XClave Bux

Finally... a safe and secure currency that the government can't control (or tax)!

Most currencies in empires only last about 35 years. Here in the USA, the dollar is long past due to crash and lose a lot of its already plunging value.

Here's a graph of the M1 money supply. See how the Federal Reserve flooded the world with dollars during the plandemic? There's no way to reverse this - look:

Federal Reserve M1 money supply

The bankers know what they're doing. They're using the manufactured CONVid hoax to move us into a one-world digital dollar as "their" solution for us. In simple speak: they're planning to convert our soon worthless dollars into their new digital crypto dollars. Soon after, they're threatening to shut down all other cryptocurrencies.

Even more frightening is their promised social credit score system. This makes the vaccine passport seem like child's play. Because if you're unvaccinated and politically incorrect and maybe speak out against the government, we've been warned our new digital money supply is going to be cut off.

Is crypto our savior?

For more than a decade, crypto promoters claim it's a great way to bet against the crashing dollar and government control...

This sounds like a reasonable hedge, but - get this:

The government invented Bitcoin! It's the same Bitcoin that is the base of thousands of other cryptocurrencies and tokens. (Bet you didn't know that.)

It's true - DARPA (the US military) brags about it publicly - here's their paper about it back in June of 1996:


This is kind of like having sheep in wolves' clothing managing our cash. Not good since vaccine passports and a low social credit score can cut us off from making or spending their new crypto.

That's the bad news. Here's the good news:

We're building our own currency

We call it Bux. It's our safe and secure digital bartering system that's 100% government-free.

XClave Bux

Bux works anywhere in the world... even if the electricity goes out or the Internet goes down. As long as you can fire up your Bux account on your phone, you can send or receive Bux in less than a second.

Here's the best part: if you own assets, you can trade them with Bux and get instantly paid...

Clear out your closet, basement or garage and sell it to other Bux users to get paid instantly in Bux. Perhaps you were gifted 50 acres of land - get paid for that. Maybe you teach art remotely... no problem - get paid in Bux. Do you create Youtube videos or blogs? Great - put a Bux QR code on your site and get paid while you sleep. Or maybe you own a business and you'd like to get paid in Bux. The opportunities to get paid in Bux are endless.

And of course, use your Bux to buy everything we sell here at any of the XClave Private Towns we're building across America.

We saved the best part for last

Since XClave is lawfully a private community, we get to make our own town's rules. Remember, we have a 0% tax rate. There are no income taxes, no property taxes and no sales taxes. So when you join us as a private XClave member, anything you buy or sell with XClave Bux is 100% tax-free!

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