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This is why I like being tracked by the government in the U.S.A.

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All right good evening everyone it is Thursday, May 5, 2020 to 8:26 PM Eastern daylight saving time and always trip up on that cause always forget if it's saving time or if it's standard time but it's saving time is it fake I'll just show episode FAK5 tonight I call it the Markus Schulz super shell because we have Marcus Allen who is pretty much hosting it and we have a couple of gas and a panel is actually regular panel if we have Thiago from Sydney Nova Scotia hello Diego hello and we have Frank from the long Australia hello Freddy Niihau and now over to the host Marcus Allen escape the so far I don't like that at Timmys can we skip the fluff and get right to the stuffed him yeah of course that's that's the well it always works out go for it let's go cancel or obviously recording this live but if you're listening to a recording you can get the companion notes as always at and you click on the blog and what is going to be the serial number for the show on your site tonight this is FAK5 29 and that is Cinco de Mayo is I saw that on Twitter I am I'm stealing that I like that's a great man is a five 5 2022 and if you go to my website if you wanna see my notes which are exactly the same because I pass the notes on to Tim you can go to escape the new click on the Marcus Ellen show and look for something titled like this is why I like being tracked by the government in the USA and that is the opening topic for tonight iMI am I don't like to say regret but I think I've made a mistake in my adult life by being so paranoid about being tracked by the government and what I wanted to do is I took an hour this morning and I listed all the benefits of the government tracking me and I wanted to see if you guys agree with that and see if we're perhaps being a little bit too paranoid about being tracked and of course we all know what the downsides are so we really don't have to talk about that but that's the question do the pros outweigh the cons on being tracked so I'm gonna go through this real quick hopefully it's less than five minutes and then we'll discuss Serena have done this pretty much in priority order so I said that my apple watch tracks my resting heart rate my blood oxygen level and there is a big-time rumor that coming with the Apple Watch eight which is coming up maybe in a couple months it's going to monitor due continual glucose monitoring which is amazing specially for people with diabetes I know my father-in-law he's outside he's hooked up to CGM and it's painful and it can come out and it's not very accurate from what I understand and people have actually tested the blood oxygen levels against a regular device that tracks that on the Apple Watch and it's been dead on every time so I'm really excited about that coming out and that's total tracking next my iPhone track screen time so it reminds me when I'm spending too much time on my devices course GPS has a big one for traffic tracking and GPS lets emergency responders easily find me if I don't know where I am and of course Diego will probably chime up on that because he used to be a paramedic or maybe Stella's next my apple watch I don't know if you guys know this will actually detect a fall and call 911 if I'm unconscious with my GPS location Apple Max Apple Maps makes driving much safer I can go probably 30 minutes talking about that I love using Apple Maps when I jump into the car and I plug the cord in into my iPhone it it's gives me all the options it knows where I've been before and knows where I probably wanna go tell me exactly how much time is gonna take to get there and we purposely go off the beaten track when we travel each week just to take a new route and it for the exception of one time the five years that I've had a phone it has never steered us wrong it was one time in Washington for some reason Washington trips up the Apple Maps but besides that it's always gotten us to the place and it's remarkable how it knows when it says it's 43 minutes away to get to the beach whatever the case that I just I'm just blown away by gps tracking drastically increases the rate of finding lost pets and even people there's again I'ma Mac person I don't know if Samsung or android or whatever that system is does the same thing but I'm out of ice there's something called find mine and we all agreed to do that we're all track we all agree to it it's just a lot easier to instead of trying to ping or track down someone let's see my son my son likes to go to three hours away with his friends and when he's gonna promise that he's gonna be home for dinner on Friday night instead of bothering him and texting him I could just see on the map where he's at know that he's on his way it's it's really cool so there's that find my service also I can see where all my devices are in a glance again with find mine you can click on devices so if you lost your iPhone you can click on it and see where it is and go get your iphone if that happened to my wife just a couple days ago we were in Washington DC and she left her iPhone on a pallet of stones while she was using a porta potty and we just pulled it up right in my device and she know exactly where it was it was great idea fencing is used in robots like the Roomba I i don't have a room and apparently that cleans it cleans your your living room and it uses Geo fencing to figure that out also I just I've seen a lot of this around here in the country there's robotic grass cutting and even crop maintenance so if you've got crops they're using GPS to track and your fence to know where your property is it's pretty cool if you're a business person like him who drives a truck there's mileage tracking so you can probably just click a button and get a full report of the year of driving without having to track that manual you think that's great tracking helps equip people for being wrongly accused of stuff based on location so you can use GPS to prove that you weren't at the scene of a crime for example again on the Mac in the iPhone in the Apple Watch I love the fact that the apps get to talk to each other it is kind of interesting when when I do some research let's say I'm looking into I don't know the club of room and I get to a webpage and on that webpage it has another a couple websites that it recommends in and usually those those websites are long because they're blogs and they can't get a domain name not sure it's a really long one so then I open a new tab and I start typing the web address in it fills it out for me so another words google is tracking the page that I'm on looking for domains that are on the page and auto filling and when I open a new tab I don't know if you guys have noticed that but that's what's going on they're all my apps talk to each other which is cool so I can be on my iPad and I'm on one webpage and then I go I need to get to my my laptop for some reason and if it will let it'll carry over to my laptop very very cool very convenient I'm about halfway done with these these pros let's say I can ask my iPhone to write this i can literally say hey Siri rate this restaurant if I'm at a far-flung place in immediately or no because it's being I'm being tracked with the four restaurants are within my spacing and let me know what that is it's very cool let's say I can ask my Apple Watch to ping the location of my iphone if I lose it so it's another way of tracking down your lost iPhone and Apple photos I can search photos by date location even the person in the picture and then I just talked about website remembering preferences from chip off I go to weather underground which is my favorite place to find the weather which is the weather for both my home and my favorite location so I can store favorite locations as a browser cookie and when I go there boom boom boom I click it again it's tracking favorite locations are in there it is our YouTube almost always shows the videos that I like it's uncanny how it knows what videos I like again because tracking most websites know that I speak English because they track us if I'm at Amazon it remembers what's in my shopping cart if I get distracted so it's a go put something in my cart and then I come back in an hour later remembers that again because it's tracked right now and that gets a target out there some people don't like ads I love that if something is targeted and it's of interest to me I've never heard of upper before I appreciative that someone has spent the money to throw an ad in front of me now of course if you get too many ads you can do an ad blocker it's also great as a personal assistant so I use reminders in the calendar and the navigator on the Mac ecosystem in it and it's fantastic and we talked about auto so we talked about Amazon I can see where my packages in real time even better and then again this is tracking I've had several occasions when my package from Amazon came to me and it was delivered to my neighbors two doors down and because of the GPS tracking that the USPS has the post office as we were able to track down that package before the tracking it would be lost that I'd have to wait for another package to be resent out a credit card transactions contain a date time and location for each purchase credit card companies contact us based on the tracking to prevent stolen credit cards I can't tell you how many times I've gotten contact from my credit card company because it seems like I was at so I just interrupted me about cats you know someone someone stole my credit someone appears to stole my credit card and because it doesn't match my spending patterns which is tracked they were able to cancel it so I didn't have to pay for that stolen credit card which is pretty sweet and that's what I have so one do you guys agree with me or disagree with me if you disagree with me why do you disagree the question is what do you agree do you agree that tracking as good as in I'm saying I'm at the punchline for me is that trap being tracked by the government and by corporations has way more pro pros than it does cons I'm not saying there are no cons trust me on that I who is it I only have a smart phone for five years now I was one of those people who be like no no phone it's tracking out and I was the guy who didn't get an easy pass until five cause my air track in your travel that's ridiculous you don't want that but now I'm kind of revisiting whether the Paranoia is worth it is it worth being paranoid and for example it really bothers me that that women who donate that single mom who didn't donate $50 to the truckers convoy freedom convoy header bank account frozen picked over whole business built around that exact problem now is that a widespread thing will it be a widespread thing in the future is that something to worry about are we making a big to do about nothing are we missing out on the great things in life because we're so paranoid about being tracked by like Frank's quote on Paranoia I think maybe we should just bring that up real quick so people can enjoy them or shorts the term just because you're paranoid it doesn't many people are not out to get you does it I like that sort of thing Marcus is that the benefits that you're talking about the way of life that we are being moved to cannot exist without those tools being made available on your phone so it's him and again those benefits can be taken wait any time so that the issue then simply becomes how much of your autonomy do you i want to give up for the convenience and it's it's really the great divide I think it's what you would call it right now people are either going to move into Amazon or they're going to try and be trading among some selves I yes you're really gonna be in the world around the world I think is the future the price is it do you think you could Uber him well i'm I guess I think I can catch him I don't think there's any I've got a proof that I can does anyone know anyone personally who has been for example I've heard and I've talked about this in the past people have typed into Google I have cancer what should I do or something to that effect and next thing you know coincidently their insurance policy was canceled oh wow I've never heard that one that's funny though so that would be that would be a direct that would be a direct like no no deal for me to to do any of the things that I all the benefits that I just talked about if that's gonna happen on a regular basis that would eliminate all these great benefits and convenience is that I get by being tracked but let me follow that up for a second Marcus yeah don't think it's possible for an insurance company to do that anyway you can adjust to the idea there is that somehow you notify the insurance company you've got cancer they cancel your policy well let's yeah I think that breaches of contract however they came to know about your cancer it doesn't allow them to him jump from the policy I don't think that story can be true right and that's what this is this is a more of a thought exercise yeah should we again be paranoid/careful/I mean i want to be one of the examples that if we look at the Google thing with Wareham you say I've got cancer what should I do and so Google gives you the dances that Google wants to give you whatever shirt and I would suggest that most of those answers are not going to be helpful to people really gonna go get chemo and sell so they think you're answering your own question is a lot of disadvantages of moving into a.m. I get a hive mind but is this a hive mind that's that's the question what are these convenience is right right now currently I have mine or we are we preparing for what the future holds well I think that the things you're talking about where you're looking for recommendations for restaurants in Simon eye really going to steer people into the cuisine the people that only the on the software would want to send you well i sent you it's interesting you say that because there's rumor but not confirmed I've looked for that Apple Maps has gets a percentage of the tolls that it recommends on Apple Maps another word Apple Maps can take you to from here Lancaster County Pennsylvania to Washington which would take a lot it could take us the non-tollway or can take a walk and recommend the tollway and they get a percentage of the toll from the tow company that's the rumor anyway and it does seem it does seem to it does seem that they do want you to go through a toll road because it's the fastest way to a lot yes interesting that you bring that up and I have experienced that's similar feeling that level of paranoid why am I being sent this way yeah so it wouldn't be amazing to me to find out that they were getting a cat you won't be so so in summary my my view is that I'm moving into the hive collective is not going to be a benefit in the long term I think what's in particular look at the health of Americans now they're now saying that half of the US population is effectively diabetic or insulin resistant or equivalent this was something that was unheard of 100 years ago it wasn't even as a disease i i think the hive mind mentality is sending English-speaking people to the abyss Thiago do you have any thoughts on that yeah I think I think the problem here is is the word for me anyway the worry is all these benefits that you're mentioning they all are are intertwined with a Corporation that you don't know how deep they are intertwine with the government that's the issue here for me that's why I limit my digital footprint is as much as I can because all these benefits that you're mentioning it's just it's just an assist another why don't look at them as benefits I look at them you know they might benefits to you personally but to me they're just it's just information gathering for large corporations in in conjunction with government after a fascist a state that we're witnessing here moving forward so for me absolutely not I don't care about a lot of the stuff that you mention there I mean you know it to me I do know that some people might be you know beneficial to them but for me I try not to use anything like not at all you know if I have to travel somewhere I'll just look up real quickly word is on my home computer I'll memorize how to get there and you know I'll do everything by using my brain I don't use a GPS I don't use anything like that I hardly ever use my cell phone so for me it's for me I'm just I'm like I'm like Frank out maybe in a little while I'm up I'm just paranoid because I don't want these people knowing what I'm doing I don't like I don't even like them knowing what I like to eat what my interests are I don't like knowing anything that's nobody's business and at any time that you have an application on an iPhone or an android you know I met you don't instructing his decisions for you the problem here is you don't know where that information is going you don't know what government agencies have all that information do you know most people think corporate only the corporations have this information I don't think so I think the government and these major corporations are one Tim that I was going to interrupt you at the beginning when you're talking about the continuous glucose monitor 9 AM my experience with my daughter is all everything Saturday with the complete opposite the thing does stick on real well it it's very accurate and the last thing I think you said I can't remember what it was but it is extremely useful actually and it does prevent add an edit does prevent constant finger pricking and bloodletting which is painful and extremely annoying and causes all kinds of accumulative scar tissue especially on your pinkies on the ends of your fingers which is it's very sensitive there so I actually think and yeah that I'm pretty sure you sign an agreement or click in agreement that that information is shared yep but I don't know who to share it with and I I don't know if it's shared with anyone outside the corporation big harm of that that creates the database and shared it with your medical practitioner but that's one that I definitely be willing to give privacy just just to have that convenience cause it's damn convenient and there's really no other way other than to continuously prick yourself to simulate that same information and I know my daughter thinks it's extremely valuable even though a fortune to it's a run it's a super expensive what about all the other stuff I GPS you're a truck driver what would you do without GPS well I i don't really I used to I used to use a map for a long time before the data plan for my phone I had a phone since the beginning of phones no I did i have a map cracked open all the time and otherwise I just listen to the traffic on the radio which is pretty good where they watch the traffic report is watch all the cameras to tell people where the problems are I could live without it as well I do like it but I could definitely with live without it I don't really doesn't really make her break my day if I know the exact time when I'm going to arrive somewhere it's interesting I find it to Stickley quite Accurate but I could live without it but I use it just because I enjoy just playing with technology and I don't really think that even though Google probably does sell my data and I know it like you said and I've heard many others say that the way their data is Mind and sold off is extremely valuable and it's happening all over and over and resold I still i accept the trade off and then I've used my geographic history to remind myself what I did a certain day one print since I wasn't paid to go somewhere I I can't remember two weeks ago did I actually go there so I have actually looked up and see you and see where I've gone on the timeline on the Google map so it is valuable it is interesting but you could live without it and I have many year for many years live without it because it's still a recent technology so I am I'm making the exchange every day for a convenience for privacy I know that but I'm cognizant of that but I'm on many other things I try and stay away from big tech and their convenience is like email I think that's pretty easy to do because I don't want them reading through my email mainly just so they can data mine sell me stuff although it is kind of fun OK I haven't really experienced too much of it where you may talk and then your phone is listening and the next thing you know it's serving up in the air that thanks I had a key word in it that you may have said not directly so that I stay away from big tax search engines as well so I did I do some things that I don't think they need to know and avoid them but there's there's certain other things that I'm willing to trade-off that I'm not too concerned about what about paying for tolls how to do that well we have a 1 Toll Rd. And that thing obviously tracks you're so nice when you get on it's it's it's the same as your easy pass system and so you up for that you don't pay cash you up for that for the new there is no cash there's no toll booth here we have like Israel I think we are one of the few toll roads that has no humans at the honor off ramps we've had that for a year now here so yeah we've had it for a long time since 1997 when they built the road across Toronto so so that's kind of that's kind of the point I'm bringing up what do you stop driving because you're being tracked no I don't then I know Arturo cost a fortune so I really have it to me it's like eating an expensive dinner and I really need to use if I i really need to be urgently in need of saving time before I get on it or or saving a great distance and it might cut off but yeah I'm not I'm not too worried about that aspect either so it sounds like it for the exception of me you guys are like I don't like the tracking I don't think it's beneficial has is there any other I think it's think if your boy you've really gotta think about the world if you like which when you're in it and when you're not in it to be in this world you you have to use those technologies do you not able anymore to buy and sell without the system that's just a fact so but you're not always in the world there are there are aspects of your life that you separate from the world auntie and I think it's a lot of it is about understanding what it is you're doing at the time that seems so stupid and quiet in didn't you text me what I'm getting I'm waiting for you they give me like an example or something well it so if you're if you're out running a business like I am then obviously you need to keep receipts etc. for taxation purposes you need to keep a travel record for your car expenses and all of those things are now done easily through a phone right and that aspect makes it more able more easily achieved to keep up with the increasing demands of paperwork from the world while at the same time in a not spending all your time actually running out paperwork so they're all of those benefits that you spoke about I really to keep track of your worldly activities for one of a better word agreed the question is is dangerous to think the way I'm thinking where my headline is this is why I like being tracked by the government in the USA OK so the point I was i would make now is the blend you blended in my opinion your private functions no you as a as a as a living Man with your functions as a as a person of the world as a person if you like in the legal sense and I think that's where the differentiation should take place understanding when you are being a legal person and when you're being a private individual when you're operating in a private when you're operating in the public so for example by choice of restaurant I go to when I'm having conversations about something and I get ads for those things they're the things that I think like a now the public is interfering with the private and that's not OK I think that's the differentiation of that we are wise to make I'm surprised by the lack of enthusiasm about talking about this quite frankly pun intended ha ha ha ha it's not really a big concern of mine I think we have 1 million other things to worry about but I'm not really worried about that that's so that's what this is an old topic and I think many people just accepted that technology and that convenience and most people are not too concerned about their lack of privacy I really think that the story that you also brought up about the bank account freezing I ain't think it needs a lot of clarity because it started off as a very insidious idea but the actual mechanics of what happened I don't think are widely known either one woman who's bank account was frozen I don't no or have never confirmed that story actually there a there's a few confirm stories of that but I don't get that like Quebec and Eli to I don't know how long it was frozen who initiated the freezing when people see the government or the government who what the heck the government is just a bunch of departments so who in the government did the prime Minister his office call a bank and say do you know this person and turn off their account it will be really need more information and no real alligator I heard one story that one of the police officers walking around Ottawa grab the license plate of one of the park vehicles and then maybe he was able to run the play because most police officers can bring up that information and then may have somehow drawn a connection there to the owner of that vehicle out of the register register registry of the vehicle then somehow or maybe just read the name off the Truck but I don't know exactly the mechanics at it it did it did echo round the world but I don't know if a true dope the prime sinister actually started saying start freezing bank accounts like some kind of comic book character i think there are a few more details but to be sure it's it's not a gray it's not a great thing to contemplate and that power that idea of that power is definitely going to be baked into future currencies and digital technology and it Hass to be discussed and if it's gonna be a thing then people need to know how to guard against it I am so with a comment I would make Marcus of what you're saying is it's these benefits that I think are Luling people in two to the Trap but here's a comparison here's the thing though Frank came up short but here's the thing it's now Ben Tim when you say you were the first one to get a phone what year was that all I had the Motorola brick phone one if you picked it up too fast you can knock yourself out me take me to the one that the people drove over that I didn't break i think it is with the two way radio is it really was developed by the military for two way communication and that's really what the phone I believe that Motorola thing was sort of based on I also had the car which is what year was it i probably got about 1988 that's OK there's my .88 that's 12+22 is 33 33 years and does anyone here on the call or in the chat because we're looking at it live November anyone who's been fucked over because of tracking cause I don't know me neither so what are we worried about I'm not worried actually the real tracking is gonna be with the it like that I don't know what what level it is around the world with the QR codes because when you check yeah and then that information that check-in is going to be for us just so you can get in and out of places that that's that's like a registration everywhere you go but yeah yeah the the the other issue was turning off your benefits right so all these all these all these you know if these issues that people or you know when when they said they were freezing the bank accounts I know Chris guy was mentioning that they can authorize his bank account with the Royal Bank of Canada media he went in there and they wouldn't verify the account even though he showed him his identification ready for this yeah rebel news couldn't get a loan they they had excellent credit they couldn't get along by the Royal Bank of Canada so these are these are all issues where this particular tracking that you're speaking of is if you do something they don't like who's to say in the future whether they're gonna turn you off from something now whether that may be financial from one of the benefits that you're enjoying this is the thing that I don't like they can turn things off at a moments notice electronically now without a hearing yeah without a hearing without a cord without a judicial overview without anything like that that's the that's the issue that I have it is it is an N here in Canada I don't know so much in the United States but here in Canada do you know your ear to ear your listen listen to what these people are saying listen to water Prime Minister saying he saying out loud we're gonna shut your bank accounts down this is a very bad omen to begin with to here to listen to a leader of a country saying this so my question right back at you what do you think the next 30 or 50 years gonna look like if this guy is talking like this already well I'm at let me be very clear again i wrote this headline and came up with this list as sort of a controversy all devils advocate great conversation type of thing I tomorrow I am watching something i've been working on since 1986 that flies in the face of it goes completely opposite of this entire list so I don't I don't know where to go with Take contact tracing for example we were told that if you were within a certain amount of distance to someone who has Covid then you have to quarantine how did that work out I have not I don't hear of anyone getting in quarantine because of contacting Jose is another scaremongering thing yeah they were that they were coming to peoples homes here in Canada because of this contact tracing and set an adamant and harassing them with phone calls do you think that that's on the news do you personally know someone that that happened to absolutely myself yeah I went to Montreal I came back and they started calling me harassing me because I had to quarantine when I got back from Montreal here in Nova Scotia yeah absolutely and it's written in this and this is the problem that I had with all this is that's why when i when I go to where I stash my gold my silver and all that kind of stuff I leave all my electronic stuff here at home and I ride my bike where I gotta go i don't take my car I don't take my phone with me I don't take anything with me because I ate a big part of this is we don't know where this is going in the next 20 it doesn't look good where it's going right now agree but it doesn't look good but I have a very bad feeling about this when you got leaders of countries threatened or if you know they're gonna freeze your bank account this is ridiculous this is Terry this is this is not good and this is why I just think you Nola yes you're you're talking about a lot of great benefits of technology has absolutely but it also comes with the downside because you don't know how they're going to utilize this to hurt you and future right the other observation of it is China which is really a.m. at the forefront of all of these technologies right now they are locked down totally right lotto don't know that now so I think we are a bit and told exactly what the what the benefits of all of these benefits you get it that's marketing letter by little every day you interrupt I want to quickly ask Diego do you check your bike for AirTags are you familiar with the technology cause I'm hearing stories of abuse on this one till this is a fun one yeah but that's so that's another lie see everything there's a lot of lies I don't have his AirTag thing yeah go ahead I don't know if it's a lie because hundred percent I've looked into it so with air tech technology you have this little nickel sized piece of plastic with that with an RF ID thing or an and it and it triangulate your location based on other iPhone so that contact tracing OK and uses his other iPhones yes he only uses iPhones OK that's cool and I am iPhones dominate the market there what percentage of smart phones are iPhones so there's so there's in this is what I'm saying there's a lot of lies there's a lot of things that they're scaring us with that are not true one of them is that someone went to Disney I'm trying to remember this was a couple days ago I went to Disney and for four hours was being tracked against their will and the only reason they found out is because their iPhone let them know that there was a Rogue AirTag tracking them all cats funny that's BS that doesn't happen know what I'm saying is that's awesome that Apple but believe me I'm not a fan of Apple these days are used to be not anymore but Apple has this technology that knows that you're being tracked rogue from some stalker and alert you on your watch and on your phone that there's a possibility that you're being tracked and I told you were that tracking discus and you know what Marcus all the technology that's cool that's really nice technology yet but the question do you trust your government officials to be prim and proper in the next 20 to 50 years and not utilize these technological advances using them against you and Noah quite frankly I don't trust any of these people that's the at the real issues I don't trust government I don't trust anybody specially any politician to do the renewal quote on "the right thing with this kind of technology absolutely not no way not sure and that's just my personal opinion that's why I hardly even my daughter asked me all dad you hardly ever use your phone I hardly ever see you pick up your phone so you know what I hardly use any of this technology I just don't trust anything that these people are doing so you know if I'm gonna donate some cash to somebody it's gonna be by mail in cash right be through you know anything about any other means that they can track you know who I'm giving my money to so you know I've learned after that experience with Prime Minister Trudeau and I think everybody in the world should be learning you know from the Canadian truckers in Australia in the United States you know and I'm sure a lot of the people that are listening to this podcast they already know I don't have to tell them they're ready or not not to trust these people they are you know some either they're their scams or not to be trusted especially with high-performing and anal technology like you're explaining how you know it's even worse because they're going to utilize the technology at some point towards Do you want Frank's or about China that's a great thing to look at because they're up there the lead when it comes to this kind of stuff all you have to go look at a Shanghai in Wuhan and all these places they're technologically miles ahead of our cities here in Canada but it's a good window in the future what do you know what the future looks like you know if we continue going on the pop-up that we're going technologically and speaking of cash you bring up a good point there is a website and I'll put it in the companion it's called mova Mullvad I'm sure I'm saying it right in Sweden VPN and they they take all non-trackable money including cash and I just wrote them a couple days ago and I said hey I'm really impressed that you take cash have you had anyone report having their money being stolen in the mail and they basically said no no it's it's getting through I thought that was interesting another thing to keep in mind to lotta people don't know but if you have a flip phone the modem and the flip phone pings out you're at your location too so if you think you have a foot phone and you're not being tracked your Heiser kite you're being tracked yeah well all phones triangulate that's right to get a signal and they pick the best signal because the whole point that's the whole essence of cell phones they going between cells and seamlessly so your call does not drop right there constantly measuring the strongest signal and I'll take bad at tower right so next on my list of questions is why does the government really want to track us what is their motivation well i think it's for future for future use really I i think right now it's just being tested and and trained and eventually they're going to limit where you can go as per agenda 21 which is probably the most important documents and anyone can understand right now that's been out for a long time the grid up why i really think that when they get everyone in the smart cities they're gonna do their damnedest to limit people and their mobility which is anti-western constitutions but like I think maybe they're just going to make people be addicted to staying home so they don't have to really do too much enforcement on that as well that would be much easier since I'm saying I think a lot of this is scary a lot of this trail is scary laundry how many cops what does a cop have to do to slow thousands of people down on the highway you just have to park by the highway right that's it highway I've had these rope barriers placed on each side of the roads Sam so close to the edge that you can't pull over on the side to repair a tire anymore like that well they say the safety barriers to in a prevent cars running off the road but no these these batteries have done have affectively you know you can't escape from these roads anymore it's very strange and then another 90 the safety bars are nine to increase the death the death into the chances of death in an incident I'll see your roads are trying to kill you now wow what is it trying to kill you in Australia it is full on have you not have you guys not seen these ripe berries I never heard of it are you talking about the cop the concrete Robert is that they put put in place no room there are a.m. there's an upright pole which is made out of a kind of recycle plastic in between them is 405 woven steel wires oh my God that sounds dangerous i know they absolutely never sent that I'll see if I can find an image and I'll post it so now all along the highways and in a major roads in Victoria and I just keep putting these barriers up it's they are dangerous just absolutely mind blowing so when you talk about how easy is it for policeman to control the highway now it's very easy Alawad always talked about if you noticed going towards any city that is huge concrete walls that are separated by steel beams and they're supposedly for sound barriers i know you are the brightness of the times I've argued with you on this one I want so you just you just read something at Alain Locke he says that so you discipline and now that he's dead even though I don't think he's that do you do you think that's just ridiculous what was the reason he said I forgot because it was stupid to Corrales when when when they give the go sign in you're on the yard now I think there's sound barriers like they are a factor and I think the price is there like weeds once once people see that a certain section it goes up and they want the one at themselves so they are very effective manager I'm not agreeing with him by the way oh no they are sound barriers and they do work and they just get thicker and thicker because the metal ones rust and then people run into them and they get full of holes and they look really ugly so but I just thought they just put one up on the highway I go on all the time and it's this one is at least I'd say 30 feet I had to huge it took them a year and a half and I must've cost a fortune so no I don't Texter Corral in Franc Franco's posted the cable bearer and I'll post it in the house we did we did have one of these put and here in Pennsylvania on route one which is very popular highway but it was in the grass it wasn't between he was in the grass almost like he was trying to stop the deer from crossing the road yeah so as a right on the side of the of the major highway so you know we used to have a stopping line but you have a stopping line where you can change a tire or something on the freeway and then the virtual but sometimes it's right by Roosevelt Inn so that you really can't use that the emergency line anymore no there must be a reason maybe they're driving the emergency lane it doesn't make a lot of sense i didn't make a lot of sense when they put it on route one it was in the middle of the median and if some car hits it it's gonna like kill their car it's it's not like a guard rail guard rail definitely helps keep your car from Vera off the road these like poles of death just a DM looking at them now they look to imagine hitting that with your car at high speed wow it would look like it would transact the car and yeah yeah I'm not really great for motorbike drivers I can tell you right now I'm reading the Wikipedia and that they said I study a motorcyclist injury rate says there's no appreciable difference yeah surely knock it off the cable in the WB in barriers oh yeah it's better than nothing it says here because if you cross over the kinetic energy of you going one way and the other vehicle go in the other is of course double art now let's think about what we talk about here in this example that you've got air in Sweden it's to stop people crossing from one side of the road to the other right in Victoria that on the outside of the roads as well they not just in the heat in the yard yeah you said that they don't want you they don't want you to veer to the grass because it's dangerous they don't want people getting off at Rodek market writing letters to your WestJet ATR Straley authority i really suggest find out what is the purpose of that because it doesn't make a lot of sense if you have to pull over with a flat tire or brass or you're i have a ar club vaccine adverse event you need to possibly found out when Melvin got shut down you know you are weird like they did this thing but they called the ring of steel yeah around Melbourne yes people these these wire reps conveniently placed in time to make it possible to lock Melbourne down that way because happened till then people could just drive off the road and go over they liked it but of course that was impossible this idea of a ring of steel around Melbourne wouldn't have been able to work without those Robert has been in place at as Rick is a charge my cell you may call me a conspiracy theorist but I'm just telling yeah what happened yeah so they basically use those two to contain you guys read markers created a wall around yeah it was this thing was planned years and years in advance Estiven Yes yeah cause I remember watching that ring a steel on the on the Internet here and I was wondering how big are they keeping so many people and like One city can you guys not escape through side roads and dirt roads and all this other kind of stuff it was but now he understands so they would stay with homeboy and the other thing I've done of course is to build all these superhighways and then basically cut off they did sort of less you know the meat based people used to go and everyone jumps on these big roads and of course traffic congestion is made much worse by the super rides then happening before and if you compare the road system of the United Kingdom where they just have you know ABC roads in and roundabouts rather than traffic lights traffic in England flies really quite well but here I noticed Vancouver is just as bad as Melbourne as well by the way in walkway but the one I was there I was it's quite sometime ago 20 years ago that the traffic in Vancouver pica just was a gridlock because they didn't babe because they're so left-wing I used to live there they don't build highways don't build any highways and I'll just the regular roads are just gridlock there are some highways but not enough repair they resist that as they just think that roads great traffic which is which is in a way it's true but you know people and good still have to move and if they don't move efficiently then they have to move on inefficient streets where there are people on bikes and all kinds of other obstacles at that limit and it causes more pollution I am now convinced that I'm not talking about very obvious like the speed humps to know i am a bit of a traffic file as in I like traffic because that's what I've been stuck in for the last i understand that and I understand how things work cause I live it just like you understand Salton Diego understands trading you have to should ask the people that use the stuff what their opinion is because there is soaking in it all day long though Vancouver is a bit of a joke for that and I've been stuck for hours crossing dilapidated bridges that are not twins or not double darfur are in bad state of repairs they just refused to advance and that's a course for china beats all of us because they're one party system they can just get things done and you can see how this democracy just gets in the way of progress for so many so but that's a good example of when you know I went to China and when they basically was very few cars on the road and everything was fine and they then I started building these superhighways and I thought why are they doing Nathan people are obviously happy without cars there's no McKenzie got money and then they started buying cars and some of the bigger cams I and everything are from China and now China is just a total massive of cars and the same as it ever else in the world wide earth would I think in government have pursued the same stupid policy when i didn't have to go in the Chinese government has been loaded for having no you're not being held up by democracy in doing something that is far as I'm concerned it's just completely stupid thing to do here it's crazy you no they were operating completely functionally 25 years ago without cars and superhighways now they're in good luck and wasting their lives in traffic jams just like everyone else in the world is they didn't need to do that in a traffic jam so good for podcast without the traffic jam you do not have the podcast listener let's face facts you can't you cannot say in the case of China but the traffic problems with anything but engineer they never ever ever had to go down that bath well but like to be mobile they like their mobility and I agree with them I like driving and Marcus I'll tell probably the same thing sure yet but it is it is but always conundrum here the things that you think provide your mobility other things that track it yeah but I don't know there are many ways and they haven't really implemented implemented them even in China to limit and control traffic Adam is called congestion pricing and they have implemented it in London England and it does work and keeps the cars out with congestion pricing in there they're city center so they're there lots of ways to control behavior and I still think that I'm they will start implementing that as a technology becomes cheaper and more widely spread and accepted and that's probably that's one of the many things that the the covid revolution has been implemented for is to just really accelerate the digitization of people and the technology that controls them and it is happening at a rapid rate and that could be part of it limiting where the vehicles go and who can use the book and use the resources at what time and for how long and then I'll use it in the name of saving mother earth and people they could've save mother Earth in China by simply not building the roads and moving to Kara Konomi it was a really really confusing move from my from my point of you ok well yeah I agree that doesn't make any sense unless you see it from the globalist view if you get all the sense in the world exactly that's the only way it makes sense so I wanna circle back as Jen Pasack he likes to say and tell do i came up with this topic earlier today if that's because over the last couple days and I'll post it over to Tim and I'll read it's for a vice article and there's tons of articles that just came out from May 3 admits that the CDC tracks millions of phones to see if Americans followed Covid locked up on orders and I called bullshit on this because it's in the main street if if they were if the CDC was tracking us this would never get leaked out ever why is it all over the legacy news CDC tracked millions of phones to see if Americans followed Covid lockdown orders that I'm saying I I think a lot of this is fear porn I hope I'm right and what do you think of the objective of this fear porn is soft self policing should I go more into detail yeah yeah I mean it's kind of like Tim I said like dammit all right I'm not tracking you tonight so I'm trying to track you know I'm not they need a little thing that goes ping whenever that would come Labelle little Joe energy I think it's self policing I think it's a way for us to be paranoid that's the point of why I brought up this list are we creating our own panopticon here or are they really going to do that are they really going to do what they say they're gonna do well I think watching China Australia after the election is in for a tough time and I'll find out then our election is in one week before the end of May and once that elections over because there's no police on the roads at the moment is no masks there are no restrictions anywhere in Australia which is very strange while over in China they've locked down 30 cities and the case rates etc. all the things that they used to look down so you know two cases there are thousands per day and no locking down the tracking it only makes sense to me if you think OK it's because it's an election on and the politicians don't want to be just drummed out the bad sentiment there's no police on the roads this is very strange. Right now Victoria and break so I think the tracking I think the tracking is happening Frankie watch just had a curiosity do you watch all the Ozzie Cossack I used to but I've kind of I've kind of decided he's a bit of a fearful merchant as well though but yeah go ahead yeah and I just wondering if you watch them or not to watch a few episodes of them some of the stuff he does pretty funny with the and I don't know how genuine it all is Thiago it's it's it just seems to catching characters really eat yeah yeah he seems yeah it's just especially now he's going on about the refraction Ukraine that's right which I just think you know to me if he was really you know up-to-date with all the stuff he he would be thinking like I said it's just fake yeah yeah it's just it's just I was wondering if you watch him because I heard he's pretty yeah you know in Australia and I was just wanted to know if you if you've heard of him or not I know he's he's he's big he comes up on my youtube list I've just got a question why we're going back to the ad tracking in Solon this article that you push that button Marcus about CDC tracking I've got ads for a toilet T-shirt saying I dream of becoming a grumpy old man I'd never dream of becoming a grumpy old man but here I am killing it what would happen if you got a new red screen I have you been on the vice one on the no the CDC track millions of phones to see if yeah it's on Weiss it's on yeah well I have and I have an ad blocker so I have no ads OK and there's actually we could do a whole show about the pros and cons of an ad blocker it's not what you think but that's for another time they're not they're not because they're actually what they're doing is they're actually it's malware in many cases and it's actually tracking your worse is that interesting yeah yeah what do you think it's going to happen in the USA compared to say what's happening in China do you think what's happening in China and I will go to the other side or not last year i would've said yes here's an interesting thing I I I took a 5 mile walk couple times a week and I was on my walk today before the show and I ran into a buddy of mine from bathroom years ago and he is he's a property manager/real estate investor and he also businesswise I said terrible and my business went out of business because you can't can't get cars and I was in the car business and they were talking about exclusive private towns etc. etc. then I asked him I return the favor and ask him how he was doing and he know a lot of people are not honest with they always say everything is fine and then you dig a little bit and everything is the opposite of fine and he said that he has 432 but he's under management rentals and they're all on forbearance government forbearance meaning that no one is paying the rent and that ends in a couple months and this is the paperwork that's involved to get it so this forbearance the government actually write him a check because he's the owner of the property write him a check so they give a 12 month forbearance +3 months or was three months ahead so that's coming that's going away for most people in a couple months and I said what's gonna happen after that said I don't know how are they gonna hey I don't know I guess I'm gonna have to become a collector so you have people on for a minute that means that they've stored up literally 12 months of unpaid rent +3 that comes due in 15 months coming up in a couple months well if you don't have the rent because of what's going on with Covid and no jobs etc. how are you gonna come up with all that rent and I told him I said I i have weekly discussions we were game out with our family what we're gonna do when our neighbor knocks on the door and demands that we feed damn cause I don't have the money and I really see that coming in September I see a lot of shit happening in September so is it because of China not sure just looking from from an economic standpoint no one's working no one wants to work where is the money gonna come from if the government stops paying people couple months she'll be very long to see the shit show coming in about five minutes out they are already stopping that I've heard that from you quite a few times over the last yeah that was for that was for unemployment OK but there is a lot of forbearance union OK with so that is when you when I saw this is the rent money stopped God I'm sorry I in right what happened with me and employment money stopped area quite well then everyone then everyone was supposed to get a job but one wants to work because every small business person I talk to lament the fact that no one wants to work it's very strange very strange the roads are empty. People on godlike productions a lot of threads about you where are all the people as you no I train my back up computer on the live view of them in Saint Augustine of the tiki bar in Saint augustine it's dead almost every night never used to be dead it's very bizarre where did all the people God that's a very common thing going on in the forms that I visit it's very strange it's it really makes you think that Jeff Berwick might be onto something that we're in a video game and and the NPC is the what is that is that nonplayer combatant down nonplayer character characters that they just were erased from the video game and Thursday there's us know that could be a whole Nother show is is that true I don't know so that I don't no Frank I don't know what's gonna happen but I swore we were game it out I think I can back up your observations here OK the number of i was on the road this morning in the evening you know where I live I'm just driving from where I am to where I do the salt flaky it was eerie yeah it's like a holiday yeah how about you take a look you know that you know what you gentlemen are describing is across the world OK so you listen to Gerald Celente New York City or just he's just outside just northern new york same thing the place is dead you come here to where I live in east coast to Canada it's dead you out on a Saturday night doesn't feel like Saturday night anymore there's hardly any cars out this heart the restaurants are like not even close to capacity it's a it's a it's a disaster and what you're saying about the commercial real estate market absolutely 100% it's gonna be destroyed actually it's great that you bought you brought that up yesterday I talked to one of the largest apartment building owners here in Nova Scotia he's selling he told me he has to sell half of his properties because the energy prices here to heat the homes are getting too expensive and he can't raise the rate the rents anymore on the in the apartment building so he's got to get rid of them he was asking my opinion what he should do I told him the interest rates are going higher and higher they're against their incrementally going up I said you better sell it now because when does interest rates get a little bit too high the real estate markets gonna be done you're not gonna be able to sell the property for any kind of real value Ryan so that you better I told him you better hurry it up and sell within the next six months and this is one of the largest property owners here in Nova Scotia so it's it's it's it's a ghost town everything is a ghost town these people are scared to go out because they think they're gonna catch some virus money I've got no money to go well it's it's it's it's it's it's a disaster it's not gonna end well like we've been you know discussing for months and months on end now right all right well I've been going about an hour or so did you wanna wrap this one up Marcus that's all I got our wish him again I was surprised I thought this would bring in a little bit more feistiness everyone was pretty subdued will disappointment that we need a little bit more feisty I thought people start screaming at me because I'm always looking for you gotta pick up you know maybe maybe a little bit more feisty or topic like abortion in row versus wade something like that do that for next Monday after next time if you can tell me the ABBA was better than the Beatles that then playing Apple Music and Beatles yeah well to be honest with you Marcus I'm feeling a little down today my Toronto maple leafs lost last night I saw that I was a great game tomorrow at Kabobeesh games what's that is Marcus watching leafs games that's amazing well he's in Pennsylvania he's near our imagine he's near somewhere near Pittsburgh or Philadelphia yeah it's got like yeah the pits it's a fuckers flyer suck I got no one to watch so what am I supposed to do they're still winning fuck Pittsburgh no one likes Pittsburgh around here it's it's a dividing because Sid the kid for God sakes of the Thiago for sure that's that's your backyard Disney from Sydney yeah well he's from Michael Cole harbor I know Nova Scotia just outside Halifax but I couldn't give a shit about him I Grupp in Toronto my whole life yes my beliefs I live in and I live and breathe the Toronto Maple Leafs so tomorrow night in Tampa Florida let's see what's gonna happen tomorrow night they gotta bring they're a game they gotta stop taking stupid penalties and you know then I think we got a chance we'll see what happens now around here it's all about sports back what's that but you don't think the results are decided by sports but then I hope not I hope that's a good question I i don't know you know I hope that's not rigged too that would suck cause I really like watching hockey but call the major league sports when it comes to the the playoffs there's a lot of rigging going on I think I know that's when I really backed off watching the leafs and I'm I'm not too confident on that I don't know if there's any mess any rigging for this year any particular team they need to win or engineer for Siot purposes cause we're kind of killed all sports for a couple years with the Covid it's not available I hope that I hope they rig the Toronto Maple Leafs for a sigh ops I hope the Trono's gonna be the center of the next size off and whatever kind of bird flu or avian flu they i want to spreading within the population will see what happens but you know but we'll see we'll see what we got a new contract with Marcus we're gonna talk about we're gonna talk about the leafs lost lost a playoff game oh shit don't tell me that you just woke Thiago for sure he found that was the feistiness I was looking for yeah yeah I should've said something like that the Maple leafs sure we're tracking their fans something to that effect on God and that's OK lol I watch I watch all the leaf games here illegal see that I have here so yeah I do the same I got a legal thing up I'm on the way to go I've said I've talked about this many times that this is the major sporting events that the side off of that is population boom in other words if you look if you type in something like Super Bowl Babies and to your favorite search engine you'll see that whoever wins the Super Bowl there is an explosion of population in that city and there is a big downdraft of population reduction in the losing city and I wonder out loud if that's really what this is all about that's what I mean that's a migration yeah that definitely know how you know it's possible I know I do know that of the Toronto Maple Leafs win the stanley cups they're gonna do you don't tell Toronto apart it's gonna go upside down so we'll see you in a long way to go and I don't think I don't oh man there's a lot of negativity this is not a team that can deliver or it's gonna be different this year it's gonna be different this i don't know if that's not the Seiyu but I know Frank's riding up to Frank's far away from hockey in cannibalism OK I've got this is resonating from friends that watch he's Canadian and his kids all play it's a very fine I suck at playing Spider-Man and ATM if these guys are riding to Osaki and Nia Maya and I'll bosses wife is the cousin of the one of the leading who plays in the USA with gas and a lot of them so you gotta be specific wine great is it Wayne Gretzky Wayne Wrestling basket is is actually long retired I was a huge hit him up he just came up because a lot of people think he doesn't look too well I already knew many of soccer goal yeah I think he's being from where he's promoting some gambling thing right now I'm at topic came up around our dinner table tonight and honor on a podcast I listen to one and one of the guys it looks like he's promoting some chemotherapy treatment because he looks terrible he looks like someone thought he look like a recovering alcoholic he's an alcoholic that's an alcoholic who said you recognize the facial facial features of Wayne Gretzky is the same guy that I was on the show on this guy Sean 2071 hybrid of that Wayne Gretzky could be of a male to female or female to male he went ballistic so that was it back at the beginning of my daily gender inversion research and I just sort of brought it up as a lark with someone invention but I can play Royal believes in our Frank Frank's ears have perked up now to see if I have because I didn't go to an episode of the show grace and Frankie or something which is located in Fonthill Wyndham and Lily Hamlin TV show watching them last they just look like me now oh it's it's really hard to not to and see everything now that's a real problems it's very hard can as long as we're talking about that can I end with a question yeah can you type in every type in Taylor Dayne do you member Taylor Dayne take it from my heart that's it yeah is that a dude or am I just crazy but she's probably been transvestite again well can you do a quick transverse Acacian on this thing I think it will call it it's it's old from where in the back of the day and I'll see if there's a transvestite Gaycation not Tara it's not aging well is it I think it's a lot of plastic surgery is what it is that's what it looks like that's always the plausible deniability they bring that up all the time Sita me the unisex name is always the giveaway Taylor can be a man or a woman that's true I grow the Marcus it's that they give a name like that good back in the 80s but now shits really like her I went to her concert with my wife was like you only concert over winter well i don't know if no one can tell me king me a definitive thought on whether it's a dude or a chick I need a fucking woman anymore does it yeah I have your number didn't have pictures and I think they're almost this person is entities almost to pass it to farther past to vent picked up on the current transvestite Quetion radar I don't see it and I don't see anyone has done anything on her iPhone I totally forgot about the entity myself i really hate her and then Lisa is see there's another unisex name Leslie Leslie refraining happen Attar I mean it just goes not at all wrong yeah Leslie Wonderman outside I don't know if you type in and nobody tea Taylor Dane and then if you tell me when and when someone's on featured on i'm glad website they were 100% tranny hundred and of course if you type in glad you know with the dots between GLU know really most of the celebrities and this is the hard part and better that i have a challenge many times I really believe that almost everyone in Hollywood everyone highly promoted that is at the top are inverted yeah I agree 100% so you just start there and that's how you have to start because there are only so many positions in in the culture influence in community eat it and we might think there's thousands but there really how are you holding a recycle Tom Cruise and so many movies that's always been one of my pet peeves I thought there were a lot of talented people or people that could be trained to be talented we have to see the same people over and over again the possible deniability is and it's the star that brings people to the movies it's not the story or anything it's always the star but I think it's mainly because they limit the number of positions available is so they can control these people and they have huge investments in there in there a transition and and and it's all on huge maintenance programs because if you back off on any of the aspects of inversion immuno naval deflate like what do you say what are you guys I had a neighbor the other day was trying to talk to me about this gender him her like a Marcus was just thinking I couldn't help it man I had to tell her what I thought like I said look distortions of reality and all this kind of stuff you should seek mental like counseling or something like that don't you think and yes you didn't and you know maybe electroshock treatment or something I don't know like it's just it's just really bizarre to me and then look at everyone's on board with this in my neighborhood and it's just the world pets one it's just it's just I find I don't know but you guys but I find I find sometimes I am living in the twilight zone out here and I don't know your no you're living with it's the same everywhere because Amelia permeates even the darkest corners of every country now because every anywhere where there's a wire connecting someone to the Internet they're getting search that's that's what's different in 2022 as opposed to 15 years no everyone is getting the same message doesn't matter where you are looking now I'm guessing you put up there now though whoever put that up that tablet that he's a frightening massage isn't it oh she's it looks like a complete disaster absolutely yeah but it's like a man that the United States is well done I don't think it's a disaster at 60 and there's just lots of lots of things may look for the brow ridge and really the gold standard is still the hips the pelvic bone which cannot really be easily altered you can you can paddle around and make distraction distract the photos and Photoshop but the pelvic bone is the gold standard nine or somebody created a video against Mr. E mocking that but the mystery like I had on last night's broadcast he really brings the total picture of what this is all about the trans humanism it's really quite an organized thing it's not just a couple of people that don't like the sex that they were born it's way higher or Mr. a is all I can say he is exactly great interview and you know just a first class piece of entertainment last night yes all good thanks agree if you type and Taylor Dayne Costa Rica it looks like a girl it's very confusing try that Taylor Dayne Costa Rica and then go to the people magazine ok this one is sort of fallen off my radar cause that I don't yeah it's sort of it hasn't been in the news so long time I thought Taylor in Costa Rica I will send this to them eating transverse gator OK to photo diary you wanna look at your investigator that one right there that looks like a girl to me walters but we're not seeing anything down below if you are seeing large brass but we're not there's way more to see and we don't even know this is photo shopped in anyway because this is what people magazine for God sakes all they've got top technology for photo shopping right unfortunately yeah they do look like females so does but I've never really been attracted and Wilson there's always been a problem there but there's a hole there you need to realize there's always been castrato always because of the best singers in combining power of a male and and removing the testosterone and creates all kinds of incredible effects yeah yeah we're leaving in real life marchesa you you've been to Miami Florida on the on the strip there are you know when I was there I thought some of these women are other beautiful women but they're men but I'll like I like I can tell the difference until like you actually like you know pass by them on the street there was incredible the ones that I found in that were in South Beach Miami were they they look exactly like women OK so I i got a quick sorry to end this we were in Washington we were in Washington DC sorry just quickly here's the Wilson sisters of people magazine I've always just looked at these two people before I have without any awareness to what was going on and they always had a very butch look all right and this is in a building a butch business know this picture doesn't do anything to convince me that these are women no i think I cook Douglass chin is particularly young Jamie with a butt crack that's not a think we need a few beers to talk about this stuff so much better so you're talking about you were talking about being in Miami and being Folden and that's what my wife doesn't understand why am I so obsessed about this me too and it's like when I watch when I watch prices right when I was in my teens and I get it all excited about seeing the showcase in a Bob's girls yeah binder bobs dudes I've never looked at them yeah they especially Diane break in the barbers always grabbing her but i have it if I end up finding out the barber Aiden is a bloke I don't know what I'm gonna do yeah I don't look at her tail washington dc a couple of error on Saturday for the first time for in forever since Covid now and on the metro train because they went mask list a week i go in of course were the only ones on the train without a mask so some hot I'm talking hot looking girl with a mask on sits next to me normally my wife would be next to me it is hot girls next to me empty train couldn't stop staring at me she had a little baby shirt on nice boobs she was wearing these what are those pants where it's like floods capris check capris on look totally like a woman blonde flowing hair get off the train go down the escalator to go to the rock Ronald Reagan Airport which you can't go into anymore because of the new terrorism bill no one's allowed into the airport less you have a ticket while she goes down the stairs and it's a fucking dude talking my wife just busted i couldn't believe it was a dude I couldn't believe I kept staring at her so yes I could call all the time in in like what I thought you guys a lot of that I had it cut out the other night at the pub as well oh yeah usually eat more about the interview bars that that would be into the year of the real world unlike a keyboard warrior it was a recent thing though it wasn't around until three or four years ago right it's really it's starting to be at a common place now very crazy but the only reason that I like talking about it is the main stream legacy media is promoting it like crazy so if it is an agenda item back on the way we have every right and then obligation to to try and reverse engineer what the hell is going on what is the agenda what is the purpose it's a hard to explain the purpose without a lot of historical con contacts and that's what mystery is good at that's what that's what I'm not good at cause I know that I try to explain it to the regular people they don't have the patience to understand the history they don't know the history so again you trying to explain something in five minutes why it's happening what's the purpose for why bother it you really need to know the androgyne agenda that's that's really what mystery brings to the table he's not just a fly-by-night guy was laughing at tranny boys it's way deeper this is a religion it's right and these are the priest there high priests are in all the position of power and and celebrities have tons of power compared to say a run-of-the-mill politician you know they're actually called Kadesh those priests and the kardashians all right yeah they choose the names wisely on yeah it's it's it's a religion it's an art it's a Kabbalah it's called it's so much mixed in and because we're not trained at all to recognize it we're just dazzled and deceived all day long so that I have a profane i just like to educate myself in general and I I'd still go get it I thought that's why I just keep pushing pushing at the research I I like looking the cute guys dressed up as girls but I really wanna know what's going on you know yeah I'm serious I want to know that's why do the research I want to you like you like looking at that lake Lady boys who never I'm talking about Sandra Bullock I'm talking look at those those guys I get angry when I find out someone's deceiving me I get angry I don't like looking at that but I don't yeah I like look like I'm it's me it's like looking at art is if your ears if you're scoping something from one thing to another it's it to me it's amazing wow you're your way more heterosexual than I am I guess i don't know because I'm not I'm not like you I don't have a tracking how you're thinking about it I'm really just amazed that is the the level of deception and the y right and I know it's against women as well as we've talked about they hate women because they can bear they can they can make life and that's the power they want to take away and take control of that's clear that they work at both side they want to control supply of life and they want to accelerate the rate of death that's what those two tracks they're working in the same direction I'm not happy now I think we should call it a night and thanks for inviting me I appreciate good talk to you guys yeah I'll make you believe notation I appreciate it it was a different kind of shell as always which is we keep we keep the audience guessing how this is going to know it was up and down let's put it that way yeah we woke you up I thought it was a little more hockey maybe at the top until they wake everyone up and maybe get something for Frank to get going on as well I have an announcement speaking of Frank I totally forgot about this drink I told you that I was going to make some changes and take the salt book that we wrote do you member what year we were at that 2014 wasn't that is correct and I was gonna offer it for free so there's no catch no email no nothing if you go to escape the salt or go to escape the new normal click on the Marcus Allen show and look at the bottom and click on salt entirely free and I think you've already saved 100 lives Marcus just by doing that I am I think it's more and I also updated the recipe section Frankie talked about orange juice and salt as a way to get salt down and then his lemon lemon juice yeah oh not orange juice lemon juice is my favorite but yep so I found an even better way I think our whole family loves it which is apple cider and salt OK oh my guinness brings it to a whole Nother level yes so I put that in the cloud put that in the companion notes at the end too so now I can get the truth about salt you get it for free no what is the price of admission for tonight oh my goodness I think it's very generous of you Marcus and great yeah give the correct would love you to my creator i'm gone my critter wants to send me to hell when you can and Emerson are all of us ha ha give me the centers all right guys have a good night all the best and don't forget to call if you liked the show they care have a good weekend they go.