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Raw transcription

All right good evening everybody it's Thursday, June 2, 2022 it's 8:27 PM Eastern daylight saving time this is a fake all just speaking coming to you from the North Shore of Lake on terrible in Toronto Ontario Canada this is the Marcus Allen super show and we give Marcus top billing because of his vast history and experience in the truth or world and we salute him for that but we also have two other accomplished individuals on the call was myself and one of them is coming all the way from the other side of wherever we are at from G long Victoria Australia Frank the sockeye hello Frank good evening and of course we also i have Thiago from the eastern most coast of Canada I'm silicon on Scotia Diego well how are you good good gonna be better now I should've drove should've said hi to Marcus first cause I built them all up and then I passed right by it which call Marcus Allen from the Lancaster County Pennsylvania home of the amish what you're actually a dramatic dramatic bass people they're not Dutch that's good evening folks I hate folks hey everyone folks that's what bugs bunny said hi folks or and Barack Obama Oprah ok rock didn't know Barack was German is it open in Mobile mirror I come from the how much learning studio magazine doing what comes naturally gonna drink always licensing which is 908 is anything happening in the world is this gonna be a long short short so I know everyone bored of the show that's for sure but one person in the lifestream right now in the YouTube and do we have anything on the agenda to talk about tonight we do well of course everyone knows that June the entire month of June is queer month right everyone knows that right yeah well I drove by the Toyota head office in Toronto and they have a Canadian flag and right underneath it and equally sized rainbow flags is that what you mean that's what I mean so to kick things off if you turn on my screen I don't know if you have it up miracles are this is from member wonder woman Linda Carter yes she posted he or she not sure which I didn't write wonder woman but if you want to argue that she is somehow not queer or trans icon then you're not paying attention every time someone comes up to me and says that wonder woman help them while they were closeted it reminds me how special the role is i don't have any thoughts on that are used to love Linda Carter yes thank you I will just have to say that what disappoints me about the rainbow thing is that supposed to be the symbol of the covenant between man and God after the flood really well honestly is anyone here just raise your hand if you're tired of talking about genders and transsexuals and transgender's I only like it from a deception point of you but other than that I'm I'm really tired of it I found it very useful I have to say i am finally get a very practical way to Conowingo what's going on either when I go to the pub now things are used confuse me confuse me anymore when I'm talking about the main stream narrative part I'm tired of hearing about that being pushed in the rainbow flags and I think even gay men are our back lashing I think they've always backlash against being lumped in with the well they lost their status in the acronym acronym pile of LGBTQQI they used to be first geez to be first but then ladies went first and then went to Alpha Inc. they're still reeling from that designation where they don't wanna be lumped in with this amorphous group well maybe you've given new impetus to the gay rights movement you can you can have them a push to have Gabe put up ahead of me all the others and then it'll be gg thing give it now stop protesting about that OK well I don't understand the shades of gray quite frankly because the B stands for bisexual that means man or woman so why is there an argument here to sexiest man woman by sexual right gonna have to consult Naomi wolf to find out the whole the whole the whole talk exhaust me because I find I find a big right now I think they've they've worn out their welcome a long time ago so let's move on so I posted you go to the screen instead of talking about gender stuff let's talk more about gender stuff find says let boys into girls showers oral withhold school funding on a school lunch funding that's weird man yeah they got they got rainbows here in my town they even got these rainbows painted on the cement when I go bike riding I got I got a bike ride over them it gets I hope you hit the brakes on them and make a black line on them oh geez if I could I would Jesus like an NN this Biden guy look at this guys I don't know about letting them in to each other I guess I guess it's like when I used to go to the nightclubs in South Beach Miami they used to have unisex washrooms in the nightclubs that have the clubs are used to go to so I guess it's no different but that's kind of it's really weird this is this whole thing is like to me is like way out of my expertise I just find everything so bizarre and the service in the last couple of years with this transgender lGBTQRSTUV whatever the hell they wanna call it but I think it's just I think it's I think it's him trying to purposely confuse people on purpose gas lights on and just confusion now if you can convince confused so I don't oh my god i just i'm like I just turn off when I hear a light in my brain I just turn off I don't even bother with these people all jokes aside the reason I brought this up but I've got the paragraph highlighted right here it is Biden said he was reinterpreting the prohibition on discrimination based on sex found in title IX of the education amendments of 1972 blah blah blah and I bring this up because people I find cannot believe how far in advance that these people who rule over us think ahead of time I mean this 1972 is at 50 years ago yeah yeah this they brought it back did they actually probably put this in 50 years ago knowing 50 years from now they would use it that's what's breathtaking to me just how long term planners these people are yeah run the other hand I've heard that they're recycling the 70s in this decade right now so this is just a recycling and no agenda shows my heartbeat harping about that for a while and then noticing all the visual support toyota flares are back OK you got your flares on I haven't got them on yet but I'm gonna get a pair staggers at some point is I i think I made you look great in that place and you're gonna buy the bad colored appliances and put shag and paneling back into your house no question about that all that orange glass with the orange purple or orange Staples right lol yeah you'll live long mission mission brown and then I'm just gonna lie I'm just gonna show my screen right i know Marcus and Jeff know how nutty this whole and I don't wanna talk about this anymore honestly just a little bit also pTQ plus acronym is actually LGBTTTQQ I a a I have that I just read it it really quick cause it's just annoying lesbian gay bisexual transgender transsexual to two spirit queer questioning intersex asexual ally plus pansexual a gender gender queer by gender gender variant pan gender there you go look i just wanna make a little interjection obviously we need some training in resiliency your abs obviously weakening a bit need some resilience training as well true what does that mean again you gotta let it just be like Athlon ok i'll let him outside he needs to be more resilient in coping with the LGQQQ thing that's all I can say and Marcus I'm sure was a bit perfect guy to write a training course but I did it for salt I can do that too sure yeah right by the way that there is a they are taking the doors off the toilet and schools and Victoria I understand we're in a room in my home state as long as they don't take the seat off the toilet bowl I think we'll be fine so I get we'll get off this topic onto the new topic if you share my screen again CNN there's a good news your cat you have to give us a have to give us a close on it what what are you watching Marcus what's going on if they started this since the 70s yeah but what's the point what's the punchline well there's divide and conquer OK massive divide and conquer the good news is if you again I live in the comments if you look at the comments people are as tired of it is we are on I am honestly I don't understand why they're being so tone deaf at rebel news I don't know whether to trust them or not had this they crash the Dagos and that's what this article is all about that I'm showing on the screen right now they crash Davos and it was really cool to see you know whether it's fake or not it's still inspiring to see real reporting where they go up to the head of the Hulu yeah and even put them on the spot and what are the themes of coming out of Davio's weathers turn on is that people are losing trust in the who and in the World economic forum so now if I read this headline it says CNN cutting back on overhyping everything as breaking news yeah that's true everything is breaking news no are they doing this because of the the punch line adobo steps during the entire conferences people don't trust us we need to bring back the trust so are they actually really trying to bring that back to trust is that the reason why the monkey pox is gone in a snap is that the reason why we don't hear about Ukraine war anymore I don't know it sounds sounds like a triple reverse psychology moved to me what are you guys CNN was sold to John Malone did that go through is it already gone through because he is redoing the station OK I know they're losing lots of viewership but against propaganda they don't need the money delete that the bankers print the money they don't need the money so it's not about money it's about propaganda that actually leading to another thing I want to talk about but we'll get to that in a second the good i have bought CNN I'm alone is he a good guy or do you think he's just part of the system there's no way good guys in any of those do you think i don't know I'm I'm throwing it out there what do you guys think I just snake in the flower constricted titans and listen to the coils right right yeah I think the same thing I think it doesn't matter really who is the owner there it's it's the propaganda arm. And then that's it doesn't matter who owns that they they might they might come go to the public and tell you guys that yeah we're looking for more truth instead of you know sensational headlines but I don't bye for one second I think they're gonna continue on with the propaganda no matter what subject matter it is because I got an article this morning on my phone seven cases of monkeypox being tracked in the USA and it's on a slow burner I think I don't think it's gone right to the next Sunday agenda we're going real fast this week we're trying real fast I have a boots on the ground report I have a new friend of mine who's a general manager of a restaurant chains only thing that I go won't mention the name and I asked him if inflation wasn't it was infecting and affecting his his restaurant sales and he said that his food cost believe it or not a roughly the same cost of 119 stores I'm sure they're able to get some good volume discounts but what they found is by raising the price the amount of plates that are being sold is the same so they're making a lot more money and he said that the profits are too hard to pass up his food cost is not got up cause I just went to our biggest meat supplier Costco and the meat part of the grocery bill yesterday was half and that was three meals chicken what do you mean half half of my bill will have your bill so the bill is 200 bucks and have 100 bucks to just meet that's definitely a bigger number so inflation in at least somethings is happening yes you go to sell me I'm sorry there's a place the restaurant use your tacos and tell meat all meat of course that's all I Yep OK well it's going up everywhere I've looked at a UTI yeah I think can you donate me yeah I don't eat meat but I still I still buy it I still buy chicken for my daughter I have it here might I don't need it but I have it here I'll like all I can say you're in my area yes it is definitely gone up I don't buy much of it and it depends which foods that you're purchasing as well so the foods that I buy not really they haven't gone up potatoes rice fruits vegetables a couple of the fruits I've seen go up but you know nothing drastic but your friend that owns the 119 stores there are restaurants he will eventually feel it to a little bit because these oil prices keep going up and at some point the suppliers that supply him that bring them to these things are gonna have to increase their prices to cover the cost to cover these gas prices for delivery so at some point he will feel if he's making money now that's great that's great news that he can do that but the gravy train I think it's not gonna last forever we're at I'm looking at my oil charts right here it right in front of me right now right almost 116 a barrel for West Texas intermediate and like I said this is gonna go to 200 so all these restaurants you guys are all gonna do you like the abs probably one of the best guys to to talk to you about this because he's in the transport business he's a truck driver I'm sure I'm sure positive here in Canada at $2.15 per liter it's affecting his business a little bit when he's gotta fuel up the truck with diesel fuel maestro that's right we're all we're all complaining not allow customers to you we are we able to pass on the fuel cost that's the problem it's all depends on the contract can anyone explain to me what do I have a mechanism of driving the prices up is being put in place I can add commodities markets the Bankster's yet simple as that they manipulate the price watch the movie trading places I'll put that in the notes great movie I don't know if I can I talked about it on our afternoon commute this week but I think I populated the fact that they're using Russia to manipulate the price in a big way well at least in Europe by they really want to drive the green agenda and create all kinds of other things around the world by removing Russia energy from Western Europe nine no Russia is is now selling in rubles to China and India least that's what I told but that the net effect is it is disrupting the supply to add to western Europe at least and you know i'm not so much North America but will again we got we got a long elaborate and we get along and very elaborate articles about why the pricing in Australia is going up we actually export 70% of Byrum natural gas University to the price that we're Pain and so they had to have a very elaborate explanation as to why that's happening what does Australia even on all those that extraction mechanism to get natural gas out or is it like to chat like in Canada where of a big part of the infrastructure is call Chinese control they only infrastructure to extract our oil sands oil so there's a lot of things going on you wouldn't be able to tell from the article app because they make out that it's all connected with Russia you know that's the whole know the whole thing is everything is based on the section as far as I can tell you man the amount of them at actual analysis or actual understanding how the other wheels are turned to squeeze the prices up is at the moment totally lost me and yes I am I cannot understand what you're saying thanks as I'm doing it but what is the mechanism what do they actually do today are they buying futures are they what are they doing with your diego he that's Thiago right up his alley right thing on earth yeah I looked it you don't need to you don't need to you know sophisticated articles going on and on the size of booklets to try and explain why the prices of oil is going up blaming it on all the Russian Ukraine war the fact of the matter is these prices have been going up long before the Russia Ukraine issue we've been having I and and we know we've been discussing yes your way before the war started you know we've been discussing this year on the colleges 11 now the price is worth $56 a barrel for Brian Cruise OK they were continually going up and even at that point I was telling all you guys that it was gonna go up to 200 and the reason and the reason is because you have all this hyperinflationary money going on you have price manipulation in the precious metals market but primarily what you get it's the printing of the money that's making its way through the system and then it's accelerating this oil price now be the Russian Ukraine situation doesn't help the situation at all and it's just picture it this way when they when they start discussing the D Russia Ukraine situation with or in terms of oil it's just gonna exacerbate the situation already and especially if there's an expansion in war meaning actual troops NATO troops and then China Taiwan Israel and Iran and so forth so it's not gonna get any better now you have to friend you have to look at this in terms of probability so if I were to ask at all at all you gentlemen and everybody listening what do you think the probability is of the oil price hitting 200 or $300 a barrel based on what I just explained in terms of the war expanding and other wars expanding across you know across european across the world and that's not even including regional wars so what I mean by regional wars I mean the 2020 for Biden Trump election coming you know is there going to be even know if they're gonna be internal conflict in the United States when this happens you know regardless of who is elected so these are all the things that are gonna compound effect now like I said you got a second probabilities for the probability for me as a traitor I'm licking my chops because I know that this thing is not gonna stay at 1 $15 a barrel so the primary driver of all this is yeah you got the war which is about 20 or 30% of the driver but the majority drivers all these printed money but worldwide governments have been printing all around the world last two years combined more than the last 20 or 30 years combined so that's where the problem is what is actually happening what what is it guys like you that are driving a Prius Apple Music agents of the government find futures what is the mechanism do you know if able to finish yeah you got you got Lisa I have software here where I can see the orders I can actually see and you guys the general public chat when you're when you open up a trading account you go trade let's say let's say for example you wanted to trade oil market or 4X or the futures market you guys can't see you guys don't have the software does actually see these orders are coming into the market so that's when I tried cheers of my share a cab yeah I can see I can see the top 20 trades yes I've got a listing of the office and and buy and sell offers on the first stop sign for job you're saying is you've got software to see these trades yeah I I can and not only that myself like I have a develop soccer I can actually see where the banks position where they were your stop losses are so let's say for example you buy a share for $100 for a Porcher and you put a stop loss at $95 I can actually see where the banks are coming in or large institutional investors are coming in where they place their limit orders where they place their stop losses and I can see the amount that let's say a big bank comes in let's joyce's bank is in a puts in a big trade I am there waiting there that tree is waiting there to get triggered I can see where they are I can see where they're there trade or so as soon as the price hits that trade and it gets executed you know that it's gonna go in the direction of the bank because they just dropped $100 million on a trade so you guys is the general public you guys can't see none of that you guys will never see none of that and that's why 95% of the traders the general public you lose money that's why you guys never make money because you simply don't i have the tools or the the intelligence and most are in most cases from people that I talk to but mainly because you guys don't understand or don't have the tools that I have it's like it's like you me and you going to a fight and you're bringing your fists and I have a 50 caliber weapon with who's gonna win right that's what trading is like I've been up against people that had trading software that does like that that's like a half sale it triggers the bing and then rattles out yeah yeah you eat when I lean software when I mean when I talk soccer I know we're all the limit and stop orders are not only that I developed artificial intelligence that is far beyond you know Farbod Dion with any regular trader can I have you that you guys are playing already you know handicap you are not playing on it on a level field when you come into the Forex market if you trade against me you're gonna lose more often than not you're gonna get killed because you just don't have the tools that I have right on and that's that's the bottom that's why it's so now the question is what is then driving the price up is it you Tiago you and your your yes confederates or is it something else it's it's it's it's money it's money mechanisms I play at the same time so it's you're having a hyperinflation of the economy all these printed money going through the system you have big banks you have central banks manipulating market you have a guys like me yes that's true in and there's many aspects to why this oil prices going up but in a nutshell that's it you don't need a long like I said you don't need to read you know long into the CDs or you know the price is gonna go to 202 with actual supplying to man it is about friday yeah that's right absolutely it's it's about that it's about traders it's not when you hear a new story saying that some some country is not gonna be pumping that much oil so therefore you know now the oil you know there's not that much supply so the price is gonna go off work or it's gonna go down whatever the cases that's bullshit because I can see everything here on my chart so we might laugh at all that when they when I hear all that I laugh it to me I make more money oil is likely the supermarket in Sakura spa having 100 or 1000 times more silver traded and there is Silva is the oil market the same yeah absolutely because you're talking about electronically traded funds right you're not talking about you're not trading like physical oil really brightness is all the electronic marker whether it's gold silver palladium platinum whatever precious metal you wanna talk about right so it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't really matter to me listen to me I i can put up any chart from any realm whether it's precious metals correct oil water you know doesn't matter my software if you're you're up against me and you're a regular Joe blow investor or trader and you wanna and you want to compete against guys like me I'm telling you you're gonna lose because you don't you cannot see where these orders are so you don't you're not gonna know at what time and what precise moment to enter the market and want to anyone and more importantly want to get out of the market you don't have that information only only guys like me a big big institutional banks and hedge funds have that kind of stuff and these guys in we're all using artificial intelligence I'm using pi torch and tax are flowing in and in programming at all all all of my charts you guys you don't stand a chance the game start right and I'll give everybody a very very small quick example the picture of the Mona Lisa you guys are familiar with the Mona Lisa Wright yes i heard somebody put cream on our plastic glass in front of the other dirt there's a there's a soccer program I think it's by pi torch and it's called deep mine now this artificial intelligence was programmed to find all the pictures that I can find animal pictures in the Mona Lisa Anna came out with 1000s and thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures to the human eye you guys can't see none of these animals but the artificial intelligence software program can see all of that so this is what you guys are up against as a normal trader you guys I have the art of a ice stuff that we have is so far but it does so many millions of calculations per minute and it learns it learns from the past so it's impossible for you might get a lucky trade once in a while here and there but on the on the grand scheme of things you're gonna lose that you're gonna lose a lot of money that's why like I said before 95 to 97% of all traders that enter markets that you know that I'm talking to normal people they'll lose their money that's why Diego like to take your pet I have on the screen at a Tim can switch back but that I keep posting yeah which is the overlay of the Dow Jones industrial average on top of what it was during the great depression yeah and you can see where if you can see my mouse it's covered up and down up and down and get a stock markets doing exactly the same thing right and then I was like there's gonna be some sort of all things are going back to normal and it goes up and then WAMO it comes down to the question I have is a question for you is when you say will it hit 200 my question as well today 200 I eat OK and OK this is the thing with the with the charts like that long and end I'm gonna give you Marcus I'll give you a really quick example right now in front of me I have the US dollar swiss franc chart OK I have about eight charts that are open on the USD Swiss franc so I have different time frames to our five hour etc. Etc. OK you have one chart on there OK now the question is is it gonna stay at 200 and the end and at that point when that price hits 200 I don't know until that time comes nobody in the world can tell you that until that time comes right now you have to picture this and you have to say if I were to take if you were to take that chart right now and you were gonna take a drive down to Stanford Connecticut and you were to go walking to the offices of Steve Cohen the best trader in the whole world and you were to go present that church woman you were to say is this is gonna happen what do you think Mr. Cohen would say to no he would say that is probably what's gonna happen however we have many more indicators and charts that we gotta look add to look under the hood at that particular moment in time so that way we can get a great entry and a great example of that is the movie the big short so he knew the market was gonna go down do you know that he almost got margin call because he was short too early remember that initially the market kept going against him so he didn't have a great entry so you may be right that's hurt that you're showing up here to everybody that they might be beautiful it might be absolutely bang on however guys like me we don't look at that I don't look at the chart I look at the chart and say ok that's that's that's step number one now we gotta go to step number two and when the time comes let's say you know that charge is two years away from the big drop in when the time comes closer now I have other tools artificial intelligence I have market orders on my screen that I can see to tie my entry so that way now we get a very precise timing on that entry so that way I'm not margin calls because now just just to give it to tell you this if you were to sell short right now you don't know how high that things gonna go and you can get margin call right now in a few months you're gonna get a margin call cause the markets gonna go against you so that's step number one what you got on their step number one to step to wait two years and then we're gonna come back and we're going to assess using sophisticated equipment and sophisticated software where we're at and we're going to precisely timed the entry so that way we're not screwed with margin calls and and I don't disagree with you with that chart the question is the timing Yep the timing is the question that we wanna get into i'm not sure right on your you're gonna need multiple charts to look at and not just one and you're gonna need sophisticated equipment and software to look at that so my thing to use this when the time comes you have the chart I will show you guys all my charts eight or 10 charts with the artificial and Telogen's on there and then we're going to make a very precise you know prediction on up to the day of one that actually is going to take place and it's not gonna be for another year and a half or two years but like I said I don't disagree with you I think you're right but that's your step number one that's only one chart but then that's not even using any you know real sophisticated equipment so big and and there's many times in the market where you can find similar patterns and they don't work out so I might've found a pattern at work last month and this month it completely dissolved so when we see that shirt that's nice it looks great but let's just wait until that moment in time when it happens and then and then we'll be able to assess the situation a little bit better here's the thing that I I don't have an answer to when I'm glad you're on our calls in 1809 is the last time the dollar is worth a dollar today the purchasing power is where I i disagree with you a little bit Diego I don't think inflation has anything to do with anything we talked about this a couple weeks ago I think you can flood the market with 1000 times more dollar bills in the purchasing powered state basically the same it's the purchasing power that we should be focused on not inflation the purchasing power right now is at 97.3 percent of what it was a 1909 so do you see any possible way that the purchasing power can you cook your sang the purchasing power of a dollar from 1907097% last in a non-Asian 97% of what it was it it now is what it was and 90992.8% it's worth you need 32 times more money to pay for what paid a dollar back in 1909 OK so no if you look at the purchasing power charts and I did that last week it actually sometimes it recovers from what you're saying right now do you see the purchasing power recovering at all i know it's a while and it yes or no and no right away in the short term absolutely not it's not gonna recover it'll never recover to substantial amount now I'm glad that you actually brought this up because I've actually never really spoken about this too much with with the antibodies what you guys are seeing in terms of the financial monetary system with Marcus brought up is actually one of the most important points ever and the reason is what you're seeing financially to digital currency coming all this whole great reset thing I believe that this is the biggest reason why they're doing it because the dollars whether it's Australian dollar Canadian or American dollars they're eventually going to go near or close to zero right what does central banks have to do now imagine us if I gave you gentlemen $100 and I said into you exactly 2 years from now this $100 is gonna be worth nothing wow what would you do not think I would not hang with you or you would take it and go spend it right there all right can I ask for something else that I know is gonna be valuable to years no you gotta take the $100 a night and I tell it's going to expire to zero in exactly 2 years what would you do that you would you blow it all you blow it all right you and if you were smart Eagle kennel purchase some silver some gold in or whatever right so this is this is the issue that that we have here the central bank people already know that these dollars are going to zero that's why they're printing so much money they don't give a shit and the reason is because they know what they're eventually it's gonna go to zero but before he gets there I guess what they're gonna make hard asset purchases like you wouldn't believe which is what they're doing right now is dirty videos that 30 Vanny said hard ass as hard assets yeah that's so that's what they're buying right so this is this is one of the most most integral important parts that Marcus brought up and the reason is the financial system reset and all this nonsense that you guys are hearing about that is the reason why it's happening because the dollar is going to zero and they know so before it goes to zero they gotta come up with a whole new control system and they gotta buy everything before it goes to zero we gotta use those dollars is they're only gonna go to zero because they're printing that they're trying to re-re-balance and just just reassign value stakeholder capital of all these things that are different people talking about their printing the money to make go to zero to resell yes yes they're doing it on purpose this is what you're doing on purpose yes and they're buying all the hard assets and their hard assets will be revalued in the new CDC yeah and more importantly they will own nose hard ass it all on them right yeah that's the most important part of it is that what does Isis yeah overall the highly paid membership here at the fake all just say what is the the best thing for non-traders most people are not Tiago here right now Alex are stocks a good thing are those considered Atlee not you because you guys don't you guys are not the majority of people on you when that market crash happens and then they lose 8090% of those valuable stocks they're gonna sell and they're gonna take a humongous loss so for the average person who's not a traitor who has no no interest in trading whatsoever you know it and I was talking to my father about this today I was telling him listen all you guys gotta do purchase all the gold you can all the silver you can add the technique that we're gonna use yours this in the next couple of years the whole real estate markets going to crash OK starting with a commercial real estate market because occupancy rates are at like 30 or 40% in United States and Canada in the end Australia so the game plan is yes you're going to wait you're gonna be patient you're gonna be like a professional investor you're gonna be patient you're gonna wait till the whole thing goes kaboom at that point you're gonna purse that's when you're gonna purchase some real estate and that way you know you're gonna get it out of bargain basement price the pennies on the dollar and that is the best thing to do so if you have money now don't go purchase real estate is the worst thing you're gonna do with her at all time high prices you're gonna wait till the bubble burst and it will and that's gonna be in a couple of years when the whole thing comes crashing down and you're gonna do it in a smart way do not do it now and I asked Mr. Kennedy over-the-counter yes i just make a little note for Australian listeners there is a group of people that know how to pay off a bank loan a housing loan using a.m. I should be a personal no because of the way the legal system set up straight up letters of credit and sign can be established that are affected by honey so you know people should understand that if I can get a large loan from a bank it Monday may be able to pay it and then please do your own diligence yeah absolutely I thought I think I think I think this is the way to go for the average person so the best thing that you guys listen most people are clueless to that they have no idea what's coming no I don't know what you're talking about here know what to do the other chart that Marcus is showing is a great chart but like I said that's hard to step number one we gotta look at step number two for for an exact injury that's what we want right we wanna be killers we wanna be sharks in the water and take advantage of one drop happens another one too is there an issue for people is also going to be OK when the house prices crash and I'm talking australian highly likely that the demise of the housing market close I see the demise of commercial banks in no they are it's possible yeah orientation is in is in the housing market yeah it's possible but I think is the government's gonna come in and save them with it with a new monetary policy that's what's gonna happen no button right what I understand the United States US Frank I think they're going to get rid of all the banks and just have a central bank deal directly with everybody yes all the money they'll decide who gets money for what business venture and how it affects the event and mother Gaia the environment etc. so the central bank is going to control all credit the world there will how do you spell primary yes that's what I think will happen I'm inside Thiago saying hang onto your money right now to get ready to buy these places when I crash gotta have that money in it if you've got it basically your money is zeros in some bank and the bank's not there what you do then well what happened with my guess is what's gonna happen is the central banks gonna come to any of Australia they're gonna come in and take over they're gonna say don't worry everybody we're gonna cover the velocity of your Australian banks there you're gonna be dealing directly with us effect I've passed legislation to do almost the opposite I think here in they have I'm very strange legislation what is it yeah I mean I hate Sam Sensually what it does is it'll guarantee deposit up to 250,000 but then there's a kind of a clause where they where they can just hold all your money yeah I mean look the best like I told people before the monies in the banks should be very limited I have a very very very limited cash in Canadian banks most of my money is in again hard ass that's right so I try to keep all the nice little Canadian money as I can and I just don't trust these bags so I just got in the point of ground that with a boss that you were talking about giving your father be wise and wait for the crash before you buy real estate that's the bitch where do you store yeah you're your savings how do you store your savings king for that crash you got it you got a transfer that you gotta transfer that monetary currency the Australian dollar into a hard asset currently so whether that be silver gold palladium which are gonna probably hold they're going to hold their value if not increase the value in it in a couple of years time at that point you can actually go to an exchange and there will always be golden silver exchanges in Australia and you can exchange it for whatever the new whatever the new currency is going to be it's it's it's a hell of a lot safer to listen nobody knows what's gonna happen in 2 to 3 years like like I said I only deal in probabilities so the probability of what's going to happen is most likely Australian Canadian and American banks are gonna sell absolutely and what is gonna happen if you want to say to add to Australian bitches this is not financial advice but when you put money in the Perth mint the west is Ryan government guarantees money in the pigment as well as a silver so you know yesterday thought the people that are thinking where do I put my money yeah I look at i'm gonna be honest with you Frank I don't trust anybody if you're adult and my motto is this if I don't hold it I don't on it that's my motto so if I can go put my my money in the Canadian mint my goal by Solebury or put it in the Royal Bank of Canada here not good enough I don't trust them they can take that they can change their mine from one day to the next I can change the rules from one day to the next if it's not beside me in a lock drawer or somewhere where I hide it it's no good that's no good so that is just my personal preference you know my you know what I do but we deal with like I said you're a fake I'll just meet you in probability so the probability of this happening with the banks is very high in the next couple of years and we found out why Mr. Trudeau is Van Buren and country opposite doesn't oh well when they burn they been handguns it's usually for a reason that's because at some point they're gonna do something or that they don't want you to use guns that right plus they know they have the Canadian people support us people supporting that's yeah it's not that lazy one plus they do it on the heels of all the sops that are being driven all the states because Canadians are completely connected to american news it's not the opposite but it's definitely that the former the Canadians watch every single thing that happens in the US so they probably know are more aware of the slabs in the US than half the Americans is that we just we just love to think we're so much smarter and better than Americans will it comes to gun violence and of course that's that's a worldwide everything the other thing I've talked about before and I want to also mentioned you Thiago is in Australia and I'm guaranteeing the same thing is happening in Canada is that the way that what you call ha ha that's like houses and land by the AutoZone hill he's also been made digital I'd also be if you'd like the level of quality of the title is being downgraded to the highest level of land on the ship is called allodial title Mendez steps down from there and currently right straight in and got reasonably good level of title but it's being downgraded basically the lowest level which is essentially the ownership of the first title yes useless to you in effect so that may also be happening in Canada severe way that you may need to take steps to defend your land titles by and there are steps you can take I can hear absolutely this is the Eno Eno and the financial market and hard asset market you get it everybody has to realize what I'm saying today might slightly change or a change a lot in the next month or two so you no you have to keep on you have to keep on this you have to keep eating or use your intelligence and and keep on this kind of thing because things do change like I said I only deal in probability and right now the probability is this is gonna go down big it's gonna go down hard and a lot of people are gonna lose their jobs and money and that's a socks that will happen all right are you guys familiar with the terra scam yes thank you familiar with that I don't but I may be but I bet the words are not ring a bell with me that's a terrible was somehow made out of thin air crypto coin that's a stable coin meaning that it's trying to stay at the dollar level doesn't go up doesn't go down use some sort of artificial intelligence to keep that sound based on assets etc. etc. and someone manipulated the price and it went down 2.0 00 one penny as opposed to there was 100 bucks was trading at 100 or something and I don't know if you heard this thiago but they issued a new version of terror terror 2.0 and that's crashing and that reminds me when people say all the government backs deposits of 250,000 FDIC insurance there are 200 banks that were FDIC insured in 2008 that failed yeah give me a break how anyone can trust the government for anything it's just crazy to me how did opposite if you ask people on the street do you trust the government they still say yes they're just clueless they say no you say do you think politicians like yes we do and then they go and do what they say that's the worst even worse to me yeah that's crazy Tim as always respecting your time I say we have about 10 Smurfette need 15 minutes left I was just looking up Elodia alloyed alloy wheel title and it's a complicated story as you can imagine and I just found a website that talks about it and it's making things even cloudier for me as I read it as you guys talk so then we will put that down on the cabinets yeah it's not easy to figure out let's put it that way or I'll put it in the private not a pretty picture for for many people i don't think you can get it says you can't really get it the United States and then I've heard a guy in Canada called him the myth is he talks about it and when he talks I don't always really follow him very well but if you go to the myth of Canada with his else Oxbow Canada is not a real country either so you know it's just crazy that's my understanding is the chance of getting a loyal title at for all intensive purposes zero but they don't want you to have it on purpose yes but there are levels again that I'm more secure than what's happening at the moment I think I can get my pee I'm sorry that I just found one website there's many websites and I put a link to get the private shots you can grab it if you want Marcus but there's many obviously discussing it so go ahead OK I'll copy that yeah Santiago my wife gave you a compliment which leads right into my next final thing and she was very impressed that you are on your very picky about who you meet women wise and that you bring them to a hotel in Nutter House ha ha ha ha there's a big win for you with my wife so that got me to looking into this video right here Tim if you can play cause you can play audio and I'd like to know Tim when do you stop watching this video I wanna see what your how how long you gonna go on this I'm gonna guess five minutes we have five minutes to play with you OK guys i got a woman yeah OK she's building a generator yeah when you get bored with this video let me know I'm bored already really yeah so you would stop it right yeah wow giving attention span of a gnat yeah well I just I've already watch the mechanical video of the day this is the hottest chick I've seen in a long time I'm shocked well did she start taking her clothes off sooner I will tell you you have to say I better not be a man give me a break I just watched a guy replace a capacitor in an air conditioner cause mine went to the second year in a row on one of the hottest nights of the year here and I even have my air conditioner inspected before the hot weather starts and I'm actually quite aggravated that he didn't catch that it was probably not working when he came to check it and then I went online and found out that I'm pretty sure it's a very common thing to have a capacitor that basically gives the compressor a boost in your air conditioner every time you turn it on and in my case it's failed girls over the winter which means maybe water gets into it and pulls out all the connections in the spring when you try and start them thing up it doesn't work even though everything seems like it's working the compressor doesn't work in anyway that I can I can tell you this besides this video so Thiago if you're looking for a wife I would definitely go after this one this is a she can she build a generator out of the rescue part something something tells me there's a you know there's something more to this than meets the eye of course there is but yeah I am tired I bet you it's a man I bet you're right yeah it's only with long hair I've seen enough of those videos were they they expose the cells in my transgender research though it's a Lino that there's a lot of especially Asians they're more slight and there are more androgynous in general I would say it's harder to tell lady boys back to what Thiago is recommending about buying assets which I agree with 100% one thing that I've been doing and will do a lot once retirement money comes in in November is buying parts I think if I were you I would I would set the HVACHVAC guy down and say what are the top five parts it's gonna go on this unit and get me get me home now but because the last thing you need is with these bullshit Covid shortages that they can't get the part and now look up I have a I have a whole dishwasher panel in my basement brand new in case because I asked I said what what goes over the display set OK I'll take one so I have one in the basement it's 1000 bucks to the most common common thing in a dishwasher that goes it's the same thing that damn iPad your capacity goes on your motor and that's only 10 bucks on Amazon cell ring 10 of them pretty heart well you can live without a dishwasher it's called the Everett loves and a dish towel sure I'm headed to do a better job sure that that's that's a good idea yeah I just I just I just had the one of the largest real estate investors here and in Nova Scotia cape Breton where I live I came to my house asking me what he should do he owns a home which of apartment buildings he can't afford them because the royal to heat them as going through the roof and eat real yeah he can't raise the rent so he's asking me what I should do it this was about a month ago guys and I told him exactly what to do I told him sell it now while you can cause these interest rates are going up it's gonna crash the market you're not gonna get anything near what you paid for them so we just actually closed on a sale $5 million sale and I told him to hold onto the money wait a couple years wait till the whole thing comes crashing down and then re-purchase much more assets without 5 million you but you still suggested to keep 5 million cash in the bank when well he ate I told him what to do I wouldn't keep 5 me personally I'm not gonna keep ignoring you know I don't even like keeping 5000 in cash in the bank but the but for him you know 5 million it's better to move that in onto other obviously other things and I'll leave it there he knows he knows how I feel about her we spoke you for a few hours so he he he sold immediately he immediately sold it and he got 5,000,040 page 2.4 million for the properties and he said he said it's good he said he said it's the best decision that if he's ever felt felt that he did I said good I'm glad you took my advice so I said just sit on it you know take the five mil and convert it to something else in the meantime be patient and wait wait for the whole thing to collapse and then re-purchase a whole bunch more assets with that money here's what we're doing I'm buying a gun yeah but you know what the fireplace gun rack at night rack safe type of thing and to give an idea I think $5 million if you get thousand dollar bills it's just $5000 is that right someone double check that check me up at yep that's right that's not a lot of bills I mean you don't need a lot of space for that so you can kill you he 5 million in your gun back to the thousand dollar bills mobile for the very reason hundred percent because I've heard they're scarce at least in the US not here OK I'm not here in Canada they used to make thousand dollar bills here in Canada I tried I went to my bank try to get them and that she said they don't make them anymore yeah yeah they told Casey always talks about different note I took a bunch of shit about removing $100 orcas the thousand dollar bill is discontinued in 1969 it may be the printing of it is discontinued an uncommon US currency denominations might be still in circulation though yeah because I know I know here in Canada we can't get them collectors no longer hold $100,000 bill to $10,000 bill with the largest denomination ever to be printed for public consumption a $500 $1000 bill mode may be worth more than face value ok so I appreciate your fact check him out and I don't think you can get it they live for the very it is mainly to prevent money wandering in and keeping money away from them but if they don't make it anymore how are you gonna stop the spread of Covid if you don't mind launder money ha ha ha ha convinced that being said hold on to $1000 bill that finds its way into your palm even more tightly than you would've $500 yeah so interesting but since we have a few more minutes left because the video that it didn't go well I have a question for everyone on the panel the question is and remember i have a pay wall I'm a fan of pay walls but I am also a fan of having a large section of your website as free Contant and then the really really good stuff behind a pay wall here's a question why are so many websites hiding their free concert behind a pay wall have you guys noticed that no no no you got a Bloomberg you go to New York time to go to Adelphia Inquirer all they want you to register so they can just track what you're reading no you you have to pay like four dollars a month or so OK well yeah I I refuse to end that website that could sort of snuck snuck around that pay call seems to be gone yeah and if you try to turn JavaScript off which I try to do while you're watching it doesn't work so they're they are literally bulletproofing the free stuff if it's all propaganda why are they making us pay for no one's gonna pay for it so what's up with that anyone ever thoughts on I've always said I'd never pay for propaganda so I vote either of them I've just gone to the sites that have the same news for free yeah I think I i think it's him in and when you pay for your propaganda then you're more likely to accept that I think young evil most likely entered into an agreement to be brainwashed Avenue good point yeah yeah that's true and you know it's it's up the principal is the more you pay the more it's worth I think it's blue that's right it's much going on there I mean it is true you know we haven't even selling Saltino Legasov consider the gourmet product you know it's not necessarily a smart idea to drop the price it may detract from the value of the product right that's true and frank what's up what's the thing with you and salt can you can you give me a quick rundown so am I when I weight loss is when I went into the soap business all of my friends and relatives were absolutely horrified they essentially thought that I had become a mass murderer and then it was quite likely that I was contributing to the imminent death of millions of people why why is that so you're not familiar with the idea that salt is a deadly poison and you'll die immediately if you even sniff it well what I know I know first of all I know that not to be true I do triathlons and the point with that is there's a couple of think of 2017 I am I I got really dizzy almost fainted one time and I came home and I looked in the mirror and I had a mustache white mustache and white all over my shoulders and my chest and it was salt my body was you know excreting to myself so I know that would be bullshit because you need sodium so it's not you know you're not killing your sodium is a very vital for the heart function so I really yeah I think it's people that are maybe you're misinformed so then as I went through this journey of them selling salt to stock for the animals it occurred to me it's a bit weird is that we sell or be sold to Catahoula big Z and stuff everyone tells us that if we have any salt ourselves would all die terrible deaths what was with that and gradually the conundrum became unravel that the health authorities are just not here to help us and it's been made very clear with the slightest thing yeah yeah yeah I was driving I determined effort to keep people away from sunshine and get a hold all the Salut Salut beds in inner and I think Milo up the world that were bad sunburn just taken out of out of the business so vitamins d which is the most important thing of all just isn't isn't it time for people and people with Colton not have any salt and essentially what I think happens it kills and it breaks their bones you're you can't breathe properly because you haven't been up chloride to do the garage yet your your stomach acid doesn't work so you don't digest your food so you get malnourished he gets bad puns break your ligaments break people get false hips and knees neighbor placement it's madness to Mike but I started realizing emoji I went to Japan they have lots of salt they don't have any bone Breakers i look right now they live a long happy lives and that's when I started doing the research on salt and realized that the whole thing is just a con have plenty of salt any facts when you get the actual medical papers on the subject of the extra work of people that actually do that the real studies very clear that the optimum level of salt for the living men and women is about 15 g of salt today and they die and I die 10 10 times what people tell dad yeah I think I think most people are taught growing up that the salt if you have it at the sodium Willa Willa bloats you and I hope you have water retention and therefore increasing your blood pressure I think that's what they're scared of an image think about the worst problem in the USA today's actually chronic dehydration that's the thing causing most of the problem for Americans chronically dehydrated soon as I got a hospital the first thing that will happen nine times out of 10 is the nurse or banger soldier Penrod rehydrate them yeah I agree with your Frank i think look after I go for a boat ride after I go for 23 hours cycle the first thing I do when I get home because I have half a tablespoon of salt I have to have it because my body was way too much salt you know especially in cycling and hot weather like this and it's really important so if you go look at all the Tour de France racers marathon runners in the Olympics when they're racing you'll see that they have a little salt pouches that they dip in their drinks and they're drinking it as a racing so just bring it back to the circle the reason I'm actually here talking is because I got connected with with all of this steam through Marco's Illinois said Marcus a text message so I know he said he was tired on the radio and the money be shows I said you should have most of how many read an article that Rittenhouse market invited me on his show and that's kind of how I got into this is so cool cool and even Frank and I wrote a book about soccer and I used to charge for it now it's free and go to my website I'll put it in the companion notes no that's excellent for the truck about ulta that one day that in 2017 salt save my life man I came home I was about to faint so I came back from a two hour bike ride it was really hot and I just said there was white all over me salt all over me and I had like a tablespoon of salt them and like a literally like five minutes I was back to normal is incredible I never felt anything like that I think doing you're lucky you weren't doing those ultra venting and I say 1919 82,000 because those guys used to be running the marathon on the ultramarathons and on the way they were drinking water all the time lol that's even worse than what happened is that they diluted their saving mobile below 135 million multiplied to be and they literally melted down and muscles melted many died i've been injured for life what are these right now that looks Lufrank rock my mother-in-law is an expert in this step is when you're doing these events don't do anything you shouldn't take anything in your body goes into homeostasis and you know your no your body will work out how to manage all that finish your event and then replenish in a build yourself up fluids and the right stuff before you start the and during the event really you should according to him you should do very little at all you should run a marathon and not drink any water the water station i think they don't close the best it's not impossible it's if you are prepared properly if you have the right levels I got a train yeah you got it you got a train properly to actually do that kind of thing me personally I find that a little bit of water what I do now a little bit of water and a half a teaspoon of salt and I'll mix it in into the water I'm not a lot of water and I find that is keeps me perfect throughout there and remember I'm cycling for 23 hours or sometimes a 2530° weather so Frank is right about the salt absolutely I am I I don't know what I would do without ok bingo I Frank was being a bit cheeky I love how the the the Downunder say it's cheeky is that being a cheeky about the salt and the one thing that I is not in the book that I wrote which I was an aha moment for me last time Frank talked about salt is that your body will do anything to get salt if it doesn't get enough salt including rubbing it from your bones total sense because if you think about all the people who just you know we're older and they just have a little slip and fall down devastating hip fractures bone fractures makes total sense and there's a swore on everything that's good for us the war on salt they just tell you that you shouldn't eat salt. The other thing I learn too is that there's an an association that's trying to make salt either he had to get prescription or illegal Frank and tell us more about that yet about the world action against South health and even even their name tells you that's the world action against salt Hill let me tell you in the name what they doing and I know that hotel then we're gonna have some crazy that's incredible that is absolutely incredible unbelievable if I didn't if I didn't have a half a teaspoon of salt back in 20 17 honestly I did and I was like mint literally minutes away from calling an ambulance that's what I like the evil to me a friend of mine ran on ultramarathon three or four years ago and in a way even though I we didn't stay in touch with that much but I said to my i have a lot of salt anyway he ended up in hospital bed for a week for that very reason not because of anything more than he was drinking water while he was doing water without song is actually a poison yeah I agree with you I had to learn the hard way frank I really did I learn more because up until 2017 I don't no what changed in my body I've never seen all this white stuff on my body before and into the summer of 2017 I came home I thought I was gonna collapse I looked in the mirror and all I could see was white my white is white powder on my face and my shoulders in my chest which was salt and I didn't know I was so delirious i wasn't I couldn't even think straight or what was the problem was I was like holy shit why am I feeling like this like I want to say and then finally clued into me man just get some salt since you get some so this is also amazing that you were able to work that out especially if you were delusional yeah I was OK I was shaking I couldn't even suck my hands my arms I can stop shaking I've never felt that in my life and then and then at the last second I was like OK I'll let you know let's try to think you're OK lol I'm losing a lot of Salt my body is covered in salt so I took a teaspoon of salt and put it in a little bit of water and down it real quick and then like literally five minutes it was it was unbelievable and I was like oh I wouldn't of believed it was incredible and I was like holy shit I feel 100% now and it's still my people to get the fatality rate of people to get your situation is fucked by Michael hyponatremia very high it might be 40 bucks the send quite often fatal yeah and then I looked it up on the Internet if this was common cause I wasn't even sure I was why the hell do I have all the salt all over my body and I don't know I went online I looked online and it's apparently it's a very common thing when you get as you get older your body starts releasing more salt when you exercise in it in the hot water in the hot weather and I was like wow that's that's unbelievable I never have you know I never had this happen to me before so I was kind of in shock at the site even happened to me but luckily at the last second I was able to do you know what to think and say OK let's just get a tablespoon of salt in it real quick and see what happens because if that were to work I was gonna call the ambulance just took him all the lights off and finish to the comments Marcus was making about band practice before there's a it's a great time little Japanese been yet about these 90 year old World War II Japanese women that I will buy famous dancers in World War II there's about 1 put 100 on all chat dancing and someone can you imagine 90 year-old Australian or American women tap dancing around like a girl or it's an incredible video yeah I think I like most women don't live that long here anyways not a out of my area what is it called 90 year old tap dancing women or something from Japan yeah all the other Japanese you know something about it i'll have to look it up but you know that there are now I think 60,000 people in Japan over the age of 160, well that's awesome if you ever have you have you ever read the book Frank call the China study no yeah fantastic book they they actually studied almost 800,000,000 Chinese and they and they looked at what they eat their diets and how long they live in those certain regions it's an incredible book to read OK yeah yeah that was that my dad yeah I've heard of that does the Weston a Price foundation Jesus I'm out i was a genius Weston a Price guy pretty sure that was the new price is gonna disagree with the China study I can't remember I trying to study is typically vegan vegetarian shit like to like to point people to that they just got on the other side the carnivores I will vehemently disagree with the China study but I push the recommended notes for you to take a look yeah no I'm gonna I'm gonna throw my one head into the ring here the three longest people in the world long as the people are the Okinawans the people that live in Sicily and I think it's a place like orange county in California that's beat that's been debunked that's called the blue zones that's been debunked to buy Dr. Paul Saladino who's my favorite go to guy with that yeah tell me about that Marcus well it's what they will tell you that they don't eat me to tell you that there are vegetarian vegans they don't eat meat but true yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of controversy with the blue zone book it's just like the pigment Cicely live largely on the lamb and goat end and I am milk and Dairy and cheese burrito from those provide milk products they have the volleyballs in Tan zone studio Orange County people to just a normal balance diet but really stuck from healthy food and I canals I have a lot of fish and mostly and seaweed and vegetarian but the things that those three groups all have in common is that they all have plenty of sunshine they all have plenty of salt and they all pray they all live near the beach welcome to the beach also the raccoons Okinawa Okinawa i don't have any cat yeah they're very active people right in those three regions shut up and let's be honest everybody you know gets to 50 inches right I've gotta do something about my physical health they join the squash club Ocampo waiting because they've got now sold a tear every muscle in ligament anybody in the app for the next three months it's madness lol even if you're not physically capable you know in some cases I no i guy who literally tore his muscles off his thigh bone and took a fragment of the bone with it in it and and a healthy person the chances of that shipping absolutely now but it is a common place now for people to say muscles of of the phones and a bit of pain actually comes off that's crazy it should be a possible all right guys well that's us in salty talk for the evening and go to Franklin royale pack rolls of fact about all kinds of thanks Sandra is that I think we should wrap it up an hour a little bit overtime do we would we like to have some concluding remarks summarizing each person stands tonight well the all out all I want to say about orchises sorry i want to say about Marcus is the chart that he brought up I agree with them but there's a more investigation to be done when the time comes there's a part two to that shirt so absolutely and it was nice being her nice talking to all of youse on the awesome fantastic and Marcus I was great I got to just like you tell me I think we did the least amount of talking which is perfect it's a night off for us so yeah that's great good thanks for invite me up all right and Frank did you have a final statement no I just hope they put the toilet doors back on on the schools but not really that's that's what I pray but I guess how do you shake your head on radio that's all I can say yeah they catching all right guys well this is the end of my week or the fake I'll just show up and the next show that we broadcast is the rock 'n' roll show on Saturday is it sort of a fun show from Australia where the drunk guy talks so another drunk guy and another slightly drunk guy and they can be interesting cause they're all fake colleges to wear it's kind of fun which turns into another general audio chat and Frank you sometimes show up so that's it won't be tomorrow I'm gonna be skiing burn all very well very good and they are are wholesale schedules that they where there's a Google calendar that should show your local time depending on where you are that it's updated daily so if I'm not doing a show at the last minute the show will say either disappear or say there's no shows that's where you can get your updates and of course to be like the show fake all and thanks for Bella that has been helping update the site make it look a little smarter a little cleaner and we've got a search bar on the main page and a lot of people like to just go to search they don't like to search around for the different links they just go right to a search box and type in one of the looking for second try that out and see if it works for and I feel like all the effort that you put into the phone system as well by Bella settings wife Sarah cell them for that and thanks everyone for joining will be back next week on Thursday for another Marcus Allen Frank Diego round table so thank you guys I will see you next time I can text Walker all right take care bye.