What is XClave?

Hey there. My name is Markus Allen... lover of freedom and serial entrepreneur disrupting greedy big corporations since 1997.

I'm the guy who invented XClave.

XClave is a play on the word "enclave" - which is a small country within a country.

And to escape the insane world we live in, I am creating my own towns dotted across this great USA.

This is not some far-flung dream. This is real. And we will break ground on our first of many locations this year.

XClave are tyranny-free, private communities.

I designed XClave with my friends in mind... entrepreneurs, problem solvers and inventors living together to truly give the world access to the good life.

And since we do not take government money or government programs, we are free to live in total freedom... just like the Indians and the Amish do.

XClave will resemble luxury towns and villages... but with one big difference - we insist on 100% liberty and freedom. Because we privately govern ourselves, we are free to live life just like in the good ol' days (only better). This means we do not wear masks... do not social distance - and vaccines are a big no no.

I modeled XClave based on my favorite places I have traveled to over my adult life...

I am inspired by the private beaches in Central New Jersey to the ski resorts in the Pennsylvania mountains to the "fingerlake" living in upstate New York to the charm of "Old Towne" in Alexandria, Virginia and the rolling hills of Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am taking the best of these towns and replicating them at XClave.

XClave homes and apartments are cleverly designed, fully furnished - and state of the art.

Our bustling town centers feature the best restaurants, amazing shopping experiences - even modern gyms (and of course, without "social distancing").

And since healthspan and lifespan is priority #1, everything about XClave caters to the good-health fanatic. Our food will be nutritious and delicious - harvested exclusively on our farms. Our foods have ingredients we can easily pronounce. Recipes are chosen from the best chefs in the world. GMOs are banned. Chemicals are banned, too...

Since we are inventors, our machines suck pollution out of the air (and convert it into clean energy). Homes and apartments will always be set to the perfect temperature, pressure and atmospheric conditions. Even our bedrooms are designed for the perfect sleeping conditions (no Wifi and the option of sleeping on our 5-degree slightly angled beds to boost blood circulation).

At XClave, we avoid the uncertainties of untested 5G. Instead, XClave gives our members access to our own private, safe internet. (Yep, you can cancel your expensive cellular service once you join us as a member.)

Instead of silliness like social distancing, we cleverly design our architecture to provide you with a safe, yet natural environment. For example, cars, motorcycles and bikes will drive on the outside perimeter of each location while the inside of XClave caters to pedestrians, walkers, runners - even moms with babies. Walking paths weave in and out of nature trails. Every square inch of XClave will feature an endless parade of the best nature has to offer.

Speaking of babies - dating, love, romance and strong family units are highly encouraged. We do not believe in scarcity... and I do not beLIEve there are too many people on the planet. (In fact, I wish there were more of us.)

And we LOVE furry pets at XClave. We treat dogs as well as we treat our children.

Each month, we vote on new changes at XClave to improve our community. Each XClave member gets full voting rights. Every vote counts, because no one can buy more votes.

I saved the best part for last:

The most exciting feature of XClave will be its fleet of high-tech air taxis... hop location to location at a fraction of the time it takes to drive ... zip from XClave to XClave at a price that is affordable for anyone.

XClave shuns a scarcity mindset. Instead, we know life has plenty to offer. This means residents or visitors to XClave are surrounded by abundance. And since nothing is scarce, crime is unheard of at XClave. Everyone thrives.

Most important is liberty. Freedom is priority #1. We adhere to a "rules, not rulers" mantra. Rule #1 is the Golden Rule - treat others like you would like to be treated. Simple.