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Good evening folks it's Markus Allen it is Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 8:36 in the p.m. here in Lancaster county a cold and blustery still waiting for global warming to kick in Lancaster county Pennsylvania and I am simulcasting live with Tim from and and we also have two guess we're trying out a new format tonight and I'm calling it the super shy so I've invited to gas that I admire and Tammy Meyers from figure out which is the fake all of the shell and that is Frank what we we passionately call Frank the sockeye he's from G Long Australia hello Frank hello everybody and we have Thiago from I don't know where somewhere in the north of Canada where specifically are where are you from diego nova scotia canada no I'm looking on my map so if I'm looking at Ottawa and Montreal where are you in relation to that i go all the way to the East Coast I'm on Khepera and Island Sydney Nova Scotia Canada so our show is main above you I'm above Main oh wow OK yeah we'll have to talk about that 110 Main should've been part of Canada by the way it doesn't make sense makes no sense and stress so the idea behind us is that we we skip the flop get right to the staff and I have all kinds of articles and videos and I'm sharing my screen and of course mine will be recorded so if you wanna see the recording tonight you can search for the name of the show is is this the mark of the beast that's coming in just two months if you go to and and search for today's date for 212 two I have no idea what Tim's gonna call this they'll probably have my name on it so let's get right to it I have to share my screen and share my screen yes i don't mind i guess Joe FCK521 so the idea behind it or about thought that was fake but it was supposed to be muted when I logged in so sorry about that I just bring up my own chat that's right I'm trying to figure out how to share my ok fine but anyway it's FAK5212 per show with Marcus OK so are are you able to see my screen I know it won't help it won't let me do it oh you're on that that machine that doesn't let you share through stream yeah definitely check that out early huh all right so here's what I'll do I will make me do all the work yep I'm all set up agra feature with your Apple browser that is definitely not a that's not a good feature I can tell you that yeah when I go to that entire screen by the way Jeff Berwick played a pretty good thing on Steve Jobs and how he was just the elite she'll actually clip that I meant to upload that do you wanna play I haven't uploaded it yet either but I do I've been clipping a lot of stuff and then I forget to upload it so it's on my phone essentially what he saying is the billionaire class they always bring in some new tech lead guy to take their flag and to do their bidding and Steve Jobs is one of them Jeff Bezos now of course we've got Elon Musk these guys represent the elite families and they just bring out all the things that the elite people are behind and they caught him and they make people think that these guys have all the money that make all the companies but these guys have nothing to do with most of the companies they just they're just pretty face is then I guess they're just marketing managers really I guess that's the best way just like Trudeau bar of crime sinister is the marketing relationship manager for Canada that's what he is he hear you made it today he can't do math because he has numerological dysphoria or he has numerological Dyslexia so he said I can't even add 13+14 and I was unbelievable is he get his does he get his mother to tell you shoelaces when he goes to work do you have a good one probably just bring in clout Schwab now just bring a man he's been in I just know just put this plop them in the Royal chair in Ottawa I just put them there forget this telecommuting just get get get Justyna polishes boots i sent you a link to one of the articles I wanted everyone to take a look at if you can put it on your side and above them but I was just ripping and covering for you thank you very much I i appreciate that mobility I have to go to fix that for the next super shower which is not a snicker shower right now but that's gonna be more it'll be more super it will be more super I guarantee that OK yes OK everyone see that yeah so it's says Canada is a partner in the WES program to bring digital ID to travel if you scroll down it says the government of Canada Air Canada two major Canadian airports I partnered with the World economic form on a digital ID project I could see a social credit like system be required for traveling and said it etc. etc. No I was going to show two more videos I only have one load it up which I can send Tim show me by the way that's a marketing for pour house app i need a digital ID pilot program when the only thing we hear about pilots in the media these days they're dropping dead well I they're trying to turn that into a pond with a pilot program get it I would've never put the word pilot in there I know what pilot means but come on the pilots are having a heart attack as soon is it a bath and about to land there's a shortage of pilots pilot pilot pilot all negativity when it comes to the word pilot did you see the 2021 figures it in 2019 one and died in 2025 died and in 2021 10 Wanna die I did not see that is that worldwide I think it was just in the USA well Frank I think you know how to fly a plane so you should just say bye on your flight and go standby but I will do one of those movie shows but they grab some old fat guy Anthony and I don't catch him down tell me what auto pilot button to press 1234 yeah I must admit I assume that most of those planes are all just got a damn by wire now yeah but you might have to pull up on the stick at the last minute I think you may have a good time to plug your website how to take care of website and I will put that in the show notes so if you go to again if you're listening live right now you just type that and if you're listening to the recording I have the exact spelling for that so you can get right to it cause I misspelled it and I got a page not found that pENIS cause I'm sure most men can't spell that well so I will probably put an LDS and just a bore people with my chose that name was simply because if it was how to take care of your arm or how to take care of your leg not his bed and I laid but now for some reason Penis is just a word that just sends people into a tailspin isn't it I'd rather you put phallus how do you spell that Tim is that a fallacy to him I sent you another link ok and if you can play that we just need to hear the audio part we can both hear that OK Frank and Thiago and tell me if there's a pattern that I was looking to see if you notice with that article and with what we're about to play here it's only a minute and 40 seconds well I wanna make people where I know Thiago will know this and I would like Frank's input on this I don't know if Marcus is completely aware of that's for canada and maybe Australia are the only countries where the unobjective cannot get on a plane or a train. That's that's that say that is a.m. Put forward by the government if you like but it's not it's not a thing they can enforce impracticality do you understand how the legal system works OK but my case for example I have a letter from the Prime Minister telling that vaccinations are not compulsory and then the legal system in FFF work properly can I be an addict I can actually stop me from leaving or entering the country they have no I know but how are you gonna get on a plane and fly to Sydney from she long will that let her work with the $15 an hour ticket take her at the counter well I'm about to find adam may mid May I've got a fly to Brisbane so my I'll be writing to the airline to find out what's going on there and explain to then you know what the situation is and see how that goes OK Marcus were you aware of that fact no ok repeat that again what what exactly is it if you don't have the vaccine you cannot get on a plane or a train in Canada yeah I kinda didn't know that yeah that makes sense to me which that to me I've tales with this article about this pilot program this pilot digital ID project I think I bet your money we won't be able to get on a plane or train until this thing is working well that's that's why you play that fit the video I just sent you that's that's just my guess I know there's a ton of pressure and of course you guys at that cute judge in Florida just overturn the CDC saying that they don't have any authority of course we all know they didn't have any Thorati to issue a mandate to impress upon airlines to have masks on planes of that we saw the celebrations in the air the way somebody said that was actually a dumb idea to tell the people in mid air that they could takeoff their mask and that that that was me who said that you said that can I play a video real quick to that effect sure this is a great this is a grade some freedom tunes I actually sent this guy a dollar a month because I think he's fantastic what if he sucked why would you give a $.10 about the cabin no I'm going to keep my mask eating a Twinkie lights off worries sweetie praying now and save it last time yes the guy in steamboat thank you so much for watching what do you think of the mask mandates being with you guys think of that that funny or what funny yeah oh thanks to her all those that are hard of hearing your heart of thinking the guy was wearing a mask and takeoff the mask everyone took off their mask so he went to Frankie making a lot of noise and so he took off his mask jumps out the emergency exit and then of course you're not happens all the masks for oxygen come down and everyone's back we're in a mask so I can OK that was funny Marcus you're obviously not in the heart of hearing category so I think Square points thank you very much the the justice justice Institute in Alberta Canada they put forth a lawsuit against the federal government against vaccine mandates getting on planes and trains so that I was actually reading at two days ago and it's right now they're interviewing expert witnesses and the actual case will not be decided upon until September yeah well that you had that they'll push that out until the end of time before it get in front of anyone who cares yeah but really what they are doing the only thing that you can do I do listen to the Kevin Johnson so sorry marcus to hijack this piece maybe I'll just play the gun was gonna say is the only thing that you can do is all these laws are bring into Canada they're all against our Constitution or the charter of rights and freedoms every one of them that's the only way you can fight them is to bring a constitutional challenge to all these lawsuits now have a new law on terrible which says that the government can take your truck and take your house if you are contravening if you were protesting in a way that interferes with commerce blocking and there's no hearings there's no judges they just take it that's it I think it might be so it's slightly different and it's likely that the laws in Canada are not enacted properly constitutional law with the thing of the queen so there are two things of the curfew got the assumption here at the moment is this when they write these documents down right these laws that that term that stop sure what it is nothing stopping you doing anything then they have to actually prosecute you yeah I know but first so the party said now that because they were sort of stifled with the trucks parking and by the way the trucks were never blocking every lane there is always a passable lane mother bridges everywhere so they well it wasn't a blockade it was a construction right but now they just passed salon a terrible war they wanted to make a law that they could that they could use just to go and pick up the trucks and throw them in jail and they would take their licenses the driver license the operating authority everything that's enough of a disincentive for most because there was no law civic leader told them off the road that was the problem so that's why they brought the emergencies act were that was a huge intimidation thing and then they paid tow truck drivers from far away from Ottawa where nobody would know them $800 an our goal from wherever they are in Canada go get the truck stole my way put them in a nice hotel and the Château Laurier besides Parliament Hell and that's how they got that that's how they found a truck driver is it is it was a market driven request they just put the price of high enough to overcome the friction of maybe getting trashed in the media or by your fellow trucker anyway let's play president Vanderlei in Covid travel pass which this is a video from April 21 today OK before you play take a look at how many down votes compared to upwards I just gave her another one you're welcome by the way I use a special plug-in to show because otherwise you would not see that right and we're not gonna ask if this is a man that's another shall we promised Europeans that she's really low gained back some normality when planning for their well-deserved summer holidays on Monday the European Parliament and the European Council signed the regulation for the EU digital covert certificate it is applicable from 1 July on if you want to as a member state you can sign up early voluntarily and that's what Belgium did Belgium allowance as of today into a trouble with a certificate by the way the European Union is in Belgium how convenient that's where their headquarters is I believe that Correct Brussels Belgium yes so how convenient and I'm sure by the way the Ukraine is probably already on board as well thanks to Canada $500 million you're welcome yet and here is mine so everyone who is needed or tested negative or has recovered from Carpet get one and we have right now 15 members states that have already signed up and from 1 July all 27 member states have to apply these guys got all the money in the world and they can't make an interview unless this guy somehow started the audio unbelievable at these your digital certificates box of the carpet i am planning now to start my travel through 27 member states for the next generation to you oh and recovering Brazilian plan and I'm very curious to test and to see how the certificates will work thank you what a horrible sales job that's true so the third the third thing I was gonna show you what is a video I'll just explain it to you it was from DARPA call the SPIR perfusor implantable bio chip and it was a video that was on godlike productions one of my favorite forms to go to and they we're talking about how it would be so convenient just to wave your back of your hand and to pay for things right so now because of technology I was going to ask the panel here if they saw a pattern you're clearly it's it's a digital ID going on here but if they if they noticed if they were really keen on the dates of the releases of this but I just tell you because of the technology glitch just because it said that this was uploaded today doesn't mean it was uploaded today that video you just saw right there was actually uploaded last year OK and the article that I showed you the first article was from last year and when I i saw on godlike productions today was from last year and what I've noticed is over the last four days there's been a humongous push towards predictive programming but it's all from last year what do you guys make it that well it's it's him reminiscent of filming 9/11 a year before it happened or tears before it happened nothing is left to chance because if you watch do you watch a video she said he she whatever that thing is saying it's coming July 1 right but that was last year OK how long have you heard of it being implemented last year July 1 no but I'm not in Europe I don't know what the hell's going on so that's what I'm asking you guys are closer to yard sing a green person Natalie yeah it's not important I know it's not in Portugal Portugal they don't they don't they don't have it but yeah it's just what they're doing to me what it sounds like they're doing is they're psychologically preparing everyone for the inevitable with their with their plans are right so they'll come out we'll talk about that might not happen might happen but eventually though you know sneak it in quietly little by little that's how it is that's how these people do these things I i think a little bit it's always a little by little you know a little baby steps well I think it's it's what you talk about him about the Boa constrictor approach they they loosen the curls tight Nicole is loose in the cars technicals yes right three steps forward two steps back yeah they still need all restrictions in Australia Elaine where I live in Victoria now being relaxed and I'm going to karaoke tonight for example and they yeah everyone sang over that's the end of it of course it's because there's an election coming at the end of May once that elections over it's going to be a doubling down of what was on before because it will be flu season and Victoria it's winter coming into winter and they relaxing these conditions when the cases in ahead they measure the cases are at an all-time high and deaths with Covid are at an all-time high so none of it makes sense when we had to wait a very tough restrictions last year this time last year there were no cases there were no infections it was nothing happening so it's really yen yes it's the same here it's the same same start here in Nova Scotia where I am as well in all the deaths are up the cases are at the hospitalizations are up the AC units are up yet we got you know all the restrictions of an Lyft that I'm going to the bar on Saturday so you know that it's the same thank you know is it gonna come back probably so you know we'll see what I will see what happens but you know all that this whole thing is an end in sync but it's sitting it looks like to me you're pretty much almost worldwide and I don't know about too much in the knighted state especially certain states but like Florida and South Dakota about the candidates it's in it's in the Australia and Europe in the European Union it's it's definitely feels like you know it's all one Salt Lake one plan anything they got going on here I can tell you and being in the middle literally between Washington and New York City Pittsburgh I mean this is really the hub of where a lot of activity is we've been back to normal for a long time whoever Philadelphia and I talked about this yesterday on Timshel so he's the only major city where they're bringing back in fact it was yesterday they bringing back them or on Monday actually they bringing back the mask mandate tomorrow and just before summer ha ha unreal so what's interesting is I go to a place called Cross Keys Pennsylvania which is also now called intercourse Pennsylvania and I go to a café there it's my favorite place to go and all the Hasidic Jews from New York this is the week pass over they come down here they take over the town it's it's pat happy Hanukkah time for them and they're all wearing mass and all of the locals here don't wear masks in Lancaster county we don't wear masks so it's a very bizarre situation they're looking at us with that scary look we're looking back at them because we're angry that they're wearing mascots it's terrible absolutely terrible at Lancaster County for all those who don't know it's a rural county will also see Siri Yeah but how big of a city is that a half 1 million people OK so that's pretty thing and what are the Amish doing there or the Amy sure whatever you call them they let they cost the English which is a pejorative that's their their nickname for us and then they pulled me aside and they're like what the hell are you guys doing leaving today what are you doing with the mask they've never worn a mask since day one there's a stirred a few who are totally politically correct that go to to an English grocery store and wear the mask but for the vast majority of them they don't take the VAX and they don't wear i'm ask yeah same here same here with how do I join that that place how do I become one of them or you can join exclusive private towns that escape the cause that's where we're opening in Lancaster County right next to them I moved here 21 years ago because I knew this is coming get to ride a horse for you of course yes of course horse I don't even put a name in the employer mr. repeat if you have a falling out with Marcus and escape the new normal you can just hop the fence and join me actually you can't that's not actually that's not true they will not allow you to go to their schools or anything they'll take your money you can buy their milk and their meat and vegetables but they will not let you join their schools is very tough to get enter wow can I can I just ask a general question because I failed this question today and it is related to The Amish and the question is what is the difference between a bowl and a knock sounds like a joke i'm here now because I didn't know and this guy who passed his wife he thought she called her stupid as on wife and then he asked me and I said well I sort of know but I don't know so what are you got it wrong here's I forget the first part of the animal I heard the ox what is the difference between a bowl and an account I don't I do not know installing to sneak and look at I know I I I I would tell you but I'm I'm gonna look it up for before you look at yourself without looking it up so nobody knows before you look it up let me remind people who are live on I'm listening right now if you have questions for Frank if you got questions for Tim if you got questions for Tego maybe got a question for me put it in the chat and at the end of this in about 25 minutes or read them really quick before I look it up I'm guessing is that gem cattle or about meat and you get a little closer to the mic rag I don't wanna miss a salty word of you are my guess my guess is it oxen out there for mostly draft animals and metal laugh at meat and milk OK that's wrong that's wrong the right but that's not the difference so now we have to look it up what's up so you know the answer I don't need to see excoriated before I have no idea I thought a bowl was a male and then the aux was a pregnant female no that would be that would be a.m. come on anyway the difference is an ox is a castrated male oh yeah so i'm in ox well that's what my wife says I thought you said you were hung like a horse I have a story about that should I tell him an ox is a castrated bull right can't have two balls in the same field it doesn't work right and that's no bull good night I gotta get the rain shot machine out really does show you how disconnected people like me are from the land the world of the great grandparents isn't it ha ha where at the same time I used to be like you Frank and now I can walk across the street and pet a bowl right and it's quite awesome I have to get a walk right through a cow patty everyone knows what those are I i bet you 99 out of 100 people don't know what those are if you ask someone where milk comes from they say the grocery store is that is that OK as a cow patty if you ever do you know what a cow patties we ever I can tell you don't go to the freezer section ha ha ha ha ha a cow patty are we going once twice so we're gonna wait we used to pick them i know that I'm just I'm wondering if they know what that what that what that person and you don't want a fresh cow patty yes exactly i think my friend still tell the story of me saying well that's right I have this green crown right now this show is really slipping down and said well speaking of sleeping let's go to the next topic which is transgender people so I'm gonna send you a link or well that's no good exciting that Marcus is before we go further is the Ukraine often orphanage story on your agenda today no so put that on your agenda for it's really interesting story or would you rather talk about that in the transgender stuff i love transgender so how can I let that guy OK maybe if we have time we get to know Tim is short on time tonight so I'm going this is a school night I do have to get but i have a lot energy tonight I have to get up early because I'm being hauled before a tribunal at work for violating the mask policy at work really unreal unbelievable I just I just had a guy out today for wearing them out or actually eight people today for wearing masks yeah they're there they're just ridiculous I come to the point where I'm starting to let them know how stupid they i wanted to to my bike shop today to get my bike fixed the brakes are being fixed on that's why I go in there to pick up my bike and the guy comes out wearing a mask and he's got like a Osama bin Laden beard on I said how come how come you're still wearing a mask I asked him he said well you know because I got from older family at oh my I said I said yeah but the help officer said it's OK you don't have to wear a mask anymore right and he says well I'm triple VAX do you know when and I act like I just shook my head at him I'm like and then I took him today and Sydney Nova Scotia was beautiful was like 15° today so I took my bike out i went for for a ride to get some exercise and I come to the stoplight and Thursdays eight Indian students wearing their mask they tell them take your mask off you're outside man like you know like you guys look ridiculous and and they they didn't even say they didn't take their mask off they just kept on walking when the light turned green it's unbelievable unreal but it's interesting that the guy said I'm triple Vaxxed and so I'm wearing a mask no that's not that's not on the prisoner he's basically acknowledging that he knows that he's made himself move everyone Frank everyone I speak to and I speak to a lot of people on boots on the ground who are messed up or Vaxxed there's no one who's unvexed wearing a mask that's how I know to stay away from people cause they're Vaxxed it's unbelievable it's just it it's like when he said while I'm triple Vaxxed and I know there's people that you know live at home with me that are elderly and I'm trying to protect them I'm like dude you just had three vaccines that you know if I had to reveal the shots yeah if I had imagined having imagine having three tetanus shot and get a tetanus couple of what did you what did you guys have a couple of questions about the technology about the tetanus shot like you know it's absolutely insane these people are there off the rockers man but you go that's what gaslighting is all about yeah it's simple as that and for those who don't know what guess who are new to the show gaslighting is basically lying basically lying to make you seem like you're crazy for asking legitimate questions and that's what the docs and the mask is all about yeah it's total gaslighting absolutely want but I know what and that's and that's OK but I don't mind making them look stupid either I tell them straight like I told all students today I said you guys look ridiculous take your mask off you know you guys look absolutely ridiculous you're outside it's 15° outside it's a beautiful day and you guys are all wearing your masks like that like you know a herd of sheep walking down the sidewalk you guys look nuts man you really look nuts and yeah nice timid mice will roll back at you in this in six months time when you know what's going to have the vaccine is painted as being people not wearing a mask and yes only i'm vaccinated harboring the growth factors for and I found those last three people in the world got it and that would be oh absolutely you're you're 100% right Frank in my area here it's it's it's crazy it's absolute the restrictions are all gone I'll go to the email to the grocery store 90% of the people here have masks on in the grocery stores and then when you know when these the cases start rising you're right these people are the what I call the dangerous people because they can't turn pattern dangerous and and and violent and you know I'm a big guy I don't really mean I'm not really scared but you know these these they are dangerous people and then the reason why is because they really are to me they don't have any critical thinking you know they believe everything you know they believe the master vaccines the Ukraine war they believe everything you come to my area here Frank and it's and there's Ukrainian flags on every second home here yeah right so it's not like it's absolutely incredible not my only the only thing that I slightly disagree with you about approaching people to tell them to take their mask off I abhor anyone telling me what to do so I'm happy that they have the mascara I'm not gonna tell them anything anything but I hate it when someone tells me to put my mask on and yes I don't like it when I would like get someone said take your mask off yeah I don't really generally I don't say nothing I generally I don't say nothing but it's just sometimes I'm in that mood where I want to give him a taste of their own medicine wear for the last year and a half you out for the last 20 to 24 months they've been busting my balls every time I went into a grocery store when I went out might have some Karen telling me what you know yelling at me because I'm not wearing a mask right so it's it to me it's just you know I'll let you know you know payback payback sucks right so it's karma's a bitch right so I told him you look rude I tell them straight you look ridiculous you look absolutely ridiculous you know what I don't care where they got a mask on or not to me doesn't really matter matter but I just like breaking her balls once in a while that's no I think I think it's also it's a one-sided thing if you think about it as you said for 2 1/2 years now we have been pummeled that's why I wanna get back to this transgender article we have been pummeled with their side telling us how to live our life yeah no one on TV is telling our decide what we're thinking it's a very one-sided fire hose of disinformation so I understand you for hydration I also see your temps coming from I don't no one likes to be told what to do and it does no good they're not gonna listen to you you can so you can show them stack full of research papers that are totally i'm buying here cause I've gone through this with vaccines with my mother-in-law and she's like Marky what do you know you're not a doctor and that's what we're dealing yeah it's tough I think I think you have to understand Marcus that there are a lot of dangerous conspiracies on the Internet that are dangerous to our democracy that's an inside joke we need to explain that that's from that that's from the video that showed CO Sinclair Castor rate From Sinclair corporation Yep saying all the same thing so make it to the transgender article if I could real quick because I think it's related the headline is trans a dangerous youth subculture and that goes on something like this my teenage daughters decided that she is trans so all her friends so have all of her friends is not real well written or not some of them not most of them every single one she's never heard of trans had no signs of gender does dysphoria until she was moved to a new cool trans friendly school by her unsuspecting politically liberal parents there she met a group of geeky or dare is a nerdy smart slightly but not very gender nonconforming artsy kids as I understand it they all discover trans together the old sis friends sisters normal people I'm guessing we're swiftly discarded in favor of this new exciting pure group and it goes on and on and on and on and on before we discuss I'm wondering if anyone here on the panel knows who the number one promoter of transgender ism is it is an agency of the government anyone wanna take a stab at that of the United States government actually worldwide worldwide and I'll get I'll give you a hint Bill Gates call the mullet Bill and Melinda Gates foundation no no PP another PPPP or Frank's at the education i just assumed she had to catch this is so shut the S&P Planned Parenthood Holly Motel if you type in planned parenthood maybe you do this 10 Planned Parenthood or let's see what I would put it in I would put in the goal of planet parenthood is telling the generation of the Homo sapiens sorry say that again what is the Homo sapiens termination right and I think I have a screensaver full of yaks are they buffalo now they look like yaks reacts to see that screensaver so I will type in gender i will type in what what do I need to know about trans healthcare Planned Parenthood what do I need to know about trans healthcare not to bring it to the article so wild times looking that up I was walking down and we we travel every week and we were at the University of Delaware one of them is liberal shit holes on the planet and in the window was a huge poster about being confused and you can go to planned parenthood and get your transgender surgery and hormone therapy and there you go look at this unreal all those happy invert on inverted people what was frightening about this article in about the reality of trans people can't believe I'm talking so politically correct right now is that they literally are "" normal and through a little bit of propaganda and pressure willing to change their gender does anyone but me and it may get blown away by what it is that the suicide rate is very high yeah I might see people well and then what cause you're right what is your idea why is Bill Gates funded Planned Parenthood promoting this stuff in the lack of that lack of enough to make people on the planet yeah well the way other well-known purpose a planned parenthood at least at the beginning westing was eugenics that's right and the Irish the black all kinds of groups of people at the British thought were inferior should not breed should not reproduce of the inferior ethnicities the ill the anyone that has physical or mental disability should not be reproducing so they were there to sterilize and that was a goal so this fits and if you if you don't want young people reproducing you can just inject them with the opposite horrible and it's gonna really neutralizer sex organs not I would say most most of these Tran teenagers especially they're not gonna go for the surgery because that's extremely invasive expensive and not really reversible but guess who guides them on that plant with laminate at the hormones probably effectively neutralize their most fertile year so even if they decided to switch back they may have problem is a because of the opposite or mods and be because by the time they switch back they've passed the phase of the peak fertility soon as you hit your 30s and imagine another basket in front of me they'll be wildly unattractive elderly mentally unstable will be physically unstable yeah it's putting categorization café mental or physical can I put my favorite biblical hat on here the other issue is from the biblical point of view these people are breaking the commandments they're breaking the laws of God so if if my view is is that there is hey strong religious component to all of these things anyway rig in a from from that but I would call the other side they they see the idea of dragging people through to hell has been a pretty good idea they're going down so we're gonna drag his manager came with him well that's where uncle odd Todd comes and he always talks about crabs in the bucket hat that's exactly what you're describing him you have another echo and yeah the other issue here I'll give you guys an example just yesterday here and where I live in the Cape Breton in the Cape Breton post there was a missing persons report and the i'll keep Breton regional police put out put out you know someone so John Smith is missing for the last three days we don't know where it is we know what we don't know where is whereabouts are so the all the comments on the Facebook post were outraged because they put an updated picture of of of this guy and he's now I guess now he's a girl and that you know he's trans transgender and so the whole community is up in arms because the police made a mistake that is you know not a guy and now he's transit like it's just like it's bizarre to like I don't know how you guys are looking for cheaper but it's but it's just like everybody's OK it's like everybody's like you know they're like they're teaching this at my daughters school right they've mentioned this trans transgender nonsense to her and that she's 13 years old and it's just not cool man and I don't know I don't know how to get it it's antihuman that's what it is i'm race then you might support the south because if you are from the church of guy in the worship service and you think that humans are the scourge of the yeah that's gonna kill my other guy and it'll take everyone down and you're gonna do whatever it takes to promote anti-human activity when the transgender is definitely anti- human there's no doubt that the couch is an acceptance and tolerance but that's a lot yeah there's a large population of the regular I guess regular population will not transgendered they're all on board with this you come to my community in like 90% of the population here they're at they're on board they love this transgender thing to do you know many do you know these transgender flags with the rainbow flags with the same symbol on there there's tons of them here and when Mira transgender was what we just saw the pink in and baby blue and baby pink but interesting those are the two baby colors baby boy blue and baby girl pink interesting how yes it's it's really bizarre I don't know no I know it's planet that sits engineer there's no mistake for the color scheme is on purpose it was hard those are baby colors and the color scheme also matches what the United Nations has they have the same color scheme for one for for the lgbtq plus oh that was the rainbow flag it's very similar gather some symbol on there I don't know Ron or we're on the topic I wanna just get the panels view on this this is slightly related mystery is gone intervoice mastication and he is transverse the gating of this Ukrainian woman and we have a topic on the psychologist forms by dirty Benny he brought it out or he made a comment and apparently this this woman's I think in her 30s I think she said she was born in 198 for so he can do the math while Trudeau can't do the math you can do the math and she's in her 30s and Mr. E said noise that comes out of this woman can't be from a woman has to be a man so let me just play a bit of it before you plant them let's remind people last chance last call for alcohol here if you have a question for anyone on the panel do so in the chat and I'll read them off to get it to you i guess that's it supposed to be a woman boy everyone's enjoying the melody well I can give you a practical contribution here hold on a sec punchline is about to come in ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha now I am this is supposed to be new metal and she was void the mystery is voice masticating this person because he thinks this person is a train or i am an androgyne at a transgender now I watch that I spent an hour and a half listening to an interview with her today and I i don't think she is a transgender I just think they're not they're using electronic that's all that's all Mrs. fake all just said that right away but I believe dirty Vinny thinks that now this is a woman that has this a man transit transit or being shot up with male hormones but i just think it's him I think it's just a fake act myself yeah you can press a button and turn anyone's voice into that that's all I can do that on my panel now but I don't know which button to press actually now I think about it I'll I'll quote with my wife says all the time because every other day at the dinner table all Mike is this is this a dude or is this a check or do everything the right hand so then the question is for everyone what does it matter why are you so obsessed with whether someone's a girl or a boy if they decide because the cells deception yet where people are being deceived into behaving very strangely by the modeling these people are putting out end it causes in over young women today they are really yes a mess they are a mess yes yes so we have a question from dirty Benny question for Frank it's as I'd like to hear his thoughts on the apparent proximity of your son and moon to your physical body yeah OK so my thoughts are along the long story dirty Benny is that him again Marcus was the first person that started me thinking about this and when I realized it as a money engineer everything I never applied the curve to anything and I was doing some flying lessons at the same time realizing that all the way you got an aircraft is on the base of the earth is flat that really took me in a whole new way of thinking about the world and now really when you look at the sun and the moon as you as we talked about the other night an app so the moon does not look 300,000 miles away does it in the sun if it was 9 3,000,000 miles away in a slight rotation of the earth couldn't cause winter and summer conditions it's it's bingo stories the stories are a bit ludicrous I mean you could say yes slightly less time in the sun and the lights of the stuff doesn't make any sense nor does see if you like the complete asymmetry of the climate north and south of the equator at any at any pointe North say 30° north compared to 30° south it's a much cooler climate 30° south compared to 30° north and you know there are Vladivostok I think it's past 70° north there's nothing further south than 52° there's no people living south of 50° it's very obvious to me that this the sons influence is local and the moon I mean like the other night the full moon hit anyone that thinks that thing is 3 hundred thousand kilometers away at 246 -20 for 6000 miles in it that is just cognitive dissonance totally just unable to break out of the mindset and then you guys did a show for five days ago together were you also almost the full moon in opposite sides of the earth Tim saw in Canada for moon Frank you saw yours in Australia and Gilead in Australia and then there were someone else who was on the call took a picture what were they in Australia too that he was a reason i was on the other side of Australia he was on he's not he's just a little bit north of me doesn't matter you can throw the persons away Coreys on the gold coast yeah but that's just it's it's on the same side of Australia though OK but you're on the southside are can I ask you any Southwest your Southwest Northeast attacked Southeast south east or southeast OK so the punchline cause I see more questions is the punchline is it impossible how is it possible to see almost a full moon in Canada at the exact same time as in Australia who can answer that well I i think it's reflective of the time I can't tell if you're being serious or not that's what I think is going well you think there is a dumb and the reason I think there is a dome is it's not possible to have an atmosphere without some starting pressure that the atmospheric did the static atmospheric pressure at any point is equivalent to the weight of the air directly above that point if you take the cap off if there was a back in the space the cap of the able to fly away that Hass to be a lead to have an atmosphere which gets more compressed with depth that's just a fact and I and i discuss that topic in my blog called atmosphere and by the way I haven't I have mini mini very very well educated people in my life they've all given up in disgust and frustration over this conversation but have been unable to disprove what I said but what does that mean what you say that what do you mean by that what would it means is we can't have an atmosphere the way we have it the experience you're having with with your the weight of the atmosphere getting great at the deeper you are below the dome that without a lid on the atmosphere the atmosphere would just flyway no I'm saying why can't you couldn't have this discussion with your friends what would you mean by that number so I had a discussion my friend say to me do you think that'll explain the situation where you know that you have to have any air pressure I go through a detail discussion in my blog where I talk about having a pot that's going infinitely higher but yeah you still at the end and you start drawing air out of the pipe eventually you'll get to 0 atm in that pipe if you have a zero pressure at the top of the pipe there is no where did maintaining year and that pipe it's not possible it always has to be a lid to hold earring I gotcha and if there is a there is a barometric map open I'll post a link to it which shows that the air pressure around the south pole is at the lowest point so all the way around the south call the air pressure the barometric air pressure is the lowest in the world which is consistent with having a.m. Adam that age that ends somewhere around the north oh and I put that picture up halfway I can work it had a patient at this website but let's ask if I take it as an opinion on this when I get him back into the conversation I know you guys are doing good I'm more of a expert on gravity but yeah I gravitational forces but that was Frank saying it is really a pressure mediation is what that is so yeah I think he's his correct or not but yeah how do I post a picture in gas you can you help me with that just go to private chat and then Tim will have to open it but it's a private chat that I have OK so what I can do is I can send you a link yet I'll send you what I sent me a link i'll look at it so now I got 12 supershow topics that you want it that's a no as always I wanted to save the third final third for the questions and that's all right right now how much more time do you have them at 20 minutes OK can I talk can I briefly talk about it's orphanage thing then yeah I've never heard of it that is fast and so it turns out I watched a.m. video the other day where he is fellow was talking about how the orphan trains of the 1800s were around you would've heard about all lights off and Trent and he was saying it right now in the English-speaking world Canada USA Australia uk there are no orphanages operating not a single one but right now streaming out of the Ukraine are tens of thousands of orphan children and he and he points at that they all blonde blue eyed children OK are they streaming out of from in the Ukraine are there baby made Max raise is that what you're saying he was implying that they were these orphanages they're hundreds of orphanages in the Ukraine or maybe those are the bio weapons isn't isn't that really has anyone heard of this before no well I can't I have a friend not you gotta know I have I have a friend who are who lives in the Ukraine and Nikolaev and he supports and regularly goes to one of these orphanages sir so what you know and he is he he does considered FranksWine there that there's you know many many different orphanages not just a Nikolai of the southwestern part of the Ukraine so yeah I don't know where they're all coming from and that their parents abandoned them or their parents were killed or both it I will a lot of the a lot of the children and the it's possible but from from what he was telling me that a lot of the parents so we're alcoholics drug addicts there is a lot of drugs in that part of the country and they just they i just don't have the money to to care for them the children or child so then they just drop them off at the orphanages OK now what's happening with the "" war and I do not believe there is a war I think it's a CGI war most wars are is that you have the men who are being forced to stay back to fight the war and the women and the children are are are now immigrants there is something connected to he's saying that it's that it's largely children orphaned children oh my Polish friend and Polish is Poland is on the border northern border yeah he said he has a contact there who just talking a Polish mother and child and to his house first he says Paul and is taking in 1 million women and children in the Ukraine even though they're not necessarily the best of friends into World War II there's a there's enough humanitarian type polls that are taking in Ukrainian so I I i think I think there is a conflict there has been a conflict in the eastern Ukraine for a long time I believe there are many many things are happening in this complex I think a war is more of a strategic demolition and relocation of people and I think they really want to take over control demolition and strategic location relocation and I think they want to take control of the breadbasket of Europe and I've heard that the farm production has been quite low just because the ukrainians that are the farmers are not dumb don't have the best equipment I didn't have the best equipment they just wanna corporatized those farms like they are all around the world and just take them over and just globalist really want to get their digital ID system in there to track people coming in and out of the Ukraine probably mostly out they just take control corporate control of the food area the bread basketball insular questionnaire is why are they now orphanages in Anglesea I ever sent me never even occurred to me no maybe abortion is just more accessible in the West I think that's the easiest doesn't doesn't it seem incredible to you that there are no orphanages in Australia in Canada in England in the USA none no because I never got a handle on the population they really got a handle on birth control they really got a handle on a board including an abortion is definitely part of the birth control arsenal they've got the transgender guy and they got the mind control and young people they've got young people concentrating on career is over I think there's a shortage of babies in the West End that the Westwood implode without immigration I really even though some people think that's a conspiracy hey I think if you want to keep the Ponzi scheme of a growing economy going you need to bring in just bodies and Canadas as Thiago just said they bring in bodies young bodies from southeast Asian Canada by way of education system yeah yeah yeah yeah are education system would collapse what is this for 500,000 Indians a year to come into Australia that way yeah yeah yeah same here yeah Frank also with the orphanages in the ukraine just picture this let's say for example you know you had a couple parents you're you know who are drug addicts the kid couldn't stay with they right away they go to social services to get put with the family in almost most often Renate hear my province they do they get put with the family will take care of them or a family member yeah Ukraine yeah they going to foster care rights on the Ukraine they don't have those financial resources like we do over here right so it's it's very taxing for Ukraine sorry I am amazed Tiago that you said that such and such a country doesn't have the financial resources that's that's a decision that I might not look at you know that yeah well the year you talking about do Ukrainian people I'm talking about the idea that there is not enough money in a particular country oh OK yeah listen I I I understand what you're saying absolutely but it's a decision being made yes yes absolutely agree if you need anything in situation so it just shows to me when I heard this ridiculous fact what it says to me is wow these guys have engineered the crying to be some kind of baby factory closed down and babymaking at all in the Anglesea and it just looks like there's a whole bunch of new robots coming in these global resets a real or these these photos reset a real is really what I'm trying to say Yep I want to respect Tim's time he's got about 10 minutes and we got a great question and I just wanna go back to the map frank posted if we go back to that Tim Frank and you give us like there's the elevator picture with this map showing it OK if you have a look at that elevator picture you'll see that down at the Antarctic end of the of the spirit of the ellipse with the showing the lowest temperature is the lowest barometric pressures I should say are there and the highest barometric pressures exist up in the up in the northern areas in the final the ham is it so now let's imagine there's a dome overhead but probably more likely I'm in Yanako if we take the old model is a mountain neighborhood where the north pole is it's not it's not a bacon theater it's a magnetic mountain up there and there's a dome coming into it and the highest point is going to be somewhere near the canadian border the highest point of the time so the maximum air pressure because the air pressure the static barometric pressure at any point is equal the height of the column of air directly above that point vertically above so that the dome is going to be at its highest point a roundabout way the US Canada border is you know that and that latitude and comes to touch the earth somewhere after this 70 or 80° you'll notice that there's no measurements further south and 60° or 65° south absolutely fascinating where is the measurements for the north go right up to the 70 families from there is problem with the South the southern area of their globe there's huge problems that are unexplained said to me we don't know the facts but the model of the flat earth map is put out by Gleeson constantly gets revealed with the demo the top certainly supports a whole bunch of issues a particular the one about barometric pressure very clear-cut and the other one is international shipping there is no international shipping queen countries in the southern hemisphere it takes me to ship internationally through a cell salt in containers I can send us a container of salt malaysia takes two days on the globe that's the same distance to Santiago but it takes 70 days to get the container to San Diego and has to go to Korea first well OK I can't go this way that's my mouth reverses this ball so I wanna get to the last question because I wanna respect him time and again it's a great question from pepper also known as Joe thank you Joe for giving me your real name and the question for the panel is please explain why you believe or don't believe in agenda 21 and/or agenda 2030 who wants to take that one first OK so I it's in the long the plans call Dan was called salon 21 towards Jilon 21 something like that and I played badminton with they woman that works with the city Council and she was telling me about these policies in and I said oh that's just straight out agenda 21 stuff she's no no no no it's not about agenda 21 I know it's a completely different thing I said what's the code to Saint Jerome 21 and I looked it up you could see her expression change in front of my eyes when she realized what she you're saying you know it's it's it's here yeah it's done through the local councils it's not going through any it's all done through local government as far as I can my cat right tag I wanna take this one yeah you know do you know do I believe it yeah absolutely it's going through and they're right on course for doing it in Frank says they're doing it to the local governments that's why close Schwab there are our friend there a stated that that we penetrated the cabinets i'm really what that means that he's penetrated local governments all across Canada and Australia that oil just went through 200 everyone i love it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha alarm at the bat phone you're kidding you're kidding about the oil 200 right what is it going to 208/ 200 you're kidding about Loretta oh yeah yeah i think the joke is that the standing right now connection for Diego and his alarm went off in the middle of his eye so I thought it was your alarm I didn't understand OK it wasn't mine what's yours OK thanks thanks making it playing on the sound effects tonight sorry OK so Tiaga you're you're on bored there's definitely agenda 21 whatever you wanna call it great reset fourth industrial revolution yeah absolutely and hundred and 110% everything that you're saying psychological wise and all all the stuff going on around us I think is part and parcel of getting to that Mission 2030 you know whatever whatever that entails whatever that's gonna look like but we're definitely you know especially Canada Australia certain parts of the united states absolutely and what's a U-turn what's the question again I guess but you just say goodbye to xmas eve eve who is being a Michelle is here to cheer he's here to listen to you so I was trying out the block feature on youtube let me know how it works ask Missy if you don't mind and if you can't reply oh well the question yes it is is agenda 21 real deal or no and what way it's really happening at Rice either planted in my sustainable city it is happening on a local level that that was the communitarian international communist goal is to make it grassroots or Astroturf and it's definitely happening we have a bus lanes and bike lanes where there's absolutely no buses are no bikes are there it's like they build cities in China before the people come and sometimes the right sometimes the wrong but they're way ahead of theirs off and put the cart before the horse and the next thing you know there's going to be 7 five condos here in suburbia where I live up and down the vacant land so yeah it's definitely happening and can we see sustainable SDG's the city of 21 said the city 2030 that kind of thing so for sure the main the main thing I don't like about it is it's centrally controlled and is it it's basically saying that these technocrats based in Davos or central Europe they're smarter than every single local area which means they want to manage the earth from top to bottom east west north south and if people are OK with technocrats from far away ruling them which is the very reason why people got away from the kings I didn't want to AP it's a king of BB told by the King what to do and then this is this is the same thing it's just clocked in different language in the languages to save the earth that they're saying everything they're doing will save the earth and not everyone wants to be saved and not everyone thinks that humans are the scourge of the earth and the idea of concentrating everyone in the super cities in a country fastest canada and as fast as the United States is ridiculous as you know I'm with you I know you travel a lot most of North America is uninhabited yep empty the mouth of the most a lot of Canada is inhospitable it's still inhabitable yep because of technology we can heat things and make it make humans able to survive a year what cheerleader white year long in in cold climates but the idea that we all have to stack and pack ourselves up into very tight little boxes is insane and actually I can't I can't probably be very good as we know we know intensive farming it's really not good for the land we know that the little pig farms that used to for instance not the land are much better for the earth than the super concentrated careful what you can find animal feed operations where they have pigs upon pigs upon pigs that are generating rivers of waste no wind belt that is not natural and that is not good for the earth so if it's not good for animals why would we stack and pack human 7590 stories high is imagine all that waste in that one that one column of glass that cassidy processed in that small little area it's crazy what annoys me the most about it in is that there's a very elaborate system of white porcelain collection points and pipes etc. they collect all of that valuable nutrient bright in the room and then they just record and Tippett @mostly had to say right nutrient should be going around and round circulating around bistro at madness location Joe acid follow up question which will be my answer which is I would like to have some kind of website a reference point I could use to speed me up to these beliefs I'm assuming he means beliefs agenda 21 being real art where do I begin if you listen to my podcast from 2 thousand eight on I've been talking about this since then I N I wasn't the first start talk about this the first one that I stumbled upon talking about it was Alan White highly recommend going to cutting through the is a website again I'll post this in the show notes whether it's on temp site at fake I will at my site@ just click on the Marcus Allen show and another one that I would look at as the World economic forum it's wE and they literally if you can read they're telling you exactly what their plans are no and i want to circle back a little bit and then I wanna let him go cause he's gonna get some sleep circle back to what I originally started off with today which is ok so those digital IDs passes which is part of agenda 21 which is now called the right reset it didn't happen last year then the question isn't it I'll leave this is a rhetorical open ended question is are they are there plans not working RP too many people waking up don't know I don't know that we go out for an hour on the app but I don't wanna take it like a 32nd Stabenow are you the agendas cracking along with exactly as I absolutely 100% wanna without question it's just going according to plan a problem hey any hiccups that they have they have the central bank pay police to enforce whatever they got enforce so nobody's not gonna be doing anything it's not a lot of waking up I say that waking up is hard to do yeah yeah in my area here there's no waking up there's not none of that may be in the United States in certain certain areas I don't know too much about Australia it looks like they're kinda like Canada but you're here in Canada there's no waking up and so things are humming along just perfectly for them and with that said it's gonna be time to say good night so I Tim likes to get some sleep before at least before 10 o'clock and that's what we're gonna strive for so Tim I appreciate you being on the call Frank be appreciate you being on the call Thiago I appreciate you being on the call this was a wonderful first attempt at the supershow format if you would like to see more super shows like this you can contact him at all it's IMA correct I am i figureill send them off an email if you know someone that would be a great guest for us to have if you are very good at talking and I are levelheaded we'd love to have you and Tim forward that on to me and like I said I'll post all the websites in the show notes so we don't have to take any more time on that only if you'd like to donate to Timshel and get a fake ill what you can see right there in the screen if you're listening to me on my podcasts whether it's an apple or stitcher or even on I just found out on Amazon what's that one way to pay without the audio what's the call a lot of snow or other Spotify not Spotify audible it's on audible audible yes they're taking my free feed and they're monetizing it isn't they are just great at making money anyway with that said everyone have a great and everyone have a great night was really enjoyable I really had a blast and I'll talk to you next time on the super show so take care enjoy life and I'll talk to you next time.