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So let me just introduce my audience to you so I'm talking to you invited me to come on tonight I appreciate that yeah and you were just talking about Ernst and door who is a how would you describe I don't even know how to describe them I mean like I know how to describe David Call but birds under basically bride then he go to trial many times wanted you know just like so many people in the Cove 8 Zara that we're in today they want to bring the virus to a quart room right you wanna bring it so he wanted to bring a question of of the Holocaust story into a courtroom right and they just wouldn't let him do it ran a real they wanted to bring him in the quart room and charge him with all kinds of things to shut him up so he couldn't bring this into the courtroom they brought them end of the quart room twice and I was a media junkie back in the 80s I was only 20 or something but I was still a media junkie and honestly I i didn't really understand the story at the time it was not interesting to me but now through a truth lands it is fascinating to me because I don't even care about the official story about the holocaust I think that's the red herring part of it just like whether virus exists or not I know people sometimes argue about that even today that's not the point the point is do we get to know the truth or not about anything that's the point of this I think and then that's what that's what the powers that be have always wanted to keep him out of the courtroom because they don't want people looking into the truth of history. Just get little clues about what happened and I interviewed a German guy Canadian German guy last week or so I am I think it's not a Jürgen Vollrath very interesting old guy Yep 70 something he said and he said one thing out of that conversation that really hit me and I don't know if you listen to that interview the rapper yeah he's a whole rapper but what he said when they came to when he came to Canada dad never talk to his dad worked three jobs and when they first got their black-and-white television in the 50s they were watching some of the propaganda from World War II which would only been less than 10 years prior and his dad allegedly worked in Edwards in the German army maybe captured at the time and they were busy shoveling German bodies into a cemetery and he said he recognize all the gates and white not when he watch the propaganda where they said that was Auschwitz and he said no that wasn't Auschwitz germans that we had to bury our we had a pile up and they couldn't bury and just little clues like that's a man you can see how easy it is to just interchange imagery videos and spin a story around it is a stunning in that story had he not told me and have not been recorded would just go down into the memory hole forever anyway so I have a story and then when I get back to weather I think he's controlled up by the way I'm almost 100% sure he's controlled all right so here's here's the here's the story that is actually blows my mind I always make it so that we can't go to places to eat because I I'll talk to the pizza shop owner and then they eventually that's what I do and I tell them and then they're fascinated and they always ask what do you think about this what do you think about that was last Thursday or Sunday I went in to get pizza this place and the owner comes up to me he calls me bitcoin because he can't remember I can't remember my name and he doesn't know whether I like bitcoin or not I don't like bitcoin and he's like the coin what do you think about Ukraine and what do you think about this we think about that and then I said well you know I don't think anything is real on TV and I like that the biggest lie ever is 911 and then he kind of stepped back and he's like what do you mean I said yeah I know I don't think there are any planes on 911 and at what I've done as I've taken a bunch of clips and I put it on my phone and I'm like let me show you on my phone what really happened at 9:11 he goes wait a minute my uncle my wife's uncle died in 911 and I'm laughing because every time I talk every other person there so they know one person indirectly whose husband or brother or uncle died in 911 and I'm like OK I just now I can't I can't eat here cause I know this is gonna be a problem so I go oh what was his name and then he just walked away from me wouldn't wouldn't tell me his name which means he's just making it up so the question is why do I get those all the time why do people make the stuff up like on the flight almost like they're being mind controlled by the space beam Marcus is in the house make up a story about 911 it's just crazy I get this all the time for getting back to earn Zundel yeah there's two things that that are very suspicious to me number one the fact that a a a judge would hear anything about the done the denial of the Holocaust and it becomes public information big red flag to me if they really want to watch that story they would never bring it to trial but even worse than that is it reminds me of Alex Jones and Sandy Fuck you have to do you have to control it because if if if if the ADL that's funny cause I was gonna talk about the ATL tonight at eight the ADL in in Covid there's a big connection there and if the ATL tried to come after me like they went after David Call or after Zundel I know what the ADLs Achilles' heel is they would they would run away from me so fast they wouldn't even bother so that's a risk that you're going to take for some unknown entity but when you have controlled opposition you control them you let them in a limited hang out let some truth come out and then you bet you control it and you make it sound like his house is gonna get fire bombed if he comes out against the Holocaust the numbers about the Holocaust never happened oh that's how you control it so I am 99.999% sure he's controlled opposition and probably David Coulter well I was unsure Ernst because I never looked into the guy seem like a cranky seem foolish with the hardhat in the army hardhat for me if that was a lot of nonsense but and the purpose of that is this is to stop you from looking into it yourself the trip and it did work for a while and I probably wouldn't really talk about it because it is such a third rail they've Weaponized it and we're just talking about it they make it seem like it's illegal which is crazy because this is supposed to be a free country we don't have the first amendment we have some call the charter of rights and freedoms and apparently work against the crown or whoever was after her and sandals so that was I did work in that case he was he was freed or exonerated on the charger whatever the charge he was being persecuted for at the time but it just really bothers me that there's things we shouldn't or can't talk about at all because despite what you i think the official stories of the Holocaust it doesn't matter the fact that they can pass a law saying you can't even bring it up and if people agree to it and think that's ok and you know damn well that they can apply that to the next thing and the next thing and it might not be long before you can't talk about certain elements of Covid in the future because this is not going away right and that's why it's important and I don't even waste my time arguing about the 6 million thing because that is the red herring part that's right it really is the fact is that you can't talk about any element and then Monica Schaeffer was telling about her brother and these people went are in jail for Cray just really ancillary or they're not the exact charge about questioning but there are other charges like princess packing and a couple other guys who may or may not be real and they might be controlled like they are in charge and they're in jail in Canada for mischief and the only ones that get released one got released on bail but the bail terms are insane like they agreed to leave the Ottawa area they agreed not to log onto the Internet they agreed to basically being muzzled until their trial which they could push off for years and I think packing is still in jail because he's not gonna agree to those bail terms which I agree with him because if he came out he would be able to talk and if they're that they pushed it said the same thing with her and Xander I wanted to shut him up for for crate for just sort the real one charge they put on them was I can't even remember that's the one that there was ruled unconstitutional where he was inciting some I don't have a can't remember right now because my head is spinning but this is how they tie you up and screw you up and just keep people from looking into the truth so that's what I think is important the more I listen to in the war I think he was real OK OK he really didn't get anywhere and he kept he didn't he didn't get his message out to me in the many years that I've heard of them I never got the message I just thought it was a crank and he was like imported and in this official story was he was too lazy to get Canadian citizenship so that's why I got bored actually he was denied citizenship for the longest that he couldn't get it according to him he was already on a list and I didn't even realize he met a guy named Tom this is more Canadian history that I never heard of you ever heard the Canadian fewer I never heard of it either I do I would've loved Canadian history how do we got the real Canadian history through the boring stuff Kanas the most boring history in the world and I couldn't keep awake I actually wish we had American history is in the other more interesting stories but we didn't get to we're not either but there was apparently a French national socialist called Arcadia or car ARC A&E what is his first name maybe Arnie archon a.m. but he called himself a Canadian Fuhr and he was thrown in concentration camp in Canada yes we had concentration camps any German sympathizers did go to concentration camp there's one about 20 miles down the road for me apparently called camp ex and Canadians don't know about these things with anyone and sympathize with the axis powers Germany and Italy they were they were put in concentration Cabs and this guy was in for five years he was a national socialist called South Canadian Fuhrer and I never heard of them Verizon or somehow got tied up with him early on and the guy sponsored him you know he does the vouch for him and said go interview these people around the world this is in the 70s because they know about World War II and go get go get some information out of them before they die because you'll never you'll never get first hand accounts again ever get it before history is buried it that was very interesting and in Quebec which was a Catholic province and by the Catholic Church are the communist takeover of Canada which started in the 60s they wanted to destroy Quebec because Quebec was for Quebec and it was run by the Catholic Church more than any any anything else and that gave them sort of nationalist tendencies where they wanted to use Quebec money to build Quebec for like a nationalist socialist it was basically it take the wealth of the country which Quebec always has considered itself a country you lend yourself the money you build up you build up the province or the country and you share the wealth of the people that is what national Socialism actually means so that was that that's the idea I think that the globalist want to crush sure I don't want that they don't want you sharing say Pennsylvania oil revenue or anything like that they want to keep your sir well they take all the money to anyone that comes up as a so-called national socialist anyone wants to share the wealth and make things better you know it's sort of like your your idea about him you're my exclusive maybe it has made me about those kind of ideas for your town just ate want that for a country they definitely do not want you doing that now it's all about it's all about dominance if you listen to Grant Cardone a very high up scientologist he just drones on and on and on about empires and dominance he doesn't want to he doesn't want any competition he wants he want to dominance that's how these guys think yeah that's how they operate like they want to rape and plunder and not share anything you don't want to share their toys right or the wealth they wanna they wanna make you a slave forever and never get ahead and I yes I was running the world they probably do the same thing I wouldn't I'm not opposite I think you're gonna be better off if you but you know it as again Grant Cardone likes to say people have everything you want they have love sex knowledge to everything so why not just leverage that so everyone wins right but I don't know the world so I don't worry about that no I mean either but yeah that's it that was that was a long winded way of me saying that I think this minute when I try to figure out why the route why the people to rule over do what they do why they're doing what they're doing at all that's why they've done what they've done for the last hundred 200 for every years eat it you go through like earns under may not have had the whole picture I keep writing about media fake or stuff like that but he is one piece of the puzzle and I like to just take the best piece from that guy and try and put it in my puzzle to make my puzzle except you might have a tainted puzzle I might have a tainted piece and that's my problem and trace it out by just taking truth from here truth from there and trying to assemble the puzzle at the end so I think he has clothes that that's what that's all I'm thing I think he has many clues and why he was crushed and ultimately put in jail in Germany and Knows me they might even even in the heart attack shot maybe took a flu shot in Germany because he died of a heart attack after being in what he what his sister said was in perfect health is it who knows who knows what exactly are we will never know they'll never tell us yeah it's like it's like the Bill Cooper story of how he died and not the bill Cooper store the Randy Weaver story about how the The Fedz shot him down I just not buying any of that but you could but people do die at 78 he was about 78 for 100% of the average American male dies at 76.5 sure yeah so it's it's totally possible your heart he maybe he was about it maybe he had a bad diet we have no idea you don't know anything about anyone's health and that's the other thing that people say oh I caught a cold last week and so did my wife that's Covid yeah don't how can I tell from my end I am arguing with a guy about that I said I don't know what you do in life I don't know your health I don't know anything about yourself route me to make a judgment on why you and your wife got sick at the same time would be insane I don't know your habit to know anything about your health yep that's a cool that's a great Segway to talk about Bruce Willis did you hear about that I think I did I think Steve Chris brought it up where I think he has some thing a page or something what is where is passed out or something aphasia which is basically a stroke caused by blood clots OK Yesterdays news I think right right so now that's interesting because I was told my wife I said you're good you're good we're gonna come into a time where your family you're gonna get the weekly call from the family member that someone seriously hurt or dies I mean on a weekly basis and then you're going to hear all these famous people dying and I every night at the dinner table I'm OK have you heard of Rafael Nadal and my wife so now I'm like why he's like the second best tennis player in the world and he went down with with something on the court she's like yeah but you know you you keep saying he's gonna be all in or someone that I know will today was it Bruce Willis Stepping away from acting BoHo OK I don't know he still was I just type in aphasia to my new favorite search engine hopefully you had a chance to look at that I have here and I like it actually I want they actually have a little custom buttons over here and they all sign up which is Eddie and dandy yep yeah so the top I know if you type in aphasia is Bruce Willis lesson Right so I mean what you know why is this news if you know before Covid this would not have been really they wouldn't have been pushing what the what it is they would've just kept it quiet while we've been learning about every single disease known to man that is not caused by the vaccine so basically they're learning all these kinds of diseases that we've never heard of probably they never been household names and they're all caused by everything except vaccination tell me there's no doubt there's no no bad side effects according to the media OK so now I've been telegram and you links so let me send organic throw this up for it but in real quick aside it's sick it's it's illegal and 16 European countries plus in Israel to talk about the Holocaust not being real jailable offense we talked about that before and apparently Monica Schaeffer's brother is in Germany is in jail in Germany I don't know if he is in 2022 I haven't really looked it up but that's where he is at and Xander was in jail for five years in Germany allegedly right right allegedly up guess what i just sent you a link it says if I'm from pub Medcenter aphasia seven days after second dose of an mRNA-based SARS Covi two vaccine OK what a coincidence just so happens to have a study about that it's rare very rare of course of course all rare that how many we should do a search on the words the library is your rare adriana i'm glad this is all about the yeah isn't that Anthony Fauci is yes it is that's the Fauci franchise yes it is if we do a search on the rare it's probably number one on his website right but you know what we've never had it there they're plausible deniability is we've i never mass vaccinated the entire world before so we just thought we just mass vaccinated babies who probably don't have other drugs that they're taking aspirin so there's not usually gonna be any kind of drug interaction problems Babies are are quite healthy and fresh as a rule so they have been exposed to the worlds toxins for 30 4050 60 70 here so you know if you ever thought that the general health of the world was people in the middle age was bad or just sort of marginal or teetering on the edge this this shot of poison is just pushing so many people that are teetering over the cliff sure i know that they do have that they could just fall back on saying well you guys are really that healthy anyway and this little shot we're trying to save your life we're sorry that it's killing you but we're just trying to help I've tentatively named the show this is why we should never forget"… About con vid 1984 should be and that's why I'm glad you brought up earns under what I mean what serendipity right there because the holocaust always tells never forget right never forget about the effective it's ok it's a buzz phrase for that you know and I never wanna think about it actually because they made it seem like if I even think about it I'm going to jail right now really made it that way but about never think about it right bury your head in the sand yeah because I how many people know what you can and can't say regarding it and you say white black I don't do you know what you can and can't say about it I don't really know what most people just say I'm not gonna think about that I've been begging to be canceled ever since I've been doing podcast and no one will cancel me because I get a lot of attention so please cancel me I'll talk about anything but yes they never forget it's interesting and i'm gonna send this link to you we're jumping all over the place as we always do our son the son tells all right so if you take a look at this so the ADL won't let you talk about the fact that convent 1984 has similarities to the Holocaust oh wow so the 80 hours now in the cancel culture game when it comes to convict 1984 say yeah yeah and let's what is the ADL like what what do you think it is who's behind it what is their actual purpose I think it's like the sovereign what is the southern law poverty center it's the same function to their function is to control and limit speech that's it that's all it is and it doesn't matter if you're if you're anti-Jew anti-this anti-that whatever is going against you know the ruling elite right it's really the ruling elites and fog but armory I i thought army yeah it's sort of the thought police fuck me while we they don't want you to talk about anything that could alter the Meredith in anyway so whether that be anyone that has this this crazy idea that nations and their resources should be for their own people that kind of thing that's very dangerous for any official narrative they don't want you getting talking about the wrong talking points other than the ones they gave you and then I think they they they lay all these land mines all over the place so for instance if you dare walk on the Holocaust land mine and then they lure you to certain parts of that story if you step on it they'll blow you right up what were they lure you as always the wrong place to look as well I think again everyone seems to get stuck on the gas chamber story and the 6 million part they want you to go walk over to that part and blow yourself up that's not actually the story I don't think what do you think the stories well the story is that honey think about what I just said if you're in that that Hitler is a bad guy he's just he's like his son Saddam Hussein just a bad guy what are they really want you and I think that I play the part that last part of her and sandals last speech where he was saying he said I really don't want people to think that German Germany as full of Germans that are genocidal maniacs but unfortunately in 2022 that's what I think it most people think that's that's sort of art or trigger that's sort of a reflex thought even today but what if there were nationalistic tendencies like I just said where there are some leaders that come up and say they're at their ultimate idea is to share the wealth and make everyone wealthy based on productivity and and you and I both know that even though productivity is gone way yup because of automation the worker has not benefited at all not in the last 2030 years no talk with none of that wealth has been transferred to the people that help create it and that's really the real story so when you think Hitler they don't want you to think that he had any ideas about what I just said the same with the guy in Quebec the Canadian fear who most Canadians including me have never heard that was his idea as well that go back should be for Quebec Even Trump no Trump had a tiny bit of appeal to that saying all I want to bring jobs back to America get America working again bad idea they just can't let that they can't let that catch fire in anyway to get to everything they can to derail him by bringing about his control by Russia OK all kinds of I just can't have any nationalistic thoughts whatsoever if you talk about anything else go walk over here to the 6 million and the gas chamber story and you will be blown up if you talk about it and they lure you over to that but that's not that's not the point they don't they want you over there cause they know they can explode you all over there if they don't want you talking about some of the other things that were happening say in Germany or Italy or Quebec or anywhere else where they have these tendencies can you can your name I'm sure anything Qaddafi he hats and an even if he was I think a lot of these leaders they do get put in by the globalist oh no I think no doubt but you know what happens if a little bit of one of these guys gets put in and there's evidence that even Hitler was brought in by the globalists because he needed money he almost got bombed out in the 30s and then what happens all of a sudden say you're a leader of a country and you're enjoying can't hear you love the adulation you're helping your country and next thing you know you think you know what they think I don't love me all the money to get here he can just piss off I'm not gonna pay them if not I mean you might get this this illusion of grand ear that you actually are the leader you're in control and add anything you know what I'm going to help my fellow countryman and I'm gonna help build this country and I'm just gonna cancel that loan I'm just gonna say I'm i'm not paying her back it's kinda like I got to this place I know you help me but let me just pay you pay off and we'll call it a day and the globalist would say well you know now that that's not gonna work that way buddy we put you there you're gonna do what we want otherwise you're out and you know that story could happen to Hitler that story could happen to Qaddafi that story could've happened to sit down it's quite possible they get in there put in their installed all the sudden they like their job to get them self a job for life and the same with Putin by the way Putin's been in there for 22 years now they put him in and maybe he gets a little bit it'll get a little bit off the program if you know what brushes russians we can make a go of this ourselves we've got the resources you know I'm on a bit of a roll and he just tells global if you know what lose my number we're finished we're over and then they bring all their dirty tricks to bring them bring them down but I don't think I don't think any of that happens I think they are all in the same family it's a totally scripted Hollywood style nonsense and I asked this before can you name a war going back as far as you can remember where it was about more than just one person every war is about one person so why not just take the one person out why does everyone have to die over one person yeah well I think the average person needs an enemy they need to focus if you just tell me that all Germans are bad well you probably know some Germans and you know for sure they're not all bad because you might know a couple for instance they're great guys know how can you just all of a sudden be told you hate all Germans it's ridiculous but if you if you just say well there's this really bad German and he's wrecking the country well then you can focus your head it's like a Emmanuel Goldstein focus your head much easier anyway so your article was the ATL they want you to focus your hate on Conrad 19 don't know eight Americans basically they the ATL I don't know if this is the right one see there's two reasons I brought this up number one is if you compare convent 1984 with a holocaust the area will come after you which makes absolutely no sense they are too desperate events they have nothing to do with each other well and you think ADLs choose that's what you think it's about yes what is can't what is a fake con vid 1984 have to do a juice well apparently it's been called the Jew flu I've never heard that one I've never heard I've heard of it I've got a couple actually like you don't want I like that I'm gonna use that I'm just reading it here at the stop calling them and telling stop calling pandemic the Chinese virus which is what Trump is promulgate iMessage Juice WRLD yeah and it says the Kung Flu the Jew flu or any other vile and unproductive name say OK that's the old if you look up the word the phrase Striem strawman argument in the dictionary that that is that that's it right there no one I know is saying it's the Jew flu is the first summer either in either so they're just making shit up I put a Kung flu that's funny but I've heard that and people truther's or anti-anti-mandate people that I listen to in Canada I've heard conclude i've heard them use kung fu quite a bit but all that does is promote the idea that there is a contagious virus and it started in wuhan and it's a focus your hate on all Chinese people which is insane because guess what they probably were as eyes eyes watching said yesterday that was LuHan despite including the part that it's a very polluted city it's the Detroit of China right now it's it's Detroit from the 40s and 50s when they were just spewing out all kinds of pollution because they are just hi hi hi manufacturing and they also brought out the experimental flu shot in 2019 and will hand including a meningitis Shot including six of them and hundreds of thousands had to take that injection in the fall of 20 19 oh yeah things may have started there but it wasn't from a wet market or was it from the CDC lab in Wuhan no it went well baby it was from the injections right wave came but it may have come or been invented by the CDC's lab but it was the injections I hope so go back to this article I would like you to read the second sentence out loud for everyone here by the way if you know anyone saying the words to flow just email hate [email protected] that's an email address since please send them my email address that would be fantastic again I will I'm looking to be I'm looking to be canceled I've been trying for a long time all right well just put a mark your show today at the Jewel flu then you'll get you'll get a shout your fuck yeah at no other is it for the second sentence is that no other time in more than 100 years as human kind face a common enemy like con vid 19 and it is against human nature to isolate ourselves from one another have you heard have you heard that kind of talk before from a long time ago and if not I'll give you a hint I know you like to play the little games here and I i hate the games I hate the question games OK so I'll just tell you 100 years has human anyone in the audience where have we were heard the phrase common enemy who's gonna be the first one again I'm looking at the chat where have we heard that and I'll give it a hint if no one gets in the next couple seconds here no one's typo once the chat and just let me bring up the fake YouTube chat by the way I i forgot to bring that up and I will and if not I'll get out sorry I just have to turn that I hate hearing myself twice no I have I i have to open up a fake go to the window to bring in the fake her to chat and let's see if there's anything here while the common enemy wasn't at the jobs no nothing that's not what I'm thinking I'm gonna give you a hint club of Rome population no thanks club of Rome common enemy club of Rome page Page 175 in a book I do remember that I remember the talk I don't member what the was it something to do with the climate yes and the document called the first global revolution author by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider on pages but the blood stated in searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that pollution the threat of global warming water shortages famine in the lake would fit the bill all these dangers of course will be caused by human intervention that will require a global response in the club of wrong Arthur crisis creators Rite right so here we got the same thing ADL club of Rome they're all in it together right by the hour these are these these are globalist NGO organization a trait that were created by the genesis of the people the new world order the black nobility the royalty and all the people that really aren't on the tip of anyone's tongues and we know about them and we we talk about them but we know that the people that they say are the actual enemies the Jesuit the Jews those are all given to us to focus on is there easy that's right except where do we he can't he can't just drive up to a place in Tel Aviv or the Vatican to see where all this is happening cause there's not that that's not where the action is oh actually you just reminded me something which is in my notes but I'm grounded here did you know that Dr. Fauci who has been missing in action is doing commencement speech at a university in Rhode Island and I even know what time he in where he's giving that speech now I no every of course he's everyone's favorite enemy right now in the US for sure oh it's not in Canada well yeah he is by default because we get American media you don't get Canadian media we got American media Atlee no Matt way is you're number one enemy propagator of the of Covid I believe right so I'm gonna send you a link oh that shows his exact position where he'll be he'll be there at 9:30 in the morning so here's the link ok by the way of course as always any time I'm on I will send him all the links that we discussed on this so you can go to Phinny Chestnut University Questions Williams that's a great question I thought that was what you were gonna bring up Roger Williams University let's say OK so you can get all these notes that I have I'll send them over to Tim at fake or you can go to my website at and click on the shows and again this one will be titled tentatively unless I change it this is why we should never forget about convent 1984 so I'll see if that's a Jesuit University and Bill Gates is coming to Vancouver April 10 or so there's a convoy already headed there yet but you think there will ok well Chris guy says there is one already gathering well he should tell Chris guy to get his ass over to the Roger Williams University it's not an no I don't know yet he's Chris Kyle is busy I have a string things up in Alberta where he moved to removed Alberta and he's on tour and he's going to Vancouver which is the province to the west of Alberta for all the map challenged people listening i'm not saying that I am not seeing any hands that this is a Jesuit university it's Catholic it is Catholic well then that's another military arm of Catholicism but I'm outside Annie I'm at in anything and a quick search that she'll chance chances are your chances are good and cat Jesuit being Jesuit trained is not a put down you're actually actually the best style of education oh yeah it's it's actually it's actually if you want to control the world you need to be Jesuit trained that's right it's actually it is actually something to aspire to or not or not we're not calling it out is something that you don't want to deal with that it's just a clue as to if you're Jesuit trained you know about things like the trivia in the quad reverb you know how to control people you know about trauma based mind control you you're all that stuff and I guess the connections are valuable to people you mean absolutely right yeah you know these guys they're all pushing or around 80 years old where the hell did they get their stamina what Alam Alam always talks about Henry Kissinger being 96 years old running up a flight of stairs when he was being tracked down for an interview like running up a flight of stairs like a like a teenager right now is another guy that's well past its due date yeah I'm thinking there's a lot there's like all roads lead to him and his mentor I forget the mentors name I was just reading about that there's a lot of words that point to Henry Kissinger with the stuff oh yeah for sure and his protégé under him his clothes swap clothes shop definitely learned from Kissinger and that's why he was a student of Kissinger that's right yeah but Matt Aaron who I like a lot another Canadian way to go Canadians by the way I think we are overrepresented in some of these exposing the truth here Matt Eric talks a lot about the eugenicists and all the society is the club of Rome royale Institute he really goes into all those people and I think you're Pierre True though it was brought in by some of the Fabians in Canada I can't count as a pretty big role in this call a mess that's taking over the world right now and no doubt there's no doubt that they wanna flip Canada first candidate will be the first post nation state they need to get Canada flipped over to the new system kicking and screaming we are definitely going to going to bring this in first among the first in the world did I forget the last time I was on briefly did we talk about the CB DC tracker yeah you were showing all the live TVD season he said Nigeria was gonna ask anyone else going out well I mean you I check it every hey I'm gonna post it in the in the show notes yeah I don't have it on my daily review I'm just relying on you to maybe bring it out but oh yeah because in the United States is called Project Hamilton in Canada it's called the Jasper Bryant Jasper is the resort town in Alberta OK yeah so that's what your central bank digital currency is going to be like that's what this is all about is the full episode now or will it actually called that it says jaspers in the pilot phase right now that's changed since I spoke to you last is moving very fast right oh yeah for sure and well that's what the great that's what's great about the CbDC tracker CDC central big digital currency yeah so it's a 222 is out to 1922 so battle month ago was last one yeah this is it that this is the end game right here by the way if anyone tune in to think we're going to talk about Chris rock and we've moved on what actually no I was gonna end with that in fact we're getting close to it while you do you wanna go to a little bit were yeah maybe another 1015 but you know it's better to leave them more now that you're back doing a daily so I figured you might come on a little more sure I'll be back I'm back so if you are I'm just gonna be back by the way you're right should I tell people I was for a year did you hear where was all that you've been missing for only a couple months even know how I haven't done it I really haven't done regular guest appearances for like a year OK but you were here are you OK Abby came on my broadcast maybe once a month and then you said no more cause waste of time but I told him I said to be back and I just had the doors we need to we need to hatch it by the way two things number one is Schuylkill county not sure sure yeah spook hill like school and kill school kill and six people died in that watch that it was horrendous you were laughing at him and my older Santi was laughing and I'm like what are you laughing it was that I was laughing at the guy standing they're filming the damn yeah we had a discussion with the weathers that you said it was safer in a car I am not so sure about that well it's safer than not you what happens and I see this every day people get in a crash yeah get out of the car and stand by the car on the highway oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what I'm talking no you run on a highway you run to the right there's nowhere to go on the highways where I live like we have 12 lanes of highway near my go across Toronto there's nowhere to go if you ran across the highway you'll be killed so you just pull over onto the shoulder hopefully it's a shoulder more than a car with and you sit in your car you put on your seatbelt and hope no one drives into the back you know most people are killed because they get out of the car the car gets here and the car will smash into them most likely see your show that it was very very valuable you offer life-saving techniques yes and it's like it's hilarious people get out of their cars here I see it and it's dark usually when I go to work in the morning so they get out of the car they start taking pictures of their bumpers right it's usually the most minor thing but it's not the insurance company doesn't care who caused it they know they don't even know how reallocate the blame they don't even care it doesn't matter that he hit you I didn't know that you can't lock it I know that most people's rear bumper is damage by the guy behind them and they know that most people are moving forward so the guy that's weird bumper is damaged he probably didn't back into the guy behind you so I recently I recently had someone pull out of a parking spot going the same direction that I was going and nailed me in the rear tire on the passenger side who's fault was that you backed into you know I was going into Lancaster city and this woman just trotted out of a parking spot in parallel and she rammed into the back of my my back right wheel who's fault was it sounds like it's her fault yeah that the cops and you know you can't judge you can't just dart out of a parking spot right right right well it in the end with no fault insurance she had no insurance oh wow OK and this is very common here in the United States especially now with no one having work no one has insurance right have you have you noticed that most people don't even have their lights working there how do you mention that I'm not having a problem with that here as much I'm gonna make problem is all the idiots that put the I think they're neon lights they're the retrofit kits so they put the super high powered bulbs in their old headlight housing because the light is so bright it is it's supposed to we had its own housing but you put it in a regular bulb housing and it literally not only melts the housing but it's it's three times illegally too bright guys come up behind me and they melt my eyeballs it's it's amazing there's that it's so illegal that the light is he put it in the same the wrong way because it's in the wrong housing it's just crazy right I know they're illegal but with again it's and that's a whole Nother topic so the second thing is I am it's not a waste of time for me to talk to you I've told you this several times we have to go over it again I thought I love talking to who i talked about the return on investment the return on investment is terrible it's low right it's very low that's all it I love talking to you even when I'm sorry but it's interesting we can't always be about roi ha ha ha ha I thought you were a businessman time I am this is fine if you make money on this I'll come on show you do you get donations I get donations but now this doesn't say they couldn't feed the family this just to help pay for the website well as you know this is what feeds my family so there's my full-time and I have to look at the RY in again I'm back and I'm doing my own thing so it's like we're simulcasting and I have a different if you wanna see a different screen than what you're saying I'm 10 so I can watch my screen and come to escape the new normal OK as is nothing to do I wanna make that very clear it is not a waste of time I love talking to you and I love the fact that you've got people come here on a regular basis I can't believe they show up and actually admit annoys me because it means I have to show up that's good call Gabriel is a super big fan of you are so he's here he's glad you're here and dirty but he likes it till gray is a regular listeners which is great so let's get an hour come to the house let's go two I sent you a telegram yes it's on the screen now OK OK so this is from Omar from this is a chat that both you and I visit I don't know if you still visit there but I'm there a lot I can't keep up I can't keep up with this too many to how many telegrams you got going on your thing right I must've 40 you mean how many you have I bookmarked that yeah when you join want to be comes in your list of telegrams I've got about 44 I I pin open the ones that I want to see so I'll tell you I have which I don't why does Casey's take that guy is a shell and Matt as a show I don't even know why bother I've Darkside papers chat which I put in the notes the people join and believe it I have listened as I've uncle odds lounge and I know you were lamenting at the bed but the fact that what's his name John Eric doesn't post with you anymore doesn't communicate with you I don't know what happened so he post there all the time and I would say a lot of stuff a post is quite interesting he posted one of my recent shows on here anyway and Todd immediately deleted it what a fucking dick obediently deleted it so he complains about censorship and does it himself one and I know he's gonna listen to you are a dick move total dick move yeah OK and the other one the other pinned one I have is an Acapulco official so that was in a Jeff Berwick's in a people trying to escape from Canada to Mexico and there's some good stuff there I've Steve Kirsch and that's it so I don't I don't do a lot of that way too many like I usually have something interesting I just click join and I just I just can't keep up but I got that wanna join it's got 17,000 unread messages will you just you can click the down arrow and that'll clarify now about the amount why did I join nothing why am I on that because you're you're curious as hell and I totally get it my own discussion form my own figure I'll just 600 unread messages that's right I don't even know I can't keep up it's it's impossible that's like ignoring your daughters you should pay attention to your daughters well that I know I know I feel bad they're suffering from the daily show I can hear it I don't I feel bad for you the only way I can talk to them is have them on the shell that's terrible I mean we have dinner that I insist that we have the 6 o'clock dinner every night and I do too I've just been i've had a friend of mine's dad died so I'm helping him out then thanks where's Dave Jay when you know I know it's true though he's really dead i told me read it cause I'm running out of time I made it to the to what Omar wrote which is excellent and by the way on my show that I did a couple nights ago and it you know that was fake as fuck that slap right course no doubt I mean it's not it's I cannot believe people don't have the critical thinking skills to think that was real why boggles my mind it's ridiculous and what what day is it today it's Wednesday I did Chris did the Adam Curry talk about as real as well i can't remember you're asking me I haven't listen to him listen to him since I interviewed him forever ago OK so let me read it it says for those of you haven't figured it out yet the Will Smith Chris Roxy up was designed to raise a manufactured "alopecia awareness campaign amazing as you may no this is not surprising at all and I said on my show a couple nights ago I said is it fake it looked fake and what's the reason it's fake I said stay tune they always say because of the slap this is what we're going to do to you and this is it as you may know Pfizer bioNTech sponsored the oscars they also recently announced a new drug to treat alopecia and then he lets the press release then he goes on to say this also serves to run cover for the fact that vaccines cause hair loss and this is me now talking hundred percent fact I am very friendly with a bunch of hairstylist king and they go and my wife goes there and they and they all know I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist and I spoke to them and I said have you noticed hair loss lately and they're all raising their hand yes isn't that crazy so then he continues as obvious as the vaccine what don't they do teal that's fantastic for for sickness yeah obviously Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't hurt really have alopecia she just shaved her head just look up images of alopecia to confirm it's an elaborate stunt but not very slick once you peel back the layers and then he wrote they probably practice that silly slap a few dozen times are great maybe tired Vince McMahon he's the one who raised the worldwide wrestling federation to help choreographic the fact checkers was sleeping in the bunk this in the following way they will see that supporters of donald Trump and QAnon adjacent conspiracy theorist believe this is a Pfizer conspiracy theory and then they will say that one in Pfizer subsidiaries how many colorina developed a drug called actress Zaya mod which treat alopecia and then they will debunk it" by saying that Arena was divine developing this drug before Pfizer bought the company but they will leave out the part about Pfizer developing its own drug called Riddle site Nib give it a few years everyone's hair will be starting to fall out they will make Jada "woman of the year and serve new organizations to "help find a cure for alopecia which these dumb apes will gladly handover their money quote for the cars I mean they've already said it's a symptom of Covid which is maybe the dumbest thing you'll ever hear in your life is supposed virus that infects the lungs and causes hair loss I thought I was dead on with amazing he's very good at picking that stuff out he's not perfect by the way and then he knows that I mean I have arguments all the time with him about certain things but he's dead on with this kind of stuff i stand with elevation that's funny is that that that that fire in Belgium carry in that image I stand with alopecia that does look like Jim Carrey yes I'm a fireman Billy was I thinking he lost all his there are some thing from playing with fire oh yeah that was Jim Carrey as a Jim Carrey Character I love how Jim Carrey pretends to be a truther when he's really not we can't he's part of the system that's right fire marshal bill that's what it was Jim Carrey shares extremely dark origin of fire marshal bill or just can't imagine that one I was from the didn't Jim Carrey early on he was on the phone that was from in living color city Council representative I am proud today doing no you're right the reopening of this beautiful no ok we're fire marshal bill from here where are you I'm fine I'm a little pissed today's special is ok I never watch the show but that I was one of my favorite shows in live in color I loved how is that right he sure looks creepy they're all his face contortions amazing any chance that he he or Tim Allen is playing Joe Biden any chance in your mind at all well uncle Frank salt die knock out there's no chance there any chance that anyone besides Joe Biden is playing Joe Biden in your mine I mean hickeys clearly many different people I mean did the job the Joe Biden from just even a couple years ago was not the same Joe Biden today that there's no doubt about who's playing him I don't worry about that I know Frank the sockeye likes talking about that well Rachel has a great thread on the he called his forms and they're just showing the latex bodysuits they are incredible oh yeah they really no it's just it blows my mind watch Saturday night live skit let me know what they can do to people is crazy yeah I mean no doubt what is anyone else playing Joe Biden at an actor at all and do you think his zone do you think his dementia is an act or he really is screwing up everything as he goes along no it's on a note do you think that's real yeah it seemed pretty I like if he if that's an act he's one of the greatest actors on the planet yeah I sort of thought the same way but some people think he whoever's playing Joe Biden is just playing or playing along with the stumbles and what not now no I don't think so but i could have it I could be wrong but I don't think so either way it's just he should not be out in front you should not be the main guy out there talking it's it's it's terrible the real question should be whether it's the real Joe Biden the real question is how can anyone vote or or do anything with politics after this you have literally picked the worst person on the planet of vegetable to be running the United States of America the corporation and anyone who believes that you can vote your way out of this that that should be the real "how can anyone believe that and I've been saying that ever since I've known you right right well I think it's the end of loading well they they they really did and voting by saying listen you know that guy that everyone showing up for her and the guy that no one showing up for whatever you girls we're gonna make the guy that nobody shows up for win just rub it in your face and talk show in your face I don't know it's it's they i couldn't like I'm sure I'm almost sure more people if they want it would've showed up for Joe Biden but it'll be towards the end when he did come out of basement were maybe 10 people showed up it almost seems like they deliberately kept people away just to make it just to prove the point that nobody was going literally every press conference like five people show up and he want I'm just but more people just wonder why then didn't show up so it seem like they were just making it extremely exaggerated that no one showing up they must've kept people away because just out of curiosity if somebody famous is doing a speech more people are just drift over there to see who it was I would you would think you were talking about with the 10 limos that are lined up and all the Secret Service and there's probably huge flake like most people just wander over by curiosity Celia who who is who is here today who's famous people love that song I think was just in your face that this guy has no following but he's still gonna win by the greatest margin of victory ever 00 was it I don't even follow a line no one yeah ever even even know Obama steam OK as well as a sleepy Joe in which by the way that kind of marketing it as a marker you would you agree that when you give someone a nickname like sleepy gel it's just the greatest thing that you can do yeah I mean if you look at everyone like I follow this guy name Richard heart he this cryptocurrency yeah so he calls his tribe hexagons that's what they all ok like Justin Bieber there or whatever they're called a Logan Paul right now they all have names for their fans see you it's one of those that's just a marketing track sure but if you can attach a negative label to someone what does what did trump call Hillary Hillary Hillary or who it was a crooked Hillary Killory Hillary like they release things stick in there they're there like skunk smell you can't get them off that's what it stuck let's go Brandon's been fantastic as well right dirty benny just said Lady Gaga's Little monsters that that's that's yeah it's a tribe it's your political enemy yeah you gotta find something that's really catching really negative that there's nothing they can do to get rid once it's stuck in People's I'd like jingles of the 70s and 80s you know I still have shingles that are stuck in my head you know I never hear two words together in a sentence and then all of a sudden you remember them from a jingle 40 years ago Neil all the time it's ridiculous because of repetition and catchiness and they're stuck in your subconscious you can never get them out my favorite one is 867-5309 yard that was good which is like just a catchy jingles or just they're just it's so good it's an end Jason Krista speaks to that said once something is pounded in your subconscious you can't get it out and I think it's happening with the masks with young people wear a mask to protect others that that's stuck in their subconscious they can't get it out for two here's what I said through I cannot believe not at all I can say is I cannot believe a shot not a shot has been fired against these motherfuckers yeah I know being out because they're saving people I know everything they do is for your health yeah it's sad OK well it was a pretty good chill yeah I've been going through an hour and a quarter I did does your so carry-on after this you're still live with that you're sure I will hit the I will hit the stop button and then I will do all kinds of things including a Transcribe it Word for Word I have a neat little set up that does it does it an OK job but that's for search engine optimization although i think I'm banned by Google so I'm just wasting my time so no I just I've been going lately I've been going like 45 minutes to an hour and a little bit over an and all your shows I love them I've been catching up if they pop back up on the the podcast downloader good but that's another thing I got 100 podcast in there and I only listen I feel so I actually cleared out I miss you who's on who's on my podcast list that's the question so let's say I go to I use over council nanny I way to have none I i have you right I have and I'm gonna get rid of them if this guy is red the rebel capolicchio I'm getting rid of them is just garbage David night I know you don't like David night if I remember I don't think you like to have a night too much what it where is he from Alex Jones yes yeah I do I have nothing against him I just catch my interest and just it's really hard to get into my entertainment list now it's just it's just overloaded Omar from Omar from dark side papers is going to get me to remove the big tree so I can get rid of that because that's just not right I don't listen to that and that's Greg told me that he's a waste of time that's right and I listen to a carnivore podcast and and a diet dr. podcast is excellent and the best podcast ever even better than yours Tim I hate to say cause I have to do health is Dr. Paul Saladino excellent OK oh and Richard and Richard heart I'm saying that Richard heart from I'm from Hak's so I did not i don't have 10 and I just I just regular Slee got rid of it cause he was jamming up which is absolute nonsense I'm really as it's go time and I don't have time for that's nonsense it better be some really good stuff to get my attention right OK instead of being a listener I'm a creator instead of watching the news on making the news and I suggest everyone do and you're doing that and I suggest anyone who's listening to this is to to make the news make the news don't listen to the news well there's no way anyone can keep up today there's so much there's so much and then I go down the history rabbit holes and then I can't listen to the current stuff I miss current stuff you say there's so much that's like when I remember when satellite TV came out and there's 900 channels and you're still flipping through it and you can't find and that's the same thing these podcast there's 1 million podcasts out there and quite frankly they are not that good but now I know like when I say enjoy talking to you I mean that I mean like we have a really good back-and-forth just like I did with Chris Kendall it was really good back-and-forth sounds good and that I think people of the conversations people don't want to bed some people don't wanna hear interviews interviews are terrible they just wanna hear regular people talking yeah well I try and do when I do an interview I try to do some regular regular people talking stuff yeah right yeah and usually it works out and I just like I like I like talking to people and then maybe injecting a little truth and stuff they've never heard of and get them thinking like talking to that Swedish guy is an artist and he's never really heard of EGI but he knows there's a problem and I still think it's either I enjoy enjoy the topic so just telling someone about that is worth it for me so if I can get them thinking it's tough like you have all these guys a lot of these people that we talk to our Blake preacher types like it's very one-way conversation they don't know what we calling our family they don't turn the conversation it's all about them and they don't ask about you and those are those are the worst conversations well you know if it's a guest I don't mind not talking if I have a guess the time but how can you how can how can you show someone what really happened at 9:11 and they don't showing an iota of interest in following up on that that always bothered me yeah how do I how can you be talking about fake this fake that and then but you bring up 911 and there's no interest in fight for like if you told me that I be like hey can you show me some pics or some videos of that or can you email that to me or can we can we do another interview or conversation and talk about that but we never hear that no well yeah some people while I had one guy from Berean is an older guy and he's into 9/11 but we we we found out quickly what our differences is i am not gonna try and convince him of the way I look at 9:11 but if I remember right here there wasn't many things that he agreed with you on yeah well I didn't Wanna dwell on the differences because we had a lot of other things to talk about including a lot of the Canadian angles to it but yet it was interesting what is the typical alarm is a typical true 3E is some truth and some of the things but he's never heard of our way of thinking right but that means that we're just not reaching past sort of the mainstream alternative you doing a terrible marketing job and I continue to say that although I'm getting better I'd wait there's a lot more improvement to do that's for sure OK well good job 950 535 that's enough for most people I think an hour and a half that's pretty good that's a good podcast length thanks for coming on your website is escape the where you're building communities all around the United States I'm not America United States is a corporation I'm at around America the job now and will one of them be in Schuylkill County that's about an hour and a half north so now it'll be the first more openings in Lancaster County by the way the weather today I looked at always look at the weather map now crazy it was freezing here today yeah me too and then I looked down at the bottom of Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia which I think is the state just below you Tuesday it's up is it it was 90° yeah and we're supposed to be 70° tomorrow how is that how was it 90° only five hours away from Toronto we and where it's snowing here it's crazy and it's and I told my family I'm looking on the map it's supposed to be for it's gonna be April and it's gonna be not even 32° Fahrenheit it's gonna be warm tomorrow here too yep and then the next day it's gonna go back down to around freezing but if you really wanna go crazy even more crazy was two days ago all 50 states had bad weather oh well yeah clearing away yeah oh yeah yeah it's just it's been a really dark colder winter here huh well Biden promised you that yeah dark winter that's right it's almost like they control the weather it's almost like it is here I change trails by the way I heard that I'm sorry I think I heard you softening up on chemtrails I've never softened up on that I really don't no I don't think they're there spraying us and killing us right where I disagree with you is I think you need to I think you need to be very clear about this cause I think your turn some people off are you are you saying that you don't see any persistent streaks in the sky in Toronto no you don't see any the weather moves so fast here in the last bit like most the time it's cloudy it's been cloudy all of March most of March so you can't see anything like that when it's cloudy degree with that I can wait if you have a complete no I can't I will not know I would of course not agree with that now what that the cloud cover is so low and moving fast and full of snow and ice and water her you're assuming there's 100% cloud coverage all the time most of March it's been that way OK so there's no time to see anyone painting lines in the sky OK there's no blue sky ok that that's been March I guarantee you that and that the odd time the sky is blue there's far there far fewer planes taking off and landing now way fewer and that makes sense yeah but you're you're assuming that those are coming from commercial airlines otherwise I'm not saying it right I don't care if I'm turning people off cause I just don't buy it well I mean you always want more people to come to your website and find out but I have to be true to myself OK well I'll I'm not I'm not soft and I've said the same thing for ever since the beginning I have no I don't know what chemicals are raining down on us no one has ever prove that to me are there are there are persistent contrails in the sky holy shit ass like you wouldn't believe and you know Omar after I've had a back-and-forth with him he thinks that it's you know to Gin up the electrical system for communications and I don't buy them I don't either but maybe he knows something I don't know and but there's 100% certain that they that's something that jet exhaust should disappear after seven seconds. I've heard people say that this happens more in the line of sight of the sun I've never notice that I've noticed it it doesn't matter where it is in the sky I am literally going next year I'm getting I'm getting an iPhone when the top line i found in September and I'm going to do a time lapse I'm sorry are you gonna rent it in or switching to rental i didn't hear the email for like a lease no just plan it you'll not on your iPhone that's the plan they've had that since the beginning of the iphones that I got the impression that something now you won't do it's not a lease to own you'll just rent it and at the end of the year you'll get a new i see well there is Apple has a program where it's an upgrade program so you have it for a year or two years and then you move to the next one they've always out so it's very similar but there's something you won't even you'll have no equity in your phone you'll just straight up rent why would you you know and we should have actually wish I have a whole show about that when when Klaus Schwab says you owe nothing and be happy and then deletes it I am I agree with him I it's just the intent I don't agree with like I would trust a thing that the guy told me it's gonna happen whether it's with you how many times in your wife have you needed an ambulance for myself never rate would you buy an ambulance just in case you needed of course not it's the same as the jet you are three things you don't buy or hotels world if I may say that no planes boats and women ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha never heard that no I like to tongue is still there three things you should only rent but like we have one tree in my townhouse development I have one tree I have to take care of for me to go wow and get a hedge trimmer take care of the ones in the five years I have the trim that tree is insane it is way better for me to go to the rental place and spend the $25 and do it so this idea that you rent is such a bad thing people are not thinking that through and the wealthiest people on the planet rent everything they rent depreciating stuff and they they invest in things that make the money and bring yeah you got agree with that guy I have a for right side of the iPhone is the dumbest thing to own like if you get a new one not me I I purposely got an iPhone 7 Plus when the new one came no that's great it's lasted me for years it's a battery place a battery and it's great but I didn't do it because I'm looking to save money I'm not like I'm not i like to use money I don't like to save money I'm big into using money I like to multiply money that's why I like Ricardo he talks about that a lot for short I'm gonna take a Timelapse of all the airplanes that takeoff about 50 miles away from me which we're in the flight path yeah and I'm gonna show you outside my window every 7 o'clock in the morning when the sun comes up how a perfectly bright blue sky turns into milky marsh just like everyone trying to tell you and I'm gonna show it to you OK I'll shut you you were in an area with a lot of traffic air traffic that's somewhat true but I don't think it matters why are you gotta show me all the flights are white roots in your area cause you're near Baltimore Washington you have a most the most the fighter pass through here come from Philly Philly so there's a lot of action where you are you're another great year in a busy area and as for as far as knowing but like what who it is that is it doesn't matter who it is why does it matter who's who's doing the magic trick as long as you know what the magic trick is so again I wanna be perfectly clear on that I don't think they are raining down chemicals to kill but as you said there are way easier ways to do it including the injections right that's the best way I don't know the exact purpose of it but I have an idea of why they're doing it and since it's an idea not proof am I gonna say what it is but I do not think it's to kill us all it's a Primus for the next phase what's the next tenderizing meat I don't know get rid of us get rid of the surplus of humanity and there is no do you have a big surplus you've heard you say you've heard my shows have you heard me talk over and over again about agenda 21 housing maybe so agenda 21 housing they're called a luxury apartments they're the ones that are 350 ft.² and they're going up all over Toronto and all over Baltimore and Philadelphia New York that's the real reason for this do you go to Washington I was just in Baltimore Washington last weekend right it is crazy how many of these are up since I was there a year ago yeah crazy where I fall all the construction in Toronto cause I got a lot of the sites I know it's happening a lot most of the construction here is old age long-term care personalities for warehousing old people yeah they're taking malls and converting them into that yeah oil that we were at were spending tons of money on not in on terrible so I'm gonna do something I'm gonna prolong this a little bit I'm gonna show you one more like this is crazy if you got it I is an international sea is in it stands for the foundation for intentional community right by the way I found a really good video series by another Canadian on terrible person called Paradise Lost the Sea that yeah I saw water I thought it was really good I think it's kind of old but he was doing the show about how we said this before how you could put everyone in the world yeah they're on most of their own plot of land and still have leftover space in Texas yeah actually some of the bank that I think you need a couple states but that you get the idea oh did he while he did the math so he did on his own I thought yeah we always talk about if you gave every man woman and child ate an acre of land it was often taxes but that's not technically well he didn't see an anchor he did the math and it was four people in a house you have a small plot of land and everyone in the world if there were 7 billion people can fit in a Texas Adamy space left over if you say if you search that director right there you're gonna see every ad fake fake eco-village freedoms sell parallel society all in one search engine so type in Toronto but you just it up in these are all Jenda 21/smart city under the guise of escaping the mask and the vaccine now also this is this is like your thing you're creating except that I am the only one where I say very prominently you'll never wear a masket actually private towns never take a vaccine never have a social credit score to worry about never get daily health testing on and on and on because everyone says how are you different than that I'm like I'm totally against this this is just this is agenda 21 smart cities in disguise as freedom baby Yaga baby Baba Yaga place where the hell is this gonna be OK I like to see what's their address I'll drive by I can't say we do not have land OK well good luck I don't know this is no good luck good luck give it this is awesome this is 100% weight understand women on this one you're out of luck dude oh dear well 0% transgender get the nine but non-binary facts in there this is all just pipe dreams good luck no this is the sort this is what these real real OK will wear it this is just forming so there's just someone's Idea but if you click and click on something else I'm in there they're all up and running now there's one here in Lancaster city that's up and running and it's it's it's it's it's not it's not a dream it's a nightmare this place from the barley jar of luck and see what this is about where is this this it's going I don't even know where this is part of a hippie dippy kind of exact exactly that's put it in July and he don't know nothing couple people under the same roof you don't agree with the cats and dogs after a while that's i mean in the end if people just break apart it's sort of that's a whole theory I i like a cold entropy the universe always has a tendency to break apart it takes a lot of energy to put stuff together but it takes almost a takes one shot just to blow the part that's the laws of entropy of the universe is always trying to break apart all these little communities you wanna form they all have great intentions right you get one little wedge in between two people and they just it's just easier to say your separate ways and we see that all over the place and families breaking up now look at the families that are broken up over the last two we are in visions right down the dinner table as I said that just shows that just shows you how fragile relationships are if we're gonna fight over a vaccine whether I can be near you if I've been vaccinated or not really we didn't have much holding us together in the first place if you think about it that's enough to break people up well virus it's really our fault his parents I mean I look at my foot my 1515 year-old he's on board with everything I have to say and then I have my older son who is not exactly on board with everything I have to say so what is change what is what is happened from the innocent 15-year-old to the I want to have a mind of my own he was out in the world I guess or our bucks one of the other that or he went to school or he isn't so consecration so those thing like OK so then do you'll be a jerk and not let them have that yeah it's tough it's tough times right now like what do you do yeah that's it stop I thought your elders was i'm one of your biggest fans when did he turn on you what kind of fan he just went along with everything you said in one of my youngest no I thought your how old is that never never never OK so he didn't turn on you know there was no turning it was straightahead nope OK bye-bye my youngest like either but if it ever came in Santa Clarita have you ever been mad at me and he's like no because I'm bored of all that so he'll be here cause that that was another interesting thing and it's really nothing personal I'm earn sunday was saying that this Arnie are kind of the Canadian Fuhr is two children two boys they wanted nothing to do with him and that's when urns came along and his early 20s and he loved the stuff he was just ready for so this at this Arnie are kind of never heard of agave Ernst access to his entire library and including Mein Kampf and all that so it is interesting very interesting and I see you really just bring your children up the best you can and if they they just decide to turn on you because they just don't wanna be anything like you it's up for Covid because it was really a maybe a fork in the road is the best way to describe it now because for my older son he's seeing a lot of the stuff that I've been talking about that ridiculous amount for 20 something years and all the things that I'm talking about is starting to come true yeah so he saying that but then you're gonna have and I can hear with your daughter she's probably really pissed off that all the things that you're talking about are coming true and she's losing out on her childhood oh well the hour on her adulthood or young adult or downright whatever yeah I can't do any of the things that we were doing because that's yeah it's tough so she's shooting the messenger you where you're doing your best to help her and I she's not getting it it's clear through the talks that you have with her yeah yeah there's a bitterness it's a distance loss of the last two years for young people right like it's just like it's your fault but it's my I i guess me reminding her of what's going on as opposed to just sort of accepting this is organic and it's sort of a kick in the teeth right so you see the tree you see the train coming on the tracks yeah hurtling towards your daughter and you're trying to act like hello if you step on the tracks you're gonna get run over and then sent her instead of her instead of her or am I picking on her about people like it I'm sure this is in families all across the world instead of that young adult saying thanks dad I didn't realize that she's mad at you that you're trying to get her off the damn track yeah she just doesn't want to be reminded of the negativity right I just want to stay alive right now you can save it and save your eggs you care more about her than she's caring about herself that's the way I look at it yeah why yeah yeah I guess they just don't like to be reminded about it billing and who wants to be Irvine of negativity but my my number one goal is just savior of biology don't let the boys in here right and I've heard you say you're number one goal is to stay alive angry and keep them alive right now stay quiet don't be chronically ill because of the fact you you are it's her probably become your problem and it's going to end their lives early better and chronically ill is just horrible you're just you're guaranteed to live a much shorter life and that it's it's sick and it's happening and as long as there's enough willing subscribers to being poison that I think will be able to make the pure bloods can dodge a bullet for a while I know I know the walls will just start closing out eventually but there's enough volunteers to you to off themselves at this point it's 100% suicide it because you know everyone who took the VAX has had to at least had several family members try to warn them about this but you think yeah I think there's just one I i think they're the people that are onto the scammer still really low percentage wise maybe one and 100 people know the full story and but I can't tell you how many people have been screaming on Reddit Twitter and all the rest of it saying I tried ultimate so many times to get my father not to take it it's it's a common story and then he took it and then he took another one and now he's gonna take the booster so now I'm at OK now and now you're committing suicide there's no excuse now you're committing to them i like the saying I like the meme that five had a six people recommend Russian roulette I think it's a great game right now it's fun ok there fly in the comments are fast and furious on the big gala just chat some all right bye have a good night thanks thanks for touching base and I will have your back up real soon to say the word have a good night with you say that all right all the best and I've got 5000 tabs open I just want to find the tab where I close the show off and put the put the slide that's a good night slide on where is the good night slide air is it where is it right here they call donate if you like the show and send me an email if they call it was a good show and thanks to Marcus of scape the new good night everybody.