How can I help XClave?

Soon. Very soon.

Priority #1 is to open our first XClave.

Here is one of many properties we have our eye on:

110 acre farm Nottingham

Once we open our first location, it will take roughly 2 years to flesh out all the operating bugs. It will take the same 2 years to rescue the farmland and raise livestock and crops to provide our XClave members their food.

After that, we will open locations across North America. After we open 153 locations in the USA, we will scale into Mexico and Guatemala.

The speed we open locations is solely dependent on crowdfunding. We will never take corporate or government money. Instead, we rely on our private members to crowdfund our building efforts.

So the answer is simple: XClave will arrive near you when you vote with your wallet...

Click here if you would like to help scale out XClave faster to open close to you.