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Does this digital dollar mark the end of the USA?

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Raw transcription

Good evening folks it's Markus Allen it is Thursday, March 31, 2022 at exactly 9:02 in the evening and a very stormy Lancaster county Pennsylvania night fact if you can hear the raindrops hitting my glass that's what's going on the good news is if you're listening to this the power didn't go out so we'll see what happens tonight's gonna be a short one I have a very I just have basically two websites to show you the name of this tentatively is going to be titled does this digital dollar mark the end of the USA if you're listening on the podcast you can actually see the bill I'm gonna pull up and discuss so once again go to escape the click on the Markus Allen show and again search for does this digital dollar mark the end of the USA so let me pull this up on the copy for my one computer Luv handshake handshake on the max Apple max so I'm copying from one computer to the other sometimes it gets flaky let's see if it works tonight oh yes it is so here's the article lol make up by the way while everyone was discussing slap gate where the old second part of communism which is divide and conquer did the slap really happen was it fake while that was happening take a look at the date on this article here March 31 actually this is really started to brew about five days ago just before slab gate distracted everyone form from this lawmakers join growing push to create a digital dollar lawmakers of join the course of officials who want the US to create a digital currency that would virtually eliminate funds Transfer waiting. Cut fees and enable those with our bank accounts to move money across borders one problem lose your token card or pass code lose your money now that's really not a big deal because this is a digital dollar is no different than the cash in your pocket if you lose your cash you lose your money so it's the same thing and then it reads restates what basically is happening going through the US treasury electronic dollar as a representation of US dollar blah blah blah it's known as e-cash electronic cash blah blah blah use a swift people should really look into Swift I'm actually gonna do all show about that's so stay tuned on that one blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right so then here is the bill passed by the House of representatives all Democrats or summons a demon Kratts and here is the bill so what I've done is I've actually copied 012345678 910 maybe a little over a dozen sections of this bill I have only scan the bill I will take a much deeper dive into this and have some free time maybe this weekend and these are some of the things that really just caught my eye so let me copy their ass they were here and see if I can find of course he's not gonna do it now so much for me bragging about handoff all right so now I'm gonna do the secretary shall require Erica know it's under privacy right here OK privacy the secretary shall require by the way the word shell is not a law gone over this in prior show is the only time Language in the only time language triggers a lawful statement is when they use the word must it's not so shell is not a lot the secretary shall require that any hardware device authorized to hold or otherwise facilitate transactions in involving Eco shall be secured locally via cryptographic encryption I think that might be redundant phrase isn't and other appropriate technologies and Chao there's a shotgun shell not contain or be subject to any surveillance personal identification or transactional data gathering or censorship enabling back door features that's funny because every single back door features every single piece of software has a back door to the government interesting that's what that was just interesting to me next time i get an eight area transactional reporting and under no circumstance regardless of the particular technology involves Shell Shell any transaction data generated by E cash payments be collected monitored or retained by the united states government and authorize the cash distributor or any other counter party except via the exceptions provided by this act why did I why did I find that interesting when we look at this again i forget where I put that I am I'm assuming I put that because i'm losing it I have no idea why I thought that was particularly interesting so let's go to the next one number nine number 921 Ledisi classified i am really losing it tonight 02 physical current OK there it is classifying regulated in a manner similar to physical currencies for the purpose of Aragão anti-money laundering know your customer counter terrorism and transaction reporting laws and that's not subject to a third-party OK this is what this is all about this is what happened to 911 talked about this one prior shows that the main reason for 911 was to kick this off aML anti-money laundering and KYC know your customer so this digital dollar that they are talking about which they're not talking about cbd say they're saying that this is different and I'll get to that moment this is this is kind of like a trial it's a 33 to 6 year trial it looks like but in order to use it you will have to sign up for anti-money laundering know your customer and counterterrorism which goes completely against anonymity when you're anonymous anonymous you don't have to do any of that so they're literally contradicting themselves in their bill next except the cash let me try to copy and paste again copy paste fine working now except cash for any payment to the federal government including payments for taxes fines and fees and that's what this is all about see cash when you accept regular cash it's it's a way to circumvents taxes fines and fees now it's impossible to escape it next one right here i've just kind of scanned over this I'm sure there's a lot more that I'm missing out on search Errigo presumption of legitimate use under no condition Saudi shall the acquisition possession or use of the cash devices instruments and balances under the parameters established by this act be treated as prima facie or intrinsic evidence of criminal activity or 10 Norby established as a printer I predict a predicate offense or a factor in crimes not specified in or under the authority of the established by this but again that's what this is all about they're going to make it so that you cannot use their money if they say what you're doing is criminal activity what is criminal activity well giving $50 to the truckers convoy via gift so get at San gift so send something like that that was considered criminal act it was it was supporting terrorism it was a peaceful truckers convoy that circled around Ottawa and they consider that criminal activity and they see that woman's account I love how the new said it was a single mom I don't I don't know if the story is true but at least that's what they're putting out and they want people to know that if you give money what seems to me like a very patriotic cause that is considered criminal activity and it's right here in this bill and that everything is gonna be it's gonna be a judgment call so I don't know if I make here's one what if I sell me right off of course that's not criminal well they're trying to make it from all the trying to make it so they outlaw the sale of me because meat is bad for the environment global warming climate change see how the slippery slope has no end next g systematic liquidity let's find that girl systematic liquidy the board of governors of the federal reserve system shall shall take appropriate measures to ensure that the implementation in adopt option of the cash does not distract disrupt or substantially impact the general available availability or cost of liquidity for depository institutions credit unions and or community community development financial institutions are their capacity to extend credit and other financial services under two underserved populations as described under the community rap reinvestment act of 1977 and any other applicable federal and state laws however such measures may no way impair restrict or otherwise limit the ability of the public to access hole in using cash can why did I put that down let me look at that again to do do oh maybe it's I don't know why I put that down I am really failing you guys tonight I'm having an off night is that OK let's go to the next one boom boom OK so that won't let retype it treasury manages all of that by the way someone who wrote who wrote the still doesn't know grammar it says the treasury manages find it why isn't it coming up with that be funny if they've already change that that's why I can't find it cause they've already edited this primary responsibility ha not showing up interesting I'll read it do US treasury and the federal reserve our separate entities the treasury manages all of them oh I know why because that explains OK this right here what I just red people are going to ask what's the difference between the US treasury and the federal reserve system well it's it's through the same but if you go and search for this the difference the difference is the US treasury and the federal reserve are separate entities the treasury managers all the money coming into the government and paid out by it where is the federal reserves primary responsibility is to keep the economy stable by managing the supply of money in circulation to me they're all the same next that's why I couldn't find it because that's why we have this bum bum a in general but no nothing of course now paradise not working not later than 90 days in general not later than 90 days after the enactment of this act as a support the written the Director shall initiate a two phase e-cash pilot program and it says patient of General deployment of the cash to the public not later than 48 months after the date of enactment of this act then it goes on to more targets goals phase 1 of the pilot program shall consist of not less than three distinct pilots papa shallots no later than 1 80 days and it's just one phase 2 and phase 3 the punchline here is it appears in this is perhaps the good news is this isn't gonna happen very fast it's not gonna happen very fast at all it looks like it's at like a set a 3 to 6 year program which coincidentally kind of a lines on the high end if you go six years towards at 2030 agenda 2030 target so that's the good news out of the song let's see and I think that's pretty much it I have one more let's say 20 the secretaries science technology yeah this one this one I just find kind of funny actually the toast master OK the council shall become comprised of the secretary the Director of the ECIP the chairman of the board of governors of the federal reserve system and this is just crazy the postmaster general of the United States Postal Service also the Director of the office of science and technology policy to the chief technology officer of the United States and the Director of the national Institute of standards and technology that his nest nest is the same group of people who whitewash the 9/11 investigation saying that the official narrative is what really happened at 9:11 and if you've been following me you know that's a whopper of a lie there are no planes on 911 911 didn't happen the way we were told eight buildings it's skyscrapers came down that day and back to the postmaster general why is it and I think I've read something about this but the postmaster generally united states post office has some very leading role and a lot of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the postal service so maybe you can comment if you're watching this on some common platform like Twitter Reddit Facebook etc. maybe you could comment no i'll take a look what you think about that why is the postmaster general of the United States involved in digital cash so then final link that I have it's title banks close record number banks close record number of branches in 2021 Wells Fargo shutters the most US banks close to record number of retail branches and 2021 on net US banks shuttered 2927 branches last year according to the S&P global market intelligence data Wells Fargo was the top net branch closure in 2021 closing on net 267 retail location locations now before convert 1984 of March I'm already forgetting that March 13, 2020 20 i was always say when in my travels to my family why are they building all these banks and why they are going out of business everything's gonna be digital cash and now this this article is kind of confirming what I've been saying now so you can have a read of that if you choose no need really I mean is it clear that cash is done I don't know if I've said this on a on a podcast but I actually had a bet with my chiropractor and I made about that by the end of three months ago so 2021 December 31 that I wouldn't be able to write him a check or give him cash and he just laughed is that make it at that so how much you wanna bet in like in the movie trading places we both met a dollar so I lost the dollar actually met him twice and they were something else I've been a dollar about and I lost the bet twice but it doesn't look like I'm not far off doesn't look like I'm not far off at all so once again I'll post into the notes here are the CCBDC tracker which is this cbdc this is it I'm at the I'm at this map every day and we can see here in America that it's called Project Hamilton it's in the research phase right now if you let's see if you click status and find launched this is that have no idea how to say in Ira so in Nigeria it's the only one that's officially launched i want to find ones that are approved for a pilot that's a second from being launched save all of Canada that's under pilot and then you have a Russia it's China Europe China Saudi Arabia France Ghana it's looks like South Africa this right here is one of the most not talked about Aries of the world this is Cape Town South Africa it's the only location in the world were paparazzi are not allowed it's illegal to take pictures of people famous people is the only place in the world that's that's the case and a lot of the elite and globalist live right here which is weird cause it in this might Babe just a lot to keep people away it's supposed to be one of the most dangerous places like everyone's got a security guard and I'm not sure that that's true see if we get rid pilot next one from pilot is proof of concept so it's interesting the digital Robo I wonder if that's the ruble no I thought that was Ledisi also pilot it shows up as pilot to yet so there must be two of them wait now I'm confused proof of concept yeah so it's both a proof of concept and that's weird show me australia proof of concept around Brazil Thailand that looks like the Philippines and Malaysia OK this one this is the one I want to end with Japan so just today I read somewhere and I didn't write it down I know it while I know I found it hold on my memory still working news that the find Japan I laugh my ass off when I read this area no plan to issue CBDC bank of Japan governor says well I'm a copy this into the notes for you so you can see it again go to escape the new click on the Markus Allen show and then look for today's title is again does this digital dollar mark the end of the USA so it's Redus but I am I'm gonna come close to trying to pronounce this person's name the governor of the Bank of Japan known as B and J said the bank I love I love the trickery language is currently not planning to watch a digital currency I mean these people think we're stupid the remarks came just a few days after the BFG announced the commencement of the second phase of central bank digital currency experiments are so yeah we don't have any plans but we have a plan and by the plant so it man this is common dudes and do that and but hopefully my neck sure that I do I might even take a couple days off to finish the outline of this is all about I'm gonna show you exclave bucks this is the alternative to all the CBD say it's central it's it's not it's not decentralized crypto it's centralized so that we can't lose your money it's all the benefits the banks I think banks are great a lot of people get mad when I say that most of the time but like yesterday this just happened yesterday I needed to transfer cash from one PNC account so another account it was $76 so I took out $76 for the ATM and the bills are really fluffy and in super old and and not very flat and then that machine was down that I couldn't deposit back into the machine using my other account so I went to Strasburg pennsylvania and because that's the closest one to me and I put it in and it spit it back out and it said you have too many bills going in there even though I really didn't $76 so then I flattened out the bills try to put it in again and then I just hear click click click and it clicked literally for a minute and I said to my family I said no this is this bad news eight I do these transfers all the time with cash something ain't right in a soon as I said about my credit card comes out or my debit card comes out and it says have a nice day basically I'm like wait where's the receipt where is the confirmation are you sure it was 76 it was none of that little bit of thunder so you no i understand it it's you know no one's perfect and that includes automation so the next day I contacted my branch in Strasburg and I told him what the skippers and they immediately issued me a $76 provisional credit and then whenever they did their maintenance on the machine that there is a separate I don't know if you know this there's a diverter box so anytime there's a promise how much is a deposit a check or cash and it doesn't register it diverted to a separate section of the ATM machine and then when someone like me calls up in the and complains about this they go when the maintenance guy comes out and then everything works out but time is of the essence here so long story short I have a planet fitness gym membership it's the only membership I have requires a savings account and they won't take a credit card I don't have any idea why whatever so I set up a bank account just for planet fitness literally it's the only count at all it does is it sweeps are my main account $43 cause I have two memberships one for me one for my son oops it into the account right next thing you know I go to pay for my son I bought him a cheesesteak at the pizza shop and I accidentally use the wrong debit card on my Apple Watch it looks exactly the same just the numbers are a little bit different so of course that that made it so I i didn't I had $12 less than I should've and then planet fitness to try to take the money out and it bounced it has my account twice $76 now in the past by the way here's another pro tip you can you can if you just call and you're really apologetic about something like what just happened to me they almost always credit the account they're like oh you know we see that you have a clean account at our bag will take care of the $76 charges but I didn't even do that it's OK it was my bad I made the mistake I knew it as soon as the but the debit went through life what are you gonna do so I needed so OK so my son's gym membership so there is a yearly fee to see you have a monthly fee and then you have a yearly annual re-upping and that's $39 same thing for his basically $43 so now I have a negative bank account of 30 $33 at 33 so I needed to take care of that plus the 43 I need to put $76 in there so that's what happened and again they were super cool like literally it was five minutes and they typed up the dispute they actually typed it they wired the dispute to the headquarters and then second they gave made a provisional account try doing that with crypto you can't if there's a problem with crypto you're out of luck people of lost fortunes because of that so I'm a big fan of banks they charge me seven dollars a month for all three accounts that I i have I think that's a reasonable fee for what they do it comes with $250,000 of insurance in case something happens again crypto doesn't do that and again I'm not a fan of the banks are at the top trust me I think they're the most evil people on the planet but I think banking is pretty damn cool very very convenient it's very convenient to be able to zip money no wire transfer taking money taken checks the whole thing I think it's great OK I've had enough for rent it is 930 on Thursday, March 31 the storm has let me keep the electrical on so thank you storm thank you the controllers at the weather I appreciate you letting me get this out I apologize for not having the perfect flawless show tonight but you get the picture the bottom line is we are screwed if you are unvaccinated if you will not wear a mask if you will not sign up for social credit scores if you wanna take daily testing if you're like me and you're not 100% politically correct this digital dollar is gonna be tied to central bank digital currency watch be tied to the social credit score and they that we've already seen the bags have a have the option to turn that off and we really need an alternative and that's exactly what I'm working for so I might do a quick another show again maybe tomorrow friday if not I'm gonna take a day off I'm gonna finish up the outline of my big show which is all about exclusive box and how money works I'm gonna show you exactly how many works it is not nearly as complicated as you can imagine and I think you'll come away with better understanding once you listen to that show so everyone have a great night enjoy life and I'll talk to you next time.