What is the goal?

My goal for XClave is simple: to live the good life... just like in the good old days (only better).

We all know the future looks dim. Everything about the system we live in is broken. Only the super rich are living well because they profit off our misery.

We could try to fix what is broken, but we have been trying to elect corrupt politicians all our lives. And all we get are the same problems no matter who is in office.

Instead, I would like to start with a clean slate and create a new "America 2.0".

We are going to do this together by creating new towns across America on large, empty plots of land.

Unfortunately, the VAST majority of farms here in the States are bankrupt...

Big food corporations wiped out more than 6 out of every 10 small-time farmers over the last 100 years.

Even worse, surviving farmers have been tricked into tilling and using petroleum chemicals to ward off bugs and weeds. This "1-2 punch" caused farms to suffer "desertification". This is when any rainfall immediately runs off the farm's land... taking nutrients and minerals with them into streams and rivers (which ultimately pollutes our oceans).

The worst part is our food is now devoid of essential minerals because crops and cattle are fed mostly empty calories.

And since greedy corporations have put the majority of small farmers out of business, we are fed cheap food that tastes bland and mushy.

The good news is I would like to rescue and restore these farms while we build XClave across America...

Here is the simple plan:

We are going to pay each farmer a fair price for their land. Then, we will immediately go to work to bring their land back to the way it was - fertile land that is free of harmful chemicals. We are going to return their land rich with essential minerals, nutrients and enzymes using "Regenerative farming principles". This way of farming restores their land so we can grow nutritious and delicious food for our residents and guests.

At the same time, we will rapidly build small towns - resembling the way towns looked like decades ago - only better. Our towns will be teeming with life...bustling with activity - and most important, free from greedy corporations, useless pencil pushers and power-hungry politicians.

Because we value Impact over profits, we do not work with big, greedy corporations. Thus, corruption will never be an issue.

And most important, freedom is goal #1. "Invisible enemies" do not keep us in fear. We wear no masks... do not social distance... and will never take vaccines. Instead, we will live the good life - just as we deserve.

Since there is plenty, there is no need to commit crimes... because everything is abundant for our on-site residents and guests.

XClave is neither Orwellian or Utopian (as both models rely heavily on scarcity for the promise of a brighter future). Instead, XClave are small towns of progress... where dreamers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers live and work together to build a better tomorrow - today.

If you would like to help me reach this goal, please join me as an XClave founding member today to help me begin to build it.