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Fox it's Markus Allen is Monday, March 21, 2022 at 7:36 in the evening in beautiful oh I Custer County Pennsylvania but if you hear noises from outside the kids screaming or my son who's teaching art in the other room that's the new normal around here and I actually kinda like it because pre-Covid I would been that way the truck drove me crazy crazy that people weren't outside that people were outside and making all this noise and now I love the fact that people are outside enjoying life and not following the rules of staying inside and wearing masks and all that kind of stuff so I'm back again I've done this many times I've gone away for like a year at a time then I come back and this is all actually part of the plan and the reason I came back today is because I think we're six months away from complete in utter hell where everyone is locked down worse than ever before but money is no longer money everything's about getting us into crypto and all that kind of stuff so I'm gonna make this a little bit of a short one normally got an hour or so we'll see how long it goes i've been doing for the last year or so actually I've been working hard and I took a for example I took a course effect on me I got a new I'm using my new computer here so I wanna make sure that this is testing well my way this is what the computer used to be trained on let me see if it pops up here this is the teeny martini Bar in Saint Augustine Florida and I discovered this during Covid conveyed I should say I'm here to get the settings all tweaked up here so you can see it good and yeah so I'm like a shirt that is and he's got a little bit of a lag but that's OK and during Covid and when it was very cold here a couple years ago I was always looking for inspirational WebCams to train myself on and get distracted by and this was my favorite one this place can get pretty crazy all kinds of different people who go there that is for sure and a nice eye candy and I know it's very attraction getting because my tire family always sneaks into my office here to watch this when I'm sleeping or taking taking a nap they just love people watching it's pretty funny people watching Stuff so I'll leave this up as I'm talking which is probably not a good thing I'm at dad I'm gonna take that back I'm gonna make it go away we're gonna do i'm gonna type in Gary Gensler Gary Gensler is the current chairperson of the US securities and exchange commission but what's interesting is Gary Gensler watch taught at MIT MIT professor if i always took notes so not to worry about taking notes that's why I Taco Bell slogan I'm taking notes and if I type that in here we go MIT Sloan Gary Gensler to be nominated for now it's not what I want I want I want is the course very tight MIT I think it's call block chain and money course yes so this is the course that I took I took it online and it was pretty awful so Mika let me copy those if you would like to see it and again I'll put in my notes area it was everything about basically bitcoin and crypto and you can see that actually can't let's see the assignments it was just really bad no I did learn new things from it but the reason I took the course is because I'm inventing money the money is called exclave box and I put a link to that and exclave Fox is censorship resistant digital money that were using it exclusive private town so I am developing 21 private small towns manufacturing towns all across America you can go to escape the new typing that notes to and you can take a tour of the town effect in this week I'm gonna have a new video of what the towns that were coming up with so if you come back in about a week or so and take a look at that you'll see a new spanking new video of the vision that I have for building these 21 towns know these towns haven't been built yet but we are still on schedule for September to break ground in beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania again once the economy collapses we will be in pristine shape to find the perfect location for that I've either up right now that remain off auction in other words they were sold at auction and they of course no one did anything with it because of Covid and I i think what's gonna happen is that as Covid lockdowns get worse and economy goes to pot there's going to be very aggressive sellers what do they call that not aggressive sellers they call that hold on now this is bothering me they are called TTTTT highly motivated sellers highly motivated sellers so boy I really go on tangents don't know I haven't was that a characteristic of me doing these these chats so I took the course because I invent exclave box Xbox is the currency that we're gonna use in our private towns and the government can't do anything about it so it's gonna be coming is we have of course the vaccine passport which links to the Chinese style social credit scores and you're not coming if you're like me and you won't take the quack saying and you won't wear the masquerade face diaper and you won't want to go onto the social credit score you're not gonna be able to use money i'm in class Schwab has been telling us that you owe nothing to be happy and a lot more so I knew this is coming decades girl been working on exclave bucks in my mind literally since 1986 when I first found out let me put put out about that what's the notes for tonight but see today's 21st go back pump pump on 32 one area so yeah let me I'll put a link to Faith popcorn cocooning effect let's let's just go crazy here and take that in faith popcorn I highly highly recommend this website if you scroll down you're gonna see she's one she or he it's hard to tell kinda looks kinda looks Dudish to may fifth popcorn and area make that smooth and I first I'm up on faith popcorn in 1886 the LA Times if I remember right reading an article about cutting out see if it's in here somewhere yeah avatar exists I mean this person has been right since 1986 and you can even see if she has a 95% percent I guess accurate forecasting everything from technology to nutrition and personal care and you know I don't know how she came up with that but I wouldn't doubt it I mean I'm constantly on this website all through the decades just to see what they're going to do next i mean she's telling us what they're gonna do to us next so between the World economic forum and faith if you know how to read you'll be a profit you'll know exactly what is coming down the pike so the reason I'm into cryptocurrency is because with exclave bucks there's things called unwrapping an offramp and basically it's how do you get money into her financial ecosystem and how do you get it out with exclave bucks for example we take cash we currently take credit card all the way expect any day now that's gonna go away because they're gonna say that we're money laundering I'll get into that in a second money laundering ism is a very bad word to the Bankster's see money laundering it's just code for competition and a lot of people are starting to see this that if you donate money to the truckers in Canada convoy like $50 hey they say that your money laundering you're doing something illegal by donating money to a peaceful truckers conversely that's what the banks are the banks are don't like competition John D Rockefeller said that competition is a son and they don't like competition i think they they feel threatened by they just say OK their money laundering and I am know for sure they're gonna say that about exclusive private out we just wanna be left alone we wanna go back to the way the good old life and be left alone and I know that they're gonna say we're money laundering so yes we take cash we take credit cards we take crypto but what you're gonna find for me as you're gonna be blown away that I think crypto is one of the biggest scams on the planet and I know that's gonna upset a lot of people but it is the truth and that's all I know is I know how to tell the truth and I stick to that so we will be on ramping with crypto into exclave box and then immediately selling the crypto that we get converting it into cash and paying for actual assets that help build our small towns and i am looking right now and to taking gold and silver coins and what we're gonna do is that are 21 locations again you can take the virtual tour and see if the 2 where the 21 locations are going to be near you we're going to have banks like drive-through banks so you can bring your treasure you can bring your coins or your cash and we were on the spot immediately converted into exclave bucks cool thing about exclave boxes it's there's no inflation is impossible to inflate it and impossible to deflate it it's based on the 1909 dollars back in 1909 faculty don't like there if I can find a 1909. $19 09 dollars the only time a dollar was really worth a dollar actually I think was $1 one a dollar but you ain't always the first time in the history of the current money supply that there was actual deflection so a dollar but $1.01 worth of goods and then it's been downhill from there the current conversion rate the last time I looked at it and exclave bucks will do this conversion automatically and I'll update every day is one dollar is equivalent to $30.5 another words when you get back so you're gonna have to give us $30.50 to get one box that's how the value of the dollar is plum is plumbed by basically 97% yeah not so good so I'm looking to partner with a cryptocurrency the least worst cryptocurrencies out there and that's what I've been doing all year and I've been heavily involved in epic cash and the people up a cash don't like me no I didn't end well they heard that I was doing a documentary which I am called crypto Gazin and that's how I'm going to get lots of people to know about cryptocurrency is the truth about cryptocurrencies and then swing them over to escape the and find out about our towns and they got wind that I was getting very frustrated with their well they weren't telling the truth and so I spent a lot of time on that and I'm glad that I did it help me find out the sausage factory of the cryptocurrency game again the only thing that anyone needs to know is that the nsa invented crypto currencies all of them the NSA has their fingerprints on every aspect of crypto in fact that's what 9/11 was all about 911 I'll put notes 911 and crypto was all about putting what's known as KY cNAMLKYC stands for no your customer Amell is anti-money-laundering it it put into law the concept that the average every day person who is not a criminal is now treated like a criminal and I submit all kinds of personal information it's almost like filling out a mortgage but it's even worse I had a sign and gives les not sign I had to give less personal information trying to get onto crypto then I did filling out a mortgage which is crazy and it's under the guys that we're gonna stop the bad guys who are again money laundering or 911 fit the bill for that for the patriot act of 2001 came in the USA patriot patriot act of 2001 it made it 45 days after 911 the patriot act came out and made it all banks by law how to do KYCNAML and now that his broadened to crypto currencies so unless you're doing something appeared appear crypto another words if I have bitcoin and you have a bitcoin wallet I don't have to do KYC I don't have to do AML yet at least they're probably gonna change that but currently I don't worry about that but who's got that how many people have bitcoin hanging around specially newbies they don't so how do you get bitcoin well you have to go to an exchange or we have to go to the grocery store where they have a coin counting type of thing I'm a converted into bitcoin well up until two years girl you could do that in all you do is give your drivers license and now it's getting ridiculous what you have to give I tried to do something with getting money put into my bank account electronically through ACH and I got it I had to give more documentation and pictures of myself in the picture of my phone bill and then I did for my mortgage it's crazy so that's the real reason for 911 and everyone needs to know about crypto because that's what come in six months I've been really believe it in fact when we pulled up here on the screen cbd sales CBDC tracker yes it's a good one cbdC tracker this I look at every single day cBDC stands for central bank digital currency is that what's going to replace the dollar it won't do it by the way I wouldn't be worried about it happening overnight all right now let's see if I do a filter let's say I get rid of pilot I get rid of proof of concept research and canceled you'll see the only country that is currently launched is Nigeria and they call it a night naira in Ira so this is there so if I click on this this is there a central bank digital currency I thought I can click on it would go there maybe not maybe this area so you get all the news on the Ian naira project pretty much sorted in date order and the pattern that I'm seeing is it what you're doing is it's right now it's an alternative to cash basically and that's the good news I was really concerned about that I really thought they were gonna switch so you had no choice but to go with central bank digital currency but I know it's just a matter of time they're gonna make some excuse that they're gonna say that something happen and there's gonna be some cyber attack or something after the dollar plunge whatever the case is lol we have the CBD say for you and by the way that that's not pot that CBD is the CBD say so going back to the map if hi clear so here's the email I'm in America and and here's what ours is gonna be called car project Hamilton so then if I click on this and see all the news three 22 1603 1622 March 16 so that was five days ago you will become an expert and CBD see and I highly recommend anyone is listening to this right now become an expert and CBD say because this is gonna be your future and you're gonna have to you're gonna have to put your money in the problem again with CBD say is it gonna be Tria tied to your vaccine passport and tied to your Chinese style social credit score and if you are not taking the quacks nation and if you are not politically correct and you say something bad about the government and you're a hater and you're anti-LGBT transgender this and that your credit score goes down if your credit score goes down too march they can cut off your bank account your CBD see your project Hamilton by where you're at this is gonna be really big get to know MIT media lab I've been tracking them since KC nice that was very popular however I guess I was 10 years ago or and they are very very big player and all things Blockchain and all things meta-verse pay special attention to that so of course I'm rambling on here the punchline is I took a course in crypto found out lots of shady shit then I went down all my God the rabbit hole I went down let me pull this up to see how you simple known as you know if you're a long-time listener of mine and if I type in crypto orgasm oh such on my regrets thanking area again it's for tomorrow's bark as I'm sure the softball and you can see all the different I have like 87 different mini documentaries I'm doing on cryptocurrencies and here's a heard it so here they are everything from 911 and crypto currencies all the way down to the World economic forum so I got lots of things to talk about if you're new to crypto your decor I can just tell you right now if you're new to crypto don't do it in one word don't art. End of statement even if you want to invest in crypto good luck getting out of it again when I was with Apple Cash or they gave me lots of cash because they wanted me to to partner with them and these things they just give it away like it's nothing because just a token really doesn't represent and it's not backed by anything so I had 1000 up a cashiers like worth 350 bucks and I try to I try to convert it to cash took three days straight and I lost 3 5% of my value by the time because the price went up and down because of all the fees and all the nonsense I lost 35% I wanna put 2 hundred something dollars so you know everyone's giving getting the impression that crypto is a great way to avoid the government again the government is involved in every single part of crypto including Apple Cash including Monera including using nimble wimble technology they have easily break it and I'm gonna prove that and approve that it's a piece a cake for the NSA to crack any crypto currencies piece of cake and that's gonna again that's gonna upset a lot of people who are in a pushiness is an alternative to government intrusion and it sucks because when crypto first came out I mean I knew about it when I was under 100 bucks a coin and I might even back then I'm like I want to scam the government why are people doing the government invented it I couldn't believe it and now at 19 years later no it's been 13 years came out in 200 nine here's a little teaser if you want to see how the government is behind it go to the search engine and type in Mondex then click on here what does it look like to you what does that logo look like oh yeah it's Visa MasterCard so there are four tests of the original this is way before this system is about between 1990 1983 so that was almost 10 years before the first crypto came out bitcoin it was MasterCard and Visa and therefore locations but I know one is Guelph Guelph Canada I think New York City area Guelph Canada New York Hong Kong and Swindon don't know where that is exactly my apologies to Swindon nights that's what they call you did they did they they brought equipment there a separate card in a swipe your card unit that retailers had in Guelph Canada and various places and they tested it it failed they went back to the drawing board and here we are 10 or 13 years later 1990 I'm sorry 9 to 10 years later they roll out bitcoin oh and by the way Ethereum is a hard fork of ripple and look into that it's the bank ripple is the bank of England who created that for 10 minutes Bank of England ripple just bring this up with is gonna be longer than I thought I was mad I was just gonna tell you where I've been for a year ripple bank of England there you go ripple proof of concept we carried out a proof of concept with ripple to explore the synchronize movement of two different currencies across two different real time gross settlement systems like linked using ripple connect and the enter ledger protocol again you can go read this if you want if you think some Japanese sounding guy that is anonymous created some private and anonymous banking system that we compete with the bankers and get away with it for 13 years now you are smoking something very intense so that's where it's at I think I'll probably leave it at that it is Monday, March 21 80 one hour and that's not true I got one more thing to talk about should I hold onto that I think a shirt so I got here I'm sure that someone knocks on our door we never answer the door we just because the people he does show close this out Papa farm area so this is need a clear door knob hanger as a door knob hanger and then if you open that up you got this and my wife is quite intrigued by this because if you read it says did your vote count 2020 did you representative defend your children amidst continual lockdowns and mask whoa whoa a politician talking about how they're unconstitutional lockdowns and mask have your medical freedoms and right to work and protected wow do you never ending regulations help your business thrive does Harrisburg respect your tax dollars do you were elected representatives listen and respond to your actual copy of it to your satisfaction if you answer no and will fight for you can you turn it over is what it says on the back let's hold our elected representatives accountable they serve us we do not serve them blah blah blah blah no I mean this is very exciting about you know my wife and I have not remembered anything like this in the past but oh no no no I have never in my life and when people give me crap about that I like I'd be happy to give you my vote if you'd like to use it because it doesn't mean anything so let's pull this up hold on let me get my notes out again I thought I was done I'm getting some bonus time here 321 so anyone remember Ross Perot I was bring up a little guy I think he died pretty sure he died but I believe it's a 199 to Prospero's 1992 he ran this 1992 he ran for president and was kicked out even though he had more votes than Bill Clinton and he was not allowed to continue on as a presidential candidate never really got a reason why I forget and then I that's like OK That's ridiculous and then so then do you remember George I think was George Bush to see George Push one judge Yeah bush for a bush versus gore just read the first sentence in Wikipedia bush versus gore blah blah blah it was a decision in the United States Supreme Court On December 12, 2000 and settled a recount dispute do you member the hanging chads so basically one judge I believe it was in Florida yet Florida Supreme Court one judge selected not elected selected Bush as the winner and that was that sealed the deal for me remember in 2000 like OK I'm definitely never going to vote ever because my vote doesn't count and anyone who says that my vote counts after watching that debacle they need their head examined give me a break our votes don't count it doesn't matter if the elections are stolen there's no way by the way Biden won and see what you will about Trump whether you like the guy well you're not eight they're all in it together to dialectic they all come to the same conclusion notice how we all got Emmy Trump push the vaccine operation warp speed Biden said I would never take that that Trump vaccine as soon he got into office nothing changed he loves the vaccine I missed it's like a circus I can't believe people fall for it sorry way back to this flyer that we got in the mail yeah maybe this woman means well or maybe she's in on it this isn't gonna make a difference people who think voting is gonna make a difference for a politician can you tell me one time in your life or a politician did something good for the people not for you and I for one person but for the people in general I can't think of a single time so this is going in the trashcan sorry I wish it wasn't that way but it is anyway now I'm totally rambling and burping up dinner it's it's a mess Monday, March 2 first 8:06 PM everyone have a great night be well enjoy life and I'll talk to you tomorrow take care.