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This is the #1 problem with going to doctors

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OK Marcus what are we got we're gonna go forgot an hour and a bit today what are you got what you got on your list of things as anything happened this week or has anything happened in the last hour there's always that stuff to talk about speaking of us I think we should a lot of people are stunned to find out that you have a website because they listen to it via podcast and that I have a website so I can bring it up we have on my website escape the I have all my shows they were uncensored all the shows that are censored off YouTube etc. don't worry about that and just go to escape the and click on the Marcus Allen showing onto Deschamps temporally titling it this is the number one problem with going to doctors and then if you want you can go to Tim site but you just mention fixed click on the blog and Tim what is the serial number for it's not sure if they wanna look it up it's actually says you're 555 Reed be double nickels in a row I remember that from last quick OK I know that I think we're OK I think I'm times I do screw up and then I'll bring it in the last week was 540 it was 5 50 an hour 555 OK cool so search for that Spotify yeah so I have a let's just get right to it the reason why i titled the headline this is the number one problem we're with going to the doctors is I never forget the doctors have a huge conflict of interest which is if they fix our ills they don't get paid does anyone here dispute that no no Tim do you speak that there have a huge conflict of interest because if they don't fix our hills they don't get paid so far healthy they don't get pet is not a conflict and yeah we yeah we said that many times do you do you agree with that though I think so I think so I think I agree with that it's sort of upside down world but they're their glorified pharmaceutical salesman and now more than ever it's been great obvious so I'm gonna send you a series in the private chat him if he can play it cause you got the super computer to do it OK or you to buy several YouTube videos and I was just minding my own business and I went to YouTube while I was eating dinner and I saw this video of Bob and Brad and watching the whole seven minutes ago therapist on the Internet that Danielle porous the river today and I can't see it on your screen by later all right cause I had your speed on that I had your obituary baby now we get to that Bob and Brad poor years ago I was running on the treadmill something you've done for your yup in yeah stop anytime you have any questions losing my balance and I thought because I was getting old as I am but overtime it got worse so I saw you gonna die you're up your audio down about the market the Paris is your very loud that's OK involvement of my cerebellum in it's a part of the brain that involves ballads and Ornate right what's wrong with the guy on the right is how long would it take you to say something when I don't yeah so this guy I saw these two guys Bob and Brad I've been following them forever for some reason I haven't heard from them forever and then it showed up in my feed today and he's basically letting the audience know that he has something called ataxia ok have you ever heard of ataxia well I've I use Uber now boom boom boom ha ha i think it's I'm sure Thiago has the god yeah he's a disorder that affects yeah affect circulation balance and I guess there's some other speech as well right so tunics in the chat just hit it guess what causes ataxia well that's my new joke everything cause everything is vaccine damage now in my world ha ha yeah it's on it's chickenpox can cause ataxia ok monkey pox chickenpox varicella eat or hearing all these words nothing whatever is going wrong with people so this video is really sad because I'm gonna show you a contrast of what he's used to sound like not too long ago at seven minutes by the way because we have too many how many boys are just waiting for you to say something I thought yeah OK and I was I was seeing how long it would take him to see what was not at the video is killing me right of the beginning I was already ready to die I'll take a look at this this video and see the difference hi I'm bob up and Brad By Brad a bobcat and together we are the two most famous psychotherapist on the Internet and I can't have a corset whatever so that before how are you today I'm a tell you what else happened to be that the old one yeah you play piggy make sure people were paying attention they're having problems Brad Cut and paste in the Works right by Fox and barbershop physical therapy and physical most famous physical therapist I speak in a lot faster obviously so yeah that's that sucks I don't like to see anyone that's injured or damage so that sucks that that's really bad so obviously they're fully injected and they're promoting it might not yeah yeah good for them you know it'll be short a lot of doctors good how do you live by the sword die by the sword you know it's funny you say that friend have you and let's see if anyone knows the can complete this race play stupid games this is a common theme on the Internet when it comes to injections OK no no no the rest play stupid games win stupid prizes heard that if you heard that Diego Diego tango fell off OK can you play the game that's funny OK let that this kind of dovetails into my question to you Marcus is Justin Bieber faking that's a great question thank you for that I asked my son Tyler he's 21 years old and Tyler is me times 10 when it comes to calling the picker when if I owned a business and I wanted to hire employers employees I'd run them all through Tyler and he would know in a glance whether they're a good fit or not so I asked him about that and he said yes he was not faking it and the reason I think I agree with that is because it's in here OK your appointment I wanted to update you guys on look at his left nostril it doesn't move that's impossible to do and if you're faking it I think you from my face and I have is syndrome called Ramsay hunt syndrome and it is from this virus OK so you don't think he's faking it that eye-movement thing is really what I try to do it I tried to and I couldn't do it either not maybe I'm just not talented but I think it's I think would be very hard to do that on purpose or he's a very good actor but it might my I would tend towards he's not faking OK well if you were going to go to that extreme ma'am have you guys ever been frozen at the dentist yes I don't go to Danis auto are you talking about well what is forgiven been to a dentist Marcus haven't been to a dentist in 25 minutes of dentist for my son's root canal he just chipped his tooth and needed a root canal but in my wife's going to dentist tomorrow for working out well the point when you were child your street parents would've taken you out and I got for that we talked about that last week I have four fillings when I was 11 years old and nothing will you try to drink a cup of tea off what you mean by frozen yet somehow you would've been frozen and it really does screw up quite a bit on one oh I see so your ear saying that they purposely injected him to act I think they cut out that would definitely would be in the realm of possibilities if I was going to simulate this or could be CGI could be secret yeah maybe yeah for sure it could be anything but I just don't think that if he's worth money and they wanna keep him keep this horse in the race for a few more years they're gonna damage them now it's Tony people that know what's going no the protector invest is worth a lot of money to me if it was real they would not allow this to spread fire really they would've shut it down I don't think things naturally go viral against the Nerdist they wanted to go for a viral so that's the way I look at it things are authorized I mean it was all over the amount it was all over the place yeah and then they can shut that down very quick on Twitter or Instagram in this case right that's a good make a little wind noise I'll let you talk as you have and the information yeah I just sent you the a chart on on your Facebook there I don't know how to upload it on re-stream here but I just sent it to you if you want to post it up or are you gonna start OK yeah i just explain to people I was having trouble getting on Facebook tonight believe it or not so take a week to see where it says private chat with an arrow up yeah that's where I i don't see where I can attach a chart on there oh yeah you don't have a link you have an attachment yeah I gotcha but right now if you see private check and just make the arrow go up and then you'll hear a space to put a message yeah I can't put a file I can't put a file on their off file ok yeah I don't know maybe I got to go look at down and see if Facebook is down at least it is for me it's working on my end OK yeah yeah that thing there with the Justin Bieber it can be it it's probably real in terms of maybe not the facial paralysis but in terms of the message that they want out there and the messages obviously this so-called virus study the contractor and you know it's just making it more you know it's normalizing it more so when more people do eventually get this caught " virus it's it's a normal thing right in and people are not gonna say anything all I got was Justin Bieber got the facial paralysis that 100% yeah it's just it's just to put the message out there on what they want to normalize the situation because if you think it's acting up it's hard to say you got CGI out there which which can do actually duplicate his voice on and duplicate those movements and facial lol movements of paralysis so it's really difficult to say but at the end of the day I think the important thing is is is the message that they want out there and that that this virus which we all know is nonsense and that way it normalize it so that way when your neighbors get it and they get the facial paralysis it's normalize they're just gonna say well I got with Justin Bieber God it's no big deal little bit it'll eventually go away or worn out or want and I'll just look like Justin Bieber for the rest of my life how about yeah yeah man well now I'm thinking like them but I could do a little closer to the mic please want to and then you heard you guys heard that Fauci has the has it which I doubt but they put that out so I agree Thiago it's all about actually every public health officer has it this week it's going yet did magic magic absolutely a message it's not Toronto public health person got it the truth I just got it true though yeah it was it was literally a siren call bat signal to the world all top propagandist you've got it this week which I guess is because it's coming into summer they all need a couple weeks off i'll take a vacation two weeks everyone go away airport Sarah get on your private jet and start pick up or take a break a well-deserved break for you propaganda that's how I read that that message yeah OK I've got the chart up on the screen here we have a thick yellow bar that seems to project around the 12,000 mark and it won't work we're just bouncing all over the place yeah you see at the beginning of that yellow bar where the police took off at the beginning there so right there and then I at that point there is a traitor I already know that there's gonna be a lot of buy orders there and see what I was talking about a couple of days ago is there's a large institute there's large institutional orders right at the right at that mark their Pennsylvania and those institutional orders like I said before you guys have to picture that like a magnet so the price is gonna is gonna be so attracted to those institutional orders and there's right now there's a boat I would say both nine or $10 billion worth of institutional orders the app that yellow line they take of it can I interrupt but can you give us like a timeframe we're looking at it it's difficult to second this chart that you're showing is it a day is it a year is it I think that's a weekly top timeframe and all that right here where my cursor is yo-yo left that's 2017 yes yeah yeah the the actual timeframe is a weekly timeframe so if you go up to if you look up to the top left-hand corner you'll see the word weekly they're all right now weekly up yeah it's very hard to see but yeah these are weeks yeah I am OK I'm sorry interrupt I just want some reference on that yes or no problem so the the bar that yellow bar there that's what a large about 10 nine or $10 billion worth of institutional money and there's orders waiting there right now I can see them on the chart you guys can't see it I can see it on my charts here and there's a there's a ton of orders there so that price 1000% is gonna be coming right back down to those institutional orders and as soon as those institutional orders get get filled and they can be fulfilled within a matter of seconds or I can take hours or a few days to fill them the price they're gonna start marching northwards on going up I gotta get your orders in yeah when it's down there in the yellow it will are you coming down to that level it will be coming down to the $10,000 level absolutely 1000% never famous thing in science Thiago is but the observer changes the outcome of the result changes the outcome of the experiment is it possible that your observation will change the outcome would it be unless those institutional orders change it's the only thing that's Gonna change the unless they change from 10,000 to 2 let's say 15,000 for example they change their orders which I hardly ever see the institutional guys doing that so they want the reason why they want that price to come down is because there's a lot of buy orders all the way down all the way down the trough up down to the right down to $10,000 so that means that they're gonna knock those stops auto stop they're gonna take everybody's money on the way down is basically what that means because there was a lot of idiots around the world that put buy orders on there at all the way down to 10,000 and now the institutional guys they're gonna take all their money on the way down because they probably got short positions and then and then they're going to refill major orders down at the 10 $11,000 level 10 can you put the char pack up a lot of water I guess what I'm going to suggest is that it is possible that the order that a manager institutes will change that 9800 so I'm I guess I'm suggesting you modify your theory about the filling of the orders rather than the number because it enough we see the order they the dollar amount that they place sorry yeah target price I get it that walters we will need to know that are you I will let you guys know the end end end to be honest with you I've rarely rarely rarely ever seen massive institutional orders being changed very rare they know what they're doing like I said the reason why they need to be fair it is 2022 yeah they're there they're knocking out everybody stop they're gonna knock out everybody stops on there because all these guys have stop orders on there and there and they're going to destroy everybody I'm on the way down because what you're hearing what I'm hearing I start laughing today what is all these guys on YouTube saying oh no but start buying at 18 start buying at 15 and these people are gonna get wiped out when the price comes all the way down to 10 or 11,000 or whatever it is right at in that area so that as well I'm just waiting I'm waiting patiently as soon as I get to that area I told him I'm putting a 10 contracts on there and away we go to Seneca in me tells me that the people who scream no by 18 are probably the one shorting the market it's a reverse pump and Marcus that's ridiculous they they off they all they're they're trying to go getting all these people to get to know Dubai by market orders on there right now at 18 at 28 15 and they're gonna get wiped out what they're gonna get they're gonna get killed on there are you from here with Alex Becker he's the guy who does who does that YouTube yeah the software for the YouTube channel they're yeah he's telling everyone to buy right now he's nuts cause he doesn't see the market or he doesn't see those market or or or he's in on it warfare we know that he's not nuts well he's made while he's is yeah he's probably shorting that he's probably got a ton of shorts going down but he I can tell you for sure unless he's got some sort of inside connections that he's not seeing well those market orders are so he might he might be doing he might have so much equity where he can the price can drop against his orders you know $10,000 in price and he's still OK still got margin but the majority of people are not gonna be like that right the majority of the people are gonna have a $10,000 account they're gonna lay down one or two contracts the price is going to move $5000 against them and that's if they're gonna get margin call them they're gonna get stopped out on they're gonna lose all that money that's the that's the what if you'd like me I just I just buy it and I'm not doing it on a margin call it's just I bought I bought that's it I've got it yes it's $11,000 yeah I know some number and it doesn't affect me what they do doesn't no not at all no not at all so if you know if it's certified by $11,000 yet which is probably what I would do yeah I like that and then OK so I missed out on two grand it's really in the in the scheme of things I Gracie Franklinton yeah that's that's prank you with what you're saying there's absolutely true I want 1000% I'm giving you guys were all the concentrated market orders are with all the institutional orders now let's say for example by you know when all is said and done let's see the lol was actually 9000 before it took off to 100,000 looking back OK now we're looking back in time and Frank are in there at 11,000 and the low went down to 9000 that's OK Frank's daughter is gonna make you know what ton of money because there's things that you know it shot up to 100 grand let's say or 60 grand or whatever so you're right but I'm gonna try to pinpoint the most appropriate time when this is Gonna happen and I'll definitely let all you guys know can you can you tell Smart Park Inc. I just I'm just gonna be honest with UTI go on the basis of what you said providing I can work I've had actually do it yeah which of which are much they are I'm obviously a way behind the the learning covenant but I will probably bye you know it's some Masonic number like 11,000 1133 or something yes and that'll do me and you click yes and you'll be on your you're gonna do just fine and they're like I said the majority these people they're not seeing these large institutional orders there and I don't to be honest with you guys I don't see you're gonna laugh but I don't see no institutional orders on a bilevel from 20,000 all the way to 9800 to 10, thousand area there's none absolutely none so why people would be buying at like 18,000 or 17 or whatever it is it's beyond me they're but like I said I said it to you the other day that once the institutions start feeling like crazy 1900 that thing might pop up quite quickly so rank strategy of buying on the way down if that if you buy into your theory based on your evidence and if you want to buy in a relaxed environment 11 might you might not get filled if you wanted to start buying one of the big institutions our order was getting filled on the way up you might not see 11 it might be my experience in shares I've got a 10 I think that's a great strategy if you have to pick a bottom that you Thiago has provided evidence for and just in a nice relaxed fashion one day walk in and get your bill at around 11 and you'll be fine because I think the Uppdrag you won't see 11 it's just a case of people focusing and cost rather than profit you don't eat you know a lot of businesses lots of things people do they focus they cost more than they focus on you know the possibilities yeah absolutely slow to react slow to get in i'll give you I'll give you guys Apple warning I'll tell you one thing I was on a zoom call today with three traders from England to three of my friends that I trade with we're in a private trading room sometimes and we're salivating we can't wait till this is all of us and they're way bigger traders deliveries go straight $1 million probably every single week right now I'm waiting one of them just actually sent me his live trading account and he's got 4 million bucks in there right in the profit for the month was 3.2 million so you know what you need to you need to get to get going and making a film about this to me oh someone we need to get a film of what's going on with all this stuff you know it's random but I forgot to film about the excitement generated amongst the fake oh OK well Colton and if it all goes fast we can all I have pictures of his crying out and I spilled milk and stuff we can all be well abiding like we just landed the rover on the one thing I ask we all you gentlemen and everybody listening as you guys got to do me one favor when this works out and it comes down to that price level and then it starts marching on forward to 100, thousand and a few guys you don't make it in a pretty good profit on even if it's $100 or $50 that you put in there you guys got them all do me a favor and at least give him a little taste and I don't know is I think it's only fair it's only fair that you guys are the one oh my goodness no you guys give him here I think I'll he put together a nice platform and you get it everybody gets a little Cape Cod yeah give him a little bit of a taste on PayPal absolutely no one people in the audience not the current group you guys yeah if I put $1000 in if I was part you know in the audience and I maybe you know pretty good money based on this I and you know that I would definitely take 10% at least five or 10% of that and I would definitely pay a halogen if you lose everything lose my website name unheard of me just lose my number OK keep moving because that we wanna fast moving sure that we did a whole show this week so if they want to come back for the next financial show they'll have to tune in the schedule tell me if you tent if you turn on my screen real quick I'll tell you why when invest a single penny in any crypto but I was hoping we'd get the opposing view go ahead and look at the scrolling look at the scroll bitcoin down bitcoin down 10.17% 24 hours Ethereum down 13.65% which is what Diego was brilliantly appointed out the reason for white but why would you put any money into something that is that Ridiculous where it were today you can lose 13% of your portfolio tomorrow can go up 12% that's crazy well for the average person I agree what diego leaders of the history is gone and he's gonna yeah that's his job and you talk about the average buffoon like me the average Joe should probably buy something super steady and not yeah beat this as an investment for sure current population is highly speculative yeah there's my wrist and it's wrecked won't risk anything you can't afford to kiss goodbye and it's rigged it's not free market well that that's another egos proving it with that yellow line there's a bunch of rich people what's up what's i agree big Fish move the market that's rigged call market movers for a reason yeah that's enough you know what that's in every market about five minutes before we came on the show here I seen the exact same set up what I'm showing you guys here in crypto on the US dollar Swiss franc currency pair same thing all these big guys are right here at at the 9680 level here on the US was frank and it triggered the price at that that moment and diamond I'd literally put a bunch of contracts on there and now they got triggered they got triggered their orders got triggered I could see it here on the screen and right now I'm up in the last half hour my Bobo $4000 here is US so it is real what Marcus is saying is real the institutional traders and investors do with the market absolutely I have one more point that will move onto my Thomas Tallis van de de the price the market price of every cryptocurrency is correlated to the Dow Jones to the it's supposed to be the enter the bitcoin and crypto supposed to be the antithesis the opposite of the Dow Jones industrial the S&P NASDAQ etc. it literally moves the same direction that is total rigging total reggae is supposed to be the opposite it's supposed to be like gold like when gold goes down the stock market goes up it is completely correlated to crypto for now until the debt market explodes and then you're gonna see a divergence from the S&P NASDAQ and crypto but you're right for now it's lately it's been you know absolutely the same but the divergence is going to come when that money from the debt market starts moving and the market actually starts crashing in the in 18 months or 24 months is what you're gonna see it money going into gold silver and crypto's as a haven because because people are scared at that point you're then you're gonna see a change but right now it'll remain the same yes I wrestle against your honor ha ha ha ha ha I think it's just a come full circle made for people like the average Joe like ass building your house on this thing is not wait we simply do not know what these guys are gonna do you know you have older these things a bit really yeah if they're there with you while they're high probability right because now you know where the institutional orders are but for the regular person but you can't see them or you guys can't see them on the screen you that's why you guys get taken all the time because you don't know where those orders are but I would I would make that the observation that term my auntie go to me long time ago and I didn't take it don't be greedy you know if if you if this works out for you you don't need if you don't want to unlock Thiago saying debate your house you can put a small amount I make enough money to pay your house off for me if Jack is correct and this is gonna go to 1 50 and you don't need to put a load in no absolutely you're right oh absolutely you are what I thought and I told people here are a couple days i'm just I'm just I'm just saying these things making these things explicit rather not have an implicit yes yes $50 100 box so we know whatever Enosburg no very small amount just to play around and see what happens and you know you know I like I said I do this all the time so for me I'm gonna but you know 10 contracts down but but you guys everybody in the audience have fun with it you know it's a it's a game it's it's a gambling game and you have to know what you're doing and that you and her Frank said most people lose money that's because they don't know where any of these orders are but that's the first step is that you will move on OK Marcus let's move onto so I have them I've been collecting a bunch of super show questions you guys want to go with those yes OK ready bro I'm a just go we'll go real quick ginger or Marianne Marianne Ginger the heck are you getting these younger man I'm with Mary and I'm one of them guys she's a towel Ginger looks like sure if she's a good girls bad habits are ha ha ha ha ha ha Angelina have a dangerous Adam's apple this is Howell what's your death row meal this is totally random scouts lobster 00 I never thought of that will come back to you how much cash is in your wallet Apple handy yeah me too that's not a cup of honey in Canadian dollars us dollars yeah what were they up yet maybe Canadian I don't have an ATM now Frank how much how much is in your wallet well that's a commercial heater in the state I don't have a wallet but I cannot keep a fair chunk in cash yet I'm not gonna say something tells me about it it's more than 100 it's it's chunky yeah I keep I keep a chunky amount in cash gotcha why are the powers to be pushing the transgender queer agenda on kids so much but when these are my questions or questions submitted to me oh wow OK and i was about to answer on my own show but I'd like you guys the plot depopulation confusion yeah this orientation just on this particular topic to prove how old I am I found it yesterday how old I am at the at the bunning's which is like the equivalent of your Home Depot in the USA and two young then where am providing me with assistance both of them had painted fingernails or are they Reindeer and I guess the thing that surprised me most was my difficulty in accepting that and I was OK McKee was disturbed but yeah I can do that all the time here might she's disturbed every day life this is the biggest thing going right now all the corporations with rainbow icons on there of corporate logos if that's beyond in Australia they providing extend the extra leave to people transitioning really yeah let's leave at Woolworths and the ANZ bank lots of leave like three months oh good boy good leave my room I'll be happy to be like him all year round up of the disorientation disorientation agenda is real it's not much going on all on the social media courses it's pride gay pride month now and will probably be extending that with the whole summer next year I'll be honest I think most of the stuff going on now if not all is the distract people from the impact of the jabs but this is been going on for years and years and years June rainbow month rainbow they just keep pushing it longer and larger and bigger and I personally even think many additional if there such a thing homosexual men and women are just sick of it they they don't even like it if I wanted to make a generalization I can tell you with gay people in my family they are very disturbed by this they don't like the publicity either most people are not out to promote their everything right next question is the stock market due for crash soon despite the 2020 flash crash if so is that good timing to get commodity stocks i hope you have one person who can answer that in a room yeah yeah definitely going to yes that we were yeah we even yeah it'll be crashing absolutely and commodities you mean like gold mining companies and all that kind of stuff as a question to me I am I am yeah I mean it'll be inside Alex is in the I got the telegram app premium gold mining Cookies and all that kind of stuff as a question to Miami I'm assuming yeah I i'm in the eye got the telegram app premium gold mining companies about that I not streaming guys there's mask if you do there sorry about that no that's all right but none of the links are working for the show at the moment lol OK negative is working yeah I'm just texting to listen to the show they can't get through the county get anything on break for the last question I got five people listening to the audio stream so that's before you move on about about the commodities stocks thing I i have to say that I my intuition is that we're heading for something like what happened to the man I was a mining company in the early 80s where there was a stray is largest camping on the on the stock exchange in the early 80s was Matt Isa mines it was gigantic and in every way and by the way did the actual organization still is gigantic but what happened was they said that there was some foreign exchange trade that they made which resulted in a three some reason or other that the company got sold off at practically nothing to Glencoe very famous some Swiss Swiss-based American and Company and and it just it was just who knows how that could've happened that this particular excuse which is no different police use this weekend for all these crazy things that happened in about the first world war started because of but you know I mean you're talking about commodity companies yeah this is set of circumstances I suspect that companies like BHP and Rio Tinto are about 21 by another leave Australia as a result of some weird thing going on it'll be totally implausible they are the major resource companies in the world yes that's possible ok next into Russia I'm sure gonna take up no sorry I was just gonna say one last thing I think they're major change with Rio Tinto and the other large Australian companies there a is there is there a diversification and an energy transitioning to the green bullshit nonsense yes yes yes he absolutely bonkers and I'm not selling off the call list it for just pennies on the dollar yeah well they know it's coming they've been told already yeah they've all been pan OK that's OK next is Russia anti-New World order or are they all in the same club or let me answer OK that's what you're here for no jabs anyone that jabs is in the club does Russia job yep with sputnik sputnik yeah oh that's right up yeah they're big on it so yeah I agree with that if you had you do you agree 1000% him and I was just talking about this couple of days ago and they are nothing it is for the world stage is nothing more than a movie theater with all different actors and actresses that's it. Turn on absolutely they're involved that's it that's simple does anyone here have a desire to write a book if so what would it be about I do yeah I thought about actually been thinking about writing I went once I finish the trading is writing a Forex record currency bro and and with all everything that I've ever learned in when I get in there and sell just putting it on there anyone else but I think I should write a book called how to take care of your penis and he even if it has absolutely no contact at all it's got a cell has it on dude I've changed I always list your your website on my site in the Campania notes and I had to change that your original title to Frank McManus's webpage or website because I had too many people contacting me about it I'm like in an hour and a half I bet it would be a best seller hundred percent Yeah Tim do you got a bottle now and if so what would be a no no I'm not I'm not doing a book OK I have a book I listed in Campania notes I wrote a book on it it's on Amazon call Tyler pet 713 best quotes and quips revealed to help you with a good life I'm a everyone hates Tyler Lopez and when people hate someone I look into it and I literally took all of his tips I binge watched and went to his Twitter account and wrote down all of his tips put into a book he loved it and it's great so if you wanna see that you can do that I cannot put in the companion notes are you guys optimistic or pessimistic about the next five years well I'm optimistic that the new Jerusalem is going sent from heaven can't tell if you got a tongue in cheek on this or not I'm not talking Jacob you know I'm no I think we're at that time I think it's it's all happening OK does that mean you're optimistic or pessimistic and didn't answer him answer the i'm I'm I'm personally optimistic about my future yes ok thiago I'm very optimistic about my future but I'm very pessimistic about the majority the population of the world what's gonna happen Tim yeah I am cautiously optimistic that they may have I may have awakened a giant butt it's hard to tell and as you know all throughout me doing these audios I've always been odd I had the most pessimistic optimist on the planet so I'll leave it at that next will the powers that video that's a cop out I'm diazinon parents buried jtown hot! People I'm very short term pessimistic and medium to long-term very optimistic I think it's gonna get rougher as we go and then people will finally break out of their spell enough of them 15 percent will break out of the spout and it will stop but they're trying to do it I don't think what they're doing to us is going to come through and what's your view of what they are trying to do to us what about transhumant ism there's no doubt I think what is the name brand humanism yeah I think it's about getting rid of us lol OK so if you put my screen Tim told my screen again ok you asked me about the my three local funeral homes if I keep looking at the stats and here we go today is jr june 16 the last obituary was June 14 then June 11 and June 10 and June 6 and june 5 and third third first so it's actually the least amount of deaths I've seen on the obituaries in my community that I've seen in 2 1/2 years it's spiked in December 20 20 and then it's been downhill and then it came up a little but maybe 34 months ago and now it's at the lowest it's been in 2 1/2 years so if they're really killing or I know Frank's gonna disagree but he he lives on the other side of the earth maybe it's different there but here where I live I'm not seeing the deaths now are people getting sick this is a question for for Thiago little little sidenote here Tego is there a reason why me my tooth and my two sons we faint when we see an ambulance come in it doesn't matter what's happening in the restaurant we were at today it was actually very minor but in the ambulance people came rushing in and we all i wanted to faint is there is that unusual or is that typical is there a reason why is that it's just what you have associated in you're in your heads to work you know how to do an ambulance or the paramedics right some people like me when I see a parrot and an ambulance unit Doug one buying the Paramedics are there of doesn't phase me not in the least right I was an emetic for 17 years so it's it's it's different I mean it's just what your associating to an ambulance that's all I'm getting sick thinking about it right now I'm ready to pass out yeah cause you're at you probably you have neural associative things in your mind that you're thinking about terms of an ambulance might've been a bad experience with you were a family member or close friend something happen Zeno and in that timeline but with you with you not seeing the death stare in Pennsylvania you but you still have to look at there's a lot of different dynamics if that doesn't account for people that are actually getting named and hurt from these things so you know and in it also the you know how they rolled out the vaccines in the state of Pennsylvania are specifically in your area they have the same amount of vaccines that were lethal in that area all in all this kind of stuff goes into play because you're right there are some areas where I've noticed they're the deaths haven't gone that much but then there's areas pockets in the United States and Canada and Australia where it's just crazy so it just leads me to believe that maybe some of these when they in a world of these vaccines in these areas somewhere much more dangerous in terms of concentration of whatever junk they had in and somewhere in just maybe it's just just that simple I'm so will you know what it takes I'll probably have to look at it maybe a little deeper in terms of ER visits at your local hospital there in terms the cardiac arrests strokes chest pains that would probably be a little bit better gauge on what's going on yet yes window markers of shit OK sure if you can see that I don't see anything in the window it's black on my end mine Sangam is sharing a window which one do you share though cause I don't see anything in it I don't know if you can see the list window by the way I am out let's go it's coming in now OK here's Frank's window OK so I have to go so so how are exam why would you say I see what I've done all right so bear with me then I don't know about time I was sharing a window of the COVID-19 vaccine tracker on the riders and they got a lot of work to do in Africa if you believe any of these statistics Iraq also pretty low vaccination rates though right so the screen coming up at all yeah that's right that looks pretty ok so so in Australia for the past 1015 years that the death rate has been falling 2020 the standardized death rate was 4.6 deaths per thousand so it's one of the lowest ever infected is easily the lowest ever and the average age of the people that they say died of cove it was like two years more than they the average lifespan now that continue but these these numbers these columns that I'm showing here are for the state that I live in Victoria they did the number of deaths registered month by month and but I've done is cumulated in each column is 12 months data beforehand so if you look but we got my indicator September 2020 they were 42,000 deaths in the 12 months finish in September 2020 and the and the train that I've been observed for the last 10 years continue to happen in Victoria until April 2021 when the lowest number of registered deaths probably ever for the uncertainty for the population has occurred by April 2021 we were experiencing our healthiest outcomes and since then which is when the jabbing started we have seen a dramatic rise set at the end of May 2022 right one of the highest numbers 45,390 deaths in Victoria to the 12 months ending May 2022 now I expect to see june jump this up again so then the question is is that good news or bad yes you asked if I'm optimistic yeah what we didn't talk about is optimistic I was just talking about when you when you put up the stuff about the deep peoples deaths as you saying in them Quavo in the in the funeral homes that's really what I meant i was contrasting that the data that I've got with that that's all right write it again like we talked about a few shows ago relatively speaking it's not that much a half 1 million deaths over billions of people is barely a rounding error and then you said well for now and you might be right maybe it's gonna get worse and Thiago with relating his a paramedic friends in Toronto that their calls are up 10 times yeah yeah they don't I've talked to a guy I know who our former former what's called a field left you a field training officer and he's advanced care paramedic and in downtown Toronto and they're all kinds of calls with cardiac arrest and stroke he said he said I would not believe it if I was there were still working there Toronto a message that he believe it's not related to the VAX or he believes it 100% it's related to the box has to do his car to his camera grabs a agree with that some do some don't yeah summer summer asleep at the wheel and the Nino summer wide awake about the the numbers are absolutely incredible absolutely incredible yeah no doubt about it yes I went to get back to the question am I optimistic for me I'm not talking about for humanity I'm not optimistic at all for humanity but for me being selfish I'm very optimistic more parking spots for me very happy about that ha ha ha ha ha ha but is that so the next question play a Rush to hear on this on this world fantastic little graphic they can spend it says believe any of these numbers is super skeptical of all the numbers but it says 56% of Russians have got at least one dose and 51 have been fully vaccinated which I believe is defined as two doses at this time although in Canada they've switched it free I think as of today and I i think they just updated the language to be used which is up-to-date which doesn't give a number it's just whatever the prevailing wisdom is of the day so well I don't believe this website at all Tim sorry yeah it's right it's right Reuters but no no it has nothing just where it's on around earth I don't believe a single second of it all right but if you really wanna give me the ball at the ball if can you take a look at some of these numbers rinses the Democratic republic of the Congo is at 2% vaccination outfit what's the reason I want to believe these numbers when it comes to central and a lot of Africa now they'll just blame it on the fact they don't have any money or they don't Brookshire but pretty respond numbers are pretty low numbers so maybe the Africans have a memory how about what's going what's been going on I don't even know where Sun Valley is it's around here somewhere but I'm not popping up on the map for some reason oh wait maybe it's over here outside anyways I'm really low numbers in Africa gym I wanna respect your time and we're up in an hour and I have lots of questions so you wanna go a little bit more are you done local bit more next week and he likes the box where the powers that be ban crypto currencies I would say no right now oh well ok let me change it well they ultimately banned cryptocurrencies they may try but I don't think they'll yeah they'll start with trying to yeah I think cryptocurrency is what's gonna happen that's what it is but you're saying the digital central currency will be what they call cryptocurrency oh OK I see the currency whatever what about you and you know whether they try and block out other competitors sure it's possible Diego did you have a thought I didn't hear yeah initially they're gonna they're gonna try to regulate it absolutely if that doesn't work in the future where I can't see them doing as once they have total control of your computer or your net from your rent through your Internet service provider they might just block out all all types of you accessing any kind of a cryptocurrency wallet so they might I agree that 100% it's called KYCNA Wyatt AMLKYC stands for know your customer AML is anti-money laundering these are all bullshit excuses for them to control your wallet so if you can't if you don't have a good enough social credit score you can't access your money so they don't not the band anything they could just prevent the on ramps in the offramp's were being accessed and that essentially bans cryptocurrency yeah next are you a night person or morning person I'm a morning I'm off most of the night till five in the morning I will make you a night person on karaoke nights I'm up till two in the morning and every other not i'm in bed by 10 I'm kind of the same way I swing both ways I can be either way by next year I think he painted fingernails as no I don't I take out a manicure so one time now I saw a metrosexual on this map all this COVID-19 vaccination tracker the only country so far that I can't get a stat far is China try click on it nothing happens I get Mongolia which is a country and I get Hong Kong which is mostly part of China but can't get China it's quite interesting does that mean I wander means you're obsessed over this map I will get over it look at next in a collapsing area will bullets be more valuable than gold oh no I think we have stop the hate you're really really comparing apples and oranges aren't you sure do you mean valuable to be more sought after i don't know I do with the question was asked of me so I don't know safe if we do if we talking about what sort after gold is obviously not gonna be much good to the end the average Joe in a collapsing area is it compared to Bowen's yeah depends if it's cool it's all about the level of fear is that OK well I mean if if if if things are getting really grim in the USA in and people in the stands and say OK I need to feed I'm going to become I'm gonna go and get what I want then the people that have the things that I i wanted a game to perhaps react with fear and that will mean that they want bullets more than gold because like I suppose I could throw the gold bars at them but I'm suspecting they would think that shooting is effective for me personally it's some good knows what's gonna be valuable hoping salt is going to be more valuable sure you're comfortable billionaire you run up observation to make is that wap is money at any time altars in a salt was money at one stage people who died salary and then it became a bit of stick broken into with marks on it and etc. etc. etc. and then it became letters of credit between the people on the crusades and then it's in and then it became printed notes and now it's becoming just electronic stuff going i know and in your between your bank accounts and things are very how do you store value it's very difficult to say can i go I think a essentially what you know when I collapse happens I think you have to first to find water collapses in terms of bullets or gold so if a collapse means there's a much higher level of violence in that situation in that atmosphere then absolutely bullets will be more valuable that they're gonna be trading those bullets and you know other types of guns and ammunition so it really depends on the environment that's around if it's not a violent situation in terms of the collapse then gold will be more valuable but it really depends on the atmosphere and how what the level of violence is at that particular moment in time temp but I think God I don't think it's they were going to come to shooting bullets personally I agree so you would say gold yeah Sean yeah I would agree gold can I just go back to that on the topic is the thing of interest of the Academy in Africa for a long time the way that people Exchange value is to buy a charter time on their phones you know you can buy credit and then the Africans use the swap credit as a way of then paying for goods and services and now the practically all phone programs out unlimited I wonder if that term life currency exchange is died in Africa if anyone knows he's listening I'd be interested yeah I'll african users are visitors or or listeners please that right now I'd like to know next what your favorite place to visit what's the weather is Marcus used to be Washington DC ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha amazing town I used to be an amazing town so much to offer that way we talk like that was gonna go in 2019 and they just didn't happen before Covid BC is the cleanest city of the greatest metro terrible food town but it's a little bit better I'm just so many places to walk around and shit it's been rough taking them out of granite and old architecture have you been there recently is it caged up no no no all the fences and cages and everything are down I don't know about all but I was disturbed by the dystopian nature of Washington so much so that I won't ever go back unless things radically change it is completely dystopian now but there was no I didn't see any cages we would always go to the Ronald Reagan international airport which is off the metro line so we take the metro and go off get the airport get milkshakes and fries at Ben's chili bowl and then these big huge beautiful Windette window so you can see the planes takeoff and land and that would be just an amazing day trip for us that is all gone now you are not allowed to go even really in the airport and go to use the restroom you can't go to any shops can't go to any restaurant bronze everything is tracked everything is tracked it's absolutely dystopian it's crazy what are you Frank was your favorite place to go well my favorite place is Japan but I i must say that the place that you and I miss sounded great but obviously it's not any good anymore but I've never got to Washington Japan is an absolutely stunning country and also to Waze and I think the dollar Vigilante was saying Japan is going to be the first to collapse financially does any does Diego know about that yeah apparently they got the highest debt and I can't hear out of all the countries in the world is true is Japan so it's for a death in terms of I think of the ratio to their GDP but yeah that it's possible who knows no not take a mile away I keep forgetting my wife absolutely adores where you live so you probably won't wanna go anywhere I don't need to be honest with you I I particularly don't like living here i rather live somewhere I'm more of a hot wet the only reason why I'm here is my daughter's here and assume that she's old enough then obviously I'm probably gonna be leaving when isn't it like a breathtaking section of Canada beautiful yeah it's absolutely beautiful here it's one of the price they probably the most beautiful place in Canada I've been over-the-counter the only other place that kind of compares is it is a little bit is British Columbia British Columbia's really beautiful as well is that were Banff as bad as Alberta yeah it's closed it's very close yes next province over but yeah keep Breton Island is it is gorgeous do you know if it was like you know I guess in American terms in Fahrenheit if it was like 80 90°F all year around here I would never leave but the winters are suck here I'm right beside the Atlantic Ocean I have a great view but it's just too cold to let you know the snow and all this for six months already I hate i hate skiing I hate outdoor stuff in the winter I'm not a winter guy so then back to the original question what's your favorite place to visit that I've got two places number one is Cayman Islands a place in the Caymans called the rhomboids that's out by where I live I love staying there and the other places so it was a cold rum rum as and the drink yes are you in rum point yet and my other places sell Portugal the Algarve call girl beautiful locations OK Tim give me a five minute warning when you're done I got my ass like four more questions all right let's go to real quick I don't really have a favorite place to visit because I don't I've been to many places so you can buy thought you're gonna say Disney World and really disavowed no no that's not my favorite play i'm a I'm a trooper all right next next question what have you learned the most about the last 2 1/2 years of the scam Democrats at the mob is dangerous automatic that's my number one answer to an end democracy is either I just I just looked up the difference between a democracy and republic and I really wish that well I think at the Republic the notion of a republic has served the US better than most places as as it was to be expected which means they can't pass any laws laws that violate the constitution and we don't really have a constitution here we just have a monarchy of a franchise of the Monica here where they can do whatever the hell they want there's just no respect for the the Central law it's sort of a farce as far as I'm concerned so I i think the Republicans held up well in the United States better than anywhere else in the world although it's been violated all over the place but overall I i think a mob is dangerous democracy rule by mob reading how about you Tego sorry can you repeat that question you broke your camera but on my end I can you call me Alex what have you learned the most about the last 2 1/2 years of the scam Democrats honestly the thing that's Crystal clear to me is how stupid people are to be honest with you it's only three for three here yeah how stupid and dumb they're like it's like if you were to tell me three years ago Diego listen this is how stupid people are I wouldn't believe you I really well you know especially the large vast amount of percentage that we know that we've seen over the last few years right help me it's absolutely shocking to see how non-critical thinking and dumb that these people are but hey live in learn right so I knew Frank i'm gonna go for performance eyelash degree with you I don't like it I love you agree with them but Tim is saying particular about the USA I think of mine is that them in a way the collective is causing you harm is an individual in that you really need to think about getting out of the collective the other thing that some thing I think I've learned a lot of it is the legal system and how to make use of it in the in the idea of Roman law operating I found it to be very personally very useful and something I think was discussed on the show yesterday you took that to the guy that wrote the book Albanese and his son all right was out how many people I know that I shouldn't be doing these things just get along to go along peoples preparedness to do that has been a revelation to me that turned in a lot of people just know they shouldn't be taking these jabs in but it's a person I'm talking different it's just a massive amount of gold long to get hello it's some painful to watch really yeah I'll put in the companion notes it's called it's a YouTube video called the five laws of stupidity and I posted this in the dark side telegram and Omar who is a very tough cookie to please to say the least he thought it was absolute gold so I'll post that in the companion no it's a little bit to Long play right now so to get back to the rest of the questions ok so I get that allegedly the world economic forms mission this year is to regain the trust of the people what could the underlying agenda be one more time please mark as originally the World economic forum Klaus Schwab's well I cannot look for them their mission this year is to regain let me get some background on this question allegedly some intrepid reporter is broke into Davos for their meeting a couple weeks ago and listened in and they were the Klaus Schwab's of the world were concerned that they need to regain the trust of people so again allegedly that right there were like anomic Farms mission this year is to regain the trust of people what could the underlying agenda be another this person is laughing just like you Frankenstein but that's just an excuse what what's really going on does anyone does anyone care I said the reason they're saying those things is a bit small to me it's exactly it's analogist with the Justin Bieber thing yeah you know they are just acknowledging that is some serious stuff going on here and that they have exposed them selves they trying to make it there will listen to it you know there's nothing to see here yeah we really are good guys and we just need to it's just a trust problem Yeah Gabriel said here in the comments we should should go to Texas I love Texas Gabriel it's beautiful I've been to Houston and Austin and Texarkana I love it that is hot when I was in Houston I was I was dying really hot there who's there for a few days for conference but Yeah Tim all of the World economic forum I think they're trying to say is we haven't convinced 100 percent of the people in the world to write all in line with our program so we got it from a lot harder because there's lotta resistance right I think that's the real thing where people are taking it the wrong way sure what worked and what resistance is there there's none here yeah that's true Canada as well the resistance is low it's very low Canada is very eager to become the first post nations today but where where is it we're not necessary and that's probably why they're they're pushing our countries really hard they would like it to be 100% here so I'm not outside of this area I don't no thumb so we're gonna be the first country where they eliminate smallpox from is it is that it we're gonna be the first country where they eliminate countries yeah that's what I said victory speech yeah for sure yeah i have two question Sargon got two more left to market with everything with everything going on should I buy land I think you can ever go law go wrong buying land they just don't make more land the old trout that's Drew went in the question is where and when yeah well I owe you have a different view 8 if if you have a desire to do something and you have the opportunity to do it sees the day yeah right so an example of that is in my case I was able to buy a plane at a while ago I've always wanted one for a long time all of a sudden I became very expensive in the USA and so I grabbed it and now it's all the dogs breakfast if you i have a few are sitting on enough money to buy the land that you want regardless of the price it's what you want don't do it if you i have to borrow a whole Lotta money to do it and you're placing yourself in jeopardy then that seems foolish if you can borrow a whole lot of money on a contract where if it all goes wrong you can just walk away not live with a dead then it's probably OK here in the United States you can lease land and walk away if you want to so there's all sorts of fun it's really circumstantial it's really just about in Oz I said to me if it's something you want to do and you're in the position to do that's all the counts because money isn't a real thing if you lose money what does that mean nothing you still at the landline will still be the land with the with you it has a higher value all of it if I alter anything you die all your money goes back to the casino etc. you can't take money with you and you can't take the language the writer absent yes ha ha all right final question what's the craziest story you've never shared with us i don't have one I hope I probably do too much talking the crazy story is a general rule so hot right I probably let it out already so I don't really have anything crazy sorry I'm not crazy I'm not a wild crazy guy without a Steve Martin thing that is where I thought it was Bob Barker that was over like a you should be a comedian no I should not something tells me that there's gonna be a tie for the best story here between Thiago and Frack so someone's gotta come up with some friends you know what Frank does the karaoke thing so that's what I'm thinking I bet you've gotten some pretty ladies man so you sound like you got a good story but you know I can't disclose those kind of stories because you're white you have a story but you're not willing to reveal it all all the ladies a potential latte called Mrs. ecologist they're listening yeah I gotta kind of be a nice boy but it was just the boys talking yeah we would definitely have a it's too public yeah those kind of Ian I mean with the craziest story oh man that's not a good paramedic crazy story because that that would be interesting when I'm one of my first calls actually was on highway 40 one which is one of the made it it is the major highway in Catalano and Main and I was just in a fresh out of school still agreeing to the whole paramedic thing and one of my first calls was a motorcycle that hit up a lamp pole I guess along the highway so yeah so I went I went down into the ditch the guy was in a ditch and you know I seen the body there was beside the motorcycle but off in the distance maybe 50 feet off in the distance I i see the guys helmet so my partner he's a sick was a senior paramedic at the time he calls me over he says yeah let's go get that helmet cause we gotta bring it in the corners gonna wanna see it I'm like OK no problem so we go he picks up the helmet he turned heater he turns he flips the visor and he said I want to say the same thing to the piece ha ha on the guys head was in there yeah so it's a little bit of you know paramedic type your brother John Moore lol Victoria so how was his head is how do you say that a hammer movies yeah and then you know that kind of that kind of was a great introduction to the paramedic community for me I was I i didn't know they were that sick you don't like me on my level but it was kind of funny but some people listening to this might think that's crazy but the paramedics have that sick sense of ok I'm on revising my bet my wager and I'm gonna say that you you're gonna win the crazy story it's not your time on Friday if not it's not nothing really yet i haven't disclosed already in craziness that I would be prepared to disclose really I mean the only crazy thing for may wizard I either operate on the assumption the earth was spinning it was flat and believed it was spinning and I start a nuclear physics and thought nuclear bombs are real but I've told those stories million times it just makes me laugh though there's no agenda money clip I was trying to find and his head is gone I can't remember who said that though I can't find it you're funny to play ball markers did you give your crazy story no I'll tell you when I was maybe 17 or 18 years old I was friends with Gordy Pheneger Gordy vinegar was the son of the Pheneger family who owns the Radnor Hotel and Radnor pennsylvania and he was rich and we were hanging out it was summertime at the pool and Cody's like I wanna have fun and I'm bored as a great what you wanna do because let's go to Philadelphia and get a blow job OK so we drove his car went 2/7 and one block off market went down an alleyway Gordy was goddess blow job in the front of the car and I was in the backseat of the car and I was freaking out because some woman came up to me who wanted to do something and she's and she was the ugliest thing ever saw in my life but I think she and I rolled down my window sheepishly and she started talking shit and I as she goes do you have any money on and I didn't I don't wanna give her any money I said yeah I get like five bucks she goes well for five dollars I'll let you squeeze my titties I said i'll pass I can squeeze my sister's titties for free ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha funny I like that that's my crazy story but I don't think I've ever shared how are you telling the truth that's all I need to know I had a lot of money I had a lot of no that wasn't a bit I was asking the truth about your sister is it crazy schedule now that I would like she would oh yeah you do have a sister that's true I do that be weird all right well that was a good show that was the first 2020 Teagan I don't have forgot about the transgender and Tori stuff really well that was a different chill I appreciate it maybe next week we could do a different kind of show maybe everyone bring a topic to the table and we can expand and expand do you wanna try something like that let's work for me I'm gonna keep doing it because that's good for me Bootle yeah yeah baby OK but we can do it a little differently but Marcus will have a standard back questions you have a lot of submitted questions that was really interesting that's that's like your ask Marcus of the pastors in the past here's your shout marcus yeah I'm glad you're still getting that kind of feedback on your site that's great and Tim I got you're your email there about the key for the Facebook thing yeah that was Allisons suggest you give me a temporary key yet it just to get in and that might make it easier to scream but I'm not sure if I can do more the one Facebook page doesn't matter I don't have anyone on my Facebook so yeah we'll we'll definitely make it happen absolutely and I will touch base again before then and will do a little test run if you will and I'll make sure everything's running properly but yeah we'll get it done yeah that Sunday you're talking about where we're going to try and do a vaccine injury phone and show you your large Facebook group which you've never try before so we don't know what kind of response of any were you going to get from that group how active it is oh I think it's gonna be super active is that right here oh yeah I posted something on there let's say for example by post here everyone can you please share the group but have a safe weekend whatever and just wanna bat that kind of thing alone I could see the metrics on that I'm getting like 4000 views just on that yeah that's really tremendous they are the response and then a lot of people in some other thing thanks think that the whole vaccine injury thing is just not real and I don't know a lot of people that are vaccine injured of that I've solicit stories from people I know and they always come something really really interesting if we get real people calling in or maybe some really interesting accounts because the it's so much bakery and stimulation going on it really makes things confusing yes we got some real voice is that we that we can somehow believer go to verify I don't know how we do that but it could be could be interesting that's worth a try right I mean yeah I think it'll be pretty good I think you'll get you'll get at least a few people calling in and sharing some of their stories ok and gabriel like the shell and I like the show to a different format and it will will all reconvene next Thursday if that's ok anyone taking any summer summertime off that's also fine so just let us know I can't make it i mean always in Thursday is my bachelor night so I'm just thinking about it now for the next couple days and I asked what do you call it the airlines here in Canada finally let us not vaccinated travelers get on a plane so I might take a trip with my daughter somewhere we'll see yeah yeah I i kind of wanted to come out to your neck of the woods but I have to make sure we can coordinate something out with my family because everyone has their own interests of this at this later ages though may or may not happen but otherwise I'm I'm I'm happy to sit still on my on my days off but I wouldn't mind coming in the last part of Canada that really haven't seen and that's actually coincidentally where you live Diego but I wouldn't bother just maybe stop in and say hi have a Long Island iced tea with you if that if that came to pass but I'm a little I wife is a little leery of just going out in public with the all the zombies are still agreed on Elizabeth tween recipe for general and we just don't wanna have any confrontations or issues I think it works both ways for those zombies and the people that avoided all the nonsense but that makes fried contant why would you miss out on that then you can come home and then bitch about it yeah well this is the worst it's the worst here right here in Cape reminiscent most left wing man you know not you know put it this way all the Ukraine every second house and car over here it's got a Ukrainian yeah i still got the flags at all they got two flags actually they got the Ukrainian flag and then are you in the other play yeah the rainbow fucking whatever you call the rainbow nonsense like it's even paint it on the floors on the buildings of you know like it's incredible like it yeah I'm like what the hell's going on here man yeah so it's those interactions of those particular people so Francisville at a bed-and-breakfast or hotel and rihanna are given a hard time that's not something that you're too interested in doing at this time because I think the zombie factor is still very high in many canada yeah running the beauty shop some paying sign on bonus to manicures for all the fingernails being painted what's going is there any pressure on the manicurist market regular fried that how you bought that observation of your time tonight with WhatsApp he's allowed to open his pride month yeah all month yeah it'll be next year OK I was wondering what the how long is the rainbow crap is around me I didn't even know come on Knigge we were talking about how earlier all the corporations have done their best the ring the woke woke ism pride woke ism over and actually Tom MacDonald something really good I believe somebody played today Wilmer where's my flag on the street the I'm a straight man I don't have a flag I don't have a among young get your house burned if you put up a straight flag that's a BLM action right there yeah I know how dare you're just an LGBT guy in denial you ha ha ha ha great that's true Frank I've ever seen what I look like no can you go to go to my Facebook you'll see I got here do you want me to hear Ola posted in the note here for you guys so you can ask I'm actually a really feminine type looking guy oh nice oh that's good i said I can't see it, McDonald Tom MacDonald pride thing is it was kind of funny he's a rapper in everything i accorsi find it for the big privately there you go Frank Marcus there's my Facebook and I can't tell if he's it's so small I can't tell if he's being facetious or not is this facetious him I schism anyway all right guys I'm gonna wrap her up and our 33 instead all right all right take care everybody audios on.