How can you get away with no masks, no social distancing and no vaccines?

XClave is going to lawfully self govern itself with the following 10 solutions:

Private property designation
Each town is going to be designated as private property.

XClave wall
We are going to build a security wall around the perimeter of each XClave town.

Private members only
Everyone must be registered as a private member of our towns.

Each visit requires a reservation
XClave members require a reservation to enter our private town.

Self governance
We must self govern ourselves... just like the Amish and most Indian reservations do. At XClave, we treat others as we would like others to treat our moms. Simple. No laws. Without tyrants.

Off their grid
We need to provide our own essentials - even our own emergency services.

Guaranteed water supply
Each town must have at least a 100-year water supply.

No help from any governments
We cannot accept any local, state or federal assistance.

Acquire "bundle of rights"
XClave lawfully acquires properties with a "bundle of rights"... this includes: The right of possession... The right of control... The right of exclusion... The right of enjoyment... and The right of disposition.

Bulletproof XClave properties using "Super Lien Status"
Each XClave property is lawfully shielded after setting up a "Super Lien Status"