Hoaxbusterscall's Chris Kendall died - and I am upset

Chris Kendall funeral

Last night, I read the news that Chris Kendall was murdered. Yep... murdered (more on this below).

I knew something was wrong, because the last time Chris did his show, I was on it. And once again, it did not end well. (This was a recurring theme with Chris.) And since that show, he (once again) disappeared.


What I am about to say might surprise you... even anger you. Some are going to get triggered who are saddened by Chris' sudden death. But it is my truth. And I never hold back.


Let's dive right into this:

Chris and I have publicly traded observations about the real truth about life for many years.

I will never forget how we met. Chris contacted me by email. He said he liked my thoughts. And he even volunteered to create a cover art (for a book I never released).

We hit it off almost immediately. And over many many years, we have both recorded hundreds of hours of talks. And of course, we have talked privately, too (these are known as "after show chats").

Most of the time, these talks were my favorite hours of the week. We fed off each other. And lately, some people have reached out to me... thanking me - saying Chris was a completely different person when I joined his show (in a good way).


The truth is Chris gave us the perception of a VERY troubled man. He admits this many times publicly and privately.

And over the years, Chris would selfishly disappear without notice or warning. And he would eventually return as if nothing happened. The first couple of times was weird. The next few times was aggravating. And the latest disappearing acts were suspicious to me.

Even more troubling was Chris' insistence that "everyone is out to get us." There were years when Chris would talk for hours upon hours about bad cops, bad judges and corrupt government clowns. Now, do not get me wrong... there are a lot of bad people out there, but I find most people are cool. But not Chris. And anytime I would cordially counter, Chris would have none of it.

And this is why I am upset...

I am upset with myself. Because while I know our publicly recorded chats helped people "wake up", I was also lending credibility to Chris' doom and gloom outlook on life. And I know this has negatively affected most of his listeners. The truth scene is awash in the most negative, nihilistic people on earth. And though I always tried to show the other side... the good side... that life is good. However, participating in Chris' audios probably did more harm than good.


You might be thinking to yourself, "Hey Markus - why are you being a dick right now. Chris just died. Let him rest in peace."

I get it and completely understand you feeling this way. But stay with me 'til the end - I might change your mind...

About Chris' death: Someone is lying about it...

Let me explain:

Chris' sister posted about his death in many Facebook posts.

Each post reminding me of those syrupy-sweet, overly emotional phony 9/11 posts found on grieving sites.

And in this particular post, she claims her brother Chris was murdered (but did not give any details).

The problem is if you look at this Facebook post now, the wording has been changed from "murder" to "deceased". Most people do not know that we can see edit changes in a click. Here are the 2 versions:

Chris Kendall murdered

Of course, using the word "murder" is WAY more emotionally powerful than using the word "deceased". Murder sure does get people to reach deeper into their wallets (more on this below).

And get this: a little over a week after Chris' "death", his mom is posting on Facebook about elephant orphan rescues. I know people grieve different, but really? If I were Chris, I would be a bit insulted that his memory is so quickly forgotten.

And there's more: 3 days ago, Chris' hometown newspaper published the medical examiner's findings. They found Chris bled to death - accidentally:

Chris Kendall medical examiner

And then there is the weirdest part of all... of course, there is this GoFund Me page.

Maybe I am naive, but no one I know would ever dream to set up a fundraiser for funeral expenses. Estates pay for this. Insurance pays for this. In dire circumstances, families privately collect funds for a cremation. This is extremely troubling to me.

So I did a little digging. And it seems Chris' sister has the "courage" for setting up GoFundMe fundraisers - this one raised a whopping $12,975.

This fundraiser from 6 months ago did not do as well - it did not raise a single penny.

But when we do a quick search on Google, we see Chris' sister has setup more than 800 GoFundMe fundraisers:

Renee Robinson GoFundMe

Ho-Le-Fuk!!! <- (Chinese Virus humor)

On a positive note, Chris Kendall was one of the sharpest cats I ever talked to. And I will miss that. Being able to bounce ideas off him was awesome.

Of course, since Chris was the host of the Hoaxbusterscall Show, he would not blame us from being skeptical about his death. Did he fake his "murder" for agenda purposes... to get "truthers" to be scared about questioning authority. And/or was this all about cashing out? No matter how it turns out, it is sad. Either way, I keep chuggin' along... workin' hard on Project X.