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19th 2022 is 8:33 PM Eastern daylight saving time does the Bay College speaking I'm back with you finally I took a couple days i have a lot to tell you about those days off but that'll probably have to wait because today is the Thursday show which means it's Marcus Allen supershow or Marcus comes to the table and brings us a question that he likes to ask the panel and they try and answer you have the normal cast of characters that are kind enough to show up consistently we have that's for say hi to Marcus hello knows what's going on that's Marcus Allen escape the and then we have an ounce of salt per day who has a ton of stuff to tell us about to hello hi guys and I'm glad to be considered normal iMessage it says it's refreshing change you are the new normal or the new old normal Amanda East Coast of Canada Canada cannot stand where you cannot get on a plane or a train unless you're fully injected with the lethal biological experimental fun and live from Sydney Nova Scotia Thiago hello Diego what's going on guys thanks for having me and actually I'm in Sydney as well oh wow to Sydney's of the world thousands of miles apart yeah so that's cool that is really great is it named after the same Lord Sydney I assume so what is there a lord Sidney's shrimp well i'm guessing because we live in a British protectorate of Canada and you live in the Commonwealth Australia that probably is more tied to the British crown and then you like to believe I'm guessing there's a lord and they're somewhere 08 sorry this place was no doctor unload Sydney absolutely it was a lauren ok well the chances are really good because the British are really lousy at originality when it comes to names they just name all the countries in the Cities within after their own country in there on Lords and dockside Just Salad though oh if we were on the free market at Marcus is there a need Pennsylvania I was trying to think of a joke something about a woman but I got nothing I'm sorry but we have a lot to do with that now I apologize upfront if there are any technological difficulties I really hope everything is coming through OK because I'm trying to transition not in the gender way but in the technological way and it's a lot rockier than I thought it said I'm out of practice because I have an install windows probably about eight years and all the wires and doodads and off it's it's a lot of work this is why you probably want to pay someone to do it not do it yourself oh I think this doesn't come through properly well sorry I had to switch back to the old machine new machine I didn't really test the audio and of course it doesn't work there's probably some setting or wire anything you can think of missing so I didn't wanna be late or I cancel the show enough of that Mark is it turn it over to you and what are you what do you want to talk about well if you don't if you turn on my screen you'll see what my neighbors look like a little boots on the ground about the mental health of my neighbors here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania are you able to see this it's a video I can see it frankincense from you just from your mentally sorry your word image I'm laughing yeah why don't you describe the visually impaired that might be listening to the audio our or those arrows in the podcast yet says US MC I'm assuming that's the United States Marine Corps all right which is been spray painted onto this guys trailer this morning it's big news here in Lancaster this guy completely spray-painted his house his fence and his trucks and it says USMC it has three combat tours you're welcome and then on the right which job I hit the play button it says I'm not a meth head so here it is Kari seen that come through the video I'm seeing it in Loudoun clear spelled your wrong most people do animal honorably discharge Marine combat three combat tours ps PTSD not something rather what does that say I'm a see if I can so that I was not not meth head and then you're welcome and then we oh my Cory Jack my son my youngest son and I turned the corner of his house and then there's more fun i serve three come back towards honorably discharge marine not meth head you're welcome assumption is mother of all the rocks wow that's so this doesn't think he's not happy now well it's either that gets into the whole caring about what people think and then my son my 15 year olds like what do you think this is about dad know this is we came back to this we actually went to the gym 55 miles an hour and just blank saw that and I was trying to remember what it said and I said well I'm sure someone doesn't like the way he's fixing up his house and he thinks he's a meth head and he took it personally and now he permanently put it on who's house and what's interesting is this something like this actually happening in an old office space I had near King of Prussia Pennsylvania some guy did the same thing he like totally shut it up his house and spray painted all these angry messages and that stayed up for probably 20 years I don't think the township can do it's not like an hué Township couldn't do anything well it is a form of expression and freedom of expression is is paramount in the United States of America the first amendment what is an HOA for for for for ignorance not like like me home owners association so you when you are a member of a Homo there's actually I think most the Homeowners association is a good thing it makes it so someone doesn't so that someone doesn't not cut the lawn or paint paint the house in a different color than everyone else's house I mean it can get kind of dicey when you have someone who just doesn't care and doesn't go along with the flow a lot of a lot of people will store tons of crap on their porches and it just looks terrible and yeah so this guy doesn't have to worry about that he doesn't belong to an HOA clearly OK anyway start off with I don't know and then I thought I had some good news to discuss and I wanted to see if you guys think it is good news or not and let me upload my notes here bitch ass didn't really give a punchline to that hole was waiting for you guys to give a punchline interesting is that that that servicemen and women from the yams from English speaking countries are really being a man would you say relative change greatly now railroaded David that really you know thanks for your service and we're just gonna make your life miserable now they've been turned into the potential terrorist of the new update in UHF midnight yep yes I don't really see how what's change they've always been treated poorly when they come back from servicing and I guess that's true people the people back home don't know what happens there they can give him the propaganda version of what the war is or what war is and then the servicemen come back as heroes they don't know what their heroes for because they were just over there rebuilding and re-assembling in and resettling and control demolition it's the current guys that are treated badly and 30 years let you know retrospectively when I get to my age they're all there a war heroes again eco that seems to be the way it works in of the Vietnamese veterans were treated very poorly when they came back but now they're all there in i've never laughed again well it took a while so it was a long uphill battle to get any kind of recognition I think but I think the same thing happened to the world war ii the World War I soldiers Crimea style just I think it's the same modus operandi is a good old time and she say but it's it's very interesting OK all right take out any comments before Marcus goes to his next screen I i just I look at all these guys that I feel some a lot of them I feel sorry for their instruments of decision of the central bank stores that's all they are need to set him interception yeah I mean I mean I wish you know they they get recruited really young that's the unfortunate part so I don't know enough of the world we live in in the scams and you know the people who really control things around that they don't understand any of that so and then they're taken taken aback by the you know for example the unit in the United States you guys got the flashy commercials and the recruiter is going to the schools in i was kind of stuff so am I I just think I think it's unfortunate you know wasting your life got me going overseas fighting fighting ridiculousness really so yeah you know it's interesting I told quick story that this this morning there was a birthday party for someone in our neighborhood and it reminds me when you talk about whether they're respected or not it reminds me of nurses she's a nurse I'm not sure sure if i'm supposed to repeat her situation but she basically works in a hospital very big hospital and we didn't know whether she would be assume she was vaccinated and that was wrong and I found out today at that this birthday party she's like no I'm an open book ask me because I said to her I said you know it's so difficult when I meet new people because I don't know if they're vaccinated or their mask and people get all offended and she's like no you can talk to me about anything I'm I'm not vaccine will never get vaccinated my husband works for a train company which I won't name and he is was forced to get vax and then three weeks later they took down the requirements to get faxes pissed off so I started asking her a pumpkin or I'm like what's what's the deal on the hospitals are people dying are people getting hurt and she said I'm not seeing it which goes against this whole truth or narrative that these things are killing everyone and you know I don't know you like Steve Kirsch and Steve Curtis recently he just recently in fact I put a link to it he just recently said something like half 1 million people have died from the vaccine according to the Bears Report Brighton getting dumped how many people are on the planet so we're told seven 8 billion what is a half 1 million divided into 70 billion again it's a rounding error it's it's not a lot yeah it's it's it's well first of all she you have to identify what do you mean by killing people right so you what when somebody comes into the emergency room with a with a myocardial infarction a heart attack does she does she know that that that that might be caused by a vaccine or is that a natural occurrence in that person's life because they've eaten too much saturated fat right so right so this is this is the DD issue that that I that I have with all this is you might not eat you know they're not gonna come in and say well you know I'm dying with the vaccine injury you no that's not that simple when they come in they're gonna be dying of a volcano or a wide range of things like cancers heart attack stroke seizures majority of these people they're already indoctrinated into denying what they're seeing right so for example if I were to go to a doctor and I have an allergy to a drug called Ciprofloxacin and if I were to go take a Cipro an antibiotic an hour to get a rash on my neck the doctor would look at me and say Diego Stop taking the Cipro and giving you a rash put it in the same respect if you go take a vaccine and you get a rash or you get some other other form of a you know what happening to you physically they're not gonna they're not gonna they're not gonna say it was a vaccine so when people say when you ask the nurse you have to be more specific you instead of saying are people dying you have to ask has there been an increase in myocardial infarctions and strokes in and seizures in the skin disorders and cancers all that stuff and then that's the true way of knowing whether you know this is all affecting it because you know I you know what I think the general thing of all if you know what I don't like she's saying I don't I don't see it I called bullshit on that because almost everyone I know that but that's taking double job triple job during Darrell Darrell messed up man how did your truly messed up it I'm I asked if there if she seen people dying yeah you have to be clear on what that means though yeah but my contribution on that I can't post it now but I have been following these the Victorian monthly mortality statistics and I can dance I will post it soon as possible essentially showing that for the next time vaccination started in Victoria that there's been a rapid increase in the number of the annualized that's right if you like so I can put I can provide that assuming that those those numbers are accurate of course we're relying on the Victorian gum it's just been correct yeah I'm here in Sydney Nova Scotia we got a population know in metro Sydney hero 50, people you know that in my town here they have a cancer center their own cancer center and they're building another cancer center here i spoke to one of the oncologist here and he stated in private that the cancer has exploded by three times you're in the city area in in my in my local area here by my neighbors are a disaster OK my mother is a disaster my dad's a disaster they have there they're having a rash is unexplained headaches they can't sleep well this is this is like my dear media people with the lady who cuts my daughters hair I take my daughter every couple of months she wants to go get her hair colored so one time I took her to this lady to get her hair color and we had to go back like a few days later because she had to add like an extra coloring onto my daughter's hair she wouldn't answer the phone so eventually I found out that she went blind in one eye is gone it's very common it's very she can't see so this is another very strange phenomena that I'd be interested in having people that listen to this podcast respond to him it turns out that paperwork nearly half a degree Fahrenheit warmer century ago according to the story that I read this just came out of the blue and and one of the things i have noticed with people that are vaccinated they seem to little bit cold and gloomy coolest I'd be interested in in getting more may I ask how you know that I'll be walking around with a thermometer on therefore head to hurry no freaking licking their temple of nice not as it is my wife OK so you're saying she was your wife is really see your wife is now more cold as she gets older she doesn't feel the cold it's my Reception OK OK so that leads right into the back end of the story if I meant the city my neighbor who's right now my best friend my wife's best friend she chimed in and she said to try remember if I can see your name Trish's i fuck your wife Teresa my wife and Trisha's father flatlined in the hospital after they purposely without his permission gave a second shot and then I looked at Jessica and I said what are you talking about you talking about and you could tell that like I wasn't supposed to know that and then she kind i repeated it so then I saw my oldest son at lunch today and I told the story and I said is it true the pop-up died after getting the second shot I knew about the second shot but I i didn't know he died and I was like ass and I'm like well I'm not on top no how come no one told me because you would yell at mom about it I'm like OK I get it yes they had to revive him after the second shot in the hospital yeah and the worst part is in the way you and the worst part is Marcus what is with these nurses saying that nothing is going on right I get again you have to be clear on what you mean by that right you can't you know I guess not like I said somebody's not gonna come in there and say oh you know I'm vaccine injured I haven't eaten I just got the vaccine and now I have been having a heart attack no no we want dirt you have to ask them specifically statistics on myocardial infarction and stroke seizures blood clots all that kind of stuff and that's the only way that you're gonna get a real answer you know in comparison to the last five years that's what I wanna know a lot of the and a lot of these healthcare facilities I asked the Nova Scotia health Authority here for that was the statistics and they won't give it to me they won't they won't get them there you know because they they know that these vaccines are definitely causing injury and in terms of the death you're right 500,000 in comparison to 7 billion doesn't mean anything but what what are those that's gonna look like in five or 10 years from no right what about the injuries and injuries injuries are sometimes worse than death gonna be at home appliance find me a jon I don't wanna go through life blind sorry yeah right here in Hollywood I have a rub and Marcus is Ryan yeah Marcus's razor oblique to the topic but one of the knife I've been for the past week I've been traveling to the two other major cities of Is Brisbane and Sydney and I assure you that the most places have been just as effectively socially kill nine clubs that are open are empty and you know I am a karaoke junkie junkie no and I haven't i'm at your new house in karaoke bar open Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night in a single Brisbane now that is just another scare these big cities trying to find a karaoke contact the local diverse people that you want to help there's nothing up and nephews and we were out with to dinner with us with Brecon Ralo and Wayfair last night and we went to Sydney Harbour darling have a good used to be bustling to two of very popular hotel called the Pitman titles and the place by 8 o'clock with anything please just ask absolutely there's this big cities have just been shut down yeah yeah yeah Frank you interrupted Diego saying I was right how dare you take it what was I right about my wife you're right you're right you're right in the center of the 500,000 people that died in the grand scheme of things out for now today grandma in comparison to 7 billion people but you know like I was adjusting with the vaccine injuries and you know the next what's the next 5 to 10 years or what are they gonna look like a my question how much are these vaccine injuries gonna cost the people that live there all messed up man so you know like these people are going to need 24 hour care of some of them diabetes is 20,000 a year play beating Michlin believe house and my father-in-law that of fortunately my wife's aunt is we talk about this I think last week is super rich she is paying $25,000 every other month for two in-home nurses for my for my my father-in-law i mean he can't function by himself that's very nice gravy train for that for the sickness industrial complex that's for sure yes absolutely wow and don't forget now sorry I've only just found out about this about which part no he only just found out about the flat lining into the flat lining yeah but he Marcus is well aware of the nurse situation because he was he's Thomas many times in the past yeah well and don't forget now we got the monkey pox coming out i was gonna talk about that tonight yeah yeah and the UK just came out this morning and now they're handing out vaccines for the fruit among the supposed killer monkeypox virus that's in the air waiting to kill all of us OK let's go to the next topic i have so if you look at the New York post here I'm out go ahead New York post a reliable source of this information we have the wrong I don't know if this is this information because it's all over the place so I don't know if you heard about it but apparently the Orwellian department of homeland security board is scrapping the disinformation what are they called this information what's this information authority disinformation board yet Hazard he didn't get a lot of didn't get a lot of publicity on the buildup they just showed out an app on an nowhere so I don't think it has a really catchy name or acronym yet but it's called the disinformation governance board and this woman who is in charge of it was a tick talker she quit so that was after three weeks so is that good news or is that bad news good news as in people are waking hop in and calling it out or is it bad news for something which up I'll proffer after I get your opinion on this who wants to start I heard on the no agenda show this crazy woman is eight months or 8 1/2 months pregnant so she has to leave anyway oh that's what I heard so to me this is just sort of drama sort of a sideshow about what's really going on but and and and her ridiculous personality/nature today it to me it's another slap in the public's face if this it was a serious attempt to control information putting a clown in charges to me really just another insult to the public same way as they put a transvestite in charge of health and human services in ways they put a clown in charge of the white house the president it's all it's all it's all mockery of the public as far as I'm concerned OK anyone else wanna take that which in the long talk about more clownery yep dedicated to the highlights amazing people are unaware that about what was in the the second George bushes time most governments in the Westin English bacon world allowed in created laws that allowed the government i meant to just make up stories and I'm going to read that being true right and actually passed legislation to that affect on people don't realize it but still is in effect right now are you talking about the patriot act amendment were they took down the smith Monday act which yes and similar things happened in Australia New Zealand and the United Kingdom where it is I just essentially they can just say what they like and it's all ok what they consider to be the public interest technical Frank are you wearing those earbuds that that might have a wire going through your big bushy beard because there's a there's a little bit of a lot of scratchiness that's OK sweetie could you move the virus I will write it raise it up or just go for a quick shave get rid of that beer just for the show and you can put it back later all right Indiana 30 seconds of thinking Tamala work out what I'm gonna do all right Diego do you have a comment on Marcus's last night is the what is it called the fuck did this information governance board the other words they govern they make sure that the distant for mation is it yeah I'm surprised I'm surprised the American public even put up with that for that long however many days do yoga with that I don't know about it yeah no doubt it will conspiracy sites knew about ok so only Elsa yeah OK yeah I don't know I just think she's like you know she's a paid actress is pretty good while she's not good in in terms of you know I deception and all that kind of stuff but it's up to me it's laughable that people or even you know to take us ladies seriously type thing so I don't know I didn't pay too much attention to it that leads into this article right here I'm think she'll be good you know that Tiago yeah I don't think it's OK to be a deceiving and driving that's not that's not talk behind on the bonds back of the pump all right can you call it behind his back but he can't respond that he can't respond easily because he's not here when he has the commenting on your side he can respond so anyway he did he is he is actively pushing that view that it may not be that the inner women in the people like this one we're talking about are bad people that's that's the line he's promoting at the does not know he's been promoting that since I've known him yeah I'm sure you know I'm just he's he's actually promoting and I am actively suggesting that he needs to reset his moral compass John please please discuss ok next time time time will tell right maybe he's right I doubt it I said the next article I have up on the screen here is Federman wins Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary GOP race is too close to call by the way the GOP race doctor Oz is winning but forget about that this is this is so in your face I can't believe anyone voted for this guy this guy literally had a stroke friday fitted with a pacemaker in the hospital couldn't couldn't campaign on the last day of campaigning and still won this is Joe Biden 2.0 unreal it's a little inside baseball because Pennsylvania I don't fall I don't have any idea who we're talking about here and I don't know the circumstance I don't know his competition so I can't comment on the story ok imagine Joe imagine Joe Biden running for senate in Pennsylvania and people elect and he's totally out of it like he is now the point the point the reason I bring this up and that's why I don't think this is maybe this is bad news is I really think that we are headed up there purposely making it so ridiculous with these politicians that we're going to an artificial intelligence government what do you think about that i had to deny it I think I had to argue with well I think we already know we're being governed from behind the scenes the fifth column is Matt Eric calls it the deep state and we really know that these people before us are really being fed lines we know that or they just tell us directly because I'll just say well the doctor says I have to do this for the health that the science says the science table says that's the world health organization says this we're just following the guidelines are following the protocol and of course the protocols apply to every single element of government oh well we have to firefighters have to go up the ladder this way because of Covid the policeman have to do this because of Covid construction workers i have to do it this way because of Covid that means we're being run by a medical tyranny that emanates from Bill Gates in the who and the centralized controller that is going to take even more power with this latest pandemic agreement amongst 190 countries so really we just need placeholders in the public sphere so we can put clowns we can put actors know that you got me you got to check your network at my cousins place I am I don't watch TV much at all but he's an Avid fan of a government broadcast the ABC and for the three hours that I was talking with him every single item that was on that TV that night last night was about global warming in so much greenhouse gas about Cameron duction emissions nonstop and there is no politician in this country that says anything different and if that isn't just artificial intelligence I don't know what he's see I think it could be that they are giving the idea that it's artificial intelligence but it's really them they're moving from clowns to the idea of artificial intelligence but it's still really just that yeah I don't see evidence of artificial intelligence I see deep state is just they see that there's no real opposition because people are just quaking in place so they'll take anything any I'll just take any line and just swallow it a Tiago do you have a comment on yeah well I program an artificial intelligence I know both languages are so pie torch and tensor flow so I do programming and not in training as you guys know so is this our artificial intelligence like you know my ETA I don't know as a possible in the future probably but I think I was correct on on this one he's got these guys are all just middle managers lower managers for whoever you know whatever entity that people wanna classify as a central banks or central planners type thing and Frank mentioned global warming everything everything that you almost everything that you hear now is that in someway somehow some fashion global warming weather it's printing money whether it's building a house whether it's buying a house getting a permit whatever something I'll be bringing something about you no green energy and all this ridiculousness so I don't know if it's artificial intelligence maybe who knows maybe I definitely think in the future absolutely they're going to use some artificial intelligence against us absolutely 100% if they if they're not already using it anyone want to take the global warming quick quiz go out here yeah Joe does anyone know what happens if you put an ice cube in water and it melts what happens to the level of the water I've published an article on this many times so it doesn't change the water level at all that's correct you're busting of global warming climate change in a in a 10 second video but no cause I'm up those say to you when Marcus is check the enormous ice sheets on Greenland they are the ones that are really gonna make the difference they can say anything they want I have a whole list of iPhone is it they been wrong about they said New York City would've been underwater 20 years ago and still there Michael Jackson everyone OK my favorite one is that we were going to be in to 70 years of trapping out the country was gonna be burned to a crisp and menace to fellow came on yesterday because it's been raining nonstop in Sydney and Brisbane for the past three months like literally nonstop it's i'm gonna tell you what I do to seven day period in Sydney through it didn't rain Brisbane is almost been continuous rain and his fellow said yes this weather is predicted by the global climate warming models 25 years ago it's just blatant lying on my feet go to yoga under it's it's unreal listen the bottom line is this when I was in grade 6 Mixto Pozos class at Saint Anthony's school in Toronto these people were scaring the shit out of me when I was in grade 6 OK they were telling us to get under hide under our desks and we were practicing in case a bomb when our hydrogen bomb or whatever the hell it was you know that way would be protected from this hydrogen bomb and I remember going into high school 1989 9090 they you're telling us back then that in 2010 New York City California Florida was gonna all be underwater from this global warming they been feeding us that they were scaring the shit out of me I came home you almost crying telling my parents you know what we gotta change the way we live we can't drive no too much my teachers were telling me that everything's gonna be underwater and it's gonna be a disaster not long from now in 2010 and they were and they've been at this nonsense for years and years and you're scaring these are the same people telling me to hide under my desk it's childish shit out of you and you know tell you know that some like hiding under my that's gonna protect me from a hydrogen bomb if it went off of the area like it's just it's just absolute these are the idiot psychopaths that we keep on listening to and about this ridiculous climate change it rains two days in Sydney Australia and eat on there everyone's having a panic attack I mean it's just it's these people really do they believe everything really that they believe every single thing that the news tells them like to these people like sometimes they want to do they do they don't have a brain Frank Marcus absolutely not can they not think for one second critically they can't resist huge evidence I'm not saying huge evidence of it well they can't resist it's complete. They see that and the other reason why maybe we're going to more cloud in positions of power it's good people do not want to get in the way of this freight train they really don't wanna go down on the ship the premier of Alberta just rest today even though he one is parties majority vote they had put the party hat on and they gave him 51% of the votes but that's not enough I'm quitting anyway I'm so not I'm not saying he was a good man but I think he sees the potential writing on the wall that a certain premier is around the world and governors if this thing does go south they could potentially held liable in or for the mass genocide that may or may not be coming and they might might wanna get out of the way and go into hiding a reassign or their personalities are just basically get out but you can still get out but that's a possibility that goes on the idea that the forward the idea that you think people are avoiding goes completely counter to what I just posted on the web year all the presidents cousins a 12-year-old did you hear about this from 2012 years ago a 12 year old from Salinas different all the presidents except martin Van Buren are related to king John of England and I doubt Tim you Thiago me frank are related to the king of the England I highly doubt that so I don't think you even have a chance to become president wow OK and I didn't hear that story that's being a president that was that was a very big story I'm really surprised about that no I never heard it temperature what's your favorite global warming bullshit story because I got one of my favorite one is the fact that the cabin equation for windmills and electric cars worse than the cabin equation for normal qualified power stations to normal cars that's my favorite piece of nonsense well I like the fish swimming down the street in Miami from from Gore that i like that one will be swimming with Diego do you have one I think you know what on and to be honest with everybody here and everyone listening to the show when I whenever I hear politician or at one of my neighbors start talking about climate change I honestly in my mind I just switch off I don't even I don't even bother Anymore because I work like I said ever since I was a young child these people have been have been propagandizing me and the schools scaring the shit out of me and I just had enough of this nonsense so there is no climate change there is that you know we're not gonna die tomorrow or in 20 years or 50 years you know Miami's not Flood Australia's not gonna flood you know stop the nonsense use your brains talk to talk to real scientist talk to real people you know to find out the things and you were traumatized you were traumatized I just I I just can't play right now of drama you had no I was I'm not traumatized it was just let you know that it's just the lies it's the constant lies and as I am you know I as I got older I look back and I look at these lies and I'm thinking the bastards you know how can they just blatantly lie like that to young children we all go home crying to our parents saying oh my God you know this is what the teacher told me and you know we are in my dad is asking so Diego what are you doing school today all this afternoon we you know we we hid under our desk to put in all the practicing for the hydrogen bombs because at the time it was the old Soviet Union we were worried about remember and then and then hockey we were debating whether we should except the players from ussr I remember that right so it's just lie after lie and you know like Colbert and 9/11 and monkeypox in M and Grill parks and elephant parks and whatever the hell they're gonna make Up next is just an these people to think that very fighting to me is that he did general population you know what's scary is not masks not viruses none none of the stuff is scary what's scary is that these people believe everything in one day maybe one day I hope I'm wrong but maybe one day they're gonna look at gentlemen and women like Us and people listening to this podcast and there and they're gonna go for the throat because they were told to and that's and that's the problem here is is that they believe everything they have no brain they have no critical thinking in life I'm looking at the date yeah I wanna get my mind my saying of the month then I'd rather have a smart enemy than a stupid friend yes I agree with that I'm looking at the dude I might have my computer it says Thursday, May 19 something tells me it's gonna be Friday, May 20 dateline Thiago takes his Forex computer and Ghost post on kills all of his neighbors kind of getting that fuel right now ha ha ha ha messenger pay and I think you're safe I'm i'm usually pretty calm guy but when I start when I hear all these lies and I need to work on lies and it just and it's just to me I'm like how do these people believe all this stuff really like it's just it blows my mind and then I had my neighbor here yesterday morning telling me that but everything's OK that the economy's fine they're gonna fix it it's just a matter of time and I'm thinking Måneskin like this guys got like no clue and this is one of the guys you know with who has three cars his driveway $60,000 cars every single one of them's got a Ukrainian flag he's got another Ukrainian flag on the top of his house or a big 36 you know whatever are you crying flag he believes everything he's wearing a mask while he drives by himself and the guy people are lost there like that I would I would not wanna live like that I'm sorry I know I'd rather thing for myself and you need to tell me to tune in to the fake all of this so I just got a little better or even given the link to rebel news at least it's an opposing view for goodness sake all these new people here in my area or tall if they heard what I was speaking about if they heard what you gentlemen are saying tonight they would be out from my house with pitch forks and daggers with your nose that was like we gotta kill this Diego is a danger to society he's a traitor that's the first thing that's bad so that means either or traitor a traitor he's a Forex trader he steals peoples money and right so that's how they look at me kind of right side market I steal peoples money and here I am talking about "" conspiracy theories and climate change and all this ridiculousness you know I'm still I told him at the neighbor yesterday I said I'm still waiting to get omicron or cold or whatever I said I haven't been sick in like 2030 years or whatever I you know there's so many variants I must be really lucky I haven't gotten anything you can always get a dodging the variance every day on your bike over to Jerry and get to the left there's a villa maria manatee believe everything and it's me sometimes to me it's up it's it's a pressure relief to come on the show and speak to you gentlemen Ron I'm glad that's because you tell me a Robin Hood tell me a Robin Hood did you steal from stupid and you put it in your pocket they'll love that yeah exactly Robinwood what what is your phone number to give to the poor I just kinda twisted it OK that's a good one I like all right let's by the where did you get that my daughter Catch-22 brought me the George Bush club of the day did you get a chance did you see that I'm not gonna play lets it go I don't have it handy and I'm sure I could easily find I just want to know if you're aware of the night I don't really like playing political comedy because it's just comedy and George Bush I guess he says he's 75 years old and he's probably having trouble reading the teleprompter two or maybe he was doing a little bit of riffing which is very dangerous for these these robots without a script so I can dig it up while you're bringing your next next topic if you have so I was gonna tell you what my greatest climate change global warming milk thanks bullshit is and that is when in fact I'm seeing lost spider fellas just said it no more snow will be bemoan the earth in 20 20 and actually what Al Gore said is the only time you'll ever see snow again is if you shake a snow globe yeah yeah that was an older said that he did say that eligible out that he had a lot of singers yeah we got another another who is another Completo zoster Tim Flannery in it in Australia who is been very cynically after telling everybody they're all gonna drown board holder house in right on the beach on this really rich people live on the beach at Devault of all time unbelievable all right I got to the George Bush lab if you want it ok good political humor it's just bring him up is he talking ok hold on he's not talking to nobody OK I'll keep going I'll try and planning and I don't know what's happening so to respect your time we're coming up on let's talk about monkeypox so this is a video if you can play my screen while you're looking it'll come up on YouTube no I need this is from January 2022 I knew this was gonna be a thing I just didn't know when and clearly it's now is there audio or you don't hear any audio I don't know if it's my problem or what's going on in your life no I can't hear anything I'll just tell you what the report is it's from Danville Pennsylvania one monkey still missing after 100 monkeys ass game crash right I remember the story so that was from January 22, 2022 I publish that sorry did you say 100 monkeys escape 99 monkeys escape yeah it was a play on 100 monkey joke as well I didn't put that on for a blog and that kind of obviousness is really painful with people and pick it up and it broke I got more and I got more freya here's Dustin Hoffman in a in a movie from 1995 here's your predictive programming aspect of it it's called outbreak and let me read it to you real quick army doctor struggle to find a cure for a deadly virus spreading throughout a California town that was brought to America by an African monkey yeah I seen that movie I went to the theater to watch it was a good movie and then we have from the secret agents right today i'll get to it it's all inflated and everything and look really serious and groom in the movie outbreak that's that's an old movie by the way yeah yeah at the end of the movie they the debate whether to nuke the town that's infected open or or yeah or or or wait until the serum didn't happen it wasn't a vaccine it was a serum whether to give the people to serum which is I guess the same thing as a vaccine but yeah so here we go again and this from the CDC website putting pointy I got it I think they affected serum has disappeared from now just kind of interesting yeah they no they don't they don't do it while they use it in blood serum yeah but not in the I guess in the ceremony where they they either give it orally or through injection but yeah you're right and what it's also interesting about the movies at the end they were debating whether to nuke nuke the town that was infected right that's kind of scary to her you know so scared of nobody out yet nobody nobody nobody was getting better they were all second we didn't have a serum so let's let's just make a logical as well because the nuclear explosion of course is spread bistro bar is yeah I mean that's that's exit to be radioactively enhanced of course yes there's no logic there's no yeah they called her they called a military aircraft and then they were flying over the town and then I think at the last minute the guy didn't didn't drop the bomb on the Town but it's just it's just OK I mean it's a cool movie but the reality who knows we'll see whatever they want to take from the movie yeah and from from the CDC we have that the smallpox and monkeypox vaccines can be used you don't need to make a new one they've got it ready to go it's effective at protecting people does William Penn Bank God hallelujah so do you guys think they're really going to this monkey box is gone and it just is gonna be a big one is it gonna be a big it's gonna be the next little big one that Bill Gates is promising is this is this it or is this just a little blip let me put it this way up I think predictions that they certainly would not do it right right now these guys can just do whatever they feel like I think really what they do is spit out i just have a whole bunch of things that they're ready to bring in for any particular outcome to Toronto chief at the time I think it more specifically Frank I think they're testing they test to see how we take it if we take it they roll with it if we don't we don't yeah but then that's from May 18 I do agree with that completely Marcus you are correct in that yeah yeah I think I also think that the other question that I have to be asked as health how far are they gonna push it are they gonna go are they just gonna inject a few countries and then that's it leave it alone sort of almost like a kind of like the stars back in the 2003 in Toronto or or are they gonna go all the way it with lockdowns again because of monkeypox so that's a you know I don't know and heard what's your take if people really are getting the sores on their bodies what is your take it probably is excellent question I'm glad you asked that I want your dick Marcus I'll ask you first by discuss that with a discuss that with my my 15 year old today because he passed that he goes with dad what's monkey pox and then I should tell me he couldn't stop laughing in and I said so now what's interesting is if people who don't take the small pack pox /Monkey pox vaccine get monkeypox now that's a weapon that is now we know for a fact with covid you don't know you don't know if you've been if something in the air has has been targeted against you but if you're getting what looks like chickenpox and you haven't taken the VAX now Nick how to work yeah so that's why I'm going with a vaccine that's that's what I'm why do you know what if you don't take the vaccine you get monkeypox well I don't see you think I don't see you will I can't say that market i think it's exactly is this mechanism of bacterial infection was the Spanish flu mechanism what you know I get you just talk about what's happening in Australia strike we had a trend of declining death rates for say 20 years but certainly the last 10 years and that decline has now been reversed with the introduction of dabbing and the same thing occurred in the Spanish flu but you know it's only after the jabbing that to you sold any incidents at all in the US population all the Australian population I think the same thing happened here as well but the difference Frank in and lost and lost spider foul she said that I could see what God said go i know you gotta go ahead I don't think there's anyway that they can people let it don't have spring jab inside them I gotta get these sores unless they've been and maybe they dropped little mites or something but they'll have to be like a bed bug type of thing right I am one of the things that's occurring in in Sydney because of the constant rain is that people are now finding black mold everywhere and that's been causing a problem because people don't know how to deal with that anymore damn so you go and if there's a biological weapon essentially what I'm suggesting to Michael's I think that the biological weapon scare is no different to the next game it is just a nonsense thing but but as long as spiders house just am assuming this person agrees with me monkeypox has observable symptoms so I can't really be used as a fake pandemic that's exactly what I'm saying so again if I get if I don't take the vaccine my family doesn't take the vaccine we all come down with monkeypox this is a completely different now we're being attacked Raven longer this is no longer a suicide thing this is now we're being attacked yeah I'm the only one I'm gonna suggest to you is if you get symptoms like that it will be because of a toxic it'll be something like chloride yeah hundred yeah it would be something I gotta be at the star gas lol or something like that the thing that does produce things like that is that is the mustard gas and I had during the world war one do you think Diego yeah yeah I think the same thing look if you if you didn't get vaccinated and your families coming down with observable symptoms of but you know "" monkeypox to me you know there's obviously look like there's no viruses that you that are traveling in the air looking to kill you so it's something exhaustion is that enter the body and the only thing that you're gonna have to figure out is how I got inside your body know what that can be from several sources so I could be through food water things you're in contact with every day and that's not stuff that you're gonna have to look out so we can I just gotta be careful of that I'd be surprised I'd be shocked if that happens you know if I myself Frank Marcus are we all three get monkey boxes and all this kind of stuff. I'd be you know a little shocked and surprised that this is happening and the first thing I would do was illuminate any water from the tap in and let me know be really careful with the food that I'm eating only natural type food no meats no nothing like that no eggs nothing so yeah but I'm very tempted to put tapwater yeah tapwater would be the first to my first turn off I'll be turning off the top water and I'll be drinking strictly distilled water I wouldn't I wouldn't be cooking on top one what are nothing I need it like eggs tiger and tell vegan I'm a vegan I'm a hard-core vegan eggs or meat or check in or anything like that years interesting well tell you what I have for dinner then move on any colleges forums has a monkey pox read that start with start of my ring and I wish I can play the audio but it's not playing and I don't have time to troubleshoot it so Mark Stein who I used to follow years ago a hard-core conservative I'm not sure what side he's on GB news is a UK upstart our new new outlet I think John Malone who took over CNN is responsible for GB news and I'm not sure if John Malone is one of them is a potential white hat in this whole thing but I haven't studied them enough but I may have been made aware of him I'll look up that name John Malone not sure if Mark Stein is a good guy I used to like him a lot before I became a fake all of us so not quite sure where he stands on this whole plan Demic do i have Marcus I have a final thing work or closing it out right here all right and if you go to here the headline is from parmigiano Reggiano makers are embedding tiny trackers in the rind to fight cheese fraud how great that sounds like a war propaganda so I read a little bit while I get through the greater the rind you don't eat the rind you can put Ryan in soup ok you don't need to write you but do you shave the rind when you're creating and wear it when it's going to the greater I think now you don't yeah you do all the cooking your place I think I don't I throw it away what do you peel it off for do you know usually it's like it's like a handle for when I see hands by the end yeah it's like a handle OK so basically here we go for for the past two decades parmigiano Reggiano wheels have already featured a unique alpha numeric tracking code but now the consortium is tested in bed and pee chip Micro transponders into the casein labeled as the consortium explains "the innovation combines food safe kissing labels with p chip micro transponder ready a Blockchain crypto anchor here we go decorate the digital twin now we're into Allison McDowell Territory for physical items does scannable new food tag is smaller than a brand of salt and highly durable delivering next generation invisibility and traceability to me this is just pure propaganda letting us know at your slave you're you're gonna be totally chipped especially when it involves crypto and digital twinning holy crap what are you guys think I think it's propaganda I'd like it I'd like to see evidence I'd like to see you in action I i know that the Apple tag is being used by the bad side all over Toronto right now and my husband for the last year so I i think there are certain technologies that we can demonstrate how they work but show me the evidence that they're tearing out the avenues right ok here's a company that's doing it so I want to see at work though OK well I iMessage him and I don't quite understand what they're trying to cheat with this Pattillo thing so what about the bin read that part it's about stuff they're saying that people are counterfeiting rings they're their counterfeiting parmigiano Reggiano and it is the worried to track down the bad people who are counterfeiting it OK I don't i'll have his they will have a chip and they won't have a chip in their cheese that's right I think this will only be successful if they can put it in cocaine because I think jokes tonight right now I'm serious that's one of the reasons I would never of partaking any street drugs because in my opinion there can't be any quality control that I know that the regular pharmaceuticals are probably better we know that they're just poison but you'd assume there be some kind of quality control but street drugs also because wipe most white powders look the same I know there's taste test and what not i'm at the movies but I would be more interesting if they could use this technology to make sure your cocaine Aspira because I think a lot of people get killed i laced cocaine does that sound correct at all or what yeah yeah I went through I was a paramedic so I went through a lot of cocaine overdose is right in Toronto man does that mean do you think they were they were so we're gonna open cases yeah well there's a couple ass but like you're right there's no Quality Control what would kill the people out a lot of the times where it depends what they put in them sometimes it does the cocaine itself because cocaine is that what we call a sympathomimetic drugs or increases your heart rate and your blood pressure so that they would stroke oh and then in some other instances they would do what's called speedballing they would add cocaine and heroin together and it would slow down there eventually slow down their breathing until they can breathe anymore now very small amount of the time they would introduce another whatever compound to the mix well while they were mixing the cocaine at whatever point in line when it was brought over from Colombia Peru and the agent that they mix the person had a allergic reaction to it so in actuality when we got on scene didn't die from a heart attack or a stroke, increased heart rate and blood pressure they actually die from an anaphylactic reaction that's what I was gonna say anaphylactic shock yeah yeah so they passed away what would they be allergic to and the cocaine just what it could be anything they they can mix it with a variety of drugs and a variety of home powder baby powder which has polyethylene like all in it all right right so I can be a number of different things that they can be allergic to but that was rare usually when I go to cocaine overdose usually was a heart attack stroke it was so that means too much cocaine coke yeah so like I went one time to a 22 year old house in Woodbridge guy a child a kid and in Woodbridge Ontario there and he was 22 years old Italian family even have a way I am yeah and he was you know he had a eight ball of cocaine which is about two 2 1/2 g of cocaine and I was like a lot and I just exploded his heart his blood pressure must've been through the roof and yeah I know you know that's normal though but that's what happens every day every single day that happens every day it doesn't make the news know you will you'll never you'll never hear about it we get are used to get heroin calls in downtown Toronto at one time at a gas station I was like what so we get to the call and the guys lying in the middle of the gas station and it's her in the terminal there with a needle in his arm and the gas station attendant told me that the guy was filling up an SUV with gas his friend noticed that he passed out and he thought he died so we kicked him out of the suv and the guy took off in the SUV and left his buddy there die with a needle still in his arm what gas station was that I know yeah the app stuck something in my head ok about what happens it i live in Delong grande all of the sudden the TV stations and mostly the radio stations started banging on about this to aunt epidemic no one even heard of this stuff until the radio stations just basically 124 hour advertising campaign for ice no ice is endemic Angelo it's everywhere what do you see that the shouldn't publicize my problems of course not the whole thing he's crazy I am just froze I'm concerned all that happened was that no one knew about this thing and it was just an advertising campaign english disgraceful yeah the same thing happened and in the Rex to see the drug ecstasy in the state of Arizona were first kicked off in the mid 90s and then every kid wanted to try the Sextasy thing right so yeah I said I see what you're saying yeah no no unfortunate it's really unfortunate but you'll never hear about it we are used to do one or two drug overdoses every single shift every single shift somebody was die from downtown Toronto so so if you wanna do a proper war on drugs why not just pretend to kill everyone and put it in the news Frank was saying it has the counter effect when you promote all the heat all the problems more people take to work is that what we are saying Frank I am at what what I'm saying is that that that that you know having a virtually 24 hour this went on for a year app about the dangers of ice ice ice dangers danger danger to be no ice is it at and epidemic Angel by eight I shit you not I have to go out to a lot of carry the bus I had never even heard of this stuff until they came on the radio yeah I know it is at home shyly I get I go wow i never even heard of it and I was out to the nightclubs and bars for the six years before this with this thing came out never heard a word about the stuff well they put a fancy your name on it right it's all oasis is just rocked up methamphetamine that's it that's all it is oh i mean yeah I could see the the advertising components were definitely all right turn it off like I don't wanna respect your time it's 945 Thursday, May 19, 2020 to keep them wanting more that's the idea but I must admit I Aquino wickedly I do enjoy the change the vent and I enjoy the topics you're picking Marcus now good that's the whole idea are you Frank will you be back on Saturday to tell us well with the boys about the counter you guys are so sweet and hold that story to the rec and Royal shop will you be here i hope to be back at sitting at my desk if I am about 7 PM tomorrow my time which is OK set a time now will that be in time for the Rick and Rollo shell yeah Rachel assassinate him so that's that's that's a 31 hours from now you'll be in to the rec and Royal show and you will recount all the exciting interactions because he wouldn't wanna talk behind ricks back we know what happens when you do that ha ha ha but I don't think that particular exciting but a little play music I could be like the music yeah let's hold it for them to show OK TA Sorry Marcus how many people watch this show on your channel and not that Manny it looks like you need to suck my dick I don't want it I've always told us to turn behind the scenes I i don't do this for eight it's a terrible return on investment as far as traffic to my website I do it because I enjoy talking to you guys and I don't I i don't particularly come to vent I come to I don't wanna be an echo chamber I want you talking to socialize Marcus absolutely maybe maybe if you guys are interested in one of these days maybe maybe next month so busy maybe early next month if you guys are interested we can do a super show with all you find gentlemen and I can plug-in into silence voices of Canada on my facebook on my Facebook group that has 6000 people 100% I do that every time yeah what do you mean plug out what does that mean simulcast it yeah yeah OK you've got a website of 6000 people Tiago yeah I can't you know what I i kind of just do it for fun it's a vaccine injury group and then we just put the post up by boxing injury notices the people come and they talk about their vaccine injuries and stuff like that for Bridgeport good news. Yeah I just like I kind of like a little hobby type of thing but yeah I'll talk about death and destruction yes yeah maybe maybe we could have like a virus so you know maybe wake some of these people cause yeah how do you how are you gonna patch us in I'm just curious what technology we're going to use to interactor that's up to Utah no better job you're that you're the teacher inner guy or Nopa Thiago has everything idea what what are you gonna do to bring them in I have not I don't no one i I'm just gonna have to I'm just eating all this is just a suggestion and idea maybe if you guys are interested we could have like a virus type show and but if you give me the I don't know if I can because it's your channel if you give me whatever it takes to link to your Facebook I can send the stream to your Facebook that would work OK that would work and do that I could maybe I can give you a link or you give me like I'm not sure how that works but I could research that I could add young we could definitely try absolutely and I think think it would give you guys a little bit more viewership I mean this so it's in my channel that the channel or that group on facebook is a is a growing crazy ever get new members like without even trying I haven't even really tried I've been getting like 2030 members every single day so no it's OK you're kind of ghosted I believe yeah I am and I think I think people are just adding their friends into the group all right yeah where the mouth is so important yeah absolutely and I was thinking also am I who I was I might actually just for maybe one week I might run a Facebook ad I might just pay for it and that way to go to millions of people all over Facebook and then they can just join the group so I might do that as well it only cost it's only gonna cost me like 200 bucks so I'll put in an ad yeah it depends if I'm gonna I'm gonna word it to you know appropriately so that way I don't get dinged by the algorithm I buy the advertisement algorithm so I'm gonna try that and I will see if we can get up to 100,000 people on there just for fun lol have a marketing tips for Tim best hot apple Apple podcast I'm not a fan of Apple podcasts at all but one thing that they do which YouTube also does is it gives you a minute by minute engagement rankings how you're doing minute by minute and any time that I do this show the engagement ranking is terrible but not because of the reason you think it's 50 something percent when I do my shows like 120 percent and I am certain because you can see it minute by minute because we get off to a very slow start so my recommendation as we skip all the fluff as I would like to say it just jump right into it or have a tease at the beginning like hey Mark what do you wanna talk about in the shower I'll talk about Trent transgender people and then talk about how people can see the show notes and all kind of stuff because what happens in the beginning you have 100% engagement in a draw a plummets usually by half within six minutes if you don't get right to it in six minutes he was at her office so I think we have almost twice as many people listening if we just got retype that makes sense all right I am now have to have to divert you to another emergency announcement the largest look at supermarket chain mistreated has just announced another 30 days and you'll leave the people that are adjusting transitioning from one sex to the other know my God it's 3030 days of annual leave only available to two paper and sectioning from one to the other I'm glad Frankie boy are you just you just triggered me my family is very upset with me because of you holy gods because first of all they're not Trannies they're transgender people i'm saying this with a huge smile on my face right now and he just painted not there yet but they've been out there in between they just hate when I talk about transgender people they did it with my my oldest son gets really upset with me about president talks about them so dizzy of course nobody will Caleb talks about them ok I want I want I want to know is why are they able to get 30 days more leaving and people that don't want to transition isn't that how can you have that kind of discrimination it's blatant discrimination terrible mad while human rights complaint even glad I'm not i'm glad I'm not an employer yeah that'll be fired reagan guys now greg Franken Marcus I just put my Facebook link in the private chat so if you guys want to go to Gover to my Facebook groups called silence voices of Canada and you guys can join the group if you want and yeah actually if you don't you don't have to send me that link into when you ask how much how much traffic I get to the shows I actually get a pretty fair amount and I know for a fact they're going to shirt because I every time you're on a list I list your link oh geez yeah you're probably getting from me cool thank you yeah giants your group marcasite oh excellent that's great it might be one from my side to 19 oh what there's actually quite a few people in my group from her from college is David I've noticed a quite a few go with the expert lol yeah they messaged me and they let me know on Facebook which is pretty cool so one of them one of the message man and said that I look handsome ha ha ha ha ha ha are you on there somewhere or I guess your profile was didn't you tell me I look handsome therapist dog is Thiago i think the Portuguese people all look pretty good not all of them but yeah they do in Portuguese have a nice place looked at them for sure oh thanks a lot thank you baby it's maybe it is an anomaly I don't know a lot of I don't know every Portuguese person of course you probably know better than me i don't know you're the one telling me I look handsome guy that you know you guys can get a room I'm not sure I'm not transgender Tori you could be old fat gay no no I'll I only like yeah I only like women I'm all right Cis male congratulations what does the smell your straight oh good yes that's what I am done yet I think it means that you're your gender aligns with your sex yeah yeah I would so you're in your full alignment yes absolutely you're not you're not going at your front we can go the same way as your back wheels that kind of thing oh good yeah absolutely I'm then I'm right that's great that's awesome when I'm trying to figure out what you just said you're back wheels are what I know well you that'll be the best of the study now it's all right so we had Marcus scape the new thanks for inviting anytime I appreciate it yeah thanks for coming out lucky I got the show on the rails tonight I was black I didn't even show up to the last minute because I was switching all the wires that we have Thiago from silent voices of Canada on Facebook and I should in fairness but ranks website up how to take care of your penis on top now that's a real your website and we'll see if it comes up and I yeah there's a real website without graphics so it's a family friendly you can't look at the site at one and no advice on how to take care of your penis it's total trolling and and Clickbait bullshit don't go there don't go there it has lots of big words like a pro Lagasse proof busy bro flick it says the words fairest fairest city city city what's with you in the words that words and meaning is out here the great unwashed and fantastic so that's that's Frank's night and was my side what's a dirty what's this dirty Benny thing did you see this time what what's the take on Mr. ENAIB drama who's AIP I don't know but hey i be above is below is a female transvestite gator and she should be joining me on Sunday for a quick talk on friends if you like the tranny stuff and forget Saturday is rick and Rollo if you want to hear Australian drama and hear how all the guys got together in Sydney with Frank that's gonna be I'm turning in just for that just to see if any sitting i'll be disappointing that Mr. ATM Scottish guy thing how good who's that I was just first class thank you for a Kabbalah we talk Kabbalah everyone loves Cabela yeah that was that was pretty good mystery actually had another audio interview on another guy show can't get can't remember the name right now but I go to Mr. Issa special surely find it and I hear lots of good there's so much constant joy your intuition that those two wood would a spark of each other was really yeah obviously correct and it really one of the one of the top pieces of audio through for a long long turn off so I have a board where do I get this so I can put it in the notes that's a fake all it's and you can scroll Down but I guess the faster way would be to go to and you can see links to the main show and links to the audio chat that's to know I'm supposed to listen to the drama that you're talking about what was it called the drama has they draw the drama showed up on above is below's bitch shoot channel she made a video discussing Mr. E don't have the link to her channel but above is below on bitch shoot I'm sure you could probably find it there I didn't make a highlight of it cause that's more dirty Benny was looking into that and I told her that's where that is but I'll wrap it up now they call if you like the show if you want to be the first person to donate this week you can go there at and help promote and see you like the show or send me an email if you like the show send Marcus in email if you like the show and Diego on Facebook and Frank on his website everyone has a website which is the way it should be so on that note I'm gonna stay thank you guys for joining and what is his back next week absolutely sounds good night there I am here man