can't see me till Saturday and I was like oh that really sucks but it is Thursday and the others was like a day or two ago or whatever and I was like oh well rise because a lot of these businesses are just trying to get back going at least in Canada I don't know about Pennsylvania Australia but they're calling all the unvaccinated back to work pretty much everywhere hear us know that's a lot and then another genocide one really ok good point that somebody wrote in from union pacific which is the railway that brings up a lot of the diesel and DEF to all the truck service stations saying that the people that were really good at doing the job like building trains they were laid off you're getting so many of the replacements that are not able to do that job of the unvaccinated which probably tend to be the smarter people at different companies they have more problems more derailments I'm not gonna see more plane crashes but maybe more pilot shortages because those people were exercised from the system for a while so if if they do allow this whole thing to bounce back it's gonna take probably half a year and this goes all the way down to mechanics of art supplies and it's everywhere yeah I guess it just depends on what they're going to do next and I don't think they're gonna stop doing messing with the system you guys would you would you guys go back to work reading rumor is that I am i was expecting to be in lockdown now because the world health organization met yesterday too so that the monkey yes play out of the news totally opposite so I was completely wrong cause we're not in shut down think but again I've talked about this before think about all the things that have failed contract tracing digital ID real real ID for Pennsylvania was delayed right now do you have we were back to normal "" not but there's so few people wearing mask now my wife actually gives the skunk before she was like why are why are you so upset when you see someone wearing a mask now she's like one of me it's pretty great to see and there's a bunch of things that they've been trying and it's not sticking that I'm thanks what's up with that we were all in all in good time ha ha ha ha ha get isn't over yet is it OK to be wrong about the about being in lockdown again braiding we're there yet prank ha ha ha ha well I'm worried because we have a whole generation is getting turned out with these new ideas about wearing mask here's a graphic if I have on my screen of the Stanford graduating class of 2022 all that stop by the most dangerous time to go to the hospital as all these new graduates get unleashed into the medical system and if you have any surgeries this i think i wanna move them to December when a lot of these people get a few extra miles on there are a brand new cars are brand new medical degrees longitude it be hard to imagine it could be worse because you and I discussed this before I know that during the lockdown in Australia right now to shut the hospitals the death rate plummeted rate this is all good news it was was huge so I don't I don't think it's Hospital of Beverly Hills good M and when you say oh you can get your surgery that's great news I don't think there's the only thing that I've got a hospital for no doubt about it until you go back me up on this I'm sure is if I'm in if I am experience a fuck and I'm in a fire yeah bring me to hospital give me the pain stuff give me the good stuff but if there's blood spurting out of my eyes I'm gonna figure it out on my own I've done really well with that I am not gonna fucking it doesn't let me ask you guys a question yeah if you guys are working for Reno whatever company and they laid you off and they are in and they said to you guys we don't want you back here cause you're not getting the vaccine a year and a half later they said come on back Marcus come on back Frank come on back to him would you guys go back hell fucking no me neither I would never go back with less depends on how how long you were laid off in the year year and a half and if you got something else going yeah you got something else going new career or you're in school to do something else would you go back yeah I would agree I would I would start something new I would've used as an opportunity if I ask her right I'm telling you all these things have been pretty good jabbing a distant I'm not a part from the jabbing in the destruction of businesses are people going bankrupt in the suicide other than that it's OK exceptions exceptions, it can cost daughter know yeah absolutely and and yeah they'll be more to come all in good time but this again comes down to knowledge is power and if you don't if you don't love yourself that's what it comes down to you don't love yourself if you're not going if you're going to Block Island you guys ever buy a dishwasher recent show many how many hours did you pour through the Internet to find the best dishwasher right but when it comes for something that could kill you you just take the doctors word for it you look no research whatsoever yeah I'm in red Wine yeah they got it people gotta be a little they gotta have what's called critical thinking right now so they gotta have a little bit of critical thinking discernment yeah and they they I find it a lot of people don't they just believe whatever all right guys you hear the music it's been a good show I have to hop right now holy crap thank you mom, Gong Show wedal soon as I get the soundboard gone will be doing some sound effects not to worry thanks Gabriel exactly so Berks Alan from escape thanks for having meetings for coming bye see you next week and Thiago on the Facebook group silence violent voices of Canada that right I will not be silent anymore I change the name Canada I will not be silent anymore Canada so I'll put the link to that or Marcus with the show notes for that dip and Frank thank you from how to take care of your penis that remix me laugh movies get the lower Hala thank different budget me all right thank you very much next show up on the fake I'll just radio net work by the way both channels fake all just fake one and scream two they're both always playing the latest audios on there you can always tune in and leave your radio station or your stream or TuneIn to those radio stations all the time and as soon as we go live they just break in with the live show including the audio chat so thanks Val set for setting that up that works really well I was actually listening so you can just stay tune to both radio station 24 and we will probably be mixing some IPS maybe a switch on the van in there as well so that's that's the plan anyway but right now it's just a fake all of the show and fake or just audio chat that is all going on and don't forget and always donate Bake all I and you can send a voicemail you can call in to and numbers are there for leaving voicemails we will play voicemails but we don't have any but if you do leave a voicemail we will play it don't forget emails you can send us all emails at the show I am at a and we will respond to those we got the forms they call /Forms to sub blog it's all on speakall you just have to go there every link we're talking about will branch out from there and don't forget we have show notes for every audio thousands of hours of life I was Marcus said it's all there if you want to learn where is the learning we haven't got it perfect but that we're always thanks thanks for the panel for always showing up on time it's fantastic and I will see you at the rec and Royal show which is next on Saturday one more thing to them yeah everyone needs to just tell one person to listen to this just send one link to one person don't do 20 just yes one yeah we want to see what we really appreciate the regulars but the man we will get want to do more names in the audio in the chat which is been popping tonight that be great or send a text and said something like hey what it what do you guys think what do you think about this show and then just a link to the show Michelle loves your show what a great color she oh shit I guess she was right wasn't she super awake yeah oh yeah Michelle Bell two friends etc. etc. one for him don't just one she lives here and is she lives here in the area yeah yes she sounds like a great person to hang with I know what to be honestly she message me on Facebook I've actually we haven't met her yet maybe this weekend I think we're going to meet and maybe go out for a couple of drinks and what all have a little chat it would happen that I have one more one more one more thing for how far Thiago and Tim are you from Bar Harbor Maine right now I have no idea I'm not a popular than Tim yeah I'll probably call you probably about 889 Hour drive oh never mind yeah yeah yeah I'm probably 20 I think it's a 24 Hour Dr. from Toronto to Halifax yeah I know yeah I no from Sydney to Maine the state of Maine to the borders 8 Hour Dr. yeah there's a big country very big front well some guys are going to maybe go go to the discord you have an aftershow if you want that's fine over there that's right brother than that guys thanks again and have a great night take Cara next week.