How can I help XClave?

There are 3 ways to help scale XClave off the ground:

Become an XClave Member
You have 2 membership options...

As an XClave Remote member, 100% of your weekly dues go to build XClave. You can live anywhere in the world to become an XClave remote member. And when we open our locations here in North America, you are first in line on the waiting list to be invited to live here (or visit).

You also get exclusive access to XClave Radio. Enjoy over 1,000 hours of back archives of podcasts I have produced since September of 2008.

And coming soon - you will get access to XClave LiFi Wireless Internet. This is our private, censorship-free wireless service that is always on and is never blocked by tyrants. And since we value privacy, you are never tracked and traced.

If you are SUPER passionate about my vision, you can become an XClave Backer Member. This option is only for high-net worth individuals who have invested in crypto currencies (like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero).

As an XClave Backer Member, all dues get waived for the first year. And when you exchange your crypto for XClave Bux, it remains in your XClave Wallet to be spent once we open our first location. Buy all your living expenses, shopping, gym access - even air taxi service when you convert your crypto into XClave Bux.

Like XClave Remote members, you get access to XClave Radio and XClave LiFi Wireless Internet...

Also, XClave Backer Members jump first in line when we open each new location. You are never on any waiting list as you get instant access at any time.

Even better, Backer Members get to visit XClave during new construction to see our progress first hand. Get exclusive tours as we build our first location. Go behind the scenes as we create XClave Radio and XClave TV content. Even swing by our test kitchen to sample new menu items for our grand opening).

And once we begin our Air Taxi Service, XClave Backer Members get unlimited "hopper flights" between each XClave location FREE (for the first year).

Here is the best part: XClave Backer Members get a street named after them. Yes... your legacy will never die when you help us build XClave Private Communities.

Click here to join and become an XClave member...

Tell a friend referrals
Since XClave is heavily censored by the Culture Creation Industry, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing.

If you could tell a friend or two (or 200) about us, that would be great and help spread the word. Direct your referrals to so your referrals can watch our video about joining XClave.

Jobs at XClave
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit of problem solving, you might have a calling to work with us at XClave.

The goal of XClave is to be ranked as the best place to work in the entire world.

The best pay...
The best benefits...
The best working conditions.

I know that people are the #1 asset of a great place of work. And since XClave will be financially sound, we will have the resources to take care of the people who take care of our valued members.

To get alerts about new job openings at XClave, I suggest registering yourself as a FREE XClave member here.