What is XClave Private Towns?

Hey there. My name is Markus Allen... serial entrepreneur disrupting greedy big corporations since 1997.

I'm the developer of XClave Private Towns.

XClave is a play on the word "enclave" - which is a small country within a country.

And to escape the insane world we live in, I'm developing private towns dotted across the world - our first one opening in the USA.

If you'd like to be added to our priority waiting list, join our waiting list here.

This is not some far-flung dream. This is real. And we are going to break ground later this year.

I designed XClave Private Towns with my friends in mind... entrepreneurs, problem solvers and inventors living, playing and working together - just like in the good ol' days.

And since we do not take government money or accept government grants, we are free to live in total freedom. We govern ourselves... just like the Indians and the Amish do.

We don't wear masks... don't social distance - and vaccines are a big no no.

I modeled XClave Private Towns based on my favorite places I have traveled to over my adult life...

I'm inspired by the private beaches in Central New Jersey to the ski resorts in the Pennsylvania mountains to the "fingerlake" living in upstate New York to the charm of "Old Towne" in Alexandria, Virginia and the rolling hills of Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am taking the best of these towns and replicating them at XClave Private Towns - all around the world.

XClave Private Towns feature cleverly designed homes and apartments that are fully furnished and state of the art.

Our bustling town centers feature the best restaurants, amazing shopping experiences - even modern gyms (and of course, without "social distancing").

And since healthspan and lifespan is priority #1, everything about XClave Private Towns cater to the good-health fanatic. Our food is nutritious and delicious - harvested exclusively on our farms. We only use ingredients we can easily pronounce. Recipes are chosen from the best chefs in the world. GMOs are banned. Chemicals are banned, too...

Instead of silliness like social distancing, we cleverly design our architecture to provide you with a safe, yet natural environment. Walking paths weave in and out of nature trails. Every square inch of XClave Private Towns feature an endless parade of the best nature has to offer.

And we LOVE furry pets at XClave. We treat dogs as well as we treat our children.

At XClave Private Towns, we're going back to normal - 100% guaranteed!

If you're tired of going in and out of lockdowns and want to go back to the the old normal - for sure, click here to join us at XClave Private Towns...

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